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  1. Cowboys.... knock down the Pats. But I have a feeling we will face a Cowboys team rebounding from a loss....
  2. He’ll be fine the remainder of the year, but he’s not the future. I’d bet we draft a Tackle... (Alex Leatherwood). That’s who I’m going for. Should be a round 1 guy, anywhere from 10-25, he may be gone. Stepped in for Jonah Williams at LT no problem. That will slide Ford to RG, Feliciano to LG. Don’t see the Bills signing Spain to a long term contract. Dawkins Feliciano Morse Ford Leatherwood thats what is see. So that won’t happen lol
  3. Love those quick hitters.... pump fake one of those and go over the top.
  4. Anybody who watches the games.... Cole is open on like 80% of the play. But yet they never target him deliberately....
  5. Yeah, ball is trapped as he takes 3 steps.... but they’ll say he did not possess the ball.
  6. Refs never like to be wrong. This is close which means the refs will not overturn the play....
  7. Why does this team not target Beasley more???!!!! He’s always good for an easy 5 yards.
  8. It was a great pass.... but those throws are for you big body WRs who can go up and get it. Not Brown
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