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  1. Two things can be true at the same time. One hit being more out of control doesn't mean other out of control hits aren't now.
  2. And was out of control while trying to make that play. If Rapp and his family were getting death threats I could see Adams saying something similar to Hunter. Hunter really couldn't say anything else or he would have made the situation worse than it already is. You have a different definition of "beating the brakes off" than the rest of the world.
  3. Thanks! I guess my brother's friends sister lives close by and will be taking the people that can't make the trip. This trip has been a mess figuring everything out. We have people coming from all over. Some are coming to Buffalo and driving with us some are flying to DC and we have to pick them up, others are going to Delaware(why idk). Then some try to come in at same time as others and change their plans while the others do the same with no communication and they're back to coming in at different times in different places. They had an air BNB from today until next Tuesday now it's only sat-tues and others have to find hotels last min then move later. Friends had room then they didn't then they did. Everything changes every hour or so. Yep. The first seats I looked at were 50 yard line in the covered seats but there was a pole that blocked from the 45-45. I should have waited to buy tickets. They're $120 cheaper now.
  4. Was told the traffic is worse than any stadium or arena I've been to so I got a hotel that said it was a mile away, figured we'd walk. After we booked it my friend said don't stay at any of the hotels near the stadium they're terrible. Looked on map, it's not a mile away it's 2.5 miles. Should be a fun walk with three disabled people who's limit is about a mile.
  5. That doesn't mean he has to like it. That's most likely why they're trying to keep the relationship low key. It's been reported multiple times that Josh is uncomfortable with the attention he gets. The pic is to show the red hat and hoodie I think. Someone walks in background with a red hat and grey hoodie. You can't really see their face. If fans know she's there they will definitely harass her. Last season my seats were a couple rows Infront of Josh's box and almost every game people would climb over the railing to try and take pics with Brittany and his family.
  6. If it's the play I'm thinking of we ran it a lot against the jets. Had some success early but once they saw it a bunch of worked less and less.
  7. He'll most likely be active against the Dolphins and follow Tyreek around. I felt last year that they spent most of the year just getting him ready for Hill. He had good games against him.
  8. That is obviously the look of someone that wants to be traded
  9. Run blocking since McDermott got here has been atrocious
  10. Allen had two receivers open to the side he rolled and just didn’t pull trigger.
  11. Wtf. Why cant people comprehend that more than one thing can be wrong at the same time and why do they have to make s*** up. I said I agreed with what was said for the most part and provided reasons why it wasn't a complete agreement. Where did I say Josh wasn't an issue? Josh was a problem but Dorsey wasn't perfect either. "Enough" lmao. Why because you said so? How about no.
  12. I agree with this for the most part. There are definitely open receivers that Josh ignores at times. Maybe it's play design or the players don't understand where they're supposed to go but there's been a lot of times since Dorsey got here where the receivers end up at the same place on the field bringing their coverage with them and taking both receivers out of the play. I've also noticed more miscommunications. Not that we didn't have some under Daboll(falcons game) but they seem to happen more often under Dorsey. There's only been one game this year and I didn't really pay attention to it but last year the reads were wonky and had Allen jumping all over the field. The routes didn't really mesh very well either(maybe that's why there's receivers in same area so much). It's also way too obvious when we're gonna run. Tbh a lot of his plays are easy to call out pre snap. We made a game out of it on Mon. We were calling out the routes or what kind of run it was gonna be on most plays and we were right.
  13. Didn't favre play two more games after Moats hit him? So he didn't end his career.
  14. How the hell did this make it to 5 pages. The nonsense people get bent out of shape over is mind boggling.
  15. Kind of like the 31-0 drubbing the bills put on the pats* week 1 years ago. Patriots dynasty ended that day /
  16. I want to say we had a sports psychologist for the team his 2nd year until last year or the year before.
  17. I have nothing to back this up but it seemed when Rapp was in the defense struggled a bit. I think if Rodgers played the whole game we win easily. He's not as mobile as Wilson, we had game plan for him and he was harassed every play he was in besides the run.
  18. People keep saying this but it's no where near accurate. He rolled out of the pocket and there was nobody that close to him. At worst the closest defender would have met him about a yard from the first down marker and that's because he slowed to make the poor decision to throw it. If he just went it was easy first down.
  19. Willie Parker's salary was $4.15m the year the Steelers won the Superbowl in 09. That was the first one I checked. I doubt there's more but there's one. Sorry. There's been a few people saying there's been 0 players/teams that did or didn't do ____ when there has.
  20. If it prevents an 80 yard run, yes. I had complete opposite feeling. Rodgers was getting harassed every play and isn't as mobile as Wilson. I feel we win easily if Rodgers played the whole game.
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