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  1. Honestly I'd be more scared of Tyrod Taylor than Cam as QB for the Pats.
  2. I couldn't care less what he preaches, I'm looking at what he does during games. I don't see a coach that has evolved over the last 3 years.
  3. I think under official TBD rules you owe me a coke
  4. Is that true? Kneeling in general is a sign of respect/contemplation. Before Kaep I cannot recall anyone kneeling for anthems (let alone it being a slight to the country).
  5. Twitter outrage getting those results 🙃 Twitter is a plague on society
  6. So we're supposed to tar and feather this guy because of a 1 year old screenshot of part of a private text exchange? What if the other person said something about "elite white people" earlier in the message and he was trying to make a joke about it? This isn't even worth an apology IMO.
  7. I do think a lot of people on this board are sleeping on the Jets, but this analysis needs to check their simulations if they really think the Jets have an almost 80% chance of winning the division. I'd put it at Bills 50% Patriots 25% Jets 20% Dolphins 5%
  8. I guess I'm glad Beane has an actual reason for ignoring the comp pick formula, but I find his reasoning to be myopic. Sure, a proven vet backup like Teller probably adds more immediate value to your roster than a comp pick. BUT he costs a lot more in salary, and has no upside. Best case for a player like Teller is that we trade him for a mid/late round pick and eat some dead cap (or we suffer a lot of injuries and we're forced to start him). Whereas a comp pick has a small chance of turning into a star player while on a rookie contract.
  9. 3 years is an extremely short term contract for a 25 year old tackle. I'm curious how this will effect the overall market as most players sign for longer term and more overall money, but a lower AAV.
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