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  1. Make you believe what? That Josh makes poor decisions at times? You shouldn’t need someone to make you believe that. Your eyes should see it every season. He’s inconsistent with decision making and has been most of his career. He will have amazing stretches of play along with boneheaded decisions.
  2. Can be both. He did carry us but he also did make some poor decisions. I don’t put the loss on him though. This was a team loss. I do not.
  3. Who knows if Shakir drops it or tips it for pick if the throw got there. You can say what ifs for any and everything. The Bills were trying to bleed the clock. Scoring there would give the chefs the ball with plenty of time and timeouts when we can’t stop them. Throwing to Diggs was the correct play if you’re sticking to the plan they had all game. The play calls were fine. They were designed to continue to run clock. The execution was the problem. Josh went away from the plan and went for end zone instead of moving the chains and running more clock. Reminds me of when he rolled his eyes when Tom Brady was talking about taking what defense gives you.
  4. While Josh played well for most part I think mahomes takes the diggs throw instead of throwing it to Shakir in end zone as we wanted to run clock there and not score right away giving the chefs time to score. If that happens I think the Bills win. Mahomes understands that part of the game where Allen fights it.
  5. I wanted to go for it there but a fake punt wasn’t the way to do it. That was idiotic. Done with this coaching staff.
  6. I complain about his trajectory a lot but that wasn’t one to complain about. That was on receiver.
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