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  1. Force feed ads that you have to click on is the latest greatest craze! Maybe if I'm positive about this forum my post won't get taken down? Either way, super great call leaders!
  2. The one weakness won't even matter if the Bills can solidify a run game and get some TE production. Great signing.
  3. Every team has a draft board that lists every player from 1 through whatever.. Unless you're sitting at #1, nothing is guaranteed.
  4. What I love about the NFL is there's no shortcut to being a super bowl contending team. (Maybe Brady is the only exception) But you have to win in the draft, free agency, player development, coaching, and scheme.. Sure you can hit on a few of these and make some noise in the playoffs, but the super bowl winners hit on all of these.
  5. 100% agree that teams are giving up too much. If you're right, and get your guy, all is well. But if San Fran whiffs on this pick.. they're set back 3-4 years, and probably more from the earliest point when they could be a legit contender.
  6. It's not a conscience that stops these teams from trading for him, it's public opinion.. which will hit their wallets and cause massive distractions. No one wants to start answering the millions of questions that come with making this trade right now. He's totally not getting traded until this gets resolved which might take years.
  7. The Bills have consistently been improving for 4 years now.. Why do think that they will decide, "okay this is good enough for us"..? Truth is, the Bills will be more improved this year thanks to an amazing coaching staff, culture, FAs brought in, upcoming draft, and added year of continuity of players in the system.
  8. Shouldn't be that surprising considering the total roster rebuild and turnover that Beane/McDermott undertook.
  9. Did you watch Allen last year? Allen is a veteran, period. He took some shots in the playoffs, sure.. but he knows what he's doing out there, now. Mitch signed with the Bills BECAUSE of Josh Allen's development. If you want to get better as a quarterback, Buffalo TODAY, is arguably the top destination in NFL history.
  10. Wow. The insane amount of hard work these guys put in.. it's beautiful, impressive, and extends to so many people in Buffalo and the world. Win or Lose, I love our team.
  11. That's gotta be what they see in Sanders, right? He can beat the press coverage even if he's a bit banged up? I honestly wasn't thrilled to see that much money go to a 33 year old WR on the decline.
  12. Makes sense. I read into that as Beane having a responsible $ ceiling with every roster position, and when the price goes out of reach.. he walks away from the table. It's refreshing compared to seeing other teams overspend out of fear that someone else gets the player.
  13. No matter how high our trajectory is right now.. Gronk wants to play with Brady, so I wouldn't stress too much over this. They're also defending super bowl champs.
  14. It's time to expect more from JA. When you have a talented qb, he should now be expected to elevate the play of the offense. Foreign concept for us Bills fans, I know.. but money to Josh isn't just money spent on Josh... it should be seen as money spent on the entire offense.
  15. Maybe we need to wait for the contract details.. but wasn't this board previously touting 10mil/year for Milano as walk-away from the table money?
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