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  1. If the Bills seriously want OBJ when he is healthy, and I am not all that sure they do, would they consider offering him some money to join our practice squad? Not sure how much it would take to lure him to Buffalo but it would be an opportunity to try out the fit, demonstrate the Bills culture, and allow him to learn the offense. Any team could sign him off our PS if they have a roster spot and the money he wants, but is that much different for OBJ than his current FA status? It might give us a better shot at signing him, if we are truly interested.
  2. Since I lived outside of WNY for many years I had to make my own wings if I wanted anything close to those found around WNY. I grilled wings ‘low and slow’ at home for many years and seasoned with a recipe I learned from a Hamburg bar employee. The main ingredient is Franks. In a larger saucepan, Melt a single pat of butter. More is not better in this case. Add a few glugs of Frank’s, three or four squirts of Worcestershire sauce, four or five shakes of garlic powder, six or seven shakes of celery seed, and add Tabasco as desired(I add about 9-10 drops for a 10 wing batch). Grill the wings, best kept together the drummie and the flat as it is easier to tell which have been turned, for about 45 minutes, turning every 7 minutes or so depending on heat of your grill. Low and slow works best for me as one can have a couple of beers while cheffing. After they are basically cooked, put them in the saucepan, cover, and shake to coat. I like to put them back on indirect heat for another 5 minutes or so but if you like them wet, skip that step. Recently I got one of those Ninja air fryers and love cooking wings with it. They taste more like the bar made deep fried wings and when grilling is inconvenient, they are the go to lately. I use the above mentioned sauce but have found a couple of Buffalo Wild Wing sauces (sold at Sam’s Club) that are quite tasty. Sam’s sells a 2’ pack of 20 oz sauces for 7.99 - Garlic Parm and Asian Zing. Amazingly, my latest cholesterol numbers were down! I think that Marie’s Blue cheese must offset the wings
  3. So there is one chip in an object that is 11 inches long, right? We assume it is roughly at some center point. When you have the ref using the width of a credit card to determine the first down on a measurement, seems like an error of 5.5 inches (half the ball length) would be problematic in determining first downs
  4. I didn’t know that type of ‘mass shooting’ insurance even existed. The idea of thinking like an insurance company though might be helpful in the general debate. Similar to auto liability insurers, what concerns would a gun liability insurer have in agreeing to insure a gun owner (if that were a requirement)? Many of the same considerations as the auto insurer I would guess. How old is the person? They would likely have higher rates for the very young and the very old. Past history with the legal system would affect rates. Training and some proficiency testing should impact insurability and rates too. Seems if you have to prove your vision is good enough to drive, proving you can see well enough to shoot a gun might be a consideration on insurability. Anyway, I am sure there are others Without getting into the weeds of whether actual gun insurance should be required, I think looking at the issue from the perspective of an insurer can help highlight the areas possible legislation could focus on. If an insurer would not cover a person or only have coverage for an individual at astronomical rates, our laws should force a more intense screening of those individuals too
  5. Wow, that is quite the reach there. Woulda thrown my back out with something like that
  6. Doc, you may already know this but in order move ahead with this plan, it was not necessary to kill anyone. It seems some of those more militant rioters may have, but postponing the recognition of electors was the goal. I have heard it called an attempted auto- coup. Really by your logic, coups could not happen before the invention of firearms. But, I digress. The point is that not all coups require weapons The rioters did disrupt the proceeding. Perhaps those aiming to do that thought they had succeeded. The legislators stayed and completed it late that night. Why they left? Trump finally called them off and the more militant ones didn’t find anyone to terrorize
  7. Well, it was much more of an attempted insurrection. That makes it harder to recognize than actually overturning the election. Anyway, if the rioters had somehow disrupted the recognition of valid electors that day and pushed the elector decision back to the state legislatures would it have been an attempted insurrection in your eyes then?
  8. Thanks Doc. I think you probably know why I asked. You haven’t really observed the hearings very well if you haven’t learned anything related to those two points. One might be skeptical of your conclusions or diagnoses given those observation abilities. Is your butting in here just to make a point? Lol How do you get involved without butting in or starting a thread?
  9. Hey Doc, are you an actual ‘patient seeing’ physician? One that has to make observations and come to a diagnosis?
  10. I guess I understand that they have to spend to the floor and don’t want to bring in a lot of veterans to raise spending. I guess If you have several core players that you expect to keep long term, why not restructure their contracts to front load them? Can you do that to get to the floor number? If so, why not pay Tuch, Thompson, Dahlin, even Skinner, etc bigger money for 2022-2023 and restructure those contracts to pay less in the following years when we will be more cap strapped? What am I not understanding?
  11. I appreciate that distinction So, has there been discussion about this potential problem?
  12. I haven’t followed this thread closely so apologies if this has been discussed Just like with driver’s licenses, are we considering possible diminishing mental faculties and dementia with aging gun owners? Seems like quite a few of these ‘responsible gun owners’ that may have assembled a gun collection will someday suffer from dementia. The person may become agitated and confused and could become a non responsible gun owner. Or, the person may forget about them and could easily lose track of the weapons. Has there been discussion about this issue here?
  13. Lol. Good one Deek. Quite the reach though if you are serious Having to sort through difficult issues and sometimes bucking the crowd to make a tough leadership call may indeed be a sign of a good leader. To somehow equate that with Trump ignoring truth in order to further his self serving scheme to override the vote is just wishful fantasy
  14. So, it’s too much for you to explain how the article debunks the coordination possibility? I read the article. How copying and pasting it here helps anyone’s understanding is confusing at best. I saw the article state some points, yes. I don’t see how those points mean there was no coordination. That was the explanation I was hoping you might give. The author did a poor job connecting his facts with his assertion
  15. Typically I don’t read your posts or articles but was bored enough to check out the link. Can you tell me how it debunks the idea of a coordinated insurrection?
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