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  1. Can you elaborate? I'm not familiar with what this means but am interested.
  2. No win this week is going to provide any super bowl confidence. It's the Jets. The Bills have work to do in order to get to being a playoff contender (meaning has a chance to make a playoff run). It's going to take several weeks and possibly the entire season to get there. They need to do the following... -Shore up the Run D -Start running the ball -Figure out how to get a pass rush going, at minimum in game-critical situations.
  3. Agreed, totally should have gone for 2 in this game. Essentially kicking the PAT last night was an equivalent decision as going for 2 with no time left while the PAT could have tied the score. This was more aggressive to kick the PAT, and go for the win with 2-touchdowns.
  4. Had the Bills somehow put up 30 points, the Chiefs would have scored 40+... Don't kid yourself. I will say, the D looked like they finally came alive during the 4th quarter. They looked like they were playing hard.
  5. This site needs a down-vote button
  6. I think some people don't understand what the word 'rebuild' means, or what it looks like over several seasons... Idiotic to think that McDermott's end goal for the offense was what you saw any of the past few years or even what today's offense looks like.
  7. Teams should just be required to forfeit their games until they justify returning to league play... that's the only way you can stop it from spreading to other teams.
  8. FATIGUE! At least I'm hoping this is the case. No pre-season and who knows how much guys could do on the off-season. Hopefully they get their legs back in a couple more weeks But, I thought the defense looked like last year for the first 2.5 quarters. I predicted/called the Rams interception before it happened based on how difficult the Bills were making in on the Rams to even gain 3-4 yards early on. Regardless, run-D seems to be the weak point of our team... however so long as they can be serviceable then our coaching, blitz schemes, and secondary can cause some legit problems for other teams, especially with our offense keeping the pedal down.
  9. Bulldog and Schopp or whoever are bozos. Don't waste your energy listening to them piss and moan.
  10. All I'm saying is that delaying a scheduled game does nothing. There's a lot of money that could be lost by networks that do have a voice in lobbying among politicians. A full on strike by all black athletes could push this hand.. I can't say this for certain, but basically the single game postponing is laughable IMO
  11. If they sit out until changes are made, then I'll respect these decisions, until then it's hollow.
  12. Bengals paying criminals.. is this stuff still news?
  13. wahhhhh wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. These articles are so old and boring. It's make or break year until next year when it's another make or break year.. Football has more variables that go into a player or team's success than any other sport. Just take it a game at a time.
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