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  1. People don't care until it's later in the season. BIlls can only have wins against the Redskins and Dolphins and magically they'll be "really good" at 6-2 (despite really beating the teams they should have beat)
  2. This is a learning year. Next year they'll be contenders. I fully expect them to lose to the Chiefs or Patriots in the playoffs close and come back and dominate next year
  3. Trade a 1st for Miller. Adding him means the Bills are picking in the lower 20s. Defense would be crazy
  4. Honestly... Vrabel should challenge that. IF he wins it's 3rd down. If he loses it still stops the clock
  5. Wonder if the Titans get a TD if they'd go for 2
  6. Oh we're going to get screwed on an illegal forward pass. lol
  7. So this game will be on Allen and who ever can catch the ball. Also the Bills didn't learn about blitzing corners from last week?
  8. Should have handed it off. Gore could have made that easily imo
  9. Belichick definitely wouldn't have seen that on reviewing the film. Just sucks to know the Bills had them... still don't know why John Brown didn't reach for goal on the 2nd down pass
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