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  1. https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/426288-only-a-matter-of-time-before-the-social-media-mob-comes-for-you
  2. who better to fight The Establishment than a member of The Establishment. It's like hiring a Patriots* assistant coach because you want to beat the Patriots*
  3. /dev/null

    OT Rule needs to change!

    Or thumb wrestling
  4. /dev/null

    Careful With Those DNA Tests!

    When he opened the box he was disappointed to find a saliva test kit. He was hoping to donate another fluid
  5. If Tibs ever wants to be anything more than the PPP Village Idiot, now is his moment to make that first step
  6. Make a note, Tibs praised Congressional Republicans or did Obama make that happen too?
  7. you were born white and are therefore guilty how long until mainstream candidates start floating the idea of whiteness laws and eventually a final solution to the whiteness problem
  8. that's like asking water to apologize for being wet. tibs is gonna tib, it's what he does
  9. /dev/null

    The Trump Shutdown

  10. Nobody is disputing an accurate calendar is important. As discussed an accurate calendar is essential in the planting of crops. But it also necessary for a variety of sciences, business purposes, and a reminder that has been 731 since Hiliary Clinton was not sworn in as President
  11. /dev/null

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Fallen

    the SPLC or ACLU would probably offer them a lifetime appointment