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  1. It was a Charles Clay effort away from being that... the throw was plenty good enough in this league.
  2. Jobot

    Youse is in for a treat

    Wow a REAL New Yorka!!! That accent (that you typed for some reason) seems so smooth and natural... goes great with that sub-average intellect! Thanks for stopping by
  3. Jobot

    Can Money Buy the Bills a Spot in the 2019 Playoffs?

    Haha idk...This is a totally different team with Allen's scrambling ability. The defense is pretty much already there... they're just going to get better going forward. They're gonna finish the next 4 games at 3-1 likely. Playoffs next year seem very realistic especially when adding some talent on the offense.
  4. Jobot

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    You need both... you can't just have just a team of low budget draft picks that you hope develop over the next several years... Because even if your dream scenario pans out, they're all gonna be up for huge contracts at the same time. It's a revolving door. The idea isn't to give Julio a 5-year massive contract, but you would front load him, maybe a 3-year deal, hopefully be able to develop some young guys behind, while trying to win a super bowl.. which is the idea after all.
  5. Jobot

    Can Money Buy the Bills a Spot in the 2019 Playoffs?

    I think its safe to assume some of the $80mil will go to support the offense next year. Regardless, if the season started over today, this team looks playoff ready.
  6. Jobot

    Why I gave up on the process

    Great timing for this post! I mean It's not like RIGHT NOW is hands down the most optimistic period from the past 20 years or anything...
  7. Jobot

    Bills fans thoughts on our meltdown this year?

    The guy needs a coach like Belicheck that doesn't give a damn what he's accomplished in the past. Otherwise, I hate to say it, but he appears to be a cancer on the team. He's looked miserable playing this year since week 1 and for several years now... I wonder if he even likes Football. The only time he looked like he was enjoying himself was 2nd half of week 1 after he took a bunch of pain killers and they rallied to beat the Bears.
  8. No way was it the worst ever... Had Clay stayed in the back of the endzone, THEN it would have been the worst pass ever.
  9. Had Clay made an NFL caliber play on the last play of the game... Allen would have won this.
  10. Jobot

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    All depends what other free agents we try and go for. If we lose out on some other guys, it wouldn't surprise me to send Julio a front-loaded contract. Gotta spend the money somewhere. But IMO i think there will be better options to set fire to all this free cap space!
  11. It's after the play, we wouldn't be given the ball back regardless.
  12. it's after the play, so it would still have been miami ball.
  13. Just wait for him to learn how to put some touch on the ball and this guy is gonna be something.
  14. Immediately said this upon the incompletion.. But it makes Allens throw even more impressive... he got the ball to a lazy/gassed/whatever receiver that still should have caught the damn ball.