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  1. I just threw up in my mouth. The taste of it brought back memories of eating at skyline. Threw up again. I'm trying to think of a "food"(I can't seriously call skyline food) that is worse than it but I can't.
  2. Orders with no tips are like $2 or $2.50 sometimes going across the city taking close to an hour at times because you have to go back to your zone to get more orders. Drivers would be stupid to take no tip orders. After gas and wear and tear on your car you’re losing money at that point. They would sit because it’ll show a low amount when the driver gets the request. Cash tips are rare. im sure drivers would prefer it but who’s taking the chance on making $3 an hour and still have to pay for gas.
  3. Washington commanders. (Idr what name they had when he was there)
  4. I ran a 40 at a scouting event in highschool. I was a 6'1" 195 lb safety. I ran a 5.12 🤣
  5. There’s Bills “fans” that think 7 nation army is our song when we score and they’ll fight/argue with you over it.
  6. We need to do something at DT. Ed is the only one I trust there atm. I didn’t pay Suh any attention last year so idk how much he has in the tank but he was solid with Bucs the year before. He not really the type of player mcbeane likes(I’m not a fan of his antics either) but maybe this team needs someone like him.
  7. Do you think he can transition to safety in the future?
  8. I was questioning myself on Payne. So I think I was thinking of Allen but Payne came to mind.
  9. Maybe Allen was the one I was thinking of. Either or lol
  10. See what they want for Payne. Can't be much if they took a 3 for young.
  11. I don’t have the stats in front of me but how often is the Bills defense successful on the play following a time out?
  12. Chris brown has argued things that were easily proven wrong before. So I won’t take his word for it. The videos don’t really show what you’re saying. I’ve had this discussion with a few different people today and they all saw something different. One group swears Bernard has the helmet in his hands and swung it but the videos show his hands are empty. I don’t understand how everyone sees something different. A lot of oh the refs didn’t throw a flag so it didn’t happen from bucs fans and media. But there’s video showing it happen. You trust the refs to make the correct call? Seriously? Have you paid attention to the nfl in the last 10-15 years?
  13. Do you have a link to this. I’ve watched two different angles and didn’t see what you’re describing.
  14. We do that a lot. The entire bucs DL jumped Offside. There should have been a bunch of flags but the refs were incompetent as usual.
  15. Thought I put Kincaid in for fantasy. Didn’t hit save smh.
  16. He plays them when they can do their job. Some get it quicker than others. Tre white, edmunds, Rousseau, Benford, Kincaid all started as rookies off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more. Williams was getting picked on. Their play is what gets them on the field.
  17. Should have been OPI on Kincaid on Diggs catch before the TD. It happens.
  18. I was yelling you’re not good. We were under center so run or PA most if not all the time. They weren’t running if they’re blitzing so it was a PA and the guys coming the way you roll out and he’s fast.
  19. How is that not a penalty and ejection? He hit two players and a ref with his helmet
  20. My grandparents lived a couple houses away from there. They couldn’t stand the smell, anytime they ordered wings they went to Leonardi’s. I loved them but I didn’t have to smell the grease every day. Their house was recently knocked down for an apartment building, it’s depressing driving by now. I don’t think they have a bar anymore. Pretty sure it’s just a waitress station and place to pick up to go orders now.
  21. Iirc we were interested in him recently but he went elsewhere. I’d rather sign fournette than trade for Henry.
  22. The one in the falls was great for the first month or two it was open then dove off a cliff. Eastern hills mall was beyond terrible when they opened then got better then worse, haven’t been back. OP has eye candy but the wings were really undercooked each time I’ve been. Millersport and Sheridan is the best one but they had some issues with consistency before Covid.
  23. John Young I think his name is served wings well before anchor bar. He used “Mumbo” sauce. Other places had them as well. I’m not sure why anchor bar gets credit for it but they were definitely not the first. Maybe it’s the butter and hot sauce on them? What did they start? The hot sauce and butter? Because wings were around before Anchor bar claimed to “invent” them. They were cooked in the south for a very long time before anchor.
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