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  1. Fixed. Added the bold. Sorry if any Apostrophe was missed. You didn't use punctuation so I too left it out.
  2. Ok, did you call One Bills Live today? Absolutely agree 100%. Lets win this week. Then we can talk about winning next week. THEN we can talk about keeping the momentum moving along.
  3. Just wow. You need to go back through the conversation and tell me if you did or did not antagonize this from the beginning. I added to the conversation and you did this:
  4. Wasnt until mid 70s before they became common place I should say. You are corect the diners card came in the late 50s and Master Card in the late 60s.
  5. Perhaps I should have called you a moron instead. Let me try this again. Credit cost more then cash. Our society wants everything NOW. 40 years ago credit cards didnt exist. If you wanted something you saved. BTW, the school is called life.
  6. Assuming @Hapless Bills Fan's identity for that mod? Not a good choice!
  7. Ohhh, you maid another joke! Ewe our my favorite poster know.
  8. My point is this: saving is the same as credit only at the other end of the purchase. Simple enough for you? You're attempt at either humor or sarcasm is lacking.
  9. Good job! Was going to go with the there's but thought I would just misuse once
  10. Is there a you your you're thread too? Cause there should be
  11. Just throwing it out there sounds an awful lot like now hear me out.
  12. @CowgirlsFan, I have seen this too. I personally thing it is a dumb idea.
  13. Weird! My sarcasometer didi the same when you wrote this.😁
  14. I would love to see it come back in more places. Most people dont realize if you put 10$ a week aside in 5 weeks you have 50$. If you have 50$ you can purchase something for 50$. Most people today look at something thst is 50$, buy it on their Master Card thst has 500$ on it already and thst 50$ item cost them 300 over time.
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