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  1. Pats are going to lose some games coming up They started 10-0 a few years back and finished 12-4
  2. McDermott will suddenly become a much better offensive coach when/if it really clicks for Josh Allen
  3. 6-3 now. Wins: Miami Jets Denver Pittsburgh and.... New England. We're going in, kicking the door down and tipping over their freaking saltwater tank!
  4. He did. He said exactly the same thing McDermott said: the plan was not to huddle. Anyone who goes back and watches will see that the team ran up to the line, then someone got confused and/or something changed in whatever "plan" they had. Sal's guess was that they (Daboll and/or Allen) screwed it up. That's where your HC calls a TO and saves those 30 seconds. You can spike the ball in 30 seconds. Getting the play right is what matters there. Total cluster. But Mike would not have it for some reason, and insisted the coaches planned to kill the clock, even though they said they didn't and it didn't look on film like they wanted to. Schopp can yell at and belittle the poor SOB all he wants but Sal can only report what the coaches and players are saying, along with what everyone can see on film It was a little odd that Schopp was getting so personal and nasty with Sal, who was literally just saying what the team said and watching the video of what happened to describe it. Mike sounded like a petulant child. What was his point, exactly? Basically, Schopp was belittling Sal for not being able to explain McDermott's screw up. Misplaced anger. Sal wasn't calling the plays or managing the game. GIVE ME AN ANSWER SAL! doesn't make the handling of that situation suddenly make sense. Reid did the same thing Sunday: up 5, 3rd and 2, around 1:30 left, driving to long FG range, TEN 1 timeout. Run up the gut, maybe pick it up. IF not, TEN is out of timeouts. Run again, or even punt it if the FG is too long. Instead, Reid passes the ball on an ill-advised playcall and TEN has time to come back and win. I could scream at some poor KC beat reporter until I'm red in the face and that call won't make sense.
  5. Having innovative offensive minds as your coaches helps. Mahomes: Reid is a mastermind at offense. Sadly, he cannot stop making stupid decisions in terms of game management. Still, the guy is an all-time offensive mind. Jackson: Harbaugh is a proven commodity as a HC, and an offensive minded guy. Roman has had success with mediocre mobile QBs (Kap and Tyrod) and now has a super talented guy who puts both of them to shame. Faster, more dangerous running, and twice the passer either of those guys are/were. Plus the intangibles of the guy are off the charts. Goff: A mediocre to bad QB whose head coach uses him like he's playing Madden. McVay is supposedly a genius (I don't buy it) but you can't argue Goff's success once he took over versus before he did. Mayfield: he has an utter imbecile for a HC. Record shows that. Last year when Greggg was playing dictator and keeping everyone in line it worked. Coaching matters. The talent is obviously there based on last season. Allen: has a "set up the punt and play defense" guy setting the tone for the team as HC. McDermott says he wants to score more points. I'm sure he does. I want to get in shape someday. But this Buffalo weather... Rosen: The attitude of Rogers with the resume of Nathan Peterman. Not sure there's anything there to work with. Rudolph: Has a head coach who IMO is totally underrated. Imagine being a "failure" for "only" having 1 SB ring and going to another SB and losing to Rogers. Tomlin somehow managed to keep Bell and Brown from self-destructing, which in retrospect is pretty amazing. That team is playing tough after they were left for dead. Again, coaching matters. If the answer is that they screwed it up what is Sal supposed to say? He isn't on the team. Schopp badgering him about how something so incompetent could happen was plain stupid. Sal isn't the coach. What is he supposed to say? 100% obvious they had a play called, went to the line, and then something happened. Did Josh get confused? Did Daboll decide to change the play? Did Singletary tossing the ball to Josh while he was likely listening to Daboll in his helmet throw him off and necessitate a huddle? It was totally incompetent game management, and that falls on the coaches, not Sal, to explain. It happens all the time. Andy Reid literally lost a game Sunday by botching a simple time management scenario that every 10 year old Madden player knows.
  6. Sal said exactly what happened: they screwed it up. They botched it. Schopp could not accept that and just ended up embarrassing himself. Oddly, the "they screwed it up" point Sal was making (and McDermott pretty much said as well after the game) would seemingly be exactly what Schopp would want to hear. But he just kept saying they meant to drain the clock. It was sort of pathetic. The rematch wasn't even as close as the original battle. Schopp got embarrassed this time around. TKO
  7. If they tie is SF still undefeated? It's not a loss...
  8. He misses but Carroll calls timeout and he makes 2nd
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