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  1. Good! So all the wins KC, Cleveland, Indy and Buffalo are going to start racking up vs NE will represent the "passing of the torch"
  2. TheFunPolice

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    it would suck seeing Rosen win 7 Super Bowls with the Dolphins... after all, in his sit down with Aaron Rogers Rosen said he was coming for Brady's SB records... LOL Might want to master the regular season first before you start building the trophy case...
  3. TheFunPolice

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    the life of an NFL player during the season probably isn't much different depending on the city. It's pretty busy and fairly regimented. Brady could make avocado smoothies, do yoga, and drink kitten blood anywhere on Earth.
  4. An important part of this is Brady playing a couple more years so these new powers in the AFC east have some wins over Brady and Belichick under their belts. Therefore, no "well you only won once Brady retired" caveats to their success.
  5. TheFunPolice

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    Rosen, Darnold and Allen in the same division would be a lot of fun!
  6. TheFunPolice

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    So I guess the 9 free agents the Bills signed didn't get the memo
  7. TheFunPolice

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    Weather? It's winter for maybe a month of the season. I could see if they played here in March or February.
  8. You want PROOF that the Bills are a great team to play for and that Buffalo is a great place? Guys like Eric Wood, Kyle Williams, Lorenzo Alexander, Russ Tucker and many more talk about how it was their favorite stop, best memories, etc. And the teams those guys were on went 6-10 just about every year. They never even got to experience what it would be like here if the Bills ever get legitimately good again. Imagine actually WINNING here!
  9. Hey at least Bills fans got teased, the team and Josh Allen got mocked endlessly last night then we wake up to a total letdown In the end draft always seems to surround this guy lately
  10. So this was all a hoax that only us night owls got to have fun with for a couple hours Lol Good topic for talk radio. Maybe Phil Housley planted the story to take focus off of the Sabres
  11. So it's already over? If you went to bed at 10 you'll wake up tomorrow never knowing everyone thought AB was a Bill for 2 hours Lol
  12. TheFunPolice

    Browns exploring trade offers for Duke Johnson

    I'll bet KC is one of the teams interested... I'd love for the Bills to add some versatile talent at RB
  13. Now he needs 7 rings to surpass Brady! Maybe he should lock down a starting job before he calls out the guy who has 6 SB rings Lol