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  1. Not if we can secure the 1 seed and have the playoffs come through Buffalo.
  2. Nope, OP is just wrong. Take homefield 10/10, no reason Josh can't be Josh in those games.. Also, if Allen can't throw the ball because of the weather, imagine what Tannehill is going to look like!
  3. Thought it was last game of the season.. nvm I guess. But still, F***, Rex Ryan.
  4. Rex claimed he had a winning record that year, such a piece of trash that guy. Won a meaningless game, hurt the Bills draft status.
  5. I mean... when linebackers need to stack up 3 yards behind LOS... I just can't imagine a scenario where they could be given a good grade. There's no linebacker that's ever played the game that could start off in that position and then also drop into coverage successfully against an AJ brown reciever.
  6. Yeah total failure that Beane.. not like he built a super bowl favorite or anything.
  7. As crazy as it sounds.. I would have had less confidence in our D stopping Henry after a Makenzie TD compared to confidence in our offense using up the rest of the clock with a game winning TD.
  8. Our defense is built to defend mobile qbs, not to stop derrick henry. Our offense is built to stop Derrick Henry, unfortunately the titans hung around because we settled for field goals early on. Even with this, the Bills convert that 4th down 9 times out of 10 and win that game.
  9. This is the worst take that I have ever seen on this board with respect to the Pats... The legit the only deciding reason I wanted the cowboys to win that game was for the insufferable spoiled patriots fans to experience pain.
  10. There should be some sort of performance review, no doubt. Apparently these guys average $200k per game.
  11. When did Rich Eisen get so friggin annoying??
  12. Lucky for us, Buffalo has the luxury to allow Knox to play and further develop his route running ability all season long. This team has always been about trajectory and improvement at every level.
  13. Remember when we used to be envious of the Brady taking team friendly deals... Well this entire team now wants to be in Buffalo, and stay together. I realize it sounds crazy, but McDermott legit built a family in Buffalo. No one wants to leave, they're all in it together. Buffalo will be on top as long as McDermott is there.
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