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  1. Von Miller over that same span, 144 tackles and 32 Sacks….. vs 29 and 2 for Ingram. He’s a solid veteran presence…. It’s just annoying cause I had a buddy reach out after the news broke saying “Dolphins are gonna be tough to beat”….. why? Not cause of Ingram!
  2. Yeah he was solid his 3rd/4th year in for roughly 3 years…. After that, average at best.
  3. 4 teams in 3 years…… 29 Tackles and 2 sacks in that timeframe!!!! Why is this news????!!!! AJ Epenesa has 28 Tackles 2.5 sacks in last 2 years.
  4. 4 of 6 games to start on the road, leading off with @SB champs and ending with @KC…. That’s a tough start
  5. You act like D1 Guards are only 6 ft 250 lbs… but those NFL guards will be too much for him. The kid can play, you never know until you get to the league. The staff will use his strengths and play to those. He had 20 Tackles and 2 sacks in his final game, against those small guards at Ole Miss an SEC school.
  6. S is what we need… Jaquan Johnson I just never see playing
  7. Would be solid…. But I’d assume the rest of the picks will have to have the athleticism to play STs. Unless they are OL…..
  8. Of the remaining WRs…. I like; Braylon Sanders Ole Miss Josh Johnson Tulsa Slade Bolden Alabama
  9. Yeah. Didn’t seem thrilled. Mom was kicking friends out lol
  10. Obviously they weren’t gonna reach and traded back….
  11. In Florida the rumor was he couldn’t grasp their playbook…… with many players speaking on how difficult the Erhardt Perkins scheme is…. If Daboll feels it’s to much for him there, why would we bring him into the same system here. This is 100% Daboll not trusting this guy to progress in a difficult scheme.
  12. After seeing his 3-Cone weeks ago along with his 40 time…. I question, why can’t he play CB outside?
  13. I love Anderson as well…. He’s the closest guy as far as athleticism and potential, a guy that played against lower competition I’d compare to a Brian Urlacher type. Urlacher was a do it all guy at New Mexico. Personally I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes around picks 45-55. Heard a lot of late round 2.
  14. WR Josh Johnson, Tulsa https://youtu.be/lJbcNbuyP1Q
  15. Troy Anderson has the make up of the next perennial all-pro LB…. Boom or bust guy…. Only cause more is desired being the level of competition he faced in college……. But I’m leaning towards boom!!!
  16. If Olave, McDuffie, Booth Jr, Burks are gone I would contemplate Zion Johnson. Who could also be a Morse replacement in 2 years.
  17. What about a $XX package in get in, partake in event, which would include a raffle to be able to have dinner with said player or players…. Money made off raffles can go to a charity of player or players choice….. say up to 4 winners.
  18. Majority of the reason JA runs or has to run is due to a weak run game!! Singletary is not a legitimate 3 down back. He’s a legit 3rd down back. This team hasn’t had a legit ground team in nearly a decade. It’s pretty clear.
  19. If Jamison Williams is there I think he will easily be the pick. But I think he still goes top 20. Next is CB, I think Trent McDuffie is their guy, I think he would excel in this defense but I think he also goes top 20. Next is CB Booth Jr from Clemson. His legitimately in play at 25, potentially WR Burks as well. Booth and Burks are your legitimate picks.
  20. Draft…. There’s huge value at the end of round 1 with guys they may have be there at 25…. Either McDuffie or Booth Jr is my guess.
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