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  1. The punter from South Carolina, tall lanky kid in the North Squad, Joseph Charlton was booming kicks.... talking 65 yards.
  2. I went to the practice today... IMO Van Jefferson is the best WR at the senior Bowl. Great hands, quick in and out of his routes. Someone mentioned his setup causes trouble. I can see that, I did see that. But 4 out of 5 routes he was abusing the CB. Soft hands. My Senior Bowl WR ranking: 1. Van Jefferson 2. Quartney Davis 3. Michael Pittman Jr 4. James Proche 5. Denzel Mims Claypool and Collin Johnson are probably fighting for that next spot...
  3. If he was I didn’t see him. But who knows, there’s a lot going on. But last year he was easy to spot.
  4. I sat right between the Dallas Scouts and the Falcons Scouts and they were both talking him up...
  5. Senior Bowl 2020 Senior Bowl notes... mostly based on players that have been brought up here on the board, positions highly talked about and players that just look the part or made plays. NORTH DEFENSE Jason Strowbridge-Edge UNC- Physical Specimen. Looks like an NFL player. Strong kid, quick off the line, fought through a few double teams. Good hands, grabs and pulls to get through. Doesn’t get pushed around and can anchor down to hold the edge. Got his hands up and batted a pass, showed some fire! Alton Robinson- DE Syracuse- played a lot of stand up End. Not the fastest or strongest. Shows decent ability overall not too impressed. Has good size. Bradley Anea-Edge Utah- Great size, quick off the edge. Edge rush is all he has. Plays the edge well. Vocal kid, shows intensity at times. Solid build, strong lower body. Lamar Jackson- CB Nebraska- big CB, physical kid, loves to press and use his size, popped Claypool off the line with no problem. Jalen Elliot- S Notre Dame- Thick build, not the tallest, maybe 5’11”. led all drills. Enthusiastic. Confident kid. Vocal. Pretty good range playing centerfield getting to the ball. Evan Weaver LB Cal- Skinny lower body, but the kid is a baller, intense. Flys around, made a few plays. Effort kid. I guess this kid was a tackling machine this year. JOSHUA Uche- OLB Michigan- Quick, too small to play DE. May be a 3-4 OLB. Very solid build, not to tall. Fast around the edge, another guy that’s just a speed rush off the edge. OFFENSE- Adam Troutman- TE Dayton- Solid looking TE, physically looks the most solid of all TEs on the North Squad. Good route runner, deceptively quick. Soft hands. James Proche- WR SMU- Quick, led all drills, smallest WR on North Squad, accelerates full speed quickly after catch. Good hands fighting off defenders, at times defenders get the best of him due to strength. #1 punt returner, catches the ball with ease. Went up and caught a ball in triple coverage. Denzel Mims- WR Baylor- Tall Lean kid, decent speed, stacks the DB well. Excels on the 9 route. Not very physical. Great at the 50/50 ball, went up over CB on an under thrown ball. Chase Claypool- WR Notre Dame- Biggest WR on North Squad, looks the part. Good size upper body. Good hands battling defenders. Not fast off the line, builds up speed gradually. Slow out of breaks, at times drags his toes. Michael Pittman JR- WR USC- Decent size, shorter legs compared to Claypool and Mims. Small lower torso. Seems to have a lot of wasted movement in and out of breaks. Quartney Davis WR Texas A&M- solid size, thick lower body, legs look strong. Great hands, watches the ball in. Good speed. Quick off the ball. Catches the ball even in draped coverage. Fights for the ball. KJ Hill - WR OSU- slightly bigger than Proche. Not as quick and polished. At times gets lazy with his route running. Looks as if Proche May be faster as well. Gandy- Golden- WR Liberty- Not the biggest, not the smallest. Not physical. Decent hands, double caught a few. Not super fast, route running is nothing special but not bad. Dropped a deep ball, beat his guy by 3 steps. Whole crowd felt let down on a perfect pass! JOSHUA Kelly -RB UCLA- Impressive, compact running back, looks a lot like Singletary. Hits the hole hard, runs hard, great vision and ran between the tackles untouched 2-3 times for big gains. Solid build, looks to have a strong lower body, quick too. Dude is good! Tyler Bass- K Georgia Southern- Huge leg!!! Made 6 straight FGs. Made a 54 yard FG that would have been good from maybe 65 yards. MVPs- North Squad Jason Strowbridge James Proche/Quartney Davis Joshua Kelly Intriguing Player- Khaleke Hudson S Michigan SOUTH SQUAD Offense Kalija Lipscomb- WR Vandy- Shifty kid, in the same mold as James Proche. Almost identical in size. No where as good as Proche. Routes are not as crisp, Proche seemed better at press coverage. Van Jefferson-WR Florida-Decent size, fluid runner, smooth. Soft hands. Looks like Robert Foster as far as build. Probably best WR at the senior bowl. Route running is great, no wasted effort and speed through his cuts. Calvin Throckmorton- OL Oregon- Good size, quick feet. Moves smoothly and looks athletic but big. Dominated Zuniga on first rep. Playing LT. Dominated Lewis from Alabama. Throckmorton is this years Risner but more athletic. John Simpson- OG Clemson- Big kid. Anchors like nobody’s business. Won’t budge. Dude is powerful and he’s making the most of this Bowl practice. Collin Johnson-WR Texas- tall, but skinny. Nowhere near the build of Claypool. Did not look good against press coverage. I was not really impressed. DEFENSE Javon Kinlaw- DT South Carolina - Beast. Terrell Lewis-Edge/OLB Alabama- Lower body is skinny but he’s long. Lewis runs stiff, can NOT cover. Kyle Dugger- S Lenior Rhyne- Looks solid, fast kid, back pedal and turns with fluidity in drills. Under control. I need to find more on him. Azur Kamara- OLB Kansas- looks like a big FS. But he’s got good size. Think he was a late addition. Not very powerful. Once OL locks on he’s done. Not very instinctive. Jonathan Greenard- Edge/OLB Florida. This kid is athletic, can get low and bend around the edge. More quick than strong. Got pancakes by a running back on blocking drills. Beat Throckmorton on an inside move 1 on 1. Trevis Gipson- Edge Tulsa- strong, good size. Probably the thickest out of the group. Not super athletic or fast but looks better at the run game. DJ Wonnum- Edge South Carolina- Strong lower body. Was driving the LT 4-5 yards back. Solid looking kid, built just like Gipson. Gets over his toes at times and shoved in the ground. Anfernee Jennings- LB Alabama- Shorter kid. But quick, thick and diagnoses plays quickly. Reminds me of Dre Greenlaw from last year. Let me say.... McD and the entire Buffalo staff were locked on the WR drills. Last year Bobby Johnson was here, not this year. No Daboll this year either.
