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  1. This would be completely amazing BUT Part of me still thinks that because it's Brady and NE after all is said and done Ne will re-sign Brady, bring back AB and trade for Diggs
  2. Beane said the same things last year then they tried to trade for AB
  3. It's Florio's crusade. The guy makes his living off of the NFL but constantly spreads doom and gloom as much as he can.
  4. When it comes to AB, if we go based on past spats and blowups he'll never be able to sign anywhere. I think time, money and Tom will heal all wounds when it comes to AB. IF Brady wants AB and AB wants to play with Tommy then everyone will have a group hug (via Skype)
  5. Florio is still banging the drum begging for the league year to be postponed.
  6. Tampa wants him badly. Easy division too, aside from New Orleans who chokes every season anyway.
  7. He's going to the Bucs Clues: 1) Patriots haven't shown any real urgency to re-sign Brady, which makes little sense if they really want him back. To me, this is the biggest part. If they TRULY wanted him back they would have signed him by now. They are treating him like the Bills are treating Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips, both guys we assume are gone. 2) NE just re-signed McCourtey and Slater. I guess they are not against locking up key players. Odd that the QB is "just a guy" like out rotational DT. 3) I think the Titans know it from Brady that he's leaning toward TB so they re-signed Tannehill. Brady did his buddy a solid and let him know so he didn't lose out on Ryan T. 4) Brady wanted the 49ers but they are out. IMO that was Plan A. 5) Bruce Arians said he's "all in." Why say that unless you think you have a shot? 6) AB lives in the Tampa area. 7) Tampa has tons of weapons already and will definitely sign AB. Arians worked with him before in Pittsburgh when he was OC. 8. Tampa went 9-7 with a guy who throws a pick every other pass. 9) Charlie Weiss this morning on Sirius NFL Radio kept saying he has a "feeling" about Tampa
  8. Going to NE for a 3rd round pick in 2022
  9. great... more weeks of Tom Brady talk.... I was mostly looking forward to that ending in a few days.
  10. I'm interested to see how Manning does, if it happens. Football broadcasts BADLY need an influx of new talent. ESPN's MNF product has been garbage for a couple years now. It's embarrassing.
  11. I would feel a little bit guilty for robbing the Vikings blind but I would get over it.
  12. Logic tells us that we wouldn't be having this conversation if Brady really wanted to stay with NE and they really wanted him back. The idea that the CBA is some sort of obstacle is nonsense. If the 2 sides wanted to do a deal it would look and sound like the Drew Brees situation. For whatever reason, last summer Brady orchestrated this scenario. It doesn't make sense that he did that in order to make an extra 5-10 million dollars. Still, all that said, it seems impossible that he would leave NE.
  13. XFL should play in the fall on a non traditional night like Wednesdays It's just weird watching football in March
  14. He will be in NE 2 seconds after Brady re-signs
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