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  1. I like having to struggle to come up with a good answer to this one.
  2. Explain to me why we would want to help out the Jets by taking the Bell contract? They screwed themselves for the next few years with this year's off season moves.
  3. I felt last year was pretty clear that he lost a serious steps. I know the line was garbage, but speed wasn't there even when there were gaps for him to sneak through. By the end of next season I wouldn't expect him to be the lead back unless Singeltary is hurt or struggles. ...That being said, I'm not trading for or paying Bell.
  4. Florida DA is totally screwed in this case.. They basically made false/illegal claim of a sex trafficking claims (which were not true) to illegally obtain videos, and is now leaking information to try and get Kraft to crack and take a plea deal. Kraft doesn't give a F, and is going to make annihilate them with his legal resources.
  5. Wow what bravery making a prediction that the Buffalo Bills won't make the playoffs... That's like claiming the Browns finishing in last place the previous 10 years as a 'hot take'. Bills are on the upswing, so that 'easy-money' prediction from years past will be going away shortly.. hopefully this year.
  6. 2008 when Donte Whitner guaranteed we'd make the playoffs. I was 100% on board. We started 5-1 > Trent Edwards Injury > Finished 7-9
  7. So in a year where the roster talent is significantly depleted we see an increase in penalties. Shocking.
  8. It will be a great for last year's draft to be the most memorable Bills draft over the next 20 years.
  9. Agreed, a lot falls on Trubisky at this point. But don't forget, there's not much money or 1st round draft picks that they will be able to add who can help him out anymore. They basically set out to sail, and won't be able to course correct for years. Risky move to make without an established quarterback IMO. To your original point, you're right that we need to know what actual cost to get Clowny would be to make it worth it obviously. I'm assuming he would be coming in at an inflated premium. ....Good thing we traded up for Sammy Watkins and when we could have taken Mack ☹️
  10. This was the one I was actually thinking too. But I don't think the Bills are currently in the same 'state' as the Patriots were when they signed Gilmore. Bears bounced in round 1, but time will tell I suppose for this one.
  11. I disagree that, "that's what wins in the NFL" Name the last super bowl winning team that can justify a FA splash signing was what possibly got them over the hump.
  12. This is the logic that was employed for so many years and failed in Buffalo... why would you want to go back to this model?? You put so much pressure on whatever new player to not only match his previous play (from a totally different system).. AND to also stay healthy!
  13. Clowney on a rookie deal - YES Clowney on his next contract - No As good as he is, I just don't see deals like this fitting the mold of a perennial winning organization.
  14. Somewhat agree.. but late 2nd round/early 3rd at the earliest. I'm not using a 1st round pick on a back-up qb.
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