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  1. Skipped past Brees on the road from Fouts to Rivers (which I understand). I would take Young over Montana. Fouts over Rivers.
  2. You are correct; I do not know Bell. That said an athlete that has multiple "girlfriends" and doesn't think.... hmm.... maybe I should lock up my possessions or wait until my non trustworthy "girlfriends" leave is what makes it funny in my opinion. This is like the Robert Kraft thing to me; my routing interest is in players/owners embrassing themselves by doing illegal activities
  3. Looks like they put a lot of blame on him for "regressing". People in the media don't care about the Bills. McDermott is a top 10 coach.
  4. Bills barely make ot into the playoffs: 1st week: @Titans- Bills take the lead late, only to kickoff to the Titans. As they start the kick return they stop and toss it over to the other side. Bills intercept the lateral and return it for a TD. The refs throw a flag for illegal forward pass 2nd week: @Patriots- Patriots jump ahead early 21-0. Looks like a typical win but the Bills battle back to be down 28-23 late in the game. Bills recover a fumble by Edelman on the following kickoff and score quickly to take the lead. 3rd week: @Bengals- Bills score late in the game after an INT is called back due to a penalty. Superbowl: vs. Cowboys: Bills struggle out of the gate but keep it a game until half time. They come out after half time adjustments and dominate the rest of the game.
  5. I don't think the Jeta are anywhere near the playoffs this year. I think they get swept by the Pats and Bills.
  6. I'd trade McCoy and maybe a 3rd. Honestly; I like Bell a lot but how much does he have left in the tank?
  7. And now they're going for Peyton Manning as GM. This should be good. Hoping they hire T.O for P.R director or something.
  8. Oh.... the Completion Percentage argument only tells me he didn't watch any games.
  9. I think this is it. I've heard the Bills will play Cleveland week 12 and the Steelers week 3 and that fits.
  10. Honestly; terrible from a Bills point of view. I loved watching him suck against the Bills but put up decent numbers against the Pats
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