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  1. Absolutely. Some times it works out. And a lot of times it’s doesn’t. For a variety of reasons. Personally, I think continuity in coaching, schemes and players is being grossly under rated.
  2. How many years do we see players sign big name free agents and draft all sorts of great players. And all the pundits love them and talk about how much that team improved. ...only to get to the season and watch them have trouble putting it all together. I’m not saying we’re the best or anyone else is bad. I’m just saying there’s a big difference between what a team does in the off season and what they do on the field during the season. It’s entirely too early to rank any team based on 2021 drafter players or free agents in my opinion.
  3. I agree. Been bad at it for decades. But how do you let the guy that’s burned you all game, the number 2 receiver in the league, get a clean break off the line; no one touch him; no one within 10 yds of him as he catches the game clinching TD. It’s just inexcusable.
  4. That says it all. You need just a little bit of defense. It felt like the Bills were just glad to be there, while the Chiefs showed up to win.
  5. Story of the game... complete inability to even acknowledge the other team had a tight end, let alone cover him. They have to figure out how to stop tight ends.
  6. Yeah and if he did... we coulda won the division and won at least 12 games. If only.... On a less sarcastic note, I think Murphy exemplifies the way Beane has built this team and the way the coaches coach it. We have a solid roster top to bottom, including Practice Squad players all fulfilling a specific role and weekly, often widely divergent game plans. Coming in to yesterday’s game, who ..knee for certain.. Murphy was going to play and perform like that. We expected more 4-3 sets, but how much? Would we run the ball? Feature more McKenzie sweeps? There were q
  7. I love this team. Also, if you look at the video of the defense running down and mobbing Johnson in the end zone. ... who’s running right down the side line cheering and then joins the mob... #5. Just pretty awesome. And goes to show, as another poster said, this is a team. Everyone plays their part, everyone is involved, every one has bought in to the process!
  8. The same thing I’ve worn all season...last years Houston tailgate t-shirt under my custom Bills Jersey that I got for Christmas last year. Wash the t shirt, jersey not washed, just folded and put away so none of the luck washes off.
  9. After a week of reading this thread, numerous articles, watching videos of pundits, and contemplation; I think the one thing we can all say is this is almost certainly going to be the game of the weekend. In my simple opinion the keys to a Bills’ win are (offensively) have some designed draws and screens to negate the expected blitz, and be prepared for the delayed blitzes that the Ravens seem to like. Defensively, don’t try to get to Jackson as much as just try to contain him. Set the edge, keep him from running and force him to throw the ball - while finally figuring out how to co
  10. Exactly. The first touchdown was just insane. People forget that and only think of the sack and fumble. That was recovered.
  11. I’m already drunk. I took a drink after every play for luck. With my sister. Needless to say we can’t keep this up is they go to overtime
  12. We all want to beat the Colts... keep this train rolling right into the Super Bowl. And with a team like this. A team full of players and people like Dawkins... I truly for the first time in a really, really long time believe we can make it. His letter is an inspiration. Not just for the games and what’s happening on the field, but also for getting through the days of this past year and year to come. i love this team, the players and the fans that have become the face of the franchise. We’ve survived the desert. We waded through 20 years of purgatory and finally...
  13. Merry Christmas to all. My girlfriend got me the AFC east winning shirt and hat! Lol. She’s awesome. The Bills are awesome. 2021 is lookin good. Go Bills!!
  14. This is perhaps the single greatest update to this forum in over a decade.. if not longer. Thank you for all you do for us Bills nuts. Go Bills!
  15. Exactly how I feel. There’s situations that just cross a line... banging on a car and shouting through the window definitely fit that description to me. Otherwise... this team and this fan base deserve to celebrate, let the players know how much we enjoy everything they’ve been working for, and shout their joy to the heavens. In this year of so much hardship.. the Bills are the o e shining star. So some jubilation is to be expected, and I would say allowed. Had they had better security along the road out... I would see absolutely nothing wrong with the celebration at the airport
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