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  1. Didn't look like a big hit or anything... Wind knocked out of him?
  2. I just turned the game on .. Place seems asleep
  3. Agreed... have some respect for the opponent in that spot.
  4. You shouldn't have to be prepared to fight in order to attend a football game. This is hardly an isolated incident, either.
  5. The Browns are getting exactly what they deserve.
  6. Agreed so far, Richardson looks dynamic and Stroud has put up numbers. Young just looks tiny to me
  7. I just hate the thought of Watson winning. Imagine the mental gymnastics it takes to root for that QB.
  8. I've never been a Zach Taylor fan but he has Burrow so he'll get Ws
  9. That was a clutch drive to close the game out!
  10. I love the happy ending to the chicken wing commercial
  11. Rousseau is turning into a very good player
  12. Gotta give Jimmy G credit. He's not top 5 but he's a pretty good QB.
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