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  1. Just came here to say… Twice again.. Josh left the field with the lead only to watch the defense piss the game away. Is it time for McD to recognize that he needs an actual defensive coordinator? The Bills will never win anything as long as Roger Goodell is the cigarette smoking man’s doppelgänger. The league made sure the Bills would not win this game! The defense did their part to blow it… but the league made sure it would not be a Bills win. so… what did we do to perennially piss off the league officials? And how do we get a real DC in here?
  2. Pretty much agree. The Eagles are the number 1 rush defense because of their D-line. They also generate a lot of pass rush. Find a way to run and give just an extra second is key. Conversely,our D-line needs to pressure Hurts while containing the edges. That and win the turnover battle. It’s just that simple.
  3. I think just having 5ish designed runs by Josh per game is all it would take to open the offense up considerably. I don’t think that’s all we need to do however. They have to get creative with their routes and scheme receivers open. Dorsey has done almost none of that. And it shows. But with Josh a run threat a defender has to hesitate just a bit to watch him. And that, alone, made the predictable route formations easier to complete. Without a threat of Josh running, the defenses have been able play to our tendencies and jump routes far too often. You don’t need creativity on every play. Or trick end arounds on every drive. But you need some! You need just enough to make the defense think and hesitate. And why, for the love of all that is holy, can they not complete a proper pick play concept and get someone running free for a simple 5yd completion or a gd screen pass. These are two play concepts that the Bills just can not do. And every successful team can. If they add in the threat of Josh running, add in 1 pick play, and 2 screen passes… they could probably leave the rest of the offense as is and see dramatic improvement in every aspect.
  4. This is exactly what’s wrong with this place lately and why it’s becoming less and less of a place to come and get Bills news and discussion. Too many people manufacture issues and make stuff up to prove some point they made up. Now we’re picking plays that are good. He ran the route he was supposed to. Josh makes an incredible throw. Gabe catches the ball and turns upfield for extra yards. …and that’s the reason you don’t like a player!? This thread is emblematic of the state of this franchise among the fan base (at least here). There is soooo very little actual discussion of the team here lately. Just people with axes to grind and using every instance possible to restate their disdain for everything in the organization.
  5. Why does it seem like half the people here are hoping for a loss so they can enjoy their misery in full throat?
  6. My thinking is the offense is highly predictable because of those option routes. There’s very little scheming guys open. Instead Dorsey relies on players making correct reads and adjusting routes on the fly. There’s a few problems if that is ..all.. the offense relies. 1. Defenses know what the offense is queuing in on, as well. So it’s really easy to bait them into certain routes and formations, and then jump the route and get interceptions. This, I suspect, is one of the reasons Josh has as many Ints as he does especially in the red zone. 2. Also, with so few formations and routes, the Bills Offense is just too easy for defenses. Hence, the better teams pretty much know exactly what is coming. I would suggest our defense has gotten similarly stale. The good teams and QBs know exactly who is blitzing and how to attack the man combinations. In short, McD and company have to mix things up… one way or another.
  7. I’ve been thinking this since mid last season. There’s been 2 things that have kept Dorsey and the Status Quo going since then: 1. Josh. He’s such a dynamic athlete that he can make chicken salad out of chicken *****. Look at the play where the 2 receivers run into each other and fall down… Josh keeps the play alive long enough to let Kincaid get up and hit him for a first down. Great play design! ..not 2. Against the weaker, incompetent teams; they rack up the stats and points. This keeps them in the top 5 of all key offensive statistics. So when they self scout and say… what needs to change on offense… they look at the stats and say… nothing. Just need to execute. Blah blah. But as pointed out in this video, Dorsey is relying on perfection for the offense to succeed. Perfect passes, perfect reads, routes, blocks, perfect everything… and against the better teams; that doesn’t cut it. Hence we win more than we lose and run up the stats. Then get in the big games and fall flat against better players and coaches. They need to make a change. Now or at the end of the season… I’m not sure it matters.
  8. The thing is.. call that tripping penalty. Don’t call the intentional grounding. 3 pts almost assured. call the facemask on Davis in the endzone.. ball on the 1. TD far more likely than a FG. Thats 7 extra points and the difference in the game. And that’s not counting all the other holds not called and any of the other plays that may have happened had they not cut Bills drives short. The league screwed us ..again.
  9. In all seriousness… why watch the games if the Referees are so blatantly call the game in favor of one team. This game was pathetic. The Bills did enough to lose. But the Refs made sure it would never be close. This game reminded me of so many of our games against the Pats…. Everything they did was ignored… everything our boys thought about was called. f’in bull####
  10. Really? So I guess scoring on every offensive drive in a playoff game doesn’t count? Stopping Lamar..in the playoffs? Shutting down and steamrolling a team that had just put up 70pts; yeah they just lucked into that. Rolling right through the Super Bowl champs on opening day… nothing? And that’s just me typing fast to board a plane. Honestly… it’s bad statements like yours that makes me wonder if people actually watch the games. Or does everyone just spew whatever thought that comes into their head with no care or concern for reality? You’re upset with how you feel the team is playing. But let’s not rewrite history just to validate your feelings.
