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  1. That song about New Orleans is kind of stuck in my head now. "I got an NO from the NO... Sean Payton talking about the deal though..." It's terrible but somehow I keep hearing it over and over in my mind.
  2. This is my favorite ref for penalty announcements
  3. After these games McDermott and Beane are going to build an elite DL, stack the roster with offensive talent, find a superstar LB and be more aggressive on offense
  4. IMO this is why the NFL has been hesitant to do much about NE Once the floodgates open it gets ugly for the sport.
  5. The funniest thing I've read in a while was a number of posts on the Pats Fans board saying that same thing. Imagine Patriots fans, without any sense of irony, posting about how the NFL is rigged! Except for their titles, of course! That was them overcoming the league, America, and the world! LOL On the topic of the games, I am rooting for KC. I see the 49ers winning easily.
  6. AB is in for a rude awakening. Someone who makes millions and spends millions is actually no better off than someone who makes $50,000 and spends $40,000. Actually, the "millionaire" is much worse off, because it's a lot harder to continue to make millions to support that lifestyle than it is to make $50,000. And one balance sheet is in the green and one is in the red the minute the big $$ stops rolling in. In the short term it's flashy, but as soon as the income stops everything becomes too expensive to manage. Put it to you this way, if someone gave you a $5 million house most of us couldn't even afford to pay the property taxes (around $66,000 a year) much less take care of the place. Just having expensive, flashy things costs money.
  7. I hope he's great right away I can't explain it, but I want the Browns to continue to implode. A division with Lamar, Big Ben and this promising rookie, coupled with a totally dysfunctional front office/coaching structure, doesn't bode well. Wait until Stefanski is submitting his rough drafts of game plans to professors Haslam and Depodesta, who have both earned their stripes through success in the league, for revision and commentary before they give him the OK or make him do a re-write. LOL Depodesta might even commute into work every few weeks just to check in. I'm shocked, because I always thought I would root for them to be good because their fans deserve it. But as soon as they were the popular SB pick last summer I couldn't stand them, and Baker Mayfield isn't as fun as I thought he would be.
  8. This makes me think Brady wears a buzzer and Ernie Adams buzzes him when the defense gets too close or some other code they have Sometimes when a player seems to know everything that is going to happen it is too good to be true
  9. I wouldn't be shocked if it comes out that Brady had a live mic in his helmet right to Ernie Adams in his helmet for most of his career
  10. MNF is such a shell of what it once was. I don't get how ESPN, which was once a powerhouse, can take such a big $$ industry as sports and have such horrible production value and terrible programming.
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