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  1. I think they've only pedal to the metal once this year, and it was against the Jets last night because Bellichick holds grudges. Once games are in hand, Bellichick has been known to run weird formations with the sole intention of throwing off other teams metrics and analytics. I don't think you get the full force of the Patriots until playoffs. This is what scares me about assuming how close the Bills actually are to NE competitively.
  2. Maybe? I guess it makes me think of the Gronkowski family, with Robb having the far and away HOF career, and next best was a serviceable full back career.
  3. I think if you're comfortable with Allen's current performances, you should be comfortable with getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Allen has still got a ways to go for this team to get where all us fans want to go.
  4. ESPN is so lame. Their goal was clearly to just capture some talk and views from New York fan base regardless if they were right or wrong about Jones. They pander to everyone who will throw them a bone, it's not sports talk, it's producers begin paid by networks telling reporters what their opinions are. I guess we shouldn't be surprised when they do the same when it comes to China. Steven-A gave the most disgraceful bit on justifying why Lebron shouldn't be criticized over his recent comments.
  5. From watching weeks 1-7, they are not a super bowl caliber team. Can this team improve to change that narrative by week 17? It's very possible based on the pieces and ceiling of many of the players. That's why we keep watching.
  6. My criticism of Allen so far this year isn't that he takes off too quickly, but it seems like he goes through his progressions with a sense of greed..by passing up easy dump offs, so by the time he finds his deeper routes to be covered he looks lost and indecisive of whether to run or not. It felt like last year he was much 'safer' when running the ball, because the designed runs as well as his improvised runs had intention.
  7. Agreed, definitely too frequent. I think 1-2 well designed run-plays per game makes sense, but the goal of the mid-game sneaks play needs to be better defined.. like do we need Allen to pick up 20 yards, or are just trying to keep the defense off balance, make it clear to Allen so he's not getting pounded.
  8. I think in general, the outside world 'us' are always stoked about rookie draft picks and want too much too soon. But for the organization, it's basically another new hire.. It makes sense to not want to gush about some guy that hasn't even been in the building for a full year.
  9. AFC is definitely watered down. But still, you figure someone's gotta get the win when two teams play. Crazy to see such a favorable strength of schedule.
  10. Going 12-4 and traveling for a road playoff game against the 9-7 Ravens would suck IMO. Regardless, future is bright, and hopefully we can best NE in Foxboro week 16.
  11. I know it's obvious, but it's just gonna suck if we end up a wild card team with the 2nd best record in the AFC
  12. It makes you only challenge significant calls. I'm not sure the number, but it is VERY rare to ever get 2 challenges changed in your favor so I'm fine with this.
  13. Idk, it's wayy too often that I see a play get challenged in a college game, very clearly know myself what the call should be, and at the same time I also assume that the college ref will get it wrong... and they often do.
  14. Saints fans are the biggest bunch of babies complaining about that call. Completely ignored all the awful calls that went their way that game.
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