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  1. Nope, you don’t have the ability to do such a thing. Now go get a job you lazy bum.
  2. Obsessed much? F’n mama’s boy. Get out of the basement and get a job. Pathetic!
  3. She’s a POS just like her father. Both traitors to the country. She has a snowballs chance in hell of being elected president or vice president.
  4. The “committee” cannot indict or prosecute anyone but they can try to destroy a persons life with lies and hearsay while posing as truth finders. I’m actually shocked anyone would put any faith in such a political stunt as this “committee” is. You and your fellow far left radicals on this board have no sense of shame. How weak and pathetic the Democratic Party has become. Shameful.
  5. It’s a sign of a desperate Democratic Party. It’s a witch hunt, an embarrassment to this country. Keep looking under every log maybe you’ll find something, though I doubt that will happen.
  6. I’m not a fan of the Republican Party by any means, Lorcc do knows they are a spineless group of thieves and liars. The Democratic Party on the other hand are run by a small group of scumbags who want to fundamentally destroy the American way of life while making huge profits off their political position at the expense of the American citizens. Republicans are just as guilty of using their political position to enrich themselves. But there is something dark and sinister controlling the Democratic Party at this moment. Having grown up a life long democrat, I do not support the party any longer. Doesn’t mean I support the right, no thank you. The Marxist trolls on here masquerading as democrats are living proof of the dark turn the party has taken. I’m hoping sanity will prevail and ALL the leaders on both sides of the aisle are replaced by more moderate candidates. I’m afraid if that doesn’t happen, then we are doomed as a country to fall.
  7. He’s such a great father! Giving his son a free pass to break the law isn’t something every father would do. That is what makes him so special!
  8. No worse than most of the threads on here. If it bothers you so much just pretend bstime or tibs started the thread. Then you would automatically love it! Don’t you agree bstime threads are as juvenile as it gets?
  9. Only a fool would consider this administration a success.
  10. Didn’t Biden say similar racist remarks about POC? Yet you choose to ignore it? Why?
  11. What facts have you given? All you do is project. Accusing someone of behaving like you are behaving. Total juvenile move.
  12. Oh the irony!!! Go back down to your mom’s basement and hang up your new hunter biden poster.
  13. What the hell are you babbling on about now????
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