  11. I finally watched the Bucs game. If they play with the same offensive tempo and pace… there’s few teams that can stop them. Allen and the line were completely dialed in. The defense is lacking… we’re missing 3 extremely important players at each level of the defense. That just is what that is. They seem to be getting better with what they have.. but there’s only so much you can do. bottom line: absolutely no reason to think this game is a blowout for Cinci. Posters thinking that haven’t watched the Bills play.
  12. @BRH is correct. Chiefs need to win… hopefully in a devastating way. Best chance to make the playoffs is to win the division; we need the Fins to lose several so week 18 is a day off.
  13. The team is playing better than their fans are posting based on this place.
  14. I think it’s time to talk about Mahommes…. He just can’t read defenses. And doesn’t look engaged anymore.
  15. Can agree with all that… but as I understand it, Josh likely aggravated his throwing shoulder. So maybe the idea was… let’s run the ball, hang on, and get out of here with no more injuries. ?? Bad idea? Maybe. But the notion that the McD is too conservative forgets all the games that they won by 3 or 4 scores, or all the times they have gone for it on 4th down, or basically anything based on reality and centers on… I don’t feel good about this.
  16. I was not able to watch the game because I was driving through mountains all day. Got home finally and read a few quick articles to see how the game went… who won, how the offense looked, etc. After 3 quick articles at NFL.com, cbs.com, and msn (I think); I was feeing pretty good and positive… almost as though the Bills looked good in a sound win. Then I came here to read some of the local “fan” reaction, maybe get the views of some that attended the game (always love that perspective), and hope there was links to funny memes, post game conference clips, and the like. And wow… now I’m convinced the Bills lost. McD should be fired and we need to rebuild the team from the ground up. We sucked again and will be lucky to win another game all year. In short, this place is becoming a cesspool of miserable takes, negativity, and reactions. How did TBD become so bad?
  17. That’s what I would think. And then when Poyer and Hyde move up… the quick screens are open. I wouldn’t think the Pats stand a chance, but the middle of the D is decimated with both starting DTs and one of the better LBs in the league out. That is far less than an ideal situation. It would really be nice if the offense showed up this week and scored early and often.
  18. Exactly my thinking. Josh running will be far more effective when done sparingly, and in the right situation. For this week, however, I want him just not getting hit! I don’t have the time nor desire to look up each poster’s history, but in general, it seems half the board was consistently screaming for Josh to stop running and we needed a balanced offense. Now… Dorsey is trying to do just that and half the board is screaming…set Josh free and let him run! I just wonder is it the same posters flip flopping? Or did the one half quiet down and now the other half is vocal?
  19. I’m gonna have to agree with you. With a sore throwing shoulder, you really want to avoid as much contact as you can. Prior to reading McD’s comment on it, I was of the opinion 2-3 designed runs by Josh would keep the defense honest, and possibly even settle him into the game. But they shouldn’t “set him free”. Going back to last season, teams were assigning a spy to Josh and baiting him into those runs… only to close it down. Which meant Josh didn’t throw to wide open receivers because he was trying to take advantage of the defense. It wasn’t going to keep working (which is why 1 read and run QBs usually don’t have long successful careers). As I see it now, Beane says… I got you 2 guards, you have a full back, and 2 pounding (1 now) RBs… run the damn ball. Incidentally, a large portion of posters here were yelling that same mantra last season. So the Bills came out in the 2nd half determined to do that and rammed it straight down the Giants teeth. I think/hope these early season struggles are partly because they’re making every effort to change the offensively philosophy. Hopefully, when the cold, rainy weather arrives and they need to sustain long, methodical drives, they’ll have it figured out and be able to get the yards without Josh doing it all. IMO, teams had figured that out and it’s in part why they had all the red zone problems last year. All they need to do this week is win. It can be ugly.. I don’t care. Just keep Josh’s jersey clean, continue to tweak and get the young guys on defense playing well and running the ball effectively. But most of all… just win. Go Bills!
  20. I was wondering about that watching the game. It looked really close to me… but no replays at all. But clearly his knee looks down there. Oh well.
  21. I don’t know about the players expectations, but the fans… at least the ones here… definitely are spoiled by the success and Josh Allen. The 28pt margins of victory and 1 punt games are the rarity, even against bad teams. But fans expect that every week. Because the Bills have been that good. When it mattered most, when the team needed it… they marched for over 10mins and 89 yards to score. Part of the reason they didn’t score for 3 quarters was because that drive was phenomenal and took nearly the entire 3rd quarter. They had 3 offensive drives in the 2nd half and scored on 2 of them. A slightly better throw or a better catch and they seal the game with the 3rd. We don’t even talk about the amazing play and throw Allen made for the 2nd TD.. because it’s just expected now. But that play was something not many QBs can do! Yes, it was an ugly win. Yes, they need to play better to beat the better teams. Yes, I have concerns about our coaching staff. But… it’s far better to have all those concerns after the ugly win than after an ugly loss. Take the win and enjoy the season. There’s still 11 games to be played over the next 3 months. I’m sure many here won’t.. it just seems far too appealing to constantly focus on the negative plays and pine for the perfect coaches like that dude in Denver. Ooooh if only…
  22. I would suggest .. a lot. Daboll knew exactly what Dorsey wanted to do from the first snap.
  23. That 10min drive from the Bills did a lot to gas them.
  24. No one knows the Bills’ offense better than Daboll. He probably knows it better than Dorsey… still. So I expected a close game and that’s what we got! A bit too close, but a win is a win. Rest up, heal up, and move one.
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