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  1. They should just name Watson player/coach/GM/owner.
  2. Mahomes being in concussion protocol all week actually worked to Chiefs advantage this week since he didn't have to go through any heavy running and he could stay off that bad toe as much as possible. Also, all the focus on the concussion allows them to downplay the toe. Had he not been concussed, the toe would have been the headline all week. The Bills will be testing the toe early and often.
  3. Lawson too. We lost speed, size and tackling with those subtractions.
  4. Do the Bills or any other teams have specific strategies to help their players prevent getting infected such as increasing their intake of vitamin D3, C and Zinc?
  5. Exactly. If he is hurt and he's so valuable to the defense, let him heal up so he can dominate in the playoffs. He plays stiff and he's not a hitter or a good tackler. He's always out of position and he doesn't close. He's basically useless.
  6. Edmunds is totally sucking right now. Let's not nitpick one play where he was double teamed. He is stinking it up. He needs to play much better. Hopefully he understands that. More importantly, his coaches and Beane understand it.
  7. I would like him to succeed as bad as everyone else. The Bills need to shore up their defense and linebacker is a glaring weakness right now.
  8. I would not hang my defense of Edmunds play on this play. He sucks all game long. He's one of the reasons we are getting shredded every week.
  9. This says it all. He's not getting it done.
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