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  1. My favorite state farm commercial... Lol
  2. That's a huge call but seemingly correct...
  3. Just a matter of time at this point
  4. This game will be tied 27-27 soon
  5. I would like to bring him back Week 12 vs the Eagles, ramp him up and have him hopefully 100% for the post season run. We need him in January
  6. LOVE IT! 1:00 games kill the whole day. 4:00 games allow me to work outside all day long, then when it starts to get dark come inside and watch the game. Night games are even better. Also, I am so happy there's no Thanksgiving game this year. Enough of that!
  7. First Homecoming King on Sunday, now AFC DPW! Congrats to Bernard, and well deserved!
  8. I think Denver might actually be completely terrible and also were suffering from heat exhaustion and just gave up basically. The Dolphins aren't some super team that cannot be stopped, even if it seems that way. It did to me on Sunday and I admit to getting caught up a bit in the hype. But New England held them to 24 just a week prior and had chances to tie at the end. If the Bills can hold them to 24 or 27 that's a great job.
  9. The Jets players were showing up wearing Mike White t-shirts last year after he replaced Wilson, which must have been tough to take for Zach. That's open disrespect. To bring that guy back is mind boggling, except that the plan was just for him to backup his hero Rodgers and "show tons of promise" in practice and preseason, so it would never matter. Pretty much, if you're a top team and your starting QB goes down early your season is over anyways.
  10. honestly, given Rodgers injury AND the fact that the Jets get to keep their own 1st round pick this coming offseason, losing a bunch of games and having a top 10 pick plus Rodgers coming back is a great spot to be in. In 2024 anyway. Right now it's going to be, as Darcy put it here years ago, "some suffering"
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