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  1. fansince88

    Best Place to Watch Bills In NYC

    @Bill from NYC must be a bit freaked out by this post right?
  2. So Peurto Rican pissed is a bit calmer than Italian pissed? Thanks man!!! Great news!!!
  3. fansince88

    Will Shady be worth it?

    He will be on the team if he earns it in the summer. Then I dont believe he makes the trade deadline
  4. fansince88

    Mic'd Up: Sean McDermott vs. the Jets

    Better then this IMHO. https://goo.gl/images/qFdchV
  5. fansince88

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    And a much better McCoy and Beast of a puller like Richie and a developed center. BTW, McCoy is DUNN!
  6. fansince88

    Josh Allen's TO at beginning of second half

    Ohhhhh. Time Out...
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10215795560713264&id=1571781902 @Hammered a Lot. Perhaps this was found.
  8. I was at the game yesterday. Conversation in 114 was the same as I am about to say. McCoy is done.
  9. One thing I noticed at the game today is Dabol didnt run the deep threat deep pass all day. Yes there were some come back throws but no over the shoulder routes run. That had me scratching my head.
  10. fansince88

    Bills sign WR Da’Mari Scott to active roster

    He did. Actually burned dumpsters.....when he tweeted "hey look I found the Bills OL" with a picture of burning dumpsters. Two days later was cut down day.
  11. fansince88

    Gonna do it, flying solo...

    Did you buy 3 seats so nobody can sit next to you also? Nothingworse then 2 uneducated fans to the right and left of you having no clue about the game
  12. fansince88

    Chic-Fil-A In New Era Stadium

    No kidding! DID YOU FORGET we play Thursday night games here every 15 or so years?
  13. fansince88

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    Nailed it!!! @Gugny, have you tried the wings yet?