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  1. All thoughts do not need to become posts on the internet.
  2. I'm gonna get the ***** JETS game prioritized where I am. Last week we played on thanks giving. Did they show Bills/Denver game over the Jets?
  3. What if making the kick had the opposite reaction. Bills go into a superbowl hangover, miss the playoffs next year, slowly decline, never build up the amazing fan base that resulted from 4 consecutive super bowl appearances... Eventually there isn't enough fan base to support the team and the Bills get moved! Beware the butterfly effect!
  4. You can either simulate his speed or his size/strength, but not both.
  5. Zero chance that he's bitter. He made the decision to retire.
  6. I can... if it gives the PATs a first round bye and they somehow win another superbowl because of it. Obviously it's impossible to know 'what could have happened', but that's the thought.
  7. Assuming the OP is watching football for the first time this year. No worries bud, we're ok.
  8. The winner between the Cowboys running game and the Bills run defense will win this game.
  9. Jerry Jones is a clown. He's just a pre-madonna that has to go crying to the media for attention when he gets upset. This tells me that he is not a leader. This tells me he is not a competent decision maker. The cowboys will never win another Super Bowl while he's the owner.
  10. Since prior to the Week 1, it was always about the team improving as the year went on. It appears they're trending in the right direction. Come playoffs they'll have to be better than they are today. The next few weeks will be fun to watch.
  11. You can fine the guy, but you don't highlight it on a big screen to shame the guy. That's a blatant sign of weak and pathetic leadership by Gase. Good luck Jets fans... he ain't gonna right the ship.
  12. Yeah.. that's a tough one, that word "forward," it has such an ambiguous definition, right?? Like did it go forward or did it not?!
  13. Rule 8 Forward Pass, Backward Pass, Fumble Section 1 Forward Pass DEFINITION Article 1 Definition It is a forward pass if: (a) the ball initially moves forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line) after leaving the passer’s hand(s); or (b) the ball first strikes the ground, a player, an official, or anything else at a point that is nearer the opponent’s goal line than the point at which the ball leaves the passer’s hand(s). Read above.. arm motion don't mean jack. It's from where the ball leaves the hand to where it lands on the field.
  14. Already established on other threads that it should have been a fumble bud.
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