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  1. I’m not sure this got a lot of talk… maybe it did and I missed it. The week before, we had about 5mins left and ran out the clock on the Patsies. This game, we had 6:20ish left. Thats a lot of time to run off! They almost did it, coming up about 6inches short. But man.. that was actually a very risky strategy to not even try and score with that much time left. I don’t totally disagree with it, but I do think they should have mixed in a few more safe passes and runs. They got very predictable. Hopefully they have some quick hitters and such in the playbook because the schnow plow ain’t gonna always get it done as we saw. i think being up by a full touchdown is what dictated it. Worst case scenario, Dolphins get the ball back and tie the game. I think if we’re leading by anything less than a full 7pts, they would have tried to score.
  2. It’s hard to freak out too much over the Chiefs or Browns or Ravens or anyone we’re not playing. Right now… we have to beat the Steelers. So I think we’re freaking out over the right team… this week. Through luck and the grace of Josh Allen, I genuinely hope we’re all freaking out about the difficult task of beating a different team next Tuesday.
  3. It’s funny… I used to watch ALL the shows. The last many years… I watch none. Only see snippets here and there. And ya know what… I enjoy the game far more, have no expectations, don’t feel the Bills sucked because they didn’t win by enough, etc. Essentially, I just don’t care what the national narrative is. I watch the games, enjoy the outcome and hope for better. 4 more games! Let’s do this any way we can. Go Bills!!!
  4. What I find just unbelievable is the ref that is right there at the sideline… didn’t see that? Or did and said… nah, no foul there? I mean, it’s just beyond reason to say that is not pass interference.
  5. I think this is more a statement about you and your mindset. And less to do with Josh and how he’s played. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you have difficulty seeing reality.
  6. I do wonder sometimes if the coaches either out think themselves or if they go more vanilla against lesser teams (i.e. Chargers and Patsies). Because there are 2 statistics that have held true all season: the offense is far more efficient when they play up tempo (no huddle) and when Allen is under center and calls play action. Yet.. they go away from both all the time. Why?
  7. The pessimistic outlook about this team and coaching staff has been off the rails for at least half the season. We’re one win away from the #2 seed and you still have people saying we need to fire the coach and blow it all up. And even more thinking it’s unlikely we can compete with the juggernaut Dolphins! It’s beyond pessimism. It’s a delusional reality that so many people live in. What really sucks is if the Bills win, they’ll all be silent and secretly harbor resentment towards the team for proving them wrong. If they lose…Sunday or anytime before or at the SuperBowl…they’ll all be back telling us how right they were. How they knew it all along. Preconceived narratives based on pundits whose job is to say something to get clicks is a B word to get past.
  8. #2 seed, we would face the #7 team at home. Lose and the best we can hope for is a road game to KC or back in Miami. Then, if we win that, likely on to Baltimore. I think winning this game is extremely huge to our success in the playoffs! Go Bills!
  9. Thats an interesting point. I’ll assume it’s true, which means the Bills did run effectively against them. Our offense as a whole, however, I think is still very predictable. They only have a few run formations, and the wide receiver routes are very similar to that under Dorsey. I think, defensive backs all too often are able to jump routes based on Josh’s tendencies, and the tendencies of the offense, overall until we get a truly different offensive coordinator that knows how to scheme and adjust, I think we’re going to continue to see disjointed game plans. Brady is good but by no means should he be the default OC next season.
  10. I just don’t see the team activating a rookie for the playoffs that hasn’t played all year. But in all seriousness, would anyone even notice if Sherfeild and Harry were not in the game? Both of them have offered zero to the offense. If Von was benched, so should they be.
  11. I think there’s a part of this offense that gets overlooked by everyone. The Bills are absolutely stellar at the 4-6min offense. When we stopped them with nearly 6mins left in the game, I felt good. Josh and the offense absolutely excels in draining the clock and getting a score… or in this case a kneel down to seal the game. How many times have we seen it? Granted some times they leave a minute on the clock.. and then the defense screws it! But not lately. lol.
