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  1. Mahomes will be higher than Brady and Allen. Probably #2 or 3
  2. Give me Bills @ Chiefs on Thanksgiving! With the Bilsl not playing the Bucs in the opening game the only thing that really matters to me is who the home opener is
  3. I actually like the Bills vs Bucs for the opposite reason many of you have said. I think the Dak return sells itself and the NFL would be wise to put that in the 4pm or late game Sunday slot. Bills and Bucs will generate a ton of views because it's the first game among two of the best teams in the NFL. Thursday night: Bills at Bucs 4pm Sunday: WFT at Cowboys Late Sunday: Chargers at Chiefs Monday night: Browns at Ravens Something like that would be good imo NFL is in a weird spot because Brees retired and Rodgers is a uncertainty. It means al
  4. Twice I believe. Last year and the year before. Two years ago when Baltimore was 14-2 he blanketed John Brown.
  5. I like McCringleberry. I think he has some explosive moves
  6. Gaskins is the answer. He will put up the best season this upcoming year.
  7. Dude is so over-rated even when he was a Pro Bowler. Njoku seems like a nice low risk high reward player. Bills pass more than the Browns and I think he would do much better.
  8. Not nearly as bad as giving the Texans the ball after the TD after half time. I don't care what they meant to do... it's what they did do that's the problem
  9. Jairus Byrd for sure. The whole couldn't play because of PF was such a load of crap. I never cared for Eric Wood as a player (seems like a good guy), I just always thought he was over-rated Jim Kelly - the stories away from the field are something
  10. Pay Allen 10m a year for 10 years.... He can sign an endorsement deal for 40m a year for 10 years.... The new face of frack
  11. I'm a little disappointed Beane isn't getting these contracts done at like 10pm like he normally does. Seems odd
  12. I think I'd rather have someone like Jonnu Smith than Ertz.
  13. Lock in Allen tomorrow. 10 years: 400 million. 200 million guaranteed.
  14. Only two I wished were drafted:Mack over Watkins and AJ Green (Or Julio but Green was the better player coming out of college) over Dareus
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