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  1. But unlike previous retail sales, this one depends on consumers blind willingness to purchase that actively spy on them
  2. I came to the same conclusion after about 5 minutes yesterday
  3. John Brown had a plan, followers, funding, and a plan of attack. The Antifa guy just went Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!!!!!
  4. A friend of mine once bought a $1 bottle of water on Amazon and had it shipped to his home within an hour
  5. Two Minute Hate was such an adrenaline rush, now it's part of the 24/7 News Cycle
  6. i'm not sure there was any "deep state" meaning to that note. It may have been as simple as a Presidential "Thank You" note for attending the funeral. A note on Presidential letterhead signed by the 45th President of the United States. Not President Hillary Rodham-Clinton nor President Jeb! Bush. Signed by President Donald J Trump, who thanks you for attending
  7. so what's the sitcom math on half a million people running across the desert vs a fleet of A10 Warthogs firing at 70 rounds per second?
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