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  1. Only two I wished were drafted:Mack over Watkins and AJ Green (Or Julio but Green was the better player coming out of college) over Dareus
  2. If he is cheap why not? It's not like the Bills are loaded at the spot and I look at this as a low risk high reward type
  3. For ratings the Packers-Bills would have been good or TB-Buffalo. Honestly, as Buffalo fans it's weird how many people routed for Brady because of the dislike of the Chiefs.... like some how the Chiefs are the new Patriots.
  4. This may surprise people but the Bucs copied exactly what the Bills were doing against the Chiefs except they got pressure with their front 4 and the LBs had the speed to cover Kelce and limit the run game. The Bills just didn't have the right players to cover the Chiefs.
  5. Manning was the better QB buy but took too many years solving that Belichek defense and the injuries slowed his play. It's funny people mention the rule changes because they were put in for Manning but Brady ended up becoming the benefactor of it. I will say that Brady has kept his body in great shape which has given him longevity in his career but his greatest accomplishment is that he was able to lift teams confidence.... they always know they will win. He has only lost to 7 QBs in the postseason. He did it with 4 very different teams (early Pats, Moss Welker pats, Gronk Edelman pats and the
  6. It's tough to say. The key all season to beating the Bucs was getting ahead and making them one dimensional. If the offense clicked and scored some points then the Bucs would have had to score more and it could have played right into the Bills plans. Tough to say how it works out. How would the Bills game have played out if Motor caught that ball or the Bills went for it on the 4th downs?
  7. You have no idea how teams are going to be one week to the next. Honestly the Bucs played the Chiefs terrible in their first game and then dominated them for the second game. NO for two games and then they got dominated. You never know how teams are going to react.
  8. Brady has lost to 7 QBs in the playoffs. Crazy. He has as many Superbowls as he QB that have beaten him in the playoffs.
  9. Even if Mahomes is the best QB for the next ten years that contract will limit the Chiefs, Kelce only has a few more elite years left and the AFC is about to have 7-8 really solid QBs. Good luck getting to 7 Superbowls let alone winning 7. For most of Brady's career it looked like it was Peyton, Ben and him and the Patriots dominated the Colts until Manning broke through. Mahomes is going to have to go through: Allen, Jackson, Herbert, Lawrence, Burrows, Watson (if he doesn't get traded) and any of those elite teams that are one QB away.
  10. Just took a 13 yard second and fumbled. I can't wait to hear from Nick Wright about how poor his decision making is
  11. Offensively they match up well due to the ability to run and pass. Defensively they do not. Bills don't care about running so they could have attacked their secondary and Josh could have been mobile. The Bucs struggle with mobile QBs and Mahomes is good but not great.
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