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  1. I'm a huge Singletary fan. The guy has an amazing work ethic, never stops trying to get better, and even hired a speed coach to try to get faster. He makes plays every week for us on offense, both catching and running. He has elite elusiveness and a good burst. It's the lack of top end speed that keeps him from being great, but IMO he is a very good back. He'll never be a top RB in the NFL for that reason, but he has a lot of value and does a lot of things well. It should be Singletary as #1 and Cook as #2, with the hope being that those roles switch but both are here long-term.
  2. defense is missing two stud DT's, our best CB and a surprisingly good rookie CB (Benford) I just have a feeling that Oliver or Phillips is going to make the play that seals our SB win!
  3. Elam has done very well I think. Now imagine White, Elam and Benford all healthy at one time on the field...
  4. It's weird because they obviously liked him a lot to draft him in the 2nd round but they seem to have zero faith in him or any type of desire to make him a focal point. Last night the Chiefs had that Rutgers guy who was a 7th rounder gashing the Bucs defense and ripping off 5 yards every time he touched the ball. Cook needs to be a focal point of our running game, or else why the heck did they spend a 2nd round pick on him? I'm hoping he's just ramping up, but the idea that Zach Moss brings more to the table is insane. Singletary is shifty and makes moves and has shown an ability to make plays with the ball. Moss just hasn't, aside from one run against the Dolphins. Moss is their guy, but so is Cook obviously!
  5. Gabe is still hurt. Once he is 100% you'll see a big difference. He is obviously not the same guy right now. Best wishes to Crowder for a speedy recovery. Sucks to hear more injury news like this
  6. IMO, there's holding on every play and the refs will generally not call it if it's a key moment in the game.
  7. 109% What's done is done. On to week 5! Go Bills!
  8. That would be amazing if it went that way, but a win over the Packers or Eagles would work too
  9. Awesome game! Now we can all root against KC. There aren't many potential losses for Brady so it's important to stack them up. More Brady to lose Bucs have a cupcake division and play very few good teams. Gotta get them losses when there's a chance
  10. Nah, Bills games are fun. Brady games are torture
  11. I want 2 things: #1 Bills win. #2 Brady to lose. There is no #3
  12. I've got that sick feeling. KC blew it Why can't Brady look 45? This is BS
  13. You never, ever, ever give Brady a second life. Run it there grind clock and punt if need be. Every great comeback is aided by turnovers
  14. No no no no no no no! Bucs are down 10 now
  15. Nice series for the Chiefs D! Now grind some clock, move the ball, finish with 7 Godwin looks hurt to me but dude is a warrior. He's not coming out unless he has to
  16. Man... 41 still might not be enough. Chiefs need a stop on this drive
  17. I always love that Diggs MTBank commercial
  18. Agreed and I'm a big Singletary fan although his lack of top speed really limits his potential. Imo he is still a very good back
  19. Keep the pedal down KC! It'll take 40+
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