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  1. I wanted Watson with the pick. Mahomes is clearly a level higher but that trade got the Bills their best player too (White).
  2. Those Passing stats are very different.... we shouldn't pretend they're close
  3. Everyone knew that was a sack right there. I'll tell you what... that's the type of play where the Brady used to put a comeback together. This game is the Chiefs
  4. With the exception of the Vikings game last year I have yet to see Allen win the Bills a game. Sure he has had a few game winning drives but lets be real... the defense keeps him in the game. This team would go further with 27/28 other QBs.
  5. Wilson is the Seahawks. They have no defense, barely a running game and their OLine isn't great. Lockett is their only real threat. Yet he got them 1 yard away from knocking out the 9ers for the division. Lamar showed that when he has to throw (games the Ravens got down early) that he wasn't up for it. Their Oline and Running Game created so much for the passing game it's crazy
  6. I really only think a Kicker who also does punting duties will be selected on the 1st round ever again.
  7. I think McDermott wanted to know if he was down one score (7) or two (9). I also wonder if the Bills scored the TD late if they would have gone for two
  8. It's really a shame they didn't sabotage the Chiefs jerseys situation... they would have won by default lol
  9. I actually don't think it's impossible for the Dolphins to beat the Patriots honestly. Unlikely? Sure but still possible
  10. Cole Beasley was open. They should have played for the 1st down.
  11. Sell out and stop the run. Make their WRs beat our CBs. I think Lamar is a good passer but we have to force him into what we are great with. Also Alexander needs to be a pass rusher or stay on the sideline. He doesn't have the speed
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