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  1. His play calling during the season was at a very high level. Wherever you want to put him like top 5 is ok with me. His play calling in the 3 playoff games was extremely suspect. Like really bad. I didn’t like that he was interviewing with a few teams and it took away his focus from him doing his job.
  2. Maybe he should just get the shot himself. Just a thought. Still can’t believe most of these players are serious about not getting the vaccine at this point but then again they get paid to get hit in the head over and over.
  3. So you found 1 example from 92 and it wasn’t a good decision then either. Pretty much made my point for me. Wentz wasn’t very good and injury prone and the eagles decided to move on. That’s the truth not really hard to see.
  4. You don’t draft a guy in case when he’s in his 20s you draft a guy because the first guy isn’t the guy not very hard to understand. also to the people stating well the patriots did it and Green Bay did it are you just being ignorant on purpose? drafting project qbs or an eventual replacement is common place when your qb is over 35 it’s completely different doing it when they guy is in the “prime” of his career. Name me an example and I’ll wait. I don’t know why people are so defensive about this. It’s ok that the eagles weren’t sold on him being the long term answer. I wa
  5. So he was pick 53 so not as high as I remember. But yea if the chiefs or the bills pick a qb 53 because they need a backup the gm should be fired.
  6. Really stupid take in my book. What other teams have selected a qb in the first round when their franchise qb is in his 20s and suppose to be the franchise guy. You don’t do that if you haven’t already moved on as an organization. Maybe if your starter is getting up there in years ala Rodgers but I mean cmon man.
  7. The bills vs. Brady was the prime matchup, perfect story line. Problem was nobody likes the chiefs anymore and everyone already hates Brady. And no one cares about the city of Tampa bay.
  8. I believe it’s 56-70 without Brady now
  9. They definitely bullied us and beat us in every facet of the game. We need to start thinking about how we combat that now.
  10. Daboll had a really odd postseason. Questionable play calls and game plans throughout the 3 games. No killer instinct this game. That was the difference in the game. Kc was able to get whatever they wanted through the air and the ground and the bills kept having to settle for 3s.
  11. Wow still had a chance if they stop them there and you give up a first down on 3rd and 10. Just embarrassing.
  12. Total team loss, bad defense, no running game, terrible ol play, Questionable red zone and 1st half play calling, mediocre wr and qb play.
  13. the only thing we have is the footage, and at no point does his head make any type of serious impact. Um what? The top of his head smashes into the ground. Looked pretty painful to me.
  14. Is there a lottery for bills season ticket holders?
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