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  1. To be fair as he was getting ready to go up Godwin gave him an elbow to the head....
  2. Supposedly there was a 10am Bills tailgate setup.... any idea on that? Pics?
  3. Or setting up the heroic tough as nails, sacrifice and still gets the job done through the pain story.... depends on how you look at it. Either way it sets up for a follow up story. To be fair.... not a single player on the field today is 100%, but they are gonna let everyone know Mahomes is hampered specifically. I think that’s his point.
  4. Pretty sure he was held around 70 week 6...... but had 2 TDs. Keep him out of the end zone
  5. Question is, has he been slotted in for any ST role? If not it hard to take a guy out who has.... that’s McDs mindset
  6. Talked to a lot of people, most are definitely rooting for Buffalo. But most don’t give us a chance. ”You’re rooting for Buffalo?” ”would you put money on that?”..... “no way!” They want us to win, but not too many actually think we can. I think we can.... slow down the run and limit Kelce’s big plays.
  7. I’m hoping our defense can scheme something to frustrate Kelce. He’s the difference maker for Mahomes. Hill will get his touches but it seems like when KC needs a play he tends to be the option KC goes to most. What have teams done in the past to contain him? Stop the run and limit Kelces ability to run open down the field is key.
  8. I’m talking plays he’s familiar with in the playbook.... not how many touches he gets. 12-14 plays in the book he can pick up or fits his style best. Doesn’t mean he actually gets on the field. It’s just familiarization..... So you only want him to know 3 plays. Here Devonta, here’s the only 3 plays you need to know. Is that what you mean?
  9. You think they can set a dozen plays specifically for Devonta Freeman? A half dozen run plays, 3-4 Pass protect plays and maybe even 3-4 plays where he’s an option in the passing game? Is Freeman even an option going forward or is it gonna be Yeldon? Or Williams? (Doubtful).....
  10. Initially no.... but I feel he’s the type of guy that might after a few years restructure to get another playmaker or two.... once you’re making $35-40M per what does it matter if you only make $32M, maybe $28M but extend an additional year...
  11. I’m telling you, yes the hit brought about an issue. with the amount of pain on his face after hurting his foot, I think the team just thought it was safer to keep him out. He’d be listed in the concussion protocol even though they knew it was minor and there would no mention of his foot..... Anyone here a word about his foot?
  12. I could see him being up for the Chicago Job next year.... Nagy will last maybe 8 games next season.... That and they should be in the running for a QB in the draft
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