  12. Ya know what I’m tired of seeing… the opposing team, with a scrub QB and average WR, make 1 or 2 amazing pin point perfect, over the shoulder, draped in coverage reception. Why do our WRs never seem to make these amazing catches?
  13. Oh crap… LOL. I forgot that little nugget! Thanks!
  14. Even if Bills win next week, If the Browns win… wouldn’t they be the #2 seed? The team played a great game. But the offense ..Brady and Josh.. need to figure something out. Maybe some new play designs… something? But the last 2 weeks have not looked good. Defenses have figured something out. Brady needs to adjust some stuff for next week and the playoffs. Awesome feeling to have this discussion in the afterglow of a 4th consecutive win! GO Bills!
  15. I’ll throw out 2 thoughts: 1. McD probably expects the Patsies game plan to be run, run and run some more. Given the state of their QB and WRs, that’s a decent guess. Hence, he wants big guys up front. 2. He needs to light a fire under Von. It’s no secret Von has been underwhelming since his return back in week 5, is it? That’s too much playing time and no production.
  16. And herein lies the lesson for the Fire McDermott crowd. Typically a new HC wants.. his guys.. not that his guys are necessarily better than the guys he inherited; but new HC hires always mean massive roster overhauls. I'm not saying Josh would be gone if a new HC came in, but you can bet 75% of the roster will be within 2 years, while we hope to tread water and claim success. New HC’s are always risky! And the more “established” they are… the more they usually ***** up to do it their way. SP may end up being the guy to end Denver’s misery, but how long and at what cost? It seems with benching Wilson, they’re firmly treading water on a hope a prayer.
  17. Maybe not flat.. maybe sick? Cook missed some time with illness, maybe others weren’t feeling well but not bad enough to miss time? Tis that time of the year…
  18. I agree… and why to this day I scoff at all the Brady and Belicheck greatest ever talk. …they were lock and step cheating together for nearly 2 decades. They cheated in multiple and continuous ways.
  19. Dont forget the listening in on the opposition’s locker room, the talking to the QB past 15secs, and extra players practicing. Just to name a few more.
  20. Personally, I think they’re easily the best team in the AFC. Seems like many posters here want to sell them short because they don’t like Lamar, but their record speaks for itself. Them and Miami could be the toughest playoff teams, outside of Buffalo. Everyone else has major flaws. In my very humble opinion. its been a good weekend for Bills football! Go Bills!!
  21. Quoted for truth! Kinda puts in perspective a lot of the hot takes after the game. Bills won when so many teams this weekend found a way to lose! Setting up for an epic final game against Miami - we just have to stay focused and locked in on beating the Pats next week!!
  22. I’m a Bills fan.. I have anxiety going into every game! But I’d rather be playing the Pats next week than the Ravens. I’m glad we get a day or two to rest.
  23. Is the Browns winning good or bad for us? I forget.
  24. Personally, I was hoping they would call Shakir’s last TD back. It was far better to have the game end as it did, then with the Chargers have 2mins to score. They would have needed a touchdown, but still rather have them have 25-30seconds and no time outs than 2mins.
  25. Sent you a message… In short, to answer all your questions from paragraph 1… NO. Except, overall, I thought Josh had a good game. A couple of off throws, but I don’t expect him to be perfect. In the end.. he won this game for us along with Ed Oliver. I thought McDs defense showed the affect of injuries again. They struggled. But held the Chargers to FGs with short fields all night. Gotta give them credit for that!! Ed Oliver was easily the defensive, if not entire team, MVP. Poona was ok. But ..nothing special. Bottom line. Defense came up big when they needed it most but suffered from having to take the field after 3 turnovers. to me it felt like a game where… the Bills got this, no problem. Then ..bam.. big set back play. Ok. Reset. We got this now… back.. turnover. Ok reset. We got this… bam. Wtf!! We can still do this.. reset looking good… bam! No you don’t. It was just a game of miscues and missed opportunities. But they did just enough to win and get out of there.
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