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  1. Welcome to Buffalo Caleb Lewis. We know little to nothing about you or your competitive nature. Good luck!
  2. Notice I didnt use your name? Have you watched a game yet? BTW: didnt see any games this weekend but.... Phillips caught eight of 10 targets for 194 yards and three touchdowns in Saturday's 34-27 win over the Vipers.
  3. Yes. He has played real well. But as on poster here has told me, it is just the xfl. That said, he is the best player there.
  4. This is more about how many did the Pats get
  5. FYI, Saw this article today. Just saying.... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/20/bills-talk-up-the-potential-of-rugby-player-christian-wade/
  6. You know, its a shame.....your avatar looks so cool.
  7. LOL, I do these days. I am currently trying to lose 7lbs to get to where I was when I needed to lose 15lbs. Another salad for lunch today. Post of the year so far!
  8. We can make him faster! We can make him stronger! We have the technology!
  9. Slipped off or catch and release. Trusting the process.
  10. I hope you read that in your best Brooklyn accent
  11. If only one of them were in the same room they would be together..... Get me? Do it!!
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