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  1. Simpsons Married with Children South Park Rick and Morty Family Guy
  2. It was a political post. You are openly advocating for denial of medical services based on an individuals lifestyle Should medical professionals be able to deny service to gay men because they are higher risk of AIDS? Should cardiologist deny to see a patient because they eat alot of red meat?
  3. Funny how when somebody makes a political joke, the mods slap their d*ck But when the mods want to make a political post of their own....
  4. Anybody remember the movie Poltergeist II? Just gonna throw this one out there...
  5. You didn't make the claim, somebody else did And it's not my problem that you misinterpreted my post, it's yours
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112469/article/2020-nfl-draft-lance-zierleins-three-favorite-picks-by-round
  7. I think Trump should call a special summit with North Korea featuring a swimsuit competition between Kayleigh McEnany and Kim Yo Jong
  8. Interpret it however you want. Just don't claim that I don't understand the meaning when there is more than one
  9. Three Percenters refer to the 3 percent of Americans who participated in the Revolutionary War. The term has since been co-opted by some far right groups. But go ahead with your misinterpretation
  10. with a high capacity 30 caliber magazine clip
  11. College and Pro both have their charms, which is why I like both. Pro is watching the best football players in the world. But with this comes the downside that most outcomes are predictable College on the other hand, with the exception of the CFP contenders, is alot more unpredictable. I can sit and watch two teams I know nothing about nor care about the outcome, like Arizona vs Washington St and it will interest me more than watching the Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks
  12. And the other 1/3 say: well duh, that's the point
  13. Sounds like Brett Kavenaugh and Christine Ford. But you know, double standards
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