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  1. Still crying about the offside. Maybe yell at Toney for lining up there.
  2. He’s very good at pushing off with out it looking like a blatant push off. Does it with his elbow a lot.
  3. Outside of Brady who has he hired that is really good? They’re all his friends and Brady was coming off a poor showing in Carolina.
  4. I’ve always felt an older or near the end of their contract players should have their replacement drafted a year or two before a decision has to be made(Bernard is a perfect example) That way they can learn from the guy they’re replacing and not be forced into action while their head is still spinning. Gives the coaches time to evaluate if they’re good enough to be the replacement and learn their strengths and weaknesses without hurting the team on the field.
  5. UB hired a pretty good recruiter that wasn’t a coordinator. It’s working out really well for them. /
  6. What? Am I missing something? I googled it and the only two things that came up were automated teller machine and at the moment.
  7. HC Fred Jackson OC Fitz QBC Hamdan RBC Karlos Williams(did I really have a choice) WRC Kamil loud TEC Derek Schouman OLC Jerry Crafts DC Jim Leonard DLC Kyle Williams LBC Brandon spoon DBC Nate Odomes ST Brian Moorman S&C Dareus
  8. The video in the tweet proves nothing. The game is what 3-4 hours long and that only shows a min or two.
  9. Could def be wrong but wasn’t the rumor Shanahan was gonna come but his wife said no. Edit. Could be a couple coaches I’m thinking of. I’ll look for a link and edit again. could only find stuff about us interviewing him. Nada about why we didn’t. edit no3. Reading comprehension… smh I didn’t catch the wife part at bottom. I’m an idiot. My bad
  10. More I think about it. Good for Shaq. Hope next time he starts pummeling a ref.
  11. Why just a couple people? If you’re trying to keep something quiet do you tell every single person you come across or do you tell the least amount as possible? People don’t want to believe they’ve been tricked.
  12. Why would you need thousands of people to stay quiet? You would need the refs and maybe a couple people in the league office. The players and coaches get in trouble if they call out the refs at all. That’s a huge red flag.
  13. That right there is the easiest way to do it. You already believe it. Few years ago there was a lot of blow outs and people weren’t watching the full games. Goodell mentioned something about it. Since then the officiating has been a complete joke with a bunch of calls to keep teams in the games and have them go down to the wire. They’re most definitely influenced by the refs.
  14. Prob Slowik HC, Brady/Griese/Brunell OC. Belichick DC.
  15. I understand holding happens on every play but Blatant holding should be called.
  16. He has like 18 carries and a few catches and targets. Do people watch the games or just make stuff up
  17. Davis and Josh struggle with being on the same page with option routes
  18. Because we’ve moved the ball well on drives that we ran on
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