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  1. Direct TV pays 1.5 billion dollars per year for exclusive rights. There's no money to be made with Sunday Ticket as a stand-alone product, unless you're the NFL. If the 2 million subscriber number is correct (of ST subscribers) then Direct TV barely covers half its fee each year, maybe less. The fact that Direct TV created all kinds of barriers to anyone just wanting to buy Sunday Ticket tells you that the economics don't work, and it has been reported that they lose millions on it every year. Every step of the way, they fought and/or dragged their feet wh
  2. It's amazing how far the game has come since then, especially when it comes to stadiums, but also offense. AFC Title Game and it looked worse than most high school fields. Also, back then, if you were down 10 in the 4th quarter it was pretty much over.
  3. Reid has 221 but it will still be a tall hill. Reid is 6 years younger, though, with Mahomes in his prime, while Belichick is at the tail end of his career without a top notch QB. 17 games a season also provides more of a chance to catch up.
  4. 2 things: 1. When it's all said and done, Andy Reid will have more career wins than Belichick 2. Harry is just upset because his rookie QB looks like a middle aged congressman smoking a cigar in a tweed jacket
  5. As long as he is in shape and training, his BBQ business is keeping him focused on the future and building a successful life for himself. Where is the downside? Like he would be studying the playbook 12 hours a day right now? Working hard and learning new skills is never a negative thing.
  6. I'm surprised the Brady to the Broncos deal didn't work out. He apparently wanted to go there like his buddy Peyton and I don't see why Elway wouldn't have wanted it.
  7. 8/11 of the NFL MVP's since 2010 are QBs who played in cold climate cities: 2010 Tom Brady 2011 Aaron Rodgers 2012 Adrian Peterson 2013 Peyton Manning (with Denver this year, best year of his career) 2014 Aaron Rodgers 2015 Cam Newton 2016 Matt Ryan 2017 Tom Brady 2018 Patrick Mahomes (it gets pretty cold in Arrowhead in January) 2019 Lamar Jackson 2020 Aaron Rodgers The effect of winter weather is overstated. Weather adds to the atmosphere of the game. Imagine Lambeau field with an ugly, soulless dome..
  8. Open air didn't slow down Josh Allen and the record setting passing game last season, so I don't think it will going forward. The K-Gun did fine too. The whole weather thing is totally overblown. Football is meant to be played in the elements. I also think that modern NFL players are less affected by it. Back in the day you used to see the Dolphins huddled in their coats shivering, almost putting on a show about how cold they were. You don't see that as much now. From time to time there's a particular player it seems to affect (Kirk Cousins, for example) but it's not t
  9. I think a big part of Brady's success, especially with NE, is that most football coaches early in his career were totally cookie cutter, interchangeable pieces that never brought an original perspective to the game. Brady's opponents were so often mediocre, central casting football coaches who could win 6-9 games a season and whose rationale for doing things was because "it's what you do." Run and stop the run You don't go for it on 4th down (that has changed a little finally) You don't just keep passing, you need to "establish the run" (also changing) Y
  10. Buffalo's weather during the football season is no worse than New England, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, NJ Jets/Giants, Baltimore, or any other northern city. The rare big snow events are just what everyone remembers. It's just as likely to be 35-40 degrees for a January game as a blizzard. The KC/NE AFC Title game a couple years ago was forecast to be around 0 but by the time it came around it was in the mid 20's. Still every bit as cold as it could be here at that time of year. And that's in Kansas City. I'm of the opinion that football is an outdoor game. The
  11. is the new stadium being built in the Adirondacks? Seriously though, I'm just happy it's open air! Aside from the $2+ billion mega structures like in LA, domes are awful. Saints games look like they are being played in a basement where someone left half the lights on accidently.
  12. Broncos.. I think it was pretty well known that he wanted to go there He wanted to follow his buddy Peyton and one-up him again!
  13. Tasker was a great player for the Bills and I also enjoy his commentary now. It's also pretty cool that he stayed right here and lives in WNY, like many other former Bills and especially Sabres players. I wonder if Belichick, being the student of the game that he is and having studied the Bills quite a bit in his time as a DC, saw what Tasker could do and decided to find someone like that for his own offense, leading to a lot of the early success of NE's short passing game that teams had so much trouble stopping.
  14. I don't hate the idea... It's a psychological thing... Like $9.99 vs $10
  15. 6'3'', 327 is pretty good... I would prefer he add a few more pounds, but he's also not 6'6'', so I'm less concerned
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