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  1. Best process would be the process
  2. The Key to any good offense

    Plain and simple for me. The "Process" Got us into the playoffs. Continue with the "Process" and I trust these people. Keep building and get a QB that can throw.
  3. The Teddy Bridgewater Thread

    Who her....She's ugly.
  4. I say trade the 1st 3 picks for a new kicker....
  5. Air Fryer-- tips?

    Seem that if one was doing this to be healthier this is defeating the purpose....no?
  6. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Pats had copies of ours too...
  7. Began 12/4/17

    Little late to the party here. Started @198lbs standing a whopping 5'6" tall. Got myself down to 195.2 this weekend and fell off the wagon a bit. -35 Saturday had me sitting around the house. Like Gugny I have to get #s under control. Weight loss should help. Also whole family is going on vacation at the end of April out west to Moab Utah and on to the Grand Canyon. My sons said they are not carrying mom and I back out so have to get into shape too. Here we go!! What is that?
  8. 8 years ago I gave up season tickets

    I tried...
  9. BTW, You were my inspiration! Love that sceene
  10. I get it. Some don't think Beane is any good
  11. This is all I can come up with:
  12. Mularkey now out in Tennessee as HC

    Is this on? Cuz its gunna be! Let me get my bicycle!!!
  13. It is equivalent to the Mets beating the Dodgers to go on and win the WS. This is huge people.
  14. Saints loss and fundamental football

    I actually think he was avoiding hitting a defensless receiver. He lowered his shoulder then pulled to the side. He intentionally avoided him.