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  1. For Reference: Aaron Donald makes 22.5m a year. Oliver is not 75% of what Donald is...... he isn't even 50% imo
  2. While I agree the money will talk in this one, I have no doubt he will take less if the highest offer comes from the Patriots. I think the Jets, Bills and Chiefs are frontrunners. Maybe even the Browns if they can create some space
  3. I'm hearing rumors Josh will be asked to join the Avengers soon. That said, she's a smokeshow and has a personality. He did really well.
  4. To make this happen the Bills trade Ed Oliver? What realistic trades or cuts would need to happen??
  5. I can't be the only one that thinks Knox is extremely over-rated? I didn't want the Bills to extend him. Happy about this pick
  6. He definitely plays more like Jimmy Graham than Kelce. It's going to depend on how well they can scheme him imo.
  7. He is a Ravens fan.... he'll tip all those picks
  8. 14 siblings? My God. I don't know much about College Football but it sounded like he is like Tyreek Hill
  9. Have to imagine Balt goes WR.... but who?
  10. Seattle has two good WRs and a decent TE. After this pick though.....
  11. Belichick's continued hatred of the Jets will always be impressive to me. I wish to screw over someone I hate as much as that man has over two decades
  12. Really nice of the Jets to pick an easy readable name for the young kid lol
  13. Rodgers gets a 1st round WR picked for the first time in his career?
  14. Steelers going up to grab JSN. Good young players there in Pitt
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