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  1. Yes, without a second thought I would take Kelce over Knox. 38/541/1 with 5 drops on 57 targets or 12/178/1 with 4 drops on 23 targets Tough decision....
  2. It's not a valid point. Fitz started in weeks 1+2 for the Fish this year and was an abject disaster.
  3. Allen struggling was not surprising (at least he didn't have any turnovers). The Defense getting shredded by the Dolphins was very surprising. Without a couple of timely turnovers the Dolphins could've put 30+ points on us.
  4. I'm fine with no deadline trades, I don't think we're in a "win-now" mode that would make sense to mortgage future picks away. Defensively - why fix what ain't broken? Maybe trade some late round picks for depth guys Offensively - we could use O-Line or WR or TE (pending on Kroft status), but there's not many guys on the trading block that would be upgrades over what we have. And those guys would probably cost way too much draft capital.
  5. I voted B- Positives: He clearly motivates the players and has them playing hard His defense is championship caliber We made the playoffs 4-1 start this season Negatives: The Offense has never been better than mediocre during his tenure He stated Peterman (multiple times) and thought it was okay to go into a season with a QB depth of Peterman, Allen (some of that is on Beane) Terrible with challenges Poor clock management and situational awareness (looking at you, decision to punt in the Colts snow game) Lot of reasons to be excited, but I'm not even going to consider moving him into the "A" range until we win some playoff games.
  6. We beat the Titans 14-13 in 2015 with Tyrod starting. We beat the Titans 13-12 in 2018 with Allen starting. We'll beat the Titans 12-11 in 2019 with Barkley starting. Barkley will throw for <100 yards in a painful to watch defensive struggle
  7. I was never sold on Allen (being honest, I wanted Rosen). I really like how he's improved his accuracy on short throws this season (prior to the start of the Patriots game). I don't like how he keeps making the same mistakes over and over. How many times has he gotten sacked (or taken intentional grounding penalty) to knock us out of FG range this season? How many times has he thrown off his back foot? How many "hero ball" plays have blown up in his face? He needs to cut down on the mistakes to earn my faith.
  8. 1) It didn't take Peyton Manning 7 years to figure out how to score more than 10 points on the Patriots def 2) Saying that the INT's were basically punts might hold more water if all 3 INTs did not occur on 1st down 3) I'll agree the punting was atrocious
  9. The Patriots have outscored the Bills 109-37 over the last 4 games between the teams. Closer to cracking the codes indeed....
  10. The Chiefs had a ridiculous one a few years ago. The Chiefs kicked a FG with 4 seconds left to take a 23-20 lead (Chiefs were favored by 6). On the last play of the game the Redskins went for a ladder play, fumbled, and the Chiefs returned for a TD to win 29-20, and to cover the spread. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2736553-chiefs-garbage-time-fumble-recovery-td-hits-backdoor-cover-in-win-vs-redskins
  11. Frankly, I think the 7 point spread is overly generous to the Bills. I thought the Patriots would be favored by double digits. The Patriots win a lot of games, and they win them big. Patriots are 42-18 ATS since 2016. Far and away the best ATS record in the NFL.
  12. Patriots 21-9 A tight defensive battle in which the Patriots get TD's, and the Bills settle for FG's.
  13. I'll go with a C The game winning drive is great and all, but we were only trailing in that game due to poor QB play. He had 2 bone headed plays that probably should have cost us the game (and would have against a better team). I'm looking at the intentional grounding that got us out of FG range and the INT (similar looking plays).
  14. Vince Young went 31-19 as a starter in the NFL. Does that mean he was a good QB that "just wins"? Or does that mean he was a pretty bad QB that got carried to victories by the rest of his team?
  15. I'm more than a little worried that Gore had 11 carries to Singletarys 4. I'm having the worst flashbacks to Michael Tolbert, I thought I had repressed those memories.
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