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  1. I wish I could be am optimist like you, but I see too many red flags to believe that the Bills will be a SB contender in the next few years, or at any time with this coach and GM. 1) The Process What is "The Process"? To the best of my knowledge it's never been defined. Are we trying to remove players that are morally questionable? If so, why did we trade Cordy Glenn or Ronald Darby? Why is Lesean Mccoy still on the team? Does "The Process" mean tanking (similar to the Philadelphia 76ers)? We went 9-7 and 6-10 with McBeane. If we're trying to tank we have done an awful job... 2) The Coach Does a good job of motivating our players, but I have to say I'm concerned about the number of blowout losses we've had with Mcdermott as coach (8 losses of 20+ points in 2 seasons). His challenge record speaks for itself. I'm still upset about his decision to punt against the Colts in the 2017 snow game (we won the game, but it was still a terrible decision to punt). 3) The GM I don't have too much to say here. He's made good moves. He's made bad moves. Not much different from Doug Whaley... 4) The QB The giant question mark for this franchise's immediate future. Josh Allen showed some flashes, but he's still a raw prospect. If he improves (dramatically) he could be a top QB in the NFL. If he doesn't improve he'll turn into a giant "what if" that we'll argue about on this forum for years to come. 5) The Owners I love what the Pegulas have done for Buffalo as a city, but I don't see how we can call the Pegulas quality owners when we look at what they've done to the Sabres.
  2. When the video started I was thinking "those are some weird looking leggings" then later as we get a better look "oh........" Trashy girl for a trashy guy. Zeke was hammered and/or high. I think he's lucky this happened in the offseason, and that it was the security guard (that doesn't want to press charges) that fell over.
  3. It's safe to say the O-line has been vastly improved compared to last season. I also think it's safe to say we won't have a top 5 unit. Even if everything works out I'd be surprised if we cracked the top 10. Somewhere in the 10-15 range seems like best case scenario to me.
  4. If Allen is dumb enough to hurt himself in a meaningless charity competition, he was never going to make it in the NFL anyway. Look at RG3. He was having a phenomenal rookie season, got hurt, then returned too early in a playoff game and ruined his career. Garoppolo ruined his season (career remains to be seen) by pushing for an extra yard on a scramble and shredded his knee. Players that do not understand where that line is (between maxing out and being competitive) get seriously injured and do not last in the NFL.
  5. If Allen and Mahomes don't understand the difference between maxing out and being competitive, they won't be long in the NFL anyway...
  6. I'm more anti-Bojorquez than most, but he did this and fumbled a perfect snap in the Ravens game (week 1 in the 2nd half in the rain, with the Bills already out of the game). If you look at his raw kicking stats, he's a bit below average. If you look at those 2 plays I completely lose faith in the guy. We can do better.
  7. Depends on the coach. Housley has very little emotion, but previous Sabres coaches like Nolan and Ruff were a lot more fiery. For the Bills you can go back to Jauron to hear a monotone mumbler...
  8. If the Bills go 5-11 or worse next season I would expect both Mcdermott and Beane to have very hot seats, and probably be fired (unless there's mitigating factors like injuries to key players). Edit - I don't think it's very likely that we'll get 5 or less wins next season. 8 or 9 seems more likely (if Allen progresses) and that should definitely be good enough to keep McBeane around for another season.
  9. I've been seeing a lot of positive posts about the state of the franchise, Beane is awesome, etc. and wanted to come in with some truth (negativity). Our WR corps was the worst in the league last season. It's now been upgraded to.... a bottom 5 unit? I'm trying to be hopeful here (and there's still the draft), but this group absolutely sucks on paper. Zay Jones - 2nd rd pick 3 years ago. In 2 seasons he's shown occasional flashes, but to call him anything more than a WR3 at this point is unrealistic. John Brown - 5 full seasons in the NFL and he has 1 season of 1,000+ yards (the only season of 1k receiving yards by any receiver on our roster). In 2015 he hit exactly 1,003 yards. Through 5 seasons he's somewhere between a bad WR2 and a good WR3. Cole Beasley - 7 full seasons in the NFL and his best season was 833 yards. He's the definition of a WR3. Robert Foster - UDFA with 1 half season experience. He played pretty well, and could potentially be a diamond in the rough. He's a complete wild card. We don't have anything even close to resembling a WR1 on this team. Heck, we don't even have a WR2 on this team. John Brown is the best option, and he'd be considered a pretty bad WR2 on most teams.
  10. Seattle and LA Rams are both on the most desirable list, and both of those states have high taxes as well.
  11. I didn't read every post in here, so not sure if this was mentioned. How would you feel if you were Terry Pegula, and you increased your bid on the Bills by a couple 100 million because you thought you had to outbid Trump? Only to find out later that Trump's bid was (allegedly) fraudulent?
  12. A few key lines from the article: 1) “I think most players take the most money regardless of location, as they should” said another agent. “But when it’s equal, that’s when this debate gets interesting.” 2) Said another agent: “It’s an interesting question because players don’t really know, so they just look at city and nightlife and a bunch of s--- that doesn’t matter.” 3) “There are so many factors to consider and every player is different,” one agent told me, “but typically we look at winning culture/tradition, opportunity [for playing time], income tax laws, market, area of the country, and sometimes weather.”
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