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  1. Agreed on Manning over Rodgers. Peyton Manning went to 4 super Bowls,2 with each of his teams, and won 1 with each. Odd symmetry to his career. Yes, he was 2-2, but as Brady has shown, you've got to get to the Super Bowl to win it. Rodgers is stuck in the conference title game. You think Brady will stick around to congratulate Mahomes on winning back to back Super Bowls?
  2. KC is way better than they were last year. They are to the "regular season is boring" phase now. KC is going to be a problem for quite a while. We have a long, long way to go. But this season was an amazing ride!
  3. The best way to put pressure on the opposing QB is to go out and score 35+ points. All of a sudden you can just cut your very talented DL loose, send a blitz here and there, and the opposing offense needs to be perfect. Dropping a pass, taking a sack, fumbling... all death sentences, or at least it feels like it, because once they punt you awkwardly trot out and in 3 plays it's 7 more points. If you're playing with the mentality of needing lots of TDs you are going to press all game. That helps a fast, aggressive defense do its work.
  4. I wasn't that upset, because as much as it sucked to see, the Chiefs are other worldly. The Super bowl won't even be close. Enjoy watching Brady get crushed! Yup. #1 and #4 were there for the taking. The Cowboys fully expected to lose in #4 (for the Bills) because Aikman was so concussed he didn't know the plays. But by then the team was so tight, waiting for the crushing mistake. The pressure was enormous to win. That's what makes the chiefs even more dangerous. there's no "yeah, but" anymore. A super team like that that is tight and also c
  5. Yeah, KC is way ahead on the lines and even on defense overall. Their defense is fast, hits hard, and always harasses the QB. They are going to curb stomp the Bucs. the game won't be close.
  6. I'll just come out and say it: Tampa has gotten lucky 2 weeks in a row. They are not consistently driving the ball. Teams are gift-wrapping them TDs and giving them short fields. You saw what happened when they need to press: Brady threw a pick on 3 consecutive drives. Tampa has put a lot into getting up early then sticking around and waiting for the timely fumble or pass interference call. Washington just wasn't a playoff team, but the Saints and Packers gave them those games with turnovers and poor coaching. Without a whole lot of effort, I can come up with an 18 po
  7. Rodgers career has been wasted in Green Bay by poor coaching and a lack of talent. When GB went for that FG instead of the TD at the end of the game yesterday you knew it was over. If you don't make it TB gets the ball at their 8, maybe closer to the goal line depending on the outcome of the play. Gutless coaching. the MVP with the ball in his hand with a play to tie the game, and they say "nah we'll kick the FG and play defense"
  8. 60. Trey Smith OG Tennessee 61. Aaron Banks OG Notre Dame 77. Kenneth Gainwell RB Memphis 98. Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida 147. Malcolm Koonce EDGE Buffalo 160. Quinton Bohana DT Kentucky 190. Tre Brown CB Oklahoma 201. Tariq Thompson S San Diego State
  9. overall, I agree: more speed BUT I am hoping for at least 1 gigantic, angry man to play DL or OL You also cannot coach size
  10. I'm also not for becoming a running team by any means, but it would be nice to have a real threat for short yardage plays.
  11. Oliver is the reason I love big, sloppy DTs with a mean streak. You cannot coach or teach God-given massive bulk. Oliver is a high effort guy but he is just plain too small.
  12. 1. Spend a high pick on a top RB prospect, if there is a guy there still at 30. 2. Bulk up the OL with some maulers in mid to late rounds. Draft some of these guys: (all info from Walter Football) Aaron Banks, G, Notre Dame Height: 6-5. Weight: 330. Projected 40 Time: 5.33. Projected Round (2021): 2-4. Chasen Hines*, G, LSU Height: 6-3. Weight: 349. Projected 40 Time: 5.49. Projected Round (2021): 2-4. Michal Menet, C, Penn State Height: 6-4. Weight: 302. Projected 40 Time: 5.24. Projected Round (2021): 3-5. T
  13. my #1 wish! 6'5, 343... get him into some Buffalo area establishments and he could bulk up a bit to 360ish. Him and Star next to each other at DT is a nice start. Wait a second... THIS is my guy at DT! Quinton Bohanna, DT, Kentucky Height: 6-4. Weight: 367. Projected 40 Time: 5.66. Projected Round (2021): 4-6. From Walter Football.... Slayton and Bohanna at DT together? A guy can dream, right?
  14. I think the draft was pretty productive, aside from the lack of big dudes on the OL/DL Hopefully this year they bulk up the DL
  15. Tampa has not consistently had to drive the ball down the field. Both NO and GB gift wrapped him a free TD. If KC doesn't turn it over and if they score the way they can Tampa will not be able to keep up. Brady is tossing air mail balls right to safeties.
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