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  1. Cam Newton, whose nickname in his prime was Superman. That hits a little close to home. Many people forget just how good Cam Newton was in his prime. He could throw it too, and holds the record for most 400 yard passing games as a rookie (2). The guy was a real QB in addition to being an athletic freak who could run the ball and bulldoze people. But, as big as he was, as athletic as he was, the hits took their toll and all of a sudden his throwing power was just gone. Cam's career was basically over at age 28. Allen has had 2 UCL injuries already in his throwing arm, plus shoulder injuries that have hampered him during the season. I don't think it's crazy to make the comparison based on playing styles and potential for the same outcome if adjustments are not made.
  2. whenever a WR signs with the Titans my gut reaction is "why?"
  3. no matter what happens, you can never have too many good OL it's a position league-wide that is weak, so if the Bills can stock some talent and have a nice pipeline that's a great spot to be in! Many teams don't have 5 good OL, and then if someone goes down it's panic time.
  4. As much as I have been critical of McDermott's defenses falling apart in the playoffs, what would it look like if Elam was at least competent and one of the recent DE picks was as good at being a DE as Oliver is at DT? It could be a totally different defense
  5. I don't think so, because when you have a QB like Allen the goalpost is to at least get to a Super Bowl. It could happen this year, and hopefully it does! At the end of the day we're all just watching the show, but I'm starting to get annoyed with McDermott's defense not showing up in the playoffs, which is a theme. That doesn't mean that will always happen, though. Maybe some of the players we all loved weren't as good as we thought they were, and with different guys McDermott's defense will get the job done. He's a smart guy and a detailed oriented guy, so it's not impossible.
  6. 6 as a HC, 2 as a DC. If you recall, his defense actually gave top tier QBs problems. The top QBs of the era had some of their worst games against BB and the Patriots in the playoffs, when it mattered most. Another way to phrase that is Belichick's defenses were actually effective once the playoffs and multiple super Bowls came around, whereas McDermott's defenses melt under the spotlight.
  7. Colin Cowherd can be a little obnoxious at times in my opinion, but I do agree with something he says quite often, and that's a top QB paired with a defensive HC is a huge disadvantage for a few reasons... 1. If the offense is good you lose your OC to a HC opening and have to keep starting over 2. you're good enough to keep that defensive HC employed basically forever so you're stuck if it's a so-so situation 3. the game is so slanted to offense that having a defensive HC is nowhere near as beneficial That does not mean you can't win, but it's a lot harder than being paired with an innovative offensive minded HC
  8. Huge mistake by the Chargers back then too... As far as McDermott goes, it's one thing to be saddled with a defensive minded HC if the defense comes up big in big spots (like Belichick's D usually did for Brady). Patriots defense made Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Rivers, and basically everyone else look ordinary at best the vast majority of the time. They got NE a 14 point lead in KC in the AFC Title game that KC couldn't recover from until it was too late. McDermott's defense wilts every postseason.
  9. There is literally nothing that could realistically happen to cause McDermott and Beane to be let go. It just is never going to happen as long as Josh Allen is QB. We need to hope that Joe Brady is great but not so great that he gets a HC gig right away. With Allen they will win a lot of regular season games, and "you can't fire a winning coach!" Soon McD will be around long enough to be one of (if not THE) winningest Bills coach of all time. You can hear the arguments now: "you could do a lot worse than the winningest HC in franchise history!" I'm skeptical that this coach will ever get it done (winning a SB), because we have a defensive minded HC whose defense never comes up big in the playoffs for us. Our QB plays like superman almost every time and it goes to waste. That said, Allen will keep McDermott employed for the entirety of his career. And eventually the defense has to make the big 3rd down stop in a playoff game, even if just by chance. A bad throw, a drop, a great pass breakup at the right time. Or perhaps even a SACK when it matters from all that investment in the DL! Give McDermott enough kicks at the can and hopefully he'll lead the team all the way. That's kind of where we are. McDermott will never, under any circumstances, be fired as long as Josh Allen is QB and Terry Pegula owns the team.
  10. Someone said he has big thighs which is good but 305 pounds is a bit skinny for a DT. Let's get this man into some local eateries for some off-season work!
  11. If the Bills are going defense at least get a big sloppy DT
  12. Had to switch because they aren't showing the picks .. No bueno
  13. I'm enjoying it so far, plus I assume no commercials
  14. man, if the Bears play their cards right they got a ton out of one bad season by trading top picks AND still get their pick of QBs
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