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  1. Said every media outlet about Trump in 2016
  2. /dev/null

    Q Analysis

    Didn't Reggie Jackson also try to assassinate the Queen of England?
  3. and his wife is hotter than yours
  4. #orangebracketsmatter
  5. i said what most guys who saw her were thinking you used her suicide to make a not so thinly veiled political statement
  6. no, but i did leave a Remington 870 and a pack of confetti shells for him
  7. On a somewhat related note. I'm not much of a basketball fan but I do know the March Madness thing is a pretty big deal. So much so that I remember there were several years that ESPN would go to the White House for the President's bracket picks. I don't recall seeing ESPN do that the last few years. Did ESPN cut their college basketball budget or is there some other reason ESPN may have decided to stop that tradition?
  8. /dev/null

    The House Investigations Thread

    Schiff: Director Mueller, you were given a mandate and spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to give us the information necessary to impeach the 45th President of the United States. How do you explain this gross incompetence and or mishandling of taxpayer funds?
  9. /dev/null

    Trump and Russia

    i disagree most of the folks at CNN, MSNBC, etc knew the Mueller circus would not amount to anything. their heads aren't exploding but with the final submission of Mueller's report they are scrambling to find their next shiny bauble
  10. We should file for reparations from both the descendants of freed slaves and of Confederate soldiers that survived the War
  11. /dev/null

    Lost Gold of WW2 Starts Tonight

    2 words...Blood Eagle
  12. /dev/null

    Trump and Russia

    i volunteer to console Marie Harf
  13. he's been open about that since he got here
  14. not a fair meme Beta wouldn't lose all 50 states. he would still win California, New York, Illinois, Vermont, Washington, Hawaii, DC, and the rest of the Communist bloc