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  1. Community Reputation?

    It tells me how boring of a life you have. The lower the number the more you dedicate to your family and friends. The higher the more time you stare at your phone and laptop. STOP BEING SO SELF ABSORBED AND SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE!!! THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THEN THE BILLS. Take @26CornerBlitz. His number tells me he never leaves his basement.
  2. Bills Go 7-9 this Season

    Are you agreeing with this or are you not? Having a leading tackler the LB isn't a glairing endorsement. Yes it is great that he did so well but when the carrier got to him it means he got past the line more often then not. AJ just has to be 30th in passing in the league to be better than TT. Not real worried.
  3. Why Russ Brandon Still Has A Job.

    Respect the Process. LOL. Love it!
  4. Riley Ferguson our QB selection

    @mead107, don' you love the hate people spew just because someone else saw him first. 19-0 Baby!!!
  5. Bills had private workout with QB Luke Falk

    I dont know much about him but I hear he is a poor man's AJ MCarran.
  6. Bills Release DE Cap Capi

    I have come to the conclusion that this is your canned answer until the draft.
  7. Keep our picks, draft Kyle Lauletta?

    Well then its a yes for me....
  8. Fred Jackson wall of fame or not?

  9. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    This is what I was waiting to hear. Will watch this later to see what he had to say. Thanks for posting @Thurman#1 So your saying g you would have rather he saI'd he sat on the couch at home?
  10. Did Richie Show up today?

    Which one are you? LOL
  11. Did Richie Show up today?

    I work with a guy that I'm sure is 3 people. That's a blast!
  12. Is gronk getting traded to Dallas?

    High level meetings.
  13. That depends if you are a Bills fan or a player fan. I say don't give him an inch. In fact keep a close eye on him. The man just isn't right. If you get a chance to get a 7th rounder for him do it but to a team he wont play against us.
  14. Bring Manziel in as a Camp Arm

    Please stop with this.