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  1. I wish I could be am optimist like you, but I see too many red flags to believe that the Bills will be a SB contender in the next few years, or at any time with this coach and GM. 1) The Process What is "The Process"? To the best of my knowledge it's never been defined. Are we trying to remove players that are morally questionable? If so, why did we trade Cordy Glenn or Ronald Darby? Why is Lesean Mccoy still on the team? Does "The Process" mean tanking (similar to the Philadelphia 76ers)? We went 9-7 and 6-10 with McBeane. If we're trying to tank we have done an awful job... 2) The Coach Does a good job of motivating our players, but I have to say I'm concerned about the number of blowout losses we've had with Mcdermott as coach (8 losses of 20+ points in 2 seasons). His challenge record speaks for itself. I'm still upset about his decision to punt against the Colts in the 2017 snow game (we won the game, but it was still a terrible decision to punt). 3) The GM I don't have too much to say here. He's made good moves. He's made bad moves. Not much different from Doug Whaley... 4) The QB The giant question mark for this franchise's immediate future. Josh Allen showed some flashes, but he's still a raw prospect. If he improves (dramatically) he could be a top QB in the NFL. If he doesn't improve he'll turn into a giant "what if" that we'll argue about on this forum for years to come. 5) The Owners I love what the Pegulas have done for Buffalo as a city, but I don't see how we can call the Pegulas quality owners when we look at what they've done to the Sabres.
  2. When the video started I was thinking "those are some weird looking leggings" then later as we get a better look "oh........" Trashy girl for a trashy guy. Zeke was hammered and/or high. I think he's lucky this happened in the offseason, and that it was the security guard (that doesn't want to press charges) that fell over.
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