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  1. Don’t really know…. Bills should win. I just can’t wait until our offense starts clicking again. Diggs is near 100 receptions… Gabe, Dirty and Knox have like 30 each…. We have to get these guys the ball and start making plays. We are going into game 12 and we are talking 30 receptions.
  2. That’s not the question… question is “if he can play”, what attention does that draw from other teams? Especially if he can play. Other teams don’t care much about Shakir. OBJ isn’t a rookie.
  3. I know injuries are and can be different, but Jameson Williams hurt his knee roughly around the same time for Alabama. Theres talks Williams is playing this week. Theres no telling where OBJ is medically or in his rehab unless you have that privilege of knowing. Jerry is an idiot, who knows what he said. As if other teams care what he says.
  4. It makes since…. But the Giants are not going to invest in Daniel Jones. There’s no telling who will be the QB there the next 3 years. I can see that getting frustrating for OBJ and it’s drama all over again.
  5. Been saying for 2 years now…. We’ve seen it a few times, but Ed Oliver needs to play the edge more. No better time than now, but slide him in there more in certain packages for down and distance situations…
  6. I think he means back on the field…. wouldn’t be surprised with how the staff treats injuries is if they ask Von to stay low off his feet for 7-10 days. Then if cleared, do some rehab physical therapy, get used the the injury, be comfortable in playing with the discomfort and pain…. All while wearing a brace. That said maybe the Miami game but probably week 16 vs Chicago Hes needed for the playoffs. I’m saying he misses 2 games, probably 3.
  7. Just cause one says McDs post locker room speeches all seem the same doesn’t mean anything but his speeches seem the same. Ive been a fan for nearly 35 years. Josh Allen is my favorite Bills player ever. Mainly cause we were born and raised in the area. Lol to ask people to have zero opinion and kneel for our savior sounds a little crazy. I’m just simply pointing out McDs post game speeches don’t fire me up obviously as much as everyone else and simply stated they all feel the same. That has nothing to do with being spoiled. And we should have beat the Jets and Jacksonville…. KC fans would feel the same way if they lost to those 2 teams. But Andy Reid and Mahomes would be hard pressed to lose games like that. Why is that? Just curious what you think why that is….. be careful what you say or your response cause you may be called spoiled and told to stfu. Stay humble and hungry ok!
  8. EJ Manuel had the same correct? Was out what…. 3 weeks? To me this always seems like a 2-6 Week ordeal. What did RB Elijah Mitchell just go through?
  9. So in order for Hines to run the ball Josh has to practice? I see things different such as getting away from the running game. Lack of or no ability to have play action. How about a trick play? Um, run Cook on something other than a toss. Double move, pump fake? Not wait until 4th Qtr to get Knox in the game…. I see a lack of creativity. I see WRs consistently running 15 yds down the field, even on 3rd and short. Get Josh under center a few more times a game just to help set up play action and have a different look other than shotgun. They call the QB sweep almost once a game, how about QB sweep action then stop and throw over the top, teams come flying up when they see that… Practice days, injuries etc I get it… sure it makes thing’s tougher. But I just don’t see this offense being to difficult for teams the game plan against. Belichick will be tough next week. Definitely a game we can lose.
  10. I watched the clip first…. Then responded. Then gave his next speech which hopefully comes next Thursday…
  11. Incase you truly don’t know… Greg Rousseau… Groot is what he was called in Miami. Ankle sprain club
  12. Definitely not new…. Been OG Bills message board member years before it started here. Read through the responses, others obviously feel the same about his post games speeches feeling the same. This one did have a big fist bump though lol Add that to mine….. “that was a great win men…. Nothing comes easy, we know where we want to be, stay humble and hungry“
  13. I wouldn’t be to sure of 27s increased workload…. In New England, outdoors with cold weather. I see a couple series once again. Maybe Jets game we see a half.
  14. Lol I’m not hating on him by no means…. I just get the feeling the speech will resemble the last few post game speeches. Next win we get the speech will be, “that was a great win men…. Nothing comes easy, we know where we want to be, stay humble and hungry”
  15. Lol McDs post game speeches do nothing for me…. I feel like they are all the same. Am I alone on feeling that way?
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