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  1. It’s a 52 person roster can’t we find 1 other person that is capable of holding? Who knows maybe this kid can learn.
  2. I don’t think you get how it works but that’s ok.
  3. Lots of misinformation out there, you’ve probably heard of people losing their investments. There is a small amount of people who fell victim to scams and their passwords were stolen. Then the scammer would access their accounts and send the crypto to their accounts. Moral of the story is be careful with your personal information, also you can move your holdings to offline hardware devices that cannot be hacked. The exchanges are doing really well so most of these people are being made hole now just after a lot of waiting. your funds in an offline storage are safer then anything else like a bank account or credit cards which regularly get hacked but you also then are the person in charge so more responsibility. Yea, how dare we talk about our QB being a star at one of the biggest tech/investment conferences in the world.
  4. I guess the fact that the only comment is the laughing emoji means it’s still early lol.
  5. So there was a panel that had football players, Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham, and someone else. You’d think Barkley would have been on that panel but no he was on the big boy stage with Robert Breedlove. I guess you could say he’s the Aaron Rodgers or talking about bitcoin. also if Matt has convinced josh to buy a little in 08/20 when they were starting to practice, btc was $11000, and now around $44000. So only up like 400% I think most financial planners would be ok with that as long as you don’t have all your money tied up in it.
  6. He’s on stage with Robert Breedlove. Had no idea he was so into Bitcoin. Gotta say it’s probably safe to assume he has been orange pilling the team including Josh Allen considering they are pretty close.
  7. And what do you do if he doesn’t learn his lesson again next year? You only have so long of a window with some of this group. Ten years from now Josh may still be here but most wont. This happens all the time with coaches when they come into a bad program and they turn the culture around and they get everyone to buy into working hard but they aren’t good enough to take the team to the promise land. So yes if the Bills don’t get past KC again next year then the biggest thing that needs to change is McDermott.
  8. The bills would have been the favorite to win the Super Bowl if they beat K.C. McDermott definitely blew a great opportunity.
  9. The players were enough to win it was the coaches stupid decisions to end regulation. I’m sick and tired of hearing well we just need this x player. We were the best team left and the super bowl favorite if we win this game.
  10. Establishing the run game is usually a good thing and something I’ve advocated for most of the year but there were times in the second half why I was wondering why we weren’t trying to throw some more considering how bad KC was at defending the pass.
  11. 0-6 in 1 possession games speaks a lot about the coaching and I’ve said it all year. McDermott gets one more year, then the Bills need to hire someone with a solid reputation that would be Salivating at the chance to lead Josh Allen and this team.
  12. I would have fired him if we stumbled and didn’t make the playoffs. This loss will stick to him forever. He gets 1 more year and if they don’t get to the super bowl he’s gone. You cannot waste years when you have this much talent on the team. ive disliked McDermott since he punted the ball in the colts snow game years ago when we needed to win the game and not tie. We got a miracle to go our way and we won the game but right then and there I never felt fully comfortable that this is the guy that is going to win a Super Bowl. It’s ok he got the team on the right track but I’m not going to sit back and let this guy make ridiculously bad late game decisions year after year.
  13. Give McDermott 1 more year, Super Bowl or bust. Idk how he doesn’t get the stink off of him after this loss.
  14. The players sure, the coaches can go ***** themselves. I’ve been anti McDermott for a while and he proved again how much of a loser he is again tonight.
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