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  1. He was probably in line with the rest of them who said New England was back in Super Bowl contention when they signed Cam Newton last year…. Its 1 game against a very well coached team, in which we committed multiple penalties in huge situations, called terrible plays on 4th down, and had a blocked punt that put 7 on the board. Give me a break!!!!
  2. I just don’t want to see them beat themselves…. Last week between the poor OL play, Dabolls play calling, blocked punt and a few big penalties….. Bills beat themselves!!!! Bills are a better team thevthe Steelers. Steelers are a solid team, I just think the Bills are a better team all around.
  3. watch 49ers offense. This is what I like. Under center at times, play action, play action bootlegs, lots of motion, toss sweeps….. for god sake move Josh around the field to make plays throwing the ball. Dress out Moss and actually consider running the ball more. Yesterday’s scheme and play calling is gonna cost us.
  4. Ive said it many of times. If Daboll expects this offense to succeed by just ding shotgun 3 step drops, leaning on Josh to win with his arm it’s not gonna work. Daboll has to change things up. Run the ball, Play Action from under center, PA bootlegs, designed roll outs, sprint outs….. RB screen? Any screen? It’s gonna be a long year if they just expect Josh to sit in the pocket and throw the ball all game long. Pittsburgh did nothing special on defense. Bills said- “We are going shotgun 3 step drops all game”, Pittsburgh’s DL said, “ok we will 4 man pass rush all game”…..
  5. Top thing I disliked….. Playing one of the top defensive lines… not once was there a pass play called that used Josh Allen’s athletic ability to get him out of the pocket. Designed rollouts etc slow down the pass rush and at times takes 1-2 guys out of the rush equation. But no, they beat the shiz up out of the pocket and that’s all we did all day. Then folks blame the OL, well Daboll didn’t make it any easier. Josh is athletic, move him around the field!!!!!!
  6. Crazy thing is you give Bass the opportunity for 47, 48 yard FGs which he makes easily. Like 3/4 the way up the posts that would be good from 60. But for some reason 53 is out of the question. For god sake, he made a 50 yd FG with no step!!!
  7. Can someone tell me why Daboll doesn’t scheme plays to get Josh outside the pocket? Roll outs, sprint outs, PA bootlegs, naked bootlegs…. If nothing is there, it makes it easier for Josh to pick up 4-5 yards. Every single play today was, Shotgun 3 step drop. And it allowed Pittsburgh’s defense to just get after it. Daboll has to do better!!!!
  8. NE fumbled like 4 times and lost by 1…. But yes it will be Miami’s home opener and if the offense plays (shotgun 3 step drop every play) then it may be another long day.
  9. I’m letting Bass kick anything inside 55 yds. Wind dependent…. But 4th & 8, to throw the ball 30 yards down the field? I’d say better odds kicking the FG!!!!
  10. 4th & 8, 30 yard pass vs letting Bass kick a 53 yard FG. Bass can kick 60 yards. Give him that chance.
  11. I’ve said it a thousand times… it’s harder on the oline when the defense knows you’re gonna pass.
  12. Shotgun, 3 step drops….. all day. That’s not gonna beat a top defense. Daboll needs to get Josh in space more, roll outs, sprint outs, if nothing… more room to run. Bills offensive plan today sucked!!!!! That’s not gonna work against Pittsburgh
  13. Exactly, every pass was a straight 3 step drop out of shotgun. There was nothing done today to beat a potential top 5 defense.
  14. I’m pissed!!!!! Buffalo is a better team! poor coaching and play calling. Yes bad execution against a tough defense but Daboll sucked today!!!!
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