  6. Throw in possibly Michael Pittman or whoever the draft pick may be... Brown, Beasley, Pittman, Duke, Allison, McKenzie Hows that look? If you think this FO is going to go spend $8-10M per or draft a WR round 1, it ain’t gonna happen.
  7. I don’t see the FO drafting 2 WRs.... Brown, Beasley, Duke, Foster, McKenzie (rookie could replace him), Roberts (don’t see him back) Im thinking add Geronimo Allison in FA, and draft a day 2 WR....
  8. Yes... Uche from Michigan, Jason Strowbridge of UNC, bigger kid. Alton Robinson from Syracuse has potential. The players I want to see is Darrell Taylor Jr from Tennessee and Jonathan Greenard out of Florida....
  9. I’ll be there for Wednesday’s practice. I’ll have a big write up on standouts and Pros and Cons on attendees. Im excited to see the WRs. Last year I went it was obvious Deebo Samuel and Terry McClaurin were studs. WRs there this year are Bryan Edwards, Michael Pittman, Denzel Mims, Brandon Aiyuk, Van Jefferson, James Proche and more....
  10. 1. Daryl Williams OT/RG- FA pick up. Played OG for the Panthers this year. Started out LT but due to OL depth was moved around quite a bit. Battles Ford for RT spot, loser moves to RG. Nsekhe and Long are backups. Feliciano to LG. Spain let go. 2. DT- Resign Jordan Phillips. Between Phillips, Star, Ed and Harry I think we are solid. Draft a DT round 5-7. 3. WR class is deep this year. I’d go round 2, 3 or later to grab our WR. Bryan Edwards, Michael Pittman, Omar Bayless, Denzel Mims, James Proche etc. 4. DE depth. Gotta let Murphy go. Give that $7M to Shaq. They both have similar roles. I like FA Kyler Fackrell in the Lorax role. Julian Okwara is a guy to watch in the draft. He was always considered a round 1 talent. Can get after the QB but is also pretty solid in dropping back. Nearly 6’5” 250 lbs, scouts say he can put on 10 pounds no problem and not be slowed down. 5. Slot Corner- T. Johnson is pretty solid, it’s the #2 CB spot that needs more competition. Look for the Bills to get a solid vet or go round 1 or 2 on CB. 6. RB2- FA Jordan Howard. Dude is a solid Backup. Remember how he punished us early. 6’ 220 lbs, would be a bigger back we need who is still I think 26 years old. 7. Backup QB remains Barkley. Maybe draft a QB late for competition. Never thought of Taron at Safety.... but I think you’re right. It’s worth them giving him a shot. Neal has been a Swiss Army knife as well..
  11. I’m expecting closer to 65% next year.... Gotta strengthen the OL, get another solid RB2 (Jordan Howard FA). Establish our identity as a running team. Sets up PA for Josh and keeps teams from blitzing as much. Brown, Beasley, Knox, Kroft all in their 2nd year in the system. Hopefully draft a WR that can produce in rounds 2 & 3 like Deebo Samuel, Terry McClaurin, AJ Brown, Metcalf etc.... WR class is deep this year. But the identity should be run the ball!!!
  12. Jordan Phillips has had 1 solid year, plus last year which was good.... more of a role guy, this year he proved himself more so. That being said I think his value is around $7-8M per.... he’s been healthy. With Stars And his large contract being gone after next season I see the Bills offering a 4 year $30-32M, that’s roughly 8 per, which I think is at the top of his market, don’t think he’ll get a better offer.
  13. Yeah against New England... got chopped down low by the RB flipped upside down and landed at Brady’s feet... personal foul, F that!!!
  14. Been saying Kyler Fackrell would be a great get here in FA.... an affordable vet. Edge OLB type.
  15. This league doesn’t wanna see Bills Mafia if the Bills win a home divisional championship game!!! Chiefs have some good fans... Chief Kingdom (boring, never heard that) is not Bills Mafia...
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