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  1. Home Depot allows non-service dogs in stores? If a company is being gracious enough to allow you to bring a pet into the store, I think it's well within their rights to ask you to keep a strong grip on a leash.
  2. 100% agree with that part. The post I replied to was comparing Snyder to Watson. The point I was making was that Snyder's actions would be considered harassment whereas Watson's would be assault. For the suspension: I think it's easy to say the underlying reason Watson didn't play in the NFL last year was these allegations (and not b/c Watson didn't want to play in HOU). The NFL didn't want him to play for any team, the Texans wanted him to play for them (but were happy to not fight it when he sat out), and Watson wanted to play anywhere but Houston. The 3 parties reached an uneasy impasse where Watson would officially be 'sitting out' and not 'suspended' so as to get his salary and it benefited the NFL/Houston in that they didn't have to explore unprecedented legal actions.
  3. I think it's pretty easy to argue that Watson sitting out last year was a de facto suspension. If Watson had never received a massage or if these allegations never surfaced what are the odds he would've played last year? I'm putting it at 100% (it might not have been in Houston, but it would've been easy to trade him). An established franchise QB sitting out for an entire season would have been unprecedented. Sexual harassment = / = sexual assault Both are scummy (not to mention illegal), but assault is more serious than harassment. What Snyder did is not a great comparison. Kraft and his 100% consensual rub and tug are not a great comparison either.
  4. Darnold got off to a pretty hot start in CAR last year when CMC was healthy. Through first 4 games he had a 3-1 record with 3x 300 passing yard games. 10 TD (5 rush and 5 pass) to 4 turnovers. Of course, the wheels absolutely fell off after that. Of the final 8 games that he started he had fewer than 200 yards 6 times! He also accounted for a pitiful 4 TD to 13 turnovers! If the Panthers coaches are convinced that the hot start was the "real" Darnold, and that the wheels fell off due to injuries, Darnold will be the starter in week 1.
  5. I'm OK with Josh sitting the entire preseason. I'd leave it up to him if he wants to sit or play a few series
  6. I wouldn't think so. It was a contract addendum that Murray and the team both freely agreed to. If it starts becoming standard operating procedure to include a clause like this in contracts then the NFLPA might want to try and address it in the next CBA.
  7. I liked how he casually included this in the article: Fans tend to overlook the fact that there were some disheartening losses last season, or that there was legitimate concern about them simply making the playoffs when they lost at home to New England on an embarrassing Monday night in December and fell to 7-6.
  8. Agreed on the top 4 (and the order you put them in). There's a gigantic gap between those guys and Tyrod, but I'd put Tyrod at 5 Bledsoe - overall career is much better, but his career as a Bill was underwhelming. 8 games at an elite level followed by 2.5 seasons of mostly crap. Flutie - IMO the closest to Tyrod to compete for the #5 spot. Great underdog story and a great W/L record. I attribute the W/L mostly to playing with a great defense and getting lucky in close games. Reich - how sad is our franchise that a QB that started in 10 games over 9 seasons is even in this discussion ? The comeback game was historic, but he was a career backup for a reason. Fitz - higher highs than Tyrod, but the lows were lower AND more frequent.
  9. I was at that Saints game as well. Tyrod gave up as much as Allen did against the Colts (both QBs got benched those games). It's not possible to win when your defense doesn't force a punt and gives up 300 rushing yards / 6 rushing TDs. You're really proving my point here that fans are biased against Tyrod. Blaming TT for the Saints game is as bad a take as blaming Allen for the Colts game
  10. It's comments like these that I don't understand. The Bills defense gave up 298 yards rushing and 6 rushing TDs to the Saints and you remember TYROD TAYLOR quitting ? The Saints ran the ball 24 straight plays!! Tyrod might be the most dis-respected player in Bills history. He's a top 5 all-time QB for this franchise and I'll fight anyone that says otherwise. Of course that speaks more to how dismal our QBs have been over the years than it does for TT....
  11. I wonder if he's had the opportunity to go be a HC for a team that's a tire-fire (IE Texans) and Frazier just hasn't accepted. I wouldn't blame him either. I'd rather be DC for a great team than HC for a team that's tanking.
  12. It's a bit disingenuous to say that 1 play by 1 player ended the draught. If Beane never traded for Benjamin we probably get better production from a UDFA/practice squad player in Benjamin's place (and of course we keep the 3rd rd pick). It was a really bad trade. One play doesn't change that.
  13. Is Beane perfect? Of course not. No GM is perfect and Beane has made some mistakes (off the top of my head I would say the Lotulelei and Murphy contracts, and the Teller and Benjamin trades). Is Beane one of best GM in the league? Most definitely, and many consider him to be the best GM. Our roster is probably the most talented in the league this year and we're poised to be contenders for years. It's true that a lot of that has to do with Allen, but Beane is the one that picked him and deserves full credit for how the Bills look now.
  14. Worst: 2010 vs Dolphins. Chan Gailey's first game as Head Coach resulting in a 15-10 loss On a personal level... I had stayed out at the bars until 3 AM the night before. Barely made it to the tailgate and couldn't bring myself to drink anything. Spent the entire game terribly hungover, and midway through the 1st Q some guy 2 rows back projectile vomited for a solid 10 seconds. Stadium workers didn't get sawdust on it until halftime (the smell was unbearable). The game itself might have been worse. The defense played pretty well, but the offense was putrid with Trent Edwards at the helm totaling 166 yards and 9 first downs. Down by 5 points in the 4th Q we had a 4th and 15 from our own 15 yard line with 17 seconds and Trentative threw a checkdown that gained 9 yards. Any fan that had an expectation that Chan Gailey could rehab Trent, or that the Bills could make the playoffs that year, had their hopes quickly and utterly destroyed that day.
  15. Sapp is a scumbag that's faced numerous legal charges (ultimately dismissed), but that cost him his NFL Network job. That was after he filed for bankruptcy a few years after his NFL career ended. Color me skeptical that Sapp has an "unnamed source" feeding him info about Kaepnicks workout.
  16. Yea, crypto is viewed as property by the IRS so it would be taxed. If he sold at a profit and had to pay capital gains taxes he'd still be up overall. If he sold at a loss he'd be able to take that as a tax deduction.
  17. That's my understanding of it. The advantage would be the crypto company giving the celebrity $$ in a separate deal to promote their product. Pretty stupid tweet anyway. We have no idea if Lawrence is still holding crypto or not. It's very believable he dumped his position for a nice gain.
  18. Googled "health cost transparency" and these were some of the top hits: https://news.rice.edu/news/2022/top-hospitals-blatantly-violating-price-transparency-mandate-says-baker-institute-report https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/14-of-hospitals-compliant-with-price-transparency-survey-finds-4-things-to-know.html
  19. What else is Farwell supposed to say there? He's just following McDermott's lead in giving non answers to the 13 second debacle. Unless I missed it all McDermott has ever said about it is "We need to execute better". I still think it's funny we're talking about the kickoff. The decision to kick out the Endzone vs a kick short of the Endzone changes our win probability by maybe 1%. Having a miscommunication is bad, but the decision itself was irrelevant. The real issue was going into a prevent defense and giving the Chiefs back to back free ~20 yard plays.
  20. Interesting hypothetical. I suppose I have to imagine an alternate universe where the Bills don't have Josh Allen at QB, Pegulas as owners, Beane as GM, or McDermott as HC. Let's pretend Ralph Wilson never passed and that our acting owner is Russ Brandon, GM is Whaley, Rex Ryan is HC, and QB has been a mix of Tyrod Taylor, Josh Rosen, and other career journeymen. In that universe I could live with trading for Watson. I wouldn't be thrilled with the moral aspect of it, but I'd be more upset that we traded 3x 1sts and guaranteed so much $$ to a guy that had already sat out for an entire season and had a potential gigantic suspension forthcoming. What Watson did is morally reprehensible, but there was a criminal investigation and he's not even facing charges. I could deal with that as a fan if it brought the Bills from NFL purgatory to being a legitimate Superbowl contender. How many Chiefs fans jumped ship after drafting/trading for Hill/Clark ? How many people on here still like Lesean Mccoy (he never faced charges either even though he's a well documented piece of crap as a person) ?
  21. Looks like McDermott is getting dinged for a few reasons 1) This team "underperformed" last year based on expected wins per the Pythagorean model. We had the best point differential in the league and finished "only" 11-6. That's a full 2 wins fewer than expected. 2) Josh Allen is a top QB on a rookie contract.
  22. QB rating is a fairly flawed stat. It is hardly an end all be all analysis. For example: In the wind game last year vs Patriots Mac Jones finished 2/3 for 19 yards to go with 5 carries for -3 yards. This was good for a QB Rating of 84.0 Josh Allen finished 15/30 for 145 yards and 1 TD to go with 6 carries for 39 yards. This was good for a QB Rating of 75.0 QB Rating says Mac was the better QB that night. Is there a single person on the planet that agrees with that? Next example: Week 17 vs Falcons (a snowy/windy game). Matt Ryan went 13/23 for 197 yards 0 TD 0 INT and 2 carries for 7 yards. That's a QB Rating of 84.9 Josh Allen went 11/26 for 120 yards 0 TD and 3 INTS and 15 carries for 81 yards and 2 TDs. That's a QB rating of 17.0 Josh outplayed Matt by a decent margin in that game and the Bills won fairly handily. QB rating says Ryan was nearly 70 points better. That one outlier of a game with a few fluky INTs tanked Allen's home QB rating. If his 2 rushing TDs that game had been passing TDs instead he would've had the best net QB rating at home.
  23. Kirk Cousins signed a 3 year 84mil deal with the Vikings in 2018 that was 100% guaranteed (and it looks like all of his subsequent extensions/deals with Vikings are also fully guaranteed). I'm surprised no one has mentioned Trevor Bauer yet. MLB just suspended him for 2 full seasons for domestic violence allegations (after he sat out an entire year on administrative leave), even after the gov't announced no criminal charges would be brought against him. There is 1 woman pursuing a civil case against him (a second woman had started a similar civil case, but later dropped it). I will say that the allegations against Bauer are more heinous in nature, even if they are less prolific than the allegations against Watson. If we can view the MLB decision on Bauer as precedence, I would expect Watson to be suspended for AT LEAST the entire season. The suspension will only increase if more statements like this one come out of the civil case (especially if it's closer to the regular season).
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