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  1. Do your job! You have 1 day to perform. As a military member we don’t have that luxury. Yeah we have bad days, but when it’s go time, you focus, get up for the occasion and don’t let your team down!!! Sundays are your day! Get it done
  2. They made a huge effort to block Garrett. Which is understood. But a few times they went empty backfield and just let dudes rush up the middle. Vs bring Singletary back, or sprint away from Garrett, in which there was Beasley wide open in the flats on a quick out... but the pressure up the middle Allen went to opposite way and threw the ball away.
  3. We’ve seen it where Josh can quickly get the ball out he can easily go 9 of 10 right off the bat. It’s the plays that take time to develop, where all his WRs are 15 yards down the field. He has to shift in the pocket and delivers a bad pass. Im sure after watching film you can find open guys, find mistakes. My point is Daboll needs to help Josh get the ball out quicker. Did nobody see that’s how they helped Baker, get the ball into their play makers hands... quick outs, quickly taking what the defense gives you. Vs let’s keep driving the ball 15 yards down field.
  4. You just look at these teams that continually sit on top... they have some big time play makers, big time talent. Size, weight and speed guys. Buffalo doesn’t have that. Maybe 1 or guys, but it’s all Blue Collar here. Hopefully with a big pocket book and another draft.... aligned with a winning season and a playoff birth Buffalo can attract a few FA at a reasonable price.
  5. I just hope to see Duke back on the active roster...
  6. I just hope these players are pissed off and this loss lights a fire under them. Refocus, tweak the offense, Get Singletary going. Josh has gotta hit one deep and our defense needs a big day! Thing is, I truly don’t know how pissed off these guys are.... I just don’t see the excitement, the fire in this team. They’ve shown it a few times, but I’d like to see it for 4 Qtrs.
  7. Tennessee at 5-5 chomping at the bit for CB help is definitely in the market....
  8. A high level potential CB won’t make it past the bottom 10 on waiver priority. No way do the Bills have a shot.
  9. 3rd and 2..... I know, throw that 15 yard jump ball!!!!
  10. Chase is gonna hit the game winning FG......
  11. My write up on Greenlaw from the Senior Bowl Practices I went too.... Dre Greenlaw Arkansas LB, shorter but solid build brick house. Gets around and is pretty quick. Makes quick reads and diagnoses plays well. Head on a swivel and doesn’t cover grass in zone. All around pretty solid, ILB, May be better WLB Milano type kid. I was impressed with this kid. Definitely high effort, super focused and very vocal talking in the field as far as alignment etc
  12. They messed up bad too.... stuck with it, got it to a legit distance. We were on the 40 yard line with just under a min.... and still didn’t use our timeout
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