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  1. If Gase was against signing Bell then I'm worried that he might be the smart one over there
  2. During that Rex and Rob documentary going into Rex's 2nd year there was a scene from that year's training camp where Rex was going on about how much better the team would be in year 2 and Terry Pegula was just sitting there in his golf cart looking straight ahead with a look of "yeah sure " on his face I knew Rex was a goner as soon as I saw that
  3. Mr. Croom isn't going anywhere Show some respect to the future team owner! It's the HHH plan to run the company one day!
  4. Just one more reason to hate NE Sadly KC lost half their team and almost every top weapon assuming Hill doesn't play, and the Colts are the Colts So we're going to have to be the ones to end the dynasty.
  5. Gonna be hard to outdo Brady and win 7 rings at this point... Trouble with being mini Rogers is that Rogers himself is an overrated choker with 1 ring to show for being the "best QB in the league" seemingly forever now... All while everyone else wins rings
  6. 4PM games are my favorite... Get work done all day then enjoy the game! 1 PM games take the whole day. By 415 it's getting dark
  7. No idea... Seems like a disadvantage to his team Terry Pegula is the one who said it in the transcript
  8. Is it just me or do hockey coaches around here always talk like they are still a funeral? Monotone mumbling that is depressing to listen to. McDermott is the complete opposite.
  9. It's a funny point but 50% of the time someone other than them represents the AFC You've got to update your avatar!
  10. I thought it was odd but Pegulas said Stephen Ross was against a dome in Buffalo and made a point of telling him
  11. NE Pittsburgh Chicago Cleveland Green Bay Philly NY Baltimore KC Washington are all cold No worse here. Domes are dumb. The SB is not coming here The way I read it Miami is against the Bills building a dome
  12. He has already talked of winning more super bowls than Brady
  13. Odd that Miami's owner doesn't want Buffalo dome I am firmly in the NO DOME camp. No sterile airplane hangar!
  14. They win a lot but 13/19 seasons of Brady and Bill someone else won the Lombardi. We don't need Brady to retire to win. Other teams have done it.
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