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  1. fansince88

    The ownership has no respect for us

    Shut up!
  2. fansince88

    What about Matt Moore?

    let me think about this again.........no
  3. fansince88

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    They do that all the time. As if nobody listens to them and wouldn't know.....Wait....Never mind 🤣
  4. fansince88

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Actually thats not true. Have not missed a game on TV since 1988. Thats the fan I am Hey. Your rating is the same as Nates
  5. fansince88

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Watch until the 3rd or 4th TO and then go hunting if it isnt raining
  6. I dont get people wanting more than what they hear. If they cut Pete next week I wouldnt expect them to say any ill about him
  7. fansince88

    Peterman is here to stay!

    If this post was ever on the rails I would say it had gone off the rails. Ahhh, Mondays after a loss are the best
  8. fansince88

    Is Josh Allen Injury Prone?

    He has never broke his jaw.
  9. If you sent me that letter I would probably read the same 1 and a half paragraphs and throw it out too
  10. He was asking if anyone had any tickets they wanted to sell
  11. fansince88

    Allen not showing progress

    Tell me Nate has used his 2 years up already.
  12. fansince88

    Are All Non-drafted-by-McBeane Guys on the Market? 

    I believe we are in the build part of the re-build. They subtracted last year but are adding this year. Would it surprise me if they traded anyone? No. Am I expecting it? No. They started the build when the drafted the two they did in round 1 in my opinion.
  13. fansince88

    Pregame thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    Wow! Only 1 guy right!