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  1. I had a vivid dream of the Lions and Bills in the Super Bowl and I was shocked in my dream that they were there. BTW, we were winning by a lot. Like 42-20 or something late in the 4th quarter. I was thinking (in the dream) that I couldn't believe THIS was the year, of all years. Then the alarm went off
  2. It was a classic UFC style early stoppage where a guy gets 2 punches in and the ref dives in between to stop the fight
  3. we're about to redefine Billsy. There is zero AND I MEAN ZERO chance the Bills lose to KC. The Chiefs are begging to lose a game and we're about to go in there and ragdoll them. They're about to run into a red, white and blue buzzsaw!
  4. It's not so much using all the draft picks on defense, which is bad enough, but not playing a 1st round pick almost right away is inexcusable. By that I mean the coach seems to have decided almost right away that Elam is never seeing the field. You traded up for a guy you won't freaking play? There's a pattern of signing or drafting guys and not using them on both offense and defense.
  5. The Megan Denise story made me do a double-take to make sure it wasn't the same story from yesterday. It's almost exactly the same circumstances.
  6. If you're someone who is upset about people "rushing to judgement" about Miller I have 3 simple questions: 1. How did the police become involved in a "no big deal" run of the mill argument between an NFL player and his pregnant girlfriend? 2. Related to #1, what is the innocent explanation for a 911 domestic violence call where police noted physical evidence and issued an arrest warrant? 3. How likely do you think it is that this is the FIRST and LAST time something like this happened/will happen in that relationship? They were apparently arguing over a trip for her birthday. Having spirited, intense, even angry and loud arguments is not a crime and doesn't make you a bad person. But when it gets physical it crosses a line.
  7. Her recanting means literally zero to me, not that what I think matters either. Many of us have unfortunately seen these types of situations in our own lives too often to buy that explanation. Toxic relationship bubbles along, something happens to cause a blowup, cops get called... Then most of the time the couple is right back together the same day/night like nothing happened. Victims even sometimes angrily go after friends and family to defend the abusive partner. It's frustrating and sad for friends, family and law enforcement.
  8. the more I think about it the more I'm fine with it Not enthusiastic, but fine. We're just never going to get an offensive minded HC, and Allen will be at a disadvantage because of it. That doesn't mean we can't win. If Kelce drops the pass in the 13 seconds game (which happens in the league) then we win that game and probably go to the Super Bowl. So it's not impossible. Allen is just going to have a disadvantage that Mahomes, Lawrence, Jackson and Burrow won't, although I don't think Zach Taylor is actually a good HC. It doesn't have to not work. Look at Demeco Ryans in Houston. Then again, every time the QB and offense looks great the OC leaves for a HC job.
  9. Try the "what if it was your daughter or sister?" test. Would you buy that nothing happened after she called the police, recorded the incident, had her laptop smashed, hair ripped out and bruises on her neck?
  10. The difference between Miller and a guy like Tyreek Hillis that Hill is actually good at football, so the fans will tie themselves in knots convincing themselves that it was all just a big misunderstanding because they just want their football team to win and Hill helps that happen. When there's no real gain people are less inclined to go through the mental gymnastics. It's sad, wrong, and gross, but that's the deal. The patience level an organization would have with a guy who is a top contributor vs a mercenary who is just stealing money from the team to play pattycake with offensive tackles 10 snaps a game is vastly different. Every snap Von takes the field our defense is playing with 10 men.
  11. It's weird to see a DL close out a game
  12. Normally it would be a great story for a player to work so hard to get back so soon But it's Rodgers so people hate it Lol
  13. Refs willed them to a TD on that drive
  14. She was probably just confused when she called the police and made all of those claims. It's totally understandable. Sadly, this is how domestic calls go the majority of the time.
  15. Football wise Von is a drag on the Bills but for some reason people act like he's a major piece of the team
  16. Serious question. Has Harbaugh actually coached any games for Michigan the past couple years? It seems like he's serving a suspension for something or another basically the whole season
  17. Of course Miller has the Ehrhoff contract which has 5 years left no matter how many years go by
  18. Most coaches are interchangeable aside from Reid and maybe Shanahan We could always get one of the scrawny young nerds that isn't any good. Not every scrawny 30 year old who got coffee for McVay or Shanahan will be a great HC
  19. My major issue with McDermott is that we keep pouring resources into the defense and it's ok at best. Other than that I can live with him.
  20. I knew people who were friends with Losman when he played here. The guy worked so hard to be good, but he just didn't "get it" in terms of running an NFL offense. It was not because he didn't have the passion or drive. He was also a little weird/immature, but then again he was a well known guy in his early 20's in a small city with millions of dollars. From what everyone said he seemed like a decent enough guy. We actually met him at the Albright Knox art gallery when they did one of their free Friday night events, if that says anything. He was all by himself and he held the door for us as we were going in and we chatted for a few minutes once we recognized him. Allen has far superior physical talent and understanding of how to run an NFL offense.
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