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  1. Seems that with more people arming themselves in Detroit, there is less crime. Can't just let the bad guys have guns. Need mandatory minimums on using guns that are not legal in crimes of at least 25 years. http://www.caintv.com/detroit-police-chief-says-priv Little bit of both here: From the Detroit News: "Detroit has experienced 37 percent fewer robberies in 2014 than during the same period last year, 22 percent fewer break-ins of businesses and homes, and 30 percent fewer carjackings. ...Criminals are getting the message that good Detroiters are armed and will use that weapon. I don’t want to take away from the good work our investigators are doing, but I think part of the drop in crime, and robberies in particular, is because criminals are thinking twice that citizens could be armed. I can’t say what specific percentage is caused by this, but there’s no question in my mind it has had an effect.” Detroit's crime rate is still disastrously high, but it is dropping. Of course, don't waste your breath telling any of this to the anti-2nd Amendment nutjobs. They're still running around, yapping about how gun control works. “Our position is, more guns equals more crime,” Horwitz said “These are complicated issues, but the empirical evidence shows the states with the lowest gun ownership and the tightest restrictions have the fewest instances of gun violence."
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