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  1. While I don't disagree with you, this is exactly what he has done in KC. So for some reason he couldn't be a "role player" in Buffalo perhaps.
  2. The success he's had with multiple teams is what does it for me. Shoe in if he wins next week.
  3. Never break more than one law at a time.
  4. I feel like this already happens in a roundabout way by teams taking players with bloated contracts as part of trade deals.
  5. There's gotta be more to the Haushka story. The guy set the consecutive 50+ field goal record... I gotta believe he wasn't fully healthy all year long.
  6. I'm rooting for the Chiefs. Jimmy G was gift wrapped this situation and I don't think he has proved himself enough to warrant a superbowl win. Andy Reid has put in a lifetime of work for this. I hope he gets it.
  7. Good point. I do feel like I saw numerous 'glimpses' of what they were trying to do on offense throughout the year. At times the O-line was beyond stellar in pass protection, receivers this year were much better, and Allen's improvements were glaring. But as for production, and to your point, the results(points) were not consistent. The biggest reason for this IMO is because Allen still needs to improve route timing. Secondly adding one more receiver will also help. I was actually talking about the wild card game earlier today and came to the consensus that the Duke Williams "drop"/inability to come down with the touchdown on the drive that stalled via JJ Watt sack WOULD have likely changed our perception 100% about how the offense performed. So to me, that shows just how close this team is to being the legit power house we want to see.
  8. I disagree. Add an impact pass rusher and this defense is lights out IMO.
  9. Surprised by the hate on this forum towards Clowney. My previous concern with the guy was he seemed the type of player to make a big payday and coast. He played HARD against Green Bay. I would love to have this guy in Buffalo if this is his attitude!
  10. This defense is trending insanely high. Whatever criticism you have is infinitely outweighed by this regime and their ability to make MASSIVE improvements year over year. You're kidding yourself if you think this defense is a finished product. It will get better. There isn't a single aspect of this team that hasn't improved or transitioned in the right direction since Beane and McDermott arrived in Buffalo.
  11. Maybe the measurable