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  1. I'm really sick of the Saints and their fans whining They already got us this insane PI challenge rule.
  2. IMO the entire Toronto series was about Rogers laying the groundwork to move the team to Toronto. I don't doubt for a second that Rogers expected to outlive Wilson and be in perfect position to buy the team. Once Rogers passed away I believe his $$ was tied up in a family trust, making it impossible for his heirs to access enough to buy the team. I think he never thought it would matter because he was so much younger than Ralph, but once Rogers died the whole plan to move the team to Toronto pretty much died as well.
  3. Wade Phillips is what Rex could have been if he was willing to adapt and play 2nd fiddle to the HC Super Bowl winning DC who is seen as one of the best defensive minds in the game. Held NE to 3 points until the 4th quarter of the super bowl and 13 for the game. Wade's defenses in Denver and LA actually did just about shut Brady's offense down.
  4. Could they do some sort of overhang so the crowd is out of the rain but still open air? Like a giant covered porch
  5. Beautiful fall day in WNY and everyone has to sit inside a dark airplane hangar for a football game.... Totally gross. Buffalo Bills football belongs outside.
  6. Florio's wet dream is the Bills moving It's sad really. For him anyway, because the Pegulas are not moving them. Florio wanted them to move to Toronto so badly and he's still not giving up on the dream.
  7. I hate the Patriots as much as anyone but I have to be honest... The issue of PEDs doesn't matter to me.
  8. KC sports media in general makes Schopp and the rest of the WGR crew look like Bills cheerleaders. Really sports media in other cities in general makes Buffalo sports media look tame. Media down there in KC though seem to have a special passion for tearing apart the ownership, players, coaches... You name it. It's odd the amount of vitriol toward that team and Andy Reid. Even the Hunt family. We know. They lost to NE. Everyone not named Manning or Flacco does when the games matter most. Get over it. They have some problem players. Many teams do. Reid might be trying to give guys 2nd chances because he likes redemption stories. No reason to crucify the guy. Most people in the NFL love Reid and will tell you he is a great guy. Sometimes giving guys chances burns you.
  9. They have such awesome facilities at New Era Field that it seems like a waste to go anywhere else If you're going to camp take the guys up to the mountains for a weekend
  10. I see KC dropping off.... Their 2 unstoppable players (Hill and Hunt) are either gone or in serious trouble. It's too bad, because IF the Bills don't go to the Super Bowl I would love to see Andy Reid finally win one. Maybe Rivers finally gets there this year... Or the Colts. I just don't see NE doing it as the wild card this year, which they will be once the BILLS win this division! Their season ends on a cold Saturday night at New Era field in early January!
  11. If Gase was against signing Bell then I'm worried that he might be the smart one over there
  12. During that Rex and Rob documentary going into Rex's 2nd year there was a scene from that year's training camp where Rex was going on about how much better the team would be in year 2 and Terry Pegula was just sitting there in his golf cart looking straight ahead with a look of "yeah sure " on his face I knew Rex was a goner as soon as I saw that
  13. Mr. Croom isn't going anywhere Show some respect to the future team owner! It's the HHH plan to run the company one day!
  14. Just one more reason to hate NE Sadly KC lost half their team and almost every top weapon assuming Hill doesn't play, and the Colts are the Colts So we're going to have to be the ones to end the dynasty.
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