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  1. No Nsekhe will back up both Tackles, Daryl Williams will back up both Guards.... but I ask, Who’s the backup center? Bates?
  2. I take it Bills found Feliciano’s replacement.... Ford stays at RT- Nsekhe Swing T Daryl Williams swing interior OL.... Dawkins - Spain- Morse- Winters-Ford Who is Backup Center?
  3. Please go somewhere and fight the police and give them everything you got!!!!! Seriously go get Em
  4. Lol you are lost.... something went wrong with you. Go Bills. Jesus these people....
  5. I just can’t with this guy anymore.... it’s to the point I can’t take him serious anymore and I’m starting to feel childish
  6. You don’t have a clue! My nephews have been farming since the age of 9.... I’m telling you they don’t stress and feel like they leave the house it could be the last time they see there family. Just stop already....
  7. You still don’t get it.... because you don’t know... admit you don’t know and regardless of how well you were trained at your job it’s a hard question to answer. Because it is. But you want to down play it cause you’re the man....
  8. Again you have all the answers and you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Farmers do a more dangerous job? You’ve never patrolled the streets, dealt with these situations, you’ve probably never served in the military and have no clue what it’s like to feel threatened. You are just that guy who knows everything but doesn’t have a clue... who would run into adversity and fold because you have zero courage. I’ve seen your kind over the years and you act like everything is so simple. You’ve taken the easy path to everything and always passed blame on something else. Your answers are Bull shiz and pathetic!!! Frickin Farmers!!! You don’t have a clue!!! You’re an idiot!
  9. You got it all figured out... you should write local law enforcement and state government and tell them the best way to handle it. You make it seem so simple and it’s not. I wish things could be that easy and simple. But you understand there’s a lot you don’t know. Have you ever patrolled the streets? Or served in the military, know what it feels like to do a job and put your life on the line? Just curious?
  10. I see where you’re coming from, but how many bottles from the crowd have to be thrown before you try to disperse the crowd? All I can say is it’s a bad situation and I wouldn’t advise my kids or any other kids to go down there at night. It’s asking a lot to have a hundred cops de-escalate a crowd of a thousand or multiple hundreds of people screaming from the get go. One bottles tossed, then another, then a couple more. What do you do?
  11. Some of that may be the problem. But I feel most of the problems stem from antagonists in the crowd. Many write ups state it’s always peaceful during the day. The protesters are actually gathered and doing what they need to do... but as time goes on, day turns to night, things start getting thrown at police, fires are being started, the protesters become more brash and more in your face.... In Portland the fact that individuals were destroyed a federal building, so federal officers were called in to curb the violence. The “protesters” didn’t like it. They retaliated and turned into a back and forth. But the fact they are called protesters is irritating in itself. It’s protest during the day, instigate and destroy at night. And I just have a difference of opinion because I don’t think the police are just attacking people. Are innocent people being pulled in and harmed because of the action of police due to others inciting or at antagonizing? Yes...
  12. I get it.... I’m glad we can agree there is just some BS media out there. But when it’s blatantly lying, caught in the act. Trying to rally others in the name of police brutality even after breaking the law and trying to spread a fire on a federal building. I think that said the whole story pretty much. But yes. We are fed and shown the minimum to feed a narrative. I can be free minded and respect anyone’s opinions and beliefs. I can treat others with respect and dignity regardless of where they stand. But I just can’t follow a narrative that is obvious. It’s on both sides and this anarchy and violence needs to stop.
  13. All black peoples lives do matter!!! What’s your point?
  14. Just stop. You think it’s protesting and I don’t. Fine. That doesn’t make either of us right. and I don’t care who posted the video. The point is the dude acted as if he wasn’t doing nothing. Just like a lot of other people think. “They’re just protesting”.... dude was caught lying, video saw him jump a police barricade, fuel a fire and was shot. Meanwhile the girl acted like he didn’t do anything wrong. BS. If you agree with it, so be it. If you think breaking the law and inciting violence in the name of “protest” is fine, so be it. Is BS and it’s a bunch of losers with nothing better to do, cause obviously they can’t figure out what peaceful protest means. Cause what he was doing says nothing of peaceful protest. BTW how are you going to argue this dude was caught red handed and screamed the cops assaulted him?! How is that propaganda?
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