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  1. In addition to his gross behavior, if he is suspended for this year then by the time he plays in 2023 it will have been almost 3 years since his last game. Who knows if he'll even be any good on the field. It's not implausible that almost 3 calendar years of not playing will make him less effective. Then, you've got an average QB with that ridiculous contract who is also radioactive in terms of PR.
  2. Bills vs. Chargers in the AFC Title Game this year is my prediction, so I go with the Chargers as strongest foe. Ravens will also be very good. Last year their entire team was hammered by injuries before the season even got going. Then Lamar got hurt as well. Browns are the AFC's version of the Cowboys. If the NFL were like the college system the Cowboys and Browns would be voted into the 4 team playoff every year.
  3. regardless of nicknames the Bills are the true America's team... Red, white and blue uniforms and a team that football fans love to watch with a fanbase that is a character in and of itself
  4. this video makes New England fans unhappy, therefore I like it
  5. Not Phillips! Don't tease me by bringing back my favorite recent DT then just letting him go because "all he does is destroy the QB" at 340+ pounds! Yeah he flattened Tom Brady like a pancake 3-4 times but did he tackle Fornette in the hole on 3rd and long?
  6. A senior/celebrity league that's only 7 on 7 flag football but still a real competition would be much more interesting. Still have FG and XP so kickers could possible showcase their skills. Retired NFL players along with current/retired athletes and other well-known whoevers playing flag football where they really want to win. Also opens the door to female athletes playing, which could help expand the sport. League opens each year with coaches picking their teams in a giant draft. Some players are known, some surprises. Make it a big TV event. There seems to be an endless appetite for competition shows and for sports. It's perfect. Injury risk is lower without tackling or smashing heads on the OL/DL and there's plenty of potential for fantasy leagues and betting still.
  7. Your QB still looks like a Pop Warner player
  8. Edge linemen (OL and DL) are great picks. Expensive and hard to find good ones
  9. Which one used the bell sound effect when the pick is in just before the commissioner announces it? Watching the draft without that is just not the same.
  10. IMO most of them are hoping the Bills call, aside from Star and Cole.
  11. I know that Aaron Rodgers is going to be all upset tonight by when the Packers pick a CB and a LB with their 1st round picks and ignore their offense yet again.
  12. I didn't see that they were looking at domes, that's interesting... Then again, "looking at" is a lot different from following through. For example, Washington was "looking at" team names that would actually be popular with the fans and weren't lame!
  13. Since you asked my advice, I never ask when I want to talk about Tremaine Edmunds. I just start talking about Tremaine Edmunds. Life gets pretty interesting when you do that.
  14. I'm not a fan at all of Bills Thanksgiving games... Noon is a total killer. At least for the night game we could leave after dinner and be home to enjoy. Family hates having football on during the holiday, some start ranting about politics and it just becomes impossible to watch the game at all (if they'll even allow it on)
  15. Well, you do 100% own your home immediately. Your home is also collateral for a personal loan that you took out to buy it. Bank: I'll lend you the money to make the purchase (which you make and own 100%) but that purchase is my security if you don't repay me based on the terms we agree to. In this case the security is a printing press that spits out hundreds of millions of dollars, so it's more of an investment for anyone loaning an NFL owner money. Hopefully they can design the stadium in such a way as to cut down on the wind. Maybe it's the WNYer in me, but a December afternoon when it's in the mid 40's and no wind (which the no wind part if rare near the stadium) with the smell of grills going and maybe a campfire in the distance is a beautiful late fall/early winter day. Totally comfortable. Throw on a bills hoodie and grab a beer and enjoy!
  16. I have a crazy theory: you'll see MORE open air NFL stadiums going forward and fewer roofed venues, except in places where the heat/cold is truly unbearable. The cost of these stadiums is getting so stupid, and outdoor football is generally a better looking and more interesting product on TV, which is where the money is. For all of the reputation for snow and wind, WNY is really not that extreme of a climate. Winter doesn't really start until January around here. Just as an example, in December 2021 the low temperature in Orchard Park, NY only dropped below 32 degrees (and that would be in the middle of the night, like 4-5 AM) a handful of times. The average high was 44 degrees for December, with a bunch of days in the high 40's and low 50's. In December! It was 50 degrees on Christmas, and that's not so unusual these days. So you wear a coat and you're fine as a fan. For players it's even less of an issue. Anyone who does physical work outdoors knows that mid-40 degrees is actually nice weather to do certain jobs that absolutely suck when it's sunny and hot. Wind is more the issue where the stadium is, so hopefully they find a way to cut that down. A gameday in the mid 40's with a covered seating area for fans where the wind is blocked is going to be quite comfortable. Snow games are actually few and far between for the Bills, which is why they are so memorable when they happen. Just ask anyone who owns a snowmobile in WNY: they use their sleds for like 3-4 weeks in late January/February and that's about it. And IF there's a "weather event" snowstorm game? Ratings bonanza for the NFL! How is that a negative for the powers that be? Domes are dull, boring, and suck the life out of the atmosphere.
  17. This is so weird... You have a license to print money, and you skim what is essentially petty cash off what you need to pay the other owners? So much risk for so little upside.
  18. Watson is good, but I never saw him as a top 5 QB. I would take Allen, Jackson, Burrow, Mahomes and Herbert over him, with Russell Wilson being a 50/50 call and that's just the AFC.
  19. In a just world Brady would look like Big Ben of last year. slow, old, and zero arm. Instead, I'm sure he'll win MVP and at least play in the Super Bowl.
  20. I travel a lot for work, so I listen to Sirius NFL Radio quite a bit to pass the time. I really do think it's a way to fill 20-30 minutes of non-prime airtime. Get Brandt on to tell a story about something that nobody has any idea what the hell he is talking about or why.
  21. I'm just happy the Bills will be staying in WNY for the next several decades so we can just relax and enjoy the team. AND I'm looking forward to seeing some design renderings!
  22. RIP to Haskins, a young man with a family and much to look forward to. On the topic of Brandt, I was shocked to read what he said, and having listened to him mumble and ramble on Sirius NFL Radio I have no idea whatsoever why any producer said "let's get Gil's thoughts on this issue on live radio." At some point, the people running the show need to think these things through a bit and protect the brand, so to speak. You have Brandt on when you want to fill time in the 8 PM hour with a 20 minute rambling story about some offensive tackle from some nowhere high school that Gil scouted in 1971 and ended up as an UDFA for 1/2 a season on the Lions practice squad before retiring an opening a diner in the smallest town in Oklahoma.
  23. The only "problem" with his weight is when it dips under 350... I say draft him, have him watch the Alton Brown episode they just filmed a show about the best wing places in Buffalo, and let the man get tuned up for a SB level season!
  24. That actually makes the most sense of any theory I've seen regarding Brady. His retirement seemed rushed and unplanned, then all of a sudden he's back after saying in his message that he couldn't commit to the team the same way.
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