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  1. Epenesa was pretty solid in the second half of the season I thought...
  2. That's what doesn't make sense. They would be hard pressed to break even overall in any trade, unless they are willing to drop WAY down the board, and even then, a first from a good team would be the compensation.
  3. If he makes sense to draft at 35, I would take him at 30. You also get the extra year under contract.
  4. The Bills drafting a DT that is less than 340 pounds would hurt... I would get over it, but still, so close but so far away...
  5. I just remember him sitting with Aaron Rogers, talking about how he was going to win more Super Bowls than Brady. Now, he's still young, and Brady won the majority of his Super Bowls after age 37, but still.
  6. After watching that special on his injury and recovery, it's amazing that he was able to come back and play in NFL games. Nothing left to prove, and not worth the risk of further injury to that leg. He's got a boatload of money, a great family, and proved that he overcame that horrific injury.
  7. Many other teams' fans focus on the hurdling LB'ers, crazy escapes, insane run plays, crazy strong arm throws and play the "yeah but" game. But Allen is one of the most disciplined and dedicated QBs in the NFL. His training and study routine is nuts, even by NFL standards. You don't improve the way he did since his rookie year without putting in some serious work. Since he is so freakishly gifted athletically people don't realize that as much (yet) but they will once we get to the part where Allen is leading the Bills to the Super Bowl. Then there will be time for the
  8. If a team had 2 2nd rounders in 2021 I might trade down to draft 3 times in the 2nd round, ours plus the other team's 2. That's still just 1 more pick than we would have had but 3 in the top 64. Prime lineman territory there.
  9. You know who else dropped off last year? Jordan Phillips, the giant DT who ran wild here next to Oliver and when he went elsewhere vanished. Oliver is an exciting, quick, penetrating type DT. Phillips is a 340+ pound DT who can rush the passer. Star is an absolutely immoveable object. Not as big as I would like, but extremely strong and plenty big enough. That was a nice rotation to mix and match at DT. 2/3 of those guys were either gone or didn't play last year. That matters a lot. Oliver is going to feast this year with Star coming
  10. The thing is, you want to continue to build depth. The Bills with the addition of Pitts, for example, but no other 2021 or 2022 picks of note are not better than the Bills with a playmaker at 30 and a full slate of picks this year and next. Tre White was a late 1st round pick. I wouldn't hate moving up a FEW spots to the mid-20's if there is a guy the Bills love, because it wouldn't cost a 1st to do it.
  11. The defense has been pretty good, and guys like Epenesa and Oliver have shown some flashes that are very encouraging. BUT I think Beane should draft a 350+ pound DT this year just to show you what he's made of!
  12. Just goes to show why it's all about winning at least 1 Super Bowl. Stats records are great, but then you sit on the couch and watch someone break your record. With 17 games and all these rules changes, every passing record (single season and career) will fall.
  13. Just wait until we get our "block out the sun" sized DT this draft and Star comes back, hopefully bulked up and ready to occupy blockers. It's a huge part of McDermott's defense. You need the giant DT to occupy so the LBers and other DT can run wild.
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