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  1. There's not much to a wing really... It's more about how long you want to chew on chicken arms That said, they are damn tasty!
  2. In addition to his gross behavior, if he is suspended for this year then by the time he plays in 2023 it will have been almost 3 years since his last game. Who knows if he'll even be any good on the field. It's not implausible that almost 3 calendar years of not playing will make him less effective. Then, you've got an average QB with that ridiculous contract who is also radioactive in terms of PR.
  3. Bills vs. Chargers in the AFC Title Game this year is my prediction, so I go with the Chargers as strongest foe. Ravens will also be very good. Last year their entire team was hammered by injuries before the season even got going. Then Lamar got hurt as well. Browns are the AFC's version of the Cowboys. If the NFL were like the college system the Cowboys and Browns would be voted into the 4 team playoff every year.
  4. regardless of nicknames the Bills are the true America's team... Red, white and blue uniforms and a team that football fans love to watch with a fanbase that is a character in and of itself
  5. this video makes New England fans unhappy, therefore I like it
  6. Not Phillips! Don't tease me by bringing back my favorite recent DT then just letting him go because "all he does is destroy the QB" at 340+ pounds! Yeah he flattened Tom Brady like a pancake 3-4 times but did he tackle Fornette in the hole on 3rd and long?
  7. A senior/celebrity league that's only 7 on 7 flag football but still a real competition would be much more interesting. Still have FG and XP so kickers could possible showcase their skills. Retired NFL players along with current/retired athletes and other well-known whoevers playing flag football where they really want to win. Also opens the door to female athletes playing, which could help expand the sport. League opens each year with coaches picking their teams in a giant draft. Some players are known, some surprises. Make it a big TV event. There seems to be an endless appetite for competition shows and for sports. It's perfect. Injury risk is lower without tackling or smashing heads on the OL/DL and there's plenty of potential for fantasy leagues and betting still.
  8. Your QB still looks like a Pop Warner player
  9. Edge linemen (OL and DL) are great picks. Expensive and hard to find good ones
  10. Which one used the bell sound effect when the pick is in just before the commissioner announces it? Watching the draft without that is just not the same.
  11. IMO most of them are hoping the Bills call, aside from Star and Cole.
  12. I know that Aaron Rodgers is going to be all upset tonight by when the Packers pick a CB and a LB with their 1st round picks and ignore their offense yet again.
  13. I didn't see that they were looking at domes, that's interesting... Then again, "looking at" is a lot different from following through. For example, Washington was "looking at" team names that would actually be popular with the fans and weren't lame!
  14. Since you asked my advice, I never ask when I want to talk about Tremaine Edmunds. I just start talking about Tremaine Edmunds. Life gets pretty interesting when you do that.
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