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  1. Ignoring the political aspect of it... that's really not a good look. At least he didn't provide the name of the player that tested positive. I don't think he's done enough to have the Bills consider releasing/trading him, but he's quickly approaching that threshold. I have to imagine McBeane are going to have another sitdown with him and tell him he needs to stop being a distraction on social media. I'd guess this would be the last warning before he faces real consequences (fines, suspension, cut from the team).
  2. You can ignore the personal aspect of it. The Rams can't afford to trade him (check out those dead cap hits), and we can't afford to trade for him. It doesn't work on any level. That said, maybe Jalen and Tre will play together on the 2021 all-Pro team 😀
  3. It's a pretty good bet that Trubisky and his wife had picked a wedding date well before he signed with the Bills (signed in March and wedding in July). Still, what are the odds that a QB2 and QB3 from the same team get married on the same day? I wonder if either thought about re-scheduling when they found out
  4. Says the guy that wanted to discount the first ~12 games of the regular season ? The season stats indicate the Bills defense was pretty mediocre, and I think that's exactly what they were. Cherry picking a smaller sample size at the end of the regular season against inferior offensive teams doesn't change that. I'm not buying that the DEF was better by the end of the year when they were awful vs the Colts and Chiefs in the playoffs.
  5. Are you one of those guys that ran a 13 second 100m dash in high school and thought they were going to make the Olympics because that's only a few seconds slower than the world record ?
  6. Stats I'd like to see for this 3 year span that would give this more context 1) Total games played 2) Total tackles made 3) Total tackles for loss or no gain 4) Total yardage lost on those tackles While I do agree with your premise that Tremaine Edmunds is dumped on unfairly by this board I don't think there's a single person that would argue he's the 2nd best OLB in the league. I don't know how many people would argue he's even in the top 10. The potential is there, but his actual play has been pretty average.
  7. I voted that he'll regress a little bit. The amazing thing is that even if he regresses he could still be a top 5 QB and MVP candidate. That's how good his 2020 season was. Josh's stats might take a dip if our run game and defense improve enough that we can easily win games without him throwing 40+ times.
  8. Don't know if that really matters when teams can seize properties via eminent domain for stadiums. They'd still need to pay "fair value" for the property, but it's safe to say it would be significantly cheaper than negotiating a private sale.
  9. At least he didn't pull a Nate Peterman special and throw 5 INTs in the first half of a regular season game. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being absolutely nothing to worry about and 10 being a complete panic I'd rate this about a 2. Where's Allen Iverson when you need him? We talking about PRACTICE
  10. Not that I approved of Peters holdout, but in his defense, he signed that contract as a RT and the Bills moved him to LT soon after the signing. He was grossly underpaid for a star LT. Howard did not move positions and is still being fairly compensated for being a star CB.
  11. The 2nd year of a very lucrative deal that made him the highest paid CB in the league (at the time). It would be one thing if he signed a deal that he vastly outperformed, but that's not what's happening here at all. I'd be pissed if a Bills player did this
  12. Could you point me to one of those threads about Gilmore or Woods? I used the search function and didn't see anything The thread title only mentions Logan Thomas, but the post mentions Wyatt Teller as well. I figured it was fair game to bring up players other than Thomas when the OP did so himself. I was sticking with the theme of former Buffalo Bills players that this front office let go and were (more) successful elsewhere. Not sure why you're playing the forum police? My post was at least semi-relevant
  13. I find it funny in these hindsight posts that nobody brings up Gilmore and Woods. We let Gilmore walk for nothing and he's been all-pro multiple times with a defensive player of the year award.
  14. Deandre Hopkins turned 29 a few days ago. If Murray improves they will be a scary team for years to come. Biggest question to me has to be the 49ers. They just invested a ton of draft capital in Trey Lance and it'll probably be at least one season before he starts playing. Is he the next Josh Allen? Or will he be a bust? Not surprisingly 6 of the 7 teams on this list have early 1st round QBs on rookie contracts. It'll remain to be seen how these teams do once they give their QB a mega contract. Will the Ravens even give Jackson a contract? If he can't improve his throwi
  15. So much fun reading these with all the memories coming back to me. I can't believe I don't remember anything about the week 1 loss to the Patriots. I thought a last second FG to lose to the Patriots would've been seared into my memory. I remember every gory detail of the 2009 season opener against them Week 7 Dolphins game was bonkers If you go to 2:17 in the clip Mario completely destroys Tannehill. Dunno how Tannehill got up and finished the game
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