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  1. I’m glad its not just me! I thought i just had crappy internet
  2. Although the size definitely matters... its more the distraction of having completely different programs going side by side. Have the producers at ESPN never heard if a VCR (or that new fangled DVR thing)? I think people use them to record a show thats on opposite one they’re currently watching, so they can watch it later. So that don’t have to try and watch both at the same time.
  3. Agreed... and I definitely don’t want a split screen showing 2 games at once. I think I’m gonna end up cussin at ESPN Monday night.
  4. I think I understand the thought process... but in week 2 its a hit early to start saying we control our own destiny. At this point every team controls their own destiny if they win out.
  5. Not that its good to do this, but he did have 1 run that he busted loose for 68yds. Take that run out and his average is 5.6yds/carry. Still really good, but not quite as gaudy. Either way it’s hard to say with one game if its due to a bad Titans run defense, or a really good Giants run game. I would add the Bills need to be ready for Tannenhill keeping drives alive with scrambles. He’s not the best rusher, but he’s proven to be quite effective if the defense clears the underneath zones and gives him a free 7-10yds to run out of bounds.
  6. No... I would seriously question the team’s cognitive capacity to grasp the century they’re living in. Maybe for a throwback game... theses logos and old uniforms would be cool. But the Browns is what they’re going with full time? Surely not.
  7. How is it even possible that Geno Smith is still in then league, let alone a day 1 starter?
  8. All these years later... and we still get “winning like this isn’t sustainable ..we’re doomed” threads. Awesome!
  9. I make my finance watch these every week during the season. She hates it! And thinks all Bills fans are crazy! Lol. I love it.
  10. Not gonna lie... brought tears to my eyes. We all deserve this. We all have lived for this. It is a new era! Lets just burn the past BBFS... and enjoy the team we have. We’ll get there. We have to!
  11. All summer long I’ve been rewatching the games from the last couple years. Ya know, just to get my Bills fix. And I just keep thinking to myself... can this team really start out as hot as they ended last season? Is it reasonable to expect 4+ touchdown drives in a row? There were a number of times when they just seemed unstoppable. It’s not natural is it? Im trying not to get my hopes too high for Thursday night. Its the first game. They’ll need some time to gel and put it all together. The Rams are Super Bowl champs, so obviously they’re a great team. But, then I say, the Bills are returning almost the same team as last season. If anything, they’ve only improved a few spots. So why can’t they be unnaturally good? Why can’t they go 19-0? Why can’t we finally see the best team to ever play in the NFL right here in Buffalo!? We can do this!!! My keys to the game on Offense: Dorsey. Can he maintain the offensive production we’ve seen? On the flip side, you have Donald ready to wreak havoc. Whats the game plan for that? On Defense: Rookie DBs. Can they hold down the fort till Tre comes back? On the flip side, you have Kupp. How will they fair against one of the best WRs in the game?
  12. Hot takes like this are whats wrong with the hot pocket on steroids generation. The Bills officially learned about this all a month ago. The guy was cut once the full details of the night came out. Done. Over. That’s called doing your due diligence, making a difficult decision and moving forward. And compared to soooo many other teams and situations, Beane moved extremely quickly and purposefully.
  13. Ok. If you can’t suspend him, that complicates my “simple” solution. Maybe pay him under the table to fake an injury so he can go on the PUP list or something. Lol. I don’t know. I just wanna talk football and not this. But i would remove him from the locker room so football becomes the emphasis of the team.
  14. Which is why my thought would be a suspension. He can concentrate on his personal life, while the team concentrates on a game. When it is all resolved and him and the players around him are able to focus entirely on football; then you make a determination about his future with the Bills. ...and presumably at that point, they would know the more complete details of the situation and could more clearly sypport their decision.
  15. My point with saying.. he’s just a punter, is only to imply that its immensely easier to replace him. If this all happens with your franchise QB, honestly I’d make the dame statement. But you then recognize that that decisions completely tanks your season and perhaps many more seasons. So, yes, it would be a far more impactful decision.
  16. Perhaps it does. But if you think there’s any chance he’s innocent, i think you accept that to show “support” for your teammate. Or just cut him. But either way they beed to distance themselves and the team from this situation.
  17. I haven’t read all of this thread, hence don’t pretend to know all discussion points. But, from the Bills’ perspective, and as a fan of this team, it seems fairy simple to me. He’s a rookie punter, that has contributed 1 preseason punt. He in no way represents the franchise or the entire fanbase. The team should give him as much time as needed to deal with this personal issue and suspend him until such time that that it is resolved in a court of law. In the meantime, sign a new punter and move on to the season. Any questions should then be directed to him or his lawyer, and we all get back to talking about football.
  18. These are many of the examples that keep rambling in my head as I read the replies here. We have all laughed at Brady’s rush to fetal position; he’s taken self preservation to new heights. But he’s 45 and still playing like he’s 35. Other than Favre, which QBs that regularly played with reckless abandon for their body played well into their 40s? So the question then becomes how long do we want to see Josh play? I prefer to watch him leading us into the playoffs for the next 20 years. Hence, he needs to take advantage of the league’s rules that protect a QB. And the OC needs to design an offense that doesn’t put him in harm’s way multiple times each game.
  19. Imagine being Groot.. getting one on one training/tips from Von Miller and now the greatest sack artist of all time. He’s got the physical tools, if he can absorb and implement what he’s being taught; he could become a true difference maker for years to come.
  20. That’s how I see it.. if your drive stalls at your own 18... and your opponents next drive starts at their 20. ...on a touchback! Thats a good thing.. I’d take that in every instance all season long. Normally in that scenario, you expect the your drive to start closer to the 40yd line... maybe the 35 if its a really good punt.
  21. He’s had very promising camps each year...only to get injured and miss the season... If I’m not mistaken. Hopefully, he continues to improve and stays healthy! And, yes, he’ll certainly have to play Special teams to make the team. Anyone as far down on the depth chart as him has to.
  22. Which is why 35,000+ showed up for a practice. We’ve all had sooooo many years of false hope. Just wishing against all reason that we finally would have a a good team. ...well. Now we do. And we all deserve it, earned it, and should bask in the joy of it all.
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