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  1. And on a Federal holiday. He's trying to impress someone. Maybe there's an opening for Commissar of the People's Committee of his Soviet Row 3A at the cube farm.
  2. You know what else "Top men" have been working on... Adam Schiff
  3. Hopefully the XFL will at least survive to their playoffs
  4. why go for 2 there? you still need 3 more TDs either way
  5. graham didn't get his butt into the end zone
  6. He's going to be popular in The Slammer
  7. First, he labels it a “white nationalist” rally. Someone who wasn’t seeking to fan the flames would call the rally by its proper name. Then, he perpetuates a rumor that there’s “a known propaganda technique from white nationalists” to tell journalists that “the person wearing a swastika was actually an Antifa supersoldier in disguise…to absolve them [of] violent behavior.” Oh really? I’m pretty sure the people who threw a concrete milkshake at Andy Ngo weren’t Antifa supersoldiers wearing a swastika. They were just Antifa hoodlums. Name one instance where the scenario you outlined happened, Ben. A verified instance. You know, since you’re big on making sure information is verified before it’s sent out. Finally, he calls Lobby Day “the physical embodiment of 4chan.” More at the link: https://www.redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2020/01/19/nbc-gives-instructions-on-how-to-cover-white-nationalist-rally/ PAUL BEDARD: On edge: Unarmed Virginia gun protesters ask armed friends to ‘watch over us.’ . Well damn, maybe I should tell my black, puerto rican, and jewish friends they're going to a white nationalist rally tomorrow
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