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  1. Published scientist my ass. If he is, then he is pathetic for following me around calling me a retard, how does that add to his credibility? Just shows he is a liar, or whatever he has published has not provided him anything he really wants out of life, public acceptance. He only gets that here from losers like you.
  2. More of the same circle jerkers, no one is kicking anyone's ass, this is the internet. You people just do not live in real life at all, it is pathetic.
  3. So, this post is about debt, and I say police cameras will be well spent money, and that is stupid. Geesh. You really have a hard on for me. It is totally related. I actually feel sorry for you a little. You will never know what it is like outside the internet to be appreciated.
  4. ****in* little circle jerkers who like to have their egos massaged. Message board small boob nipple suckers, huge groups of them on the internet, and all nursing together here.
  5. Not true. Woods did not struggle with Stevie Johnson here, and he was a crappy #1.
  6. Geesh, fairly obvious you have no wife, little to look forward to in life, you have barely any money, live paycheck to paycheck, and you will die a lonely person only remembered by other message board losers like you. You think you are smart and use the internet to pat yourself on the back, and you masterbate to the signature of your posts. You are worse than pathetic. Flat out loser.
  7. No time to read through everyone's posts like you who is obviously too unimportant to even be judged. No one cares enough, that is how insignificant your life outside the internet is.
  8. Why head north? It is colder. If I homeless or in a zombie world without electricity, I would head towards the beach. There has to be fish in the ocean still.
  9. If the Bills somehow beat the Broncos, and this assumes New England stays rolling and the Bengals lose one of these games they are lucky to win every week, the Bills would get to play New England who likely has clinched home field advantage....!!!! Come on Bills!!!
  10. I am looking forward to the cop cameras, not sure if it is related to this article, but it will show what really happens.
  11. hAHAHA, they are getting tons of 1 stars on yelp now. Soon you will need to do paid services like Angie's List to get anything close to accurate in reviews.
  12. I can see no way that thinking this BS makes this better, it makes people who are sympathetic reverse their course in my opinion. It makes sane people who understand that blacks saying they are under attack are complete morons, I think it makes people take back the benefit of the doubt that they formally were giving.
  13. I think athletes taking a political stand should be reserved for when they are finished playing. I can't see how it helps anything, it cannot help them in contract negotiations, no way the agent would say go right ahead, if they team was asked they would say no, this is divisive. Should they get in trouble from the NFL? No.
  14. Haha, as I call it? I am playing along with the former response. Terrible assumption. If it is normal traffic stop they better not do anything without probable cause.
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