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  1. In brief, all the lying. Why all the lies? Why the concoction of new lies when original lies were challenged? If caught in an innocent misstatement, the honest person doesn’t tell another lie. Why do almost all of these lies involve Russian contacts? As said, I am interested to see Muellers reasoning.
  2. Several problems with the coup conspiracy 1 for all the Page/Stroczk/Mccabe/Ohr/Comey problems that are claimed, what did they actually do to prevent Trumps election? If all of these supposed powerful people wanted to ruin Trumps candidacy, why didn’t they? If anything, DOJ/FBI players hurt Clinton. An active attempt to stop Trump would have included actions versus just typing suspicious things in assumed private texts 2 way too many conspirators. No one would conspire in a several hundred person conspiracy that could get them hung if discovered. Why wouldn’t some inquisitive Jimmy Olsen type blow the lid off the whole thing for fame or fortune? 3. What I saw with Rosenstein and McCabe discussing the possibility of Pence and the Cabinet removing Trump was not unreasonable nor was it a coup attempt. It seems that is was a discussion of the legal, constitutional path. If Trump were removed through a constitutional path, that would imply the exact opposite of a coup
  3. Not turning any corners if that implies buying into the right’s massive coup conspiracy. I will continue to remain objective though
  4. But, if Trump conspired in a chargeable way, the co-conspirators would have been named in Muellers final report
  5. I am happy that Mueller has been permitted to finish his investigation, apparently without any DOJ interference. I expected Trump to somehow screw with it. I was wrong there I will certainly admit that I expected new indictments related to Russian conspiracy and obstruction of justice at the conclusion. I am surprised that no inner circle associates were charged by Mueller. So, wrong there too. Did Trump do anything worthy of this investigation? Imo, certainly so. All of the Russian contacts and all of the lies still point to something though obviously no provable crimes or we would see co-conspirators charged here. I am anxious to see Muellers findings to see any previously unknown details and to learn how he came to his conclusions. Clearly with all of Trump’s attacks on Mueller and his team, not even he was expecting a glowing exhonoration.
  6. Bob in Mich

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Unfortunately the intelligence officials recruiting Trump were Russian
  7. Bob in Mich

    UFO Found on Ocean Floor?

    I bet our glorious leader is directing these toward Russia. Some asset, eh?
  8. Bob in Mich

    Know anyone with a disease? Read this

    What were you hoping to treat? Did you try a full plant extract or something labeled hemp oil or CBD distillate? For how long did you use the product? Approximately what was the dosage you used and how was it administered - capsule, tincture, vape, suppository, etc? unfortunately we have so many unknowns in using cannabis due to the research restrictions. That is changing but if you want to try to use it today, one must experiment a bit. Cannabis should be thought of more as a class of medicine as opposed to a single medicine, similar to anti-biotics. With thousands of strains and hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes within a given strain, the number of variations within cannabis is huge. Often I hear an individual say that they tried a cannabis based product but it didn’t work and therefore medical marijuana doesnt work for them. I would suggest some personal research on your condition and then perhaps trying another strain-product-dose-delivery method-etc
  9. Bob in Mich

    Know anyone with a disease? Read this

    Interesting blog related to cannabis treatment for autism https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/cannabis-and-autism-an-informal-update-2019/ from the blog Excellent results are attained along the full range of the autistic spectrum. Most studies for some reason favor looking at low-function children with violent outbursts. My experience show that high-functioning children respond extremely well, with an increased sharpness in their listening, presence, precision of language and more appropriate responses to humor. They feel much better as human beings and more secure in social settings. Many of these children are able to recognize the improvement as an improved connectivity between resting and executive brain states that I had suggested in an earlier communication. I have treated several dozen very young children, less than 4 years of age, with results as encouraging as those for the older children.
  10. Bob in Mich

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    Gee, have you folks made Trump a saint yet? What is taking so long?
  11. Bob in Mich

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    Wouldn’t that encourage more people to try to cross illegally, making the ‘crisis’ look even worse?
  12. Bob in Mich

    The Need For Weed

    There are indeed laws in many countries and in many US states restricting commercial use to in-country or in state product, or at worst, government approved imports. ‘Seed to sale’ is the term often given to plant-product tracking. There will be no legal large scale cannabis purchases from foreign cartels, period. You are mistaken here I believe. There is is no way that say Pepsi or General Mills would risk their reputations by purchasing ingredients from dubious sources. The savings would be minuscule relative to the potential for loss for using untested or illegal sources. Have you bought smoking buds for yourself? Did you prefer the fresh, fragrant, potent buds that were locally grown or did you prefer the compressed crappy Mexican buds mixed with bugs and small rocks and dirt? Most folks, once the price gets close, would choose the former and will in the future. That leaves the basement grower as the chief black market competition. Today, rather than $400 for an ounce of great bud, lots of folks can easily find $250 zips legally. To compete the illegal grower needs to sell for half his former price. At some point, most local illegal growers will give it up too. There will always be hobbyists because it is interesting and rewarding to supply one’s own needs but just like moonshiners today, they will be pretty uncommon
  13. Bob in Mich

    The Need For Weed

    You make some valid points. I would strongly agree that cannabis stocks are not ‘set em and forget em’ investments. There are many more catalysts impacting cannabis companies than your typical company. That is why I mentioned knowledgeable investors. I also noticed that you morphed your argument. Your earlier point was that cartels or illegal growers could provide cannabis more cheaply and so would dominate. I pointed out that legal large scale companies would only purchase from legal growers. Your latest response argues that it is not about low cost production. You morphed that into a ‘barrier to entry’ argument. You now state that without a large barrier to entry no producer can make large profits. To an extent this is true but it is a different point. Countering that point, Linton points out in his video, not many people talk about sugar producers but look at how many companies can make money off packaged goods containing sugar. Time will tell if you are right and the black market will prevent legal entities from achieving great growth. I believe you are wrong but we shall see. Thanks for the discussion
  14. Bob in Mich

    The Need For Weed

    You are missing a major point in that most cannabis will be sold as an ingredient to legal consumer product producers. These large companies will buy from legal operators, not illegal producers. Individual bud smokers may continue to buy buds from the guy down the street for a time but I have lived through a time in Michigan where the option opened up to go to legal dispensaries and/or farmer's markets. Those increased options and the falling prices that come with competition are pretty attractive to smokers. IMO, they will eventually come to prefer those to the black market dealer, if prices are in the same ballpark. There will be some tremendous cannabis stock winners in the future just as there has already been some terrific buys. As examples, I bought my first GW Pharmaceuticals shares under $10. They closed at $177 Friday. I sold Canopy Growth shares last year for over $50 that I bought under $3. The cannabis stocks are extremely volatile and there will be runs and crashes within the segment. IMO though, the cannabis stocks hold tremendous opportunity for the knowledgeable investor.
  15. Bob in Mich

    The Need For Weed

    I am not a financial advisor and am not recommending any stocks that I may discuss. Rob, while I agree that after a time most cannabis may be sold by the bushel, I disagree strongly that there are no long term winners among the cannabis stocks. The eventual overall market is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, worldwide. That money is going to go somewhere. It is not simply the sale of smoking buds that will drive the growth but instead, cannabis will become an ingredient in a myriad of products, imo. Certainly the low cost producers will be winners along with many other new or niche players. The medical marijuana market may outpace the adult use market, especially since it seems to have higher margins and medical cannabis seems likely to gain acceptance country-by-country years ahead of adult use legalization. This area is just in its infancy in its acceptance, again across the globe. Within adult use, with legalization there will be a bunch of new products. I understand in the Canadian adult use market has embraced THC gelcaps. Also, organic cannabis producers are carving out a niche. Organically grown cannabis will make money for someone, again with higher margins than the commodity cannabis. There are other markets to be made in vape pens/cartridges, edibles, THC adult use beverages, CBD wellness beverages, CBD skin care products, and many other 'over the counter' health issues - pain, sleep, appetite, anti-anxiety, etc. along with pet products for many of the same issues. Companies are going to make money in all of these areas and when that happens with publicly owned companies, stock holders will realize gains. Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth was on Jim Cramer's show not long ago. http://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/01/09/canopy-growth-ceo-talks-offering-cannabis-based-opioid-alternatives.html