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  1. Am I mistaken... he didn't give the team a day off? See you Wednesday was followed with let's keep working. Given the magnitude of next week's game... I glad to hear that. This is not the week to take a day off.
  2. Yep! Shoulda just fallen on the ball and cuddled it for the sack.
  3. Or the play where he tripped on the RB foot, fell down, lost the ball, got up, ran back away from the rush. And completed a 3yd pass. Wtf!!? That isn't supposed to be possible.
  4. At the very least hey should take the #22 Jersey off his back. He has not earned it in any way.
  5. I know a lot of people will look at how the Bills let the Bengals back in it and almost lost. But... let's focus on the reality of the current Bills team. They are winning. This was the classic Bills' game that for 2 decades they would lose. I fully expected them score a FG. Tie the game then give up the long game-winning FG as time expired. Then we'd all be talking about the moral victory. How they played hard. How they're still 2-1. How they're makin progress. But instead... we're talking about how the Bills pulled out a win. How they found a way to win when the game was lost. Bottom line when they're showing the "in the hunt" graphic in December. No one will put an asterisk on the Bills for this game. It's a win. They fought. They played their best when they needed it the most. They got the win. What a fun season so far! Go Bills!!
  6. Agreed! One win or loss does not a season make. We can't get too worked up over a bad performance. Just like a lopsided win wouldn't mean we're on the way to the super bowl. But... this is a great opportunity to get a conference win against a beat up team looking for an identity. It would be regrettable if they show up unfocused and lose this game... knowing they have tougher teams further down the schedule. It's the type of game that if we missed the playoffs because of a single loss, we'd all look back and wonder what if. So hopefully they show up with another solid game plan, play focused, play hard and get the W.
  7. Yeah. One team can lie, cheat and steal all they want ...but let's investigate the team that sucks. Cause that's what's wrong with the league. Wtf world do we live in.
  8. As I watch him... He seems to be a very disciplined player. He maintains his gap and doesn't deviate until the RB has committed to a lane. Most of the defense settled down after the 1st drive agsinst the Giants and did that it seemed. So, no he's not shooting all over trying to get tackles for loss. He's playing his positon and ensuring the RB doesn't get by him more than a yard or 2. By my thinkin, that makes him an excellent run defender. The one thing I have noticed is he has a tell when he's dropping into coverage. Most plays when he settles into the middle of the line close to the LOS, he would appear to be coming after the QB. But when he's dropping into coverage at the snap, he stands with his one leg noticeably back in a very open "split-like" stance (kinda to get that extra step back). But when he's going to attack the line he stands with his feet squared to his body to get the initial jump forward.
  9. Why wouldn't playbooks stay with the team? So if coordinators leave you would still have the core of what you had spent years (perhaps) building remain in place.
  10. There's no doubt that Daboll and McD ..and the players.. know what the gane against NE means to this franchise. I also think we finally have an OC that understands that you need to be aware of your tendencies and what you put on tape for other teams to see. Are they purposely holding Singletary in check? I don't know. But, I do hope they're developing game plans and plays to set up other schemes based on future teams we'll play, in particular the cheaters. The players need to take it one game at a time. But the coaching staff need to be thinking about the season as a whole. I feel like the offensive game plan for the Giants was very different than what we saw against the Jets. Hopefully, we see an entirely different plan next week as well.
  11. To be fair... after the Jets game we were 1 and 0. 🤔
  12. And unless I'm mistaken, they threw a flag on Allen for intentional grounding! That was declined for the personal foul penalty against Ford. That play they couldn't have gotten more wrong! But, I guess they made up for it with the FG call. It's today's NFL... The refs are abysmal and unless you're a highly favored and big market team, you HAVE to be able to overcome the bias and bad calls against you.
  13. I saw the replay... It was ticky tack to say the least. We definitely got lucky! Giant dude supposedly slapped the center's head, who in FG situations is considered a defenseless palyer. He did touch him, but it wasn't that bad at all. But, they called a few bad ones against us as well, so ya know... refs suck.
  14. Agreed... The way the last couple series had gone, I have zero problems with taking a knee and going into the half with a 2 score lead and the ball to start the 3rd quarter. If you've got better field position, a one score lead, more time on the clock, i.e. if the entire scenario is different; then go for points. But, yesterday, I think getting out of the half without a major F-up was a good call. Now, the play calling and approach to the 3rd quarter definitely is a different story. They let the Giants get back in the game. That is when they should have gone for the throat. McD is a good coach, but too often he gets conservative and relies on his defense to shut a team down. Problem is, few teams and especially the good teams, are rarely shut down. Hopefully he learns that lesson before week 4.
  15. Has anyone else here talked about that drive? It was absolutely killer! The G-men made an amazingly good play to pin us deep, with thoughts of last week's safety in all our heads, and the Bills just took the game over. It was impressive and as you said shut the door on the Giants hopes.
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