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  1. (in loud chanting voices) DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
  2. Last year I was on vacation out west seing the sights. My coverage was @mead107vision. It was the best!
  3. We dont care when he has BAD things to say. We do care when he has GOOD things to say as long as we agree.....In my best Kevin Malone voice.
  4. PM me! I want to tell you about my dying uncle. He lives in southern Africa. He is a Prince and has access to a ton of money. All I need is your SS# but wouldn't want you to share it publicly. That aint safe!
  5. Latest from our friend Pancho: Im being discharged from hospital and I get a HUGE surprise visit from ex-#Bills player, (now Texans) JOE WEBB!! Thank you to the Houston Texans for proving football is family! Much Buffalove! & I quote "No Fanbase like #BillsMafia"
  6. Thinking about flying out to Miami for a 4 day weekend with the wife.
  7. Update from Ezra: Pancho Billa 7 hrs Amigos! I love you & pray for you everyday. Thank u for the outpouring support. Quick update: Im on strong antibiotics & steriods to help a severe inflamation in my lungs that raised a red flag on my CT Scan. Good news is it wasnt progression of cancer (Amen) as thought. Alot of cultures and test are still pending results. "Waiting game". Im really hoping to be out in few days. I miss home & esp our kiddos. Much Buffalove Homies! 💪😍 #PanchoPower#VivaLosBills
  8. This is what I was thinking. Do we not only have 1 more year for Shady and Gore is only 1 year. TJ locked in for a few at low money would give them experience on the roster next year with a draft pick in 2020
  9. I will carefully consider this and give you my well thoughtout decision next Saturday. By then I should be sure.
  10. Well, you are one better than me. I dont have a clue at all.
  11. Does my memory serve me correctly. Didnt you nail it last year?
  12. Ice put up another post saying he was sorry for posting here. Buf Bill asked what it was all about. Simply pointing it out to him that it was this post. For years Ice would come on here and post and was one or the guys and gals here. Opinion was accepted and "best of lucks" were shared. Lately he comes on and gets berated for liking another team. Just pointing to the post. Tis all See above
  13. @BuffaloBill Feel free to dole out points. here is the post he was speaking of.
  14. @Ice bowl 67.....It is hard to explain but it is good thing, even if you are an idiot and @DC Tom calls you an Idiot that is like a double negative....Or a double positive...Someone else please explain this better then me
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