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  1. fansince88

    McBeane Draft Tendencies?

    I just hope their tendencies continue to be good to great players.
  2. fansince88

    Excited for potential for Stud TE

    But has there been any about the OP's craving a stud TE? That is a whole different ball game, no?
  3. fansince88

    LeSean McCoy

    Agree, with a short leash. I would rather he got less carries if he doesn't improve on his 3.2yards per carry. That is not good. Especially when Marcus Murphy averaged 4.8 and Ford 3.8. They are not "greats" but he is. Also, I want him in training camp playing in games. Even if it is a snap or 2. BTW, LGM!
  4. fansince88

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    Read his reply. He hated on the present regime and loved the failed regime. You all need to move on. Dougie is gone.
  5. fansince88

    LeSean McCoy

    Its called eye test. Can you really say that watching Shady run that he was anything that he had been in the past? If disagree with you. I have to believe you judge by the numbers and not by what was seen on the field. I hope he has a bounce back year. He was not in the least bit explosive in 18 and he did not cut like he had which BTW is what made McCoy who he has been his whole career. Without the ability to cut he is no longer a good RB
  6. fansince88

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    How do it feel to hate your team so much?
  7. fansince88

    LeSean McCoy

    Shady is a shell of himself. That said if Beane and McD say they have plans for him in 2019 then they have plans for him. Nuff said for me.
  8. fansince88

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    @Virgil, I know exactly what you mean. There isnt the thought pattern in my mind of lets see what Billsy thing they do next. Even with the Spencer Long signing my thought is more, "well he looks servicable but I cant wait to see what he becomes here". Not, "oh boy, another dud". The Whaleyaphobia is wearing off.
  9. And you fail to criticize constructively. You badgered him/her for 5 or 6 replies and because he/she didnt see your point he/she doesnt handle it well? Take it easy. @BidsJr, good post. Thanks.
  10. @Chandler#81.....missed one.
  11. fansince88

    Charles Clay Released

    Agreed. The contract seemed like the most anticipated stick in the eye. Everyone was excited and it gave us nothing
  12. As a Mets fan I plan to go see him this summer in Syracuse.
  13. fansince88

    Will we see a Tyrod - Roman pairing again?

    You my friend are a freaking genius! For this too. Indumibusly
  14. fansince88

    Opposing fans

    @Ice bowl 67............................you oppose us? When?
  15. fansince88

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    I trust the process.