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  1. Wish I got the reference. Really I do.
  2. Ever drive way outside suburbia to the middle of nowhere? Thats where I live and my boom sticks are all ready to be used.
  3. Trying to find the Deblasio wrongdoing in this? Seriously, please explain.
  4. Well, I heard Chernobyl is on fire....so there is that.
  5. Meanwhile there was an arrest. With all the new tvs acquired you would think they would be home watching Live PD.
  6. Hmmmm. Brandon Beane.....Marlon Brando....... I see what I could not see now!
  7. I know it was. Also, if you had a 97-99.75% of living after cancer would we be worried?
  8. Nursing Home Deaths Are ‘Tip of Spear’ Indeed, Governor Gavin Newsom is feeling the heat. On Tuesday’s coronavirus update (which have become less regular), the governor admitted that 33% of the COVID deaths are from nursing homes and 50% of all COVID deaths are from LA County. But while Governor Newsom has been given credit for shutting down the virus early, it’s Newsom’s own diktats about nursing homes that may have contributed to the death toll. The Mercury News reports that Newsom forced nursing homes to take COVID patients, reminiscent of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s blunder. Newsom Sends Sick to Nursing Homes It has become crystal clear by now that nursing homes are COVID hotspots, yet the governor’s own shelter requirement keeps pushing the elderly into what some consider to be death traps. The Mercury News reports that by using the state’s own incomplete numbers ,41% of all COVID deaths have occurred in nursing homes. Some were staff and some were patients. Official diktats have made the problem worse. Newsom orders force the elderly sick into nursing homes Newsom pays nursing homes $1000 to take elderly COVID patients in nursing homes Accurate numbers aren’t available in California. HIPAA is the reason given, but considering that raw numbers don’t reveal names, that seems specious. Newsom budget cuts force more elderly into nursing homes for more Medicaid money California, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington State, where the nursing home crisis started, do not separately cull nursing home death numbers Newsom only requires nursing homes report if there are 11 deaths at a facility. Accurate numbers for nursing home deaths are hidden behind privacy statutes and are not combined with state numbers for an accurate real-time trend line COVID death numbers are unavailable for people seeking a safe place for family member https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/victoria-taft/2020/05/27/californias-covid-nursing-home-death-rate-cover-up-is-imploding-n433703 He and Coumo (governors of death) should have to answer for this atrocity
  9. Spoke to someone that works for a nursing home near Utica. They were told when they refused that they had to or be shut down. Then they took the patient with enough body bags for the whole bunch of them.
  10. My Wife babysits for a State Trooper/Border Patrol husband wife team. This has been tricky for them.
  11. Glad he is going to pull through. Car drivers dont see us on bikes. Pay attention!
  12. Im in the belief that this is why we saw this man made virus in the first place. Protests were at Tiananmen Square level of 89. Then suddenly they stopped because we had to Quarantine. Yet we shall see how this plays out in the next couple of years
  13. Here we go with another virus!
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