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  1. Sell out and stop the run. Make their WRs beat our CBs. I think Lamar is a good passer but we have to force him into what we are great with. Also Alexander needs to be a pass rusher or stay on the sideline. He doesn't have the speed
  2. Bills own the tie-breaker with the Colts. Doesn't matter who wins between the two of them
  3. I'd like the Bills to focus on two things on defense going forward: 1. Coming out to play on the First Drive. It seems like teams have been able to go down and score on Buffalo on the first drive a few times this year. Honestly the Bills looked like they had no answers for the Cowboys for the First Drive 2. It improved throughout the game but tackling was a little bit of an issue in the first half
  4. Well I'm off to the Cowboys message board..... should be exciting
  5. Honestly the only "favorism" Romo has done is Beasley and Witten imo
  6. 3 plays in a row: 1. Late Roughing on Hughes 2. No hold on DE 3. Didn't Call False Start on LG
  7. That is like the third or fourth time Ford has let someone walk past him
  8. Damn our kicker would have blocked their extra point too? Sign me up for that kicker
  9. Don't know if I'm more upset with the kicker or the phantom call that took away an interception
  10. Bills should run Gore up the middle twice and throw a bomb to the endzone for someone on 3rd and 7
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