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  1. Jobot

    Brady makes deal with the devil

    I may get roasted for this, but Gisele is not attractive. I would not touch her.
  2. Howwww is this something that people follow 😂
  3. Jobot

    Superstars Leaving A Team Question

    Was that all in the same year?
  4. Jobot

    Superstars Leaving A Team Question

    Danny Briere and Chris Drury
  5. Jobot

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    So are ratings meaningless then? What is the financial benefit of an LA team if this is the case? I'm assuming that there is a reason.
  6. Jobot

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    The longer he plays the better the chance he has to retire 'not on his own terms' They've already accomplished everything, they could win the next 2 superbowls and I'd feel the same way as I feel today.. Let the guy go out in a blaze of broken old man bones!
  7. Jobot

    Who's more overrated...goff or mcvay

    Goff looked pretty bad last night. But if you told me that would have been the end result before the game, it wouldn't have been an earth shattering take.. Remember when Tyrod put up 3 points on Jax?... I wonder if Rams fans (actually don't know if they exist) are looking to move on from Goff?
  8. Where's the a-hole of an a-hole?
  9. No I think he's actually an idiot.. they quoted him saying "I just bought a house, now what do I do"
  10. Totally Agree.. Rams likely don't even make the playoffs without those two.. and the Bills would be in the Super Bowl.. Great call!
  11. Throughout his career, whenever Rex had a good defense, it was because he had a 'generational' talent on his team. Baltimore Ray Lewis Jets had Revis allowed him to take half the field away from the other team. He's average at best without those types of players and I think there are plenty of other competent coaches who would have accomplished the same thing at minimum. So... not really impressed with him and I don't see why anyone would hire this guy for anything. Also he sucks on ESPN, so maybe I wouldn't mind seeing him leave.
  12. Solution - play cupid and set your young qb up with with rich/famous model so he doesn't have to care about money.
  13. I don't think anyone can be fully bought into Josh Allen at this point after not even a 16 games of work. I would say the same thing for all the other 2018 rookie qbs.
  14. Jobot

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    What were his stats pre and post injury this year?