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  1. Bulldog and Schopp or whoever are bozos. Don't waste your energy listening to them piss and moan.
  2. All I'm saying is that delaying a scheduled game does nothing. There's a lot of money that could be lost by networks that do have a voice in lobbying among politicians. A full on strike by all black athletes could push this hand.. I can't say this for certain, but basically the single game postponing is laughable IMO
  3. If they sit out until changes are made, then I'll respect these decisions, until then it's hollow.
  4. Bengals paying criminals.. is this stuff still news?
  5. wahhhhh wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. These articles are so old and boring. It's make or break year until next year when it's another make or break year.. Football has more variables that go into a player or team's success than any other sport. Just take it a game at a time.
  7. The officer doesn't believe in breathalyzer data and also believe the Earth is flat. We must respect his ignorance in all aspects of life. 100% agree. But can't blindly give all police benefit of the doubt any longer until they reform training and qualifications.
  8. But he did so well in Miami! I laughed when the Jets hired him. No surprise that Gase is still a dud.
  9. Fascinating how "Protect the Shield" was always targeted towards NFL PLAYERS who smoked a little grass... And now the the billionaire owners are finally being exposed for being actual pieces of *****!
  10. I see that the Browns are still making Browns decisions...
  11. If both sides have the mentality of winning first, it makes sense. Mahomes gets what, $400-500million..so not too shabby, Chiefs get 10-years to strategically add pieces around the best qb in the game, and will have a bargain during the second half of his contract allowing them to bring in some top free agents. Sure Mahommes could sign two smaller length deals and end up with more cash, but how much money does he really need (don't forget endorsements outside of his paycheck)
  12. wth is the black national anthem? Never heard of it. Don't really care, but the changes getting made by BLM are a joke, (Again none of them bother me) but none of this stuff is going to make the lives of black people any better. Remove some statues, change product names, fire a bunch of openly racists on facebook.
  13. In Football, you can't have a glaring "hole" on your team and be considered a "Good Team". You can have the most sophisticated radar/navigation system on the planet, but without the other pieces in place, you get exposed and the ship gets shot down quickly. I think this has been made so apparent by the current regime in plugging up the holes that caused the entire ship to sink in previous years. This is the only true "TEAM" that I can remember watching take the field in Buffalo.
  14. Seems like a stretch.. but if the inevitable signing of a 3rd round pick brings you some joy, then great I guess. Because it was inevitable, and honestly I'd consider this more of a team update than 'news'... consider the magnitude of the two things being compared I guess.
  15. I never had an issue with him taking a knee. Some of the things he says are just ignorant or just don't make any sense. It's too bad he didn't get some smart minds behind what he was trying to achieve when he had the platform. I don't see him being very impact moving forward.
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