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  1. Tom is done. I think he regretted coming back this season, and knows that it's only going to get harder.
  2. Yeah, I bet he was told that it was too hard for the viewer to understand or something like that, even though it was what made everyone enjoy his work
  3. That looks like a picture from 1985... As for Mixon, I have to think it's probably much ado about nothing. For one, I think we've all had a situation where someone has accidently accused us of pointing a gun into someone's face and threatening them, and in the end it's all just a misunderstanding. Secondly, Mixon is the LAST person who would ever harm (or threaten to harm) a woman. This just doesn't add up....
  4. I wonder if you'll have to fill out an application and prove your "eligibility" to pay hundreds of dollars for this service? OR Will you just be able to pay whatever price they set and get it, no questions asked? DirectTV is the dumbest company I've ever done business with, so I'm glad to see the ticket elsewhere. Luckily we're in WNY so RedZone plus the Bills games is all we need, but when we were out of state it was a pain to see Bills games.
  5. part of me wonders if all the praise he got early encouraged him to try to do more, as in say more, and the result is a bit too much sometimes Romo reminds me of that one person you watch a game with that can't stop talking when the moment is huge.. You're having your guts ripped out as a fan and you're also getting chapter and verse in excruciating detail at the same time
  6. I don't know... I guess we're all supposed to not like Romo now but I think the reason we (Bills fans) don't is simple: Romo plays up the emotional parts of a game, and that "OH NO JIM!" or "this could be it right here...." while we're watching our season circle the drain makes us angry at Romo, even though he's just playing up the drama. Before the Bills were really good it was just fun to listen to him draw out another fanbase's misery. Also, every fanbase seems convinced that he is rooting for the other team's QB during the game. I like his work, because he is something different.
  7. oh yes... it was ALL BRADY 1st Super Bowl: 16/27, 145 YDS, 1 TD. Won with last second FG. Belichick and his defense was pretty much just along for the ride! 2nd Rams Super Bowl: 21/35, 262 YDS, 1 INT. Won 13-3 in the worst Super Bowl game (to watch as a fan) that I've ever seen in my life. Rams high flying offense scored a FG in total. Again, Belichick and his defense were just along for the ride! It was ALL BRADY! This one hurts, but Belichick's game plan for the Giants/Bills Super Bowl is in the HOF. Again, ALL BRADY! And worst of all for the Brady worshippers, since we're going by total # of SB rings: Super Bowl Rings: Belichick: 8 (2 without Brady) Brady: 7 (1 without Belichick) I have no love for Belichick, but can we please stop pretending that the Patriots defense didn't totally carry Brady for his first several seasons? Remember: Brady's team wins= ALL BRADY! BRADY MAGIC! The team Brady just happens to be the QB of (and 1/53 players) loses: It's a TEAM GAME!
  8. Purdy should just get the surgery and start that clock. 6 months from today is August 1st. He'll be fine for the season, or at least, the vast majority of it. The longer he waits the further that calendar gets pushed into the preseason, then the season itself.
  9. it's a bad idea and makes having a top tier QB even more of a competitive advantage. So now, not only do I have a Mahomes/Allen type QB but I ALSO can disregard his huge salary and stack the rest of my roster. Yes, I know you can do the same with Kirk Cousins... Good luck competing!
  10. One thing I appreciate is that with Brady it was always easy: Brady wins the Super Bowl= it's all Brady! The team Brady happens to find himself the QB of loses the Super Bowl= it's a team game!
  11. Wilks would be amazing here, plus he could build his profile for a HC job. He wins, we win, and we get an extra draft pick when he gets a HC spot, so it's all good all around. That said, all the same stuff applies to SF
  12. I had a feeling that he would retire. I actually look forward to hearing him in the booth, out of curiosity.
  13. I disagree. McDermott is very aggressive.. on offense that is. Oddly, it's defense where he seems to back off and let the game come to him. That said, he doesn't call the plays. I would like to see McDermott take more ownership of the D and call the plays, and I think we would see more aggression there.
  14. This might be unpopular, but Sean Payton is overrated IMO. He went to 1 SB with Brees. Every single year in the playoffs it seemed to be something. I get the 1 off Minnesota Miracle, that can happen in a single elimination game where 1 missed tackle= going home. OK. But he had one of the greatest QBs of all-time for over a decade and has 1 SB appearance to show for it. I'm not super impressed, TBH. On the subject of him returning to coaching, I wonder if Payton shows up for work in NO what they would do. They would have to employ him or fire him I would think. They can't keep the man from working forever.
  15. SF didn't really attempt to pass after the first drive when Purdy went down.
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