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  1. I would trade Allen for Prescott. The only problem is Prescott isn't worth the 35-40 million he wants. No doubt Prescott is a better QB than Allen.
  2. To be fair I may rank Fitz slightly higher than Allen or Darnold right now. Definitely not Tua, especially after having surgery
  3. The NFL would have to hire new refs pretty frequently...
  4. But they had a giant lead over the team that had a giant leas over the Super Bowl Champs. Honestly who knows what happens if the Bills beat the Titans that year. Also how does the Chiefs and Bills game play out?
  5. Yeah but the Pats defense got exposed as the season went along. You can only play terrible QBs for so long. When they finally got to Lamar, Mahomes and Watson they were showned they weren't unstoppable. Bills will dominate them this year
  6. Damn Lamar rushed for 200 yards a game last year? <.< Thanks for that info Trey!
  7. The Bucs will probably use tlan offense similar to the Pats when they had the two TEs. Evans, Gronk, Howard and Godwin on the field together would be difficult to stop. Imagine if the Bucs some how got Edelman to use as their slot receiver. Offense would go as far.
  8. Big News. Covid hits a NFL player. Wow.... cancel everything.
  9. So I'd make more on unemployment than I do now (not much but I would). How does the Government justify paying people at home more than the "essential" employees who have to risk their health?
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