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  1. I hope this is a vendetta game too! Pittsburgh has always gave us trouble and kind of embarrassed us last year opening the season!
  2. Ryan… Wendell. He played C for the Patriots. Not sure of his role but I know this cause he went to Fresno State.
  3. Calling Gabe Davis!!!!! Gabe Davis where are you????!!!
  4. Buffalo is playing for the FG…. butt there’s the 2 min and Baltimore has 2 timeouts.
  5. I feel like that’s how the DTs are playing…. Keep your eyes in the backfield and just get your arms up. They aren’t stunting, no bill rush nothing. Just a lazy rush and throwing their arms up, watch them
  6. Need to get Josh out of the pocket to throw every now and then…
  7. What makes McD not want Bass to kick it through the end zone?
  8. 3rd down the ball should be in Josh Allen’s hands…. Throw it or run it!!!!!
  9. Plain and simple every team wants to beat us more than we want to beat them
  10. The intensity from week 1 has dwindled down every week since…. Id be running 5 guys up front on D the entire game. Make their Oline guess who’s coming. Our ends can’t create the pressure as normal without Phillips and Oliver.
  11. We need our DTs back!!!! Baltimore is gonna run all day long
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