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  1. Next step score more in the first three quarters so you don’t have to come from behind.
  2. To the people saying this happens all the time have they posted any evidence yet?
  3. The real question for the people saying it was obvious he gave himself up by calling off his teammates. If the kick returner had walked towards the sideline with the ball and waited for the coast to clear and then ran it in for a td, do you think the refs would have overturned it and said he gave himself up? My guess is no, they would have called it a td and said wow what a brilliant move.
  4. It would suck but I have about 99% confidence that if the bills were already winning when this happened the rule on the field would have stood. This is all about the nfl arbitrarily putting their thumb on the scale and making it a closer game for ratings. Also the media loves making fun of the bills I’m sure that would have been the blooper of the year and everyone would love to laugh at the bills. But since the Texans were home and down 13-0 common sense prevailed. A buddy of mine told told me last night that the head referee during the conference and had his mic on for a second unknowingly and the thought process beyond calling a safety was being discussed before he turned it off. Wonder if we can get the video of that 30 second conference and hear it.
  5. Sure and your comment about the butt hurt Brigade being on patrol wasn’t in any way mocking and belittling posters. Like I said a real tough guy.
  6. PI is purely subjective and everyone knows this, so is holding. You know what’s not, what happened on the kickoff. It’s like arguing a charge or blocking in basketball when talking about PI and holding . your anger sounds more like a defense mechanism about being salty that the bills lost. I’m sad they lost but I’m more upset about what the nfl has become and that’s pure nonsense entertainment.
  7. Find another thread this isn’t about that.
  8. No one is aging anything about a lawsuit I even mentioned it was funny someone brought up lawsuit.
  9. Spoken like a tough guy. I’ll include an example for the close minded people. I play on a pool team that qualified for the all cities tournament which is a March madness style tournament that you have to earn the right to qualify for. winner gets $8000 and trip to Vegas to compete in nationals after 2 full days we were in the championship game and needed 1 more win to close out the match. The opposing player beat our player in that game by making the 8ball, the cue ball was rolling down the table and he picked it up while it was still rolling. I’ve never seen anyone do that before and by rules it’s a table scratch and a automatic loss. That was it and we won the game and went to Vegas. You can feel bad for people doing questionable things when the stakes are high and you aren’t thinking straight but rules are rules and all I’m hearing from certain trolls is get over it or it happens all the time with 0 proof that it does. And all the facts point that it shouldn’t have been overturned. Maybe by protesting season tickets it may make the pegulas step in and demand changes from the NFL. Again tough to say what it would look like but I think everyone would be in agreement that removing goodell might be a great start.
  10. maybe McDermott should have challenged then?
  11. There’s plenty to be disappointed at by the team. This thread isn’t about that thought I made it clear. This was about the nfl stepping in and arbitrarily changing rules in order to prevent a blowout and casual people tuning to a different channel. I agree they got it right then it was overturned by the league in NY.
  12. Yea not looking for a victory more or less looking for acknowledgment that the nfl swooped in when they shouldn’t have and changed the outcome of a game just for ratings. This isn’t even really about the bills.
  13. Hah yea I mean I care but would love if someone else took the reigns. I thought there may be a chance that just posting the idea might inspire someone to take the initiative. I think the whining would end if someone could just post clear evidence instead of just saying well it happens every week in every game. Ok well just post some evidence and we can all forget it.
  14. Ive never seen it would love to see your example.
  15. So I’d like to talk about something other than the play on the field there are a lot of great threads discussing that and we will have all offseason to discuss. I gotta good laugh out of the thread about can the fans sue the nfl for the td call back fumble play. While the answer is yes you can it obviously isn’t going anywhere as the nfl already stated they are just an entertainment business. But can the fans do anything else? Can we band together to demand some type of explanation or clarification to what exactly happened with the refs and how we can prevent this from happening in the future? I wonder what would even suffice and what could be said to fans to make it better? I don’t have a good answer for them. I’ve thought for many years now that since goodell has taken over that the nfl has turned into the wwe and I think there are dozens of examples in the last two decades that would point to that. I think as a season ticket holder and fan that maybe it’s time we demand more from the nfl. I was upset with some of the in game calls that were made or weren’t made but usually when you get down to it there’s a lot of grey area when calling a nfl game and fans are never going to completely happy with the way a game is called. That’s to be expected but the nfl has gone completely off the rails. Experienced viewers never know when or if a penalty will be called and there never seems to be any consistently. It’s a joke. However that isn’t my main concern. What is my concern is the obvious td callback. the rules make it 100% clear what you need to do as a returner when catching the ball in the end zone. It was the one time any experienced person that knows the rules understands that guy made a bonehead play that cost his team. The refs as we know made the correct call and then something happened that I’ve never seen in my life. You had all these refs I’ve never seen in a game running onto the field calling a meeting. I’d like an answer for why were they allowed onto the field to and what initiated their decision to come onto the field. From what I’ve heard so far the refs in all black received a call from NY that there was an error of judgement made by the crew and that the call had to be overturned. Who is responsible for that and will there be any accountability for what they did? My guess and I don’t even think this is conspiracy stuff is that the nfl wanted a competitive game because it was better for their ratings. They are in the entertainment business after all and the most important thing to them is ratings and guess what, they got it but at the bills expense. That is ridiculous if you ask me and something that should be taken way more seriously then what I’m seeing in the aftermath. ESPN didnt even mention the play anywhere on the nfl page. It’s still all about jj watt and Watson. But because it could have ruined the game ratings wise the NFL, not the game crew determined that we didn’t have to follow the rules anymore but instead use common sense. That is flat out wrong. I know there will be tough tough guys stating things like just get over it or deal with it but if no one ever takes a stand it will just be more of the same. So maybe as fans there’s a way to group together not as a protest to the bills or the pegulas but in order to stand up to the nfl and say we aren’t renewing season tickets until you’ve admitted your mistakes and correct this so we never had to go through this bs again. Otherwise, just enjoy football like a slightly more entertaining sport than wwe because it couldn’t be more obvious that it is.
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