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  1. i already know about a family history of heart disease on my Dad's side and a history of Cancer on my Mom's side so my options are be OCD and try to cheat biology, or let's go to Popeyes
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-15/hulu-boosts-price-of-live-tv-service-in-industry-s-latest-hike
  3. Anyone else uncomfortable by the thought of EII holding a loaded firearm?
  4. Chik-Fil-A is like the OCD Soccer Mom with a spotless kitchen scented with Febreezed to perfection, that buys name brand products, puts just the right amount of mayo on the bread, cuts it diagonally and removes the crust Popeyes is like a ghetto/trailer park Mom, whose kitchen has a pall of cigarette smoke, buys the bottom shelf cereal in a bag, and smokes a cigarette while putting whatever you ask for on a totally unhealthy but incredibly tasty sammich
  5. Im in my early 40s and my diet hadn't changed much since I was in College Someday it will come back to haunt me. But til then I'ma gonna enjoy the ride
  6. Because he was going to, but then this Bob Marley song came on the radio. And oh man, you know when you get the munchies for some Utz and what was he going to do? Oh yeah, Call of Duty
  7. Why would anyone want to ban those high capacity magazines?
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/details-of-carrie-fishers-rise-of-skywalker-role-revealed-210514180.html
  9. I beg to differ Any civilization advanced enough to travel the distances involved would understand that they have not "conquered all disease and have the ability to detect and dispatch threats very quickly." They would understand there are variables to measure and study before taking action
  10. When performed by a member of the New England Patriots* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. The Prime Directive sounds great on Star Trek. I doubt any advanced alien civilizations (or humans if we ever reach beyond Earth) would apply the same high minded approach I think another Sci-Fi classic should be considered with any potential alien visitation: War of the Worlds. The big bad scary aliens came to conquer the Earth but were defeated by microbes and germs If there is an alien visitation, I suspect Earth is in Quarantine until the visitors know the planets eco-system and existing biology is not harmful to them. If the visitors are friendly they may also have Earth in Quarantine to protect the existing life from whatever they are carrying. Look to our own history for an example. When Europeans arrived the New World, they unknowingly carried with them countless diseases that the Old World had developed a resistance or immunity to. Diseases that devastated the native populations When the quarantine period is over, they will make their presence know. Whether as friends or conquerors remains to be seen
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