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  1. Didn't say that actually. Certainly wide open for a different discussion. I was trying to make a point that placing business concerns uber alles is short sighted.
  2. Look, if the solution can't be chanted at a Trump rally, it's never going to work.
  3. How did those regulations get put in place in the first place (rhetorical)? Were those Obama edicts or were they Congressional actions or where did they typically begin? If not edicts, at some point folks debated the need for these regs and thought they had some value, right? The problem I have is that Trump seems to view the economy as his sole scorecard. He acts as if the economy is good, he will be re-elected, and he is likely right. In my opinion, this is trading short term gain for long term pain. For example, I imagine dropping the child labor laws in this country would generate short term profits for some industries and look good for business profits initially but would leave our country with a generation of under educated, difficult to retrain workers. Promoting business growth over all else is bad policy.
  4. Yeah, what he said! And, don't forget about that huge fight on the beach that we had with the Normans! Bastards! Never forget!
  5. CNN's Sanjay Gupta is addressing the CBD craze in the latest in his medical cannabis series - 'Weed 5'. It premiers Sunday at 8pm eastern/pacific on Sunday, 9/29 https://timesofcbd.com/dr-sanjay-gupta-weed-5-the-cbd-craze-cnn-documentary/
  6. So, just out of curiosity, what part of the climate change theory is invalid in your mind? I think we can assume you buy that burning fossil fuels produce CO2. I assume you trust that greenhouses can raise temperatures, right? Do you believe that CO2 and methane gases can cause this greenhouse effect on the planet? It seems our planet's CO2 concentrations are rising (ice cores if I recall), true or doubted? So, if we can assume you buy all of that science, where does the skepticism come from?
  7. Yes, you can get in with team printed tickets. Some season ticket holders have printed tickets rather than the 'credit card'. Also, upon request this season at the Bills ticket office, they will print electronic tickets for $5 each. So Bills printed tickets are legal for entry. Don't purchase any PDF paper tickets that were printed at home by fans. Those would be fakes this season. As far as re-electrifying your printed tickets, I don't know but if you call the Bills ticket office I am sure they can inform you as to your options. 877-228-4257
  8. You said 'freedom allows me to decide what is the greater good' and that is true but only to an extent. That decision can technically be made by the individual, but both of our actions will be dictated by our government's decisions on the greater good. For example if our leaders decide to spend tax dollars on this issue, they will be our tax monies and if they spend on a wall or a new weapon system instead, they will be our tax dollars. Ideally, to address societal problems governments wouldn't need to act on incomplete information, but the obvious reality is that they do. Governments often act on these problems without complete knowledge of future events and without complete course agreement within the population - for instance, buying Greenland or going to war. If the country declares war, the unconvinced go to war along with the convinced. What were your thoughts on the Ebola scare in Africa a few years back? Did you believe the dire predictions made by those experts? We weren't asked to make individual sacrifice but were you in favor of spending US (say CDC) dollars in this fight against the virus spread? Was that enough of a certain threat to you for you to want our government to act even though the deaths were occurring in Africa and not America? Or, at the time of the Ebola outbreak did you think we shouldn't spend US tax dollars on this because China, Russia, and India were not putting in the same effort and money?
  9. There is a lot there to unpack. Are these your points? Did I miss any others? Which do you think are the most important? - You don't trust the 'experts' telling you of the coming danger. - Future predictions are not certainties - You shouldn't be forced to change just because experts, or governments, decide it is in the greater good - You don't think that humans are able to prevent the coming danger, even if it exists - You don't want to sacrifice for this issue even if real because not everyone will be sacrificing the same
  10. Ever been in a bar or dinner conversation and a friendly difference of opinion leads to a 'bet you a buck' handshake? You could take a minute and google it but, what the hell, for a buck, you'll gladly chance being wrong. The problem with the bet on 'no climate action required' is that the stakes are incredibly high. If at the earlier mentioned difference of opinion, the bet was on your life, you would be a hell of a lot more cautious. In fact if there was actually a serious bet on their life, most people would not take that bet regardless of the issue, as the stakes are just too severe. In this case, deniers are advocating actually gambling with not only their well being, but with the well being of all creatures on the planet. If the size of the bet is that high, I would prefer the cautious approach. The other point I would like to make is that, taking the science seriously and beginning to make changes does in no way lock us into that path if it turns out to be unnecessary a few years out. If the deniers are right and the CO2 and temperature trends reverse naturally, we can all have a good laugh at the advocates expense and back off the CO2 limiting measures. Boy if that happens, just imagine too all of the great memes you guys will be able to post then.
  11. Brady typically uses the quick passes early in a game. That forces the D-line to spend their energy uselessly. The d-line gets both gassed and frustrated. Then, when the pass rushers start to think they can't get to Tommy and they put in less effort, the pass patterns get deeper and take longer to develop. I hate him but he is a master at his craft.
  12. Bill Maher on his show last night gave an interesting (and humorous) take on Trump Derangement Syndrome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob7EWtaUL_o
  13. Just to confirm.... Went to stadium ticket office yesterday and had a few tickets printed for friends at $5 per ticket
  14. Our taxes pay for the military spending. Military spending is very, very high and eats way too much of our tax dollars, imo. Employees and stock holders of defense contractors benefit from weapon sales to foreign countries. Most taxpayers see no actual return on these weapon sales to foreigners. One might say that we benefit because now 'our allies' can fight their own battles, sparing our personnel. I guess we will see if the Saudis retaliate or if they hire us to do it.
  15. An update from June 2019 on Dr Meiri's work. He is an Israeli researcher from the Technion Institute in Haifa. Science Uncovers How Cannabis Might Help Cure Cancer https://www.getthedose.com/blog/can-cannabis-cure-cancer
  16. Sure, always the guy without weed that wants to roll another joint. How bout you roll one and then call me back.
  17. Sure, exactly what the ancient Venutians thought too and where did that get them?
  18. Exactly! By demanding exactness in a future prediction and then ridiculing the inevitable bad predictions by some, posters are able to justify their lack of empathy for future generations. They can sit there and feel good about their unwillingness to consider sacrificing anything in their life. Much easier to say they are skeptical than to admit they don't care.
  19. Ah, great idea. You are always so helpful, Lemon Squares!
  20. Chances are much higher that you're an ####### paraphrase noun para·phrase | \ ˈper-ə-ˌfrāz , ˈpa-rə-\ Definition of paraphrase (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a restatement of a text, passage, or work giving the meaning in another form
  21. Yeah, I get that exact impression too. Empathy is pretty much non-existent around here. Paraphrasing, I hear, "Screw them. I got mine!" I had a question written out a bit ago for this thread that I erased but it went something like: "If all doubt was removed and humans were KNOWN to be causing this warming issue, would you be willing to make any sacrifices to reduce the human impact?"
  22. When I was young and first noticed these guys at games, it cracked me up that the other side of his sign said, 'Need Tickets'. Yeah, now I get it.
  23. I know the Bills are moving to all electronic but I was told by the Bills ticket office about 3 weeks ago that I could have the ticket office print my tickets for $5 per ticket if I wished. I have yet to try this. Last season I had the ticket office print probably 30 tickets and the total cost was $4. This season, if this ticket agent person was correct, 30 tickets would cost me about $150 just to have printed. The point is, I don't think that all printed tickets are fake (again, if this agent was correct). Anyone try to print this year at the ticket office?
  24. In addition, maybe, but I would say that you are being dishonest if you are implying that he is not banking on the success of his economy. Without that to hang his hat on, he knows he is likely sunk in 2020.
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