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  1. The Ravens won 11 games this season, and 14 the year before that. Lamar Jackson is 30-7 as a starter. 11 wins is an appropriate line for them in a 17 game season. 10.5 for the Bills is on the low side. I'm taking the over all day. I can't see this team finishing worse than 11-6 unless there are serious injuries.
  2. Stafford, Wentz, Hurts, and Newton are way too high. Rest of the list looks pretty reasonable
  3. I don't see how any reasonable person could watch a replay of what Ford did and say that it was "forcible contact". What Ford did is just about the polar opposite of "forcible" on a football field. Do you have any examples of blind side block penalties that were called that had this level of contact?
  4. That's wrong on every level. The rule was NOT properly enforced at the time, and it is NOT changing now. The "forcible contact" language was always included in the rule, and the ref/NFL ignored that part of the rule when they made the call on the field and decided to fine Ford after the fact. This video is the NFL clarifying that what Ford did should not be considered to be "forcible" and therefore is not a penalty.
  5. The Bills and Ford need to make a huge stink about the fine. The ref making a bad call in real time is really unfortunate, but that's just part of sports. Someone at the NFL head office reviewed the play and determined not only that the correct call was made, but that it was an egregious foul that warranted a fine. Whoever made that decision was clearly retaliating against the Bills and Ford for complaining about the call after the game. That person needs to face consequences over the decision to fine Ford.
  6. Jason Peters - loved him until he held out after playing 1 year of a 5 year contract. He sat out all of training camp/pre season and came back SLOW in the 2008 season. He was awful that year and I'm still mad he made the pro-bowl. Who remembers this play? Peters was good for at least 1-2 plays like that per game in 2008. Drives me crazy that he's one of the most respected LTs in the game and a sure fire HOFer after mailing it in for an entire season over a contract dispute. Kelvin Benjamin - don't need a write up to explain my dislike
  7. I do think teams need to be careful about paying young QBs based solely on their teams performance while on rookie contracts. Look no further than Wentz and Goff. Both guys were wildly successful while their team had ~30mm in extra cap space to spend on the rest of the roster. Once they got their mega contracts Wentz was a disaster and Goff noticeably declined. Both teams traded those guys away after 1 year of their mega deals. I'd say the big difference is that Wentz and Goff are average-ish QBs that were propped up by elite rosters, whereas Allen was playing at an e
  8. What a weird charge for a multi-millionaire. Have to imagine he can afford an attorney that'll get this tossed out.
  9. This is one where I think the headline is worse than the actual video. Claypool took a kick at the guy, but it doesn't look like he really connected. The guy immediately got to his feet so it doesn't look like he was hurt. I think Claypool gets a talking to/warning from the Steelers/NFL. Not suspension worthy for a first time offender.
  10. I'm more pessimistic than most on this board, but I think we're the overwhelming favorites to win the AFCE again this season. Miami would be worrisome if Tua takes a giant leap and progresses to being elite, but I've seen nothing from him yet to indicate that will happen. NE will be better, but Cam is a bottom tier QB at this point. I'd be more scared by NE if they had signed Fitz Jets will be better (how could they not?), but will still very likely be a bottom feeder. If I was going to assign odds of who wins the AFCE I'd say 80%
  11. This one is the most serious allegation (forced oral), but I find it difficult to believe. June 2020 and Aug. 17, 2020, at a hotel and later a spa in Houston. The plaintiff, who offers bodywork and stretch therapy classes, markets her business through Instagram. She said she initially did not know who Watson was when he contacted her through the manager at a spa where she worked. She met him at a hotel where he was staying, the lawsuit says. She says Watson groped her buttocks and *****, and she slapped him. She says he later touched her hand with his penis. On Aug. 17, she says, W
  12. Star signed a 5 year $50 million contract. For that sort of deal I expected more than just occasionally being double teamed and eating up space in the middle. There was so much turnover on our defense from 2019 to 2020 that I think it's impossible to pinpoint how much of an impact Star opting out had. I think he's overpaid, and Beane/Mcdermott seem to agree (given they restructured his contract after 2019 season). Star restructured his contract after year 2 of a 5 year deal to take a fairly hefty paycut. That's not something that a guy "living up to expectations" would be doing. M
  13. On one hand the contracts you pointed out might be lower because they took a discount to play for a contender. On the other hand, with the COVID cap crunch maybe those are the best deals those players could've gotten in this specific off-season. I like the contracts we've given out, but I wonder how much of it was in Beane's control.
  14. We had the highest paid D line in the league last season. Murphy, Star, and Addison were all pretty big contracts that haven't lived up to expectations.
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