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  1. Actually Belichick has 8 SB rings, one more than everyone's suddenly beloved Tommy.
  2. I think it's the broadcast. Mine looks darker than normal channels too
  3. Last line nailed it. Many of us care about these guys as human beings too.
  4. Taylor is a terrible coach and Bengals are average at best yet they easily could have won the SB last year if not for a questionable PI call or if Burrow gets an extra second on 4th down
  5. I have no idea how this Bengals team beat KC
  6. That's where the organization on some level needs to protect the player from himself. Players will always say they're ready to go
  7. I always wondered how hockey concussions were months long but football players are back a week later
  8. I'm so pissed for Tua the human being. WTF... The people who let him go back out there Sunday and suit up tonight ought to be ashamed of themselves.
  9. As a fan of the sport I'm absolutely ***** livid right now. Tua 100% had a concussion on Sunday and should never have come back in and definitely should not have been playing tonight. It will be THE topic and story tomorrow on sports media They put that young man in danger and it's inexcusable
  10. Bienemy is a hack, IMO. McCoy played there so he would know. The idea that the Chiefs are "Bienemy's offense" is a huge LOL The sports media goes berserk every year that he doesn't get hired as a HC like it is some sort of birthright and his not being a HC is such an outrage. The only reason that makes any sense is that he just isn't that impressive and really doesn't do a lot for that offense. I mean, whoever hires him as HC would get nothing but praise and love from all for "doing the right thing" and yet he can't sniff a HC gig.
  11. the ONLY real minus of this video is the joy that it brought Dolphins fans and Mike Florio
  12. Hey, let them talk! Luckily for us this isn't college football where you're voted into the playoffs by media.
  13. McDermott need to clean some things up, but he and his staff have done a lot of winning here. We're a LONG WAY from "football is a tough game for tough people" or "it's hard to win in the NFL" We have a very good staff, and they've only really been expected to be a good team once (last year) so you can't say much about playoffs since they lost to KC (in KC) twice in a row. Point is, the story of McDermott is still early.
  14. "Reid" came up short in the KC/TB Super Bowl is the narrative some put out. "See, we told you so!" Meanwhile, KC had reserves playing OL against a top defense, Mahomes was running for his life while limping around with a busted ankle/foot and KC's WR dropped everything that hit them. Circumstances matter.
  15. so much luck goes into winning and losing in the NFL, especially in single elimination injuries bounces matchups execution penalties There's such a fine line... tuck rule being called a fumble, Atlanta installing Marty as HC with a 28-3 lead, and Seattle handing off to Marshawn Lynch and Brady has 4 rings instead of 7. Take away 2 unreal catches by the Giants and he has 9 rings instead of 7. Brady could EASILY have 4 rings or 9 rings. All a play here and there (except Atlanta, which was a complete collapse by one team). So the key is keep getting into those spots so that you can benefit from the randomness. No matter how random it can seem, the ball will never bounce your way or a timely penalty go your way if you're sitting on your couch watching.
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