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  1. Whoever wins the spot in camp. And it is possible it is neither or even both. We shall see.
  2. Sold out a bunch here in NNY too
  3. One click on entrance. Has not destroyed my life at all
  4. Come on! Is that even a heavy chain? We cant tell!
  5. Have never shut a game off since 1988 that I had the power to watch or at least listen to. That would be save possibly 1 game a year that would not play here. Not a single one. No matter how far ahead of far behind.
  6. I am a hunter and I approve of this message.
  7. Wait.......JJ is a free agent? Why have I not heard this?
  8. They are calling for a foot across the board here in NNY
  9. Beane mentioned that. Im sure the conversation has been had. He will do what he can to develop in the off season or they will eventually move on. Trusting the process.
  10. Im pretty sure he was ostracized when he was here.
  11. He seemed to have no hunger this past season. I was a bit worried him not having a 'big brother' type mentor. We shall see.
  12. Does it move when you are done? Jesh, That sounds horrible!
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