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  1. Actually I think Jon Feliciano is. He will change the run game. in turn open up the passing game.
  2. @Virgil, Great post as always. I would love to find out Jon Feliciano was comming back soon. Perhaps we could see a big change in our running game to in turn fix the passing game. We shall see.
  3. Or perhaps those like you that are so positive and uplifting can lift up the others all on the same page?
  4. First miss seemed like he hit the ball with his shin
  5. I would have liked to see replays on the misses.
  6. I went 7-3. We have seen slumps by this staff and we have seen them correct it.
  7. Kind of like retiring at half time. Cant have that. This builds a mindset that if you dont want to be overlooked just claim a pain.. Cant have that either
  8. He was playing against 2 and a half linemen there. Lots of other plays can point to this point made better no?
  9. Question. Did he look to his armband last season? I dont remember it. Did they install alot of new plays that he hasnt learned? Just some thoughts.
  10. @Virgil 2 - Allen - I'm not going to talk about his stats, his missed throw to Diggs in the end zone, or his overall inaccuracy at times. I'm just going to talk about the key things that makes Allen who he is, and that's his swagger. For the past two weeks, Allen hasn't had that look in his eyes, that kid-like excitement, and that overall confidence that made you believe he could score from anywhere on the field. I don't know if he just doesn't know what to do against these defenses, but I don't believe he's seen anything dramatically new these past few weeks. Whatever it is, Allen has taken a step back these two weeks and hopefully it's not a sign of things to come. This is the most concerning thought to me as this is something I didn't think would ever go away. Right now, the MVP talk has to stop and figure out if this is the first 2 games is a sign of things to come, and hope we see Josh of old next week against the Jets. I said this last week that he looked like his body was battling something. Cold, Allergies. Flu. Obviously not covid. But he just didn't look energetic. He needs to come back. That said, he is the only running game we have. As far as the rest of the team. I got nothing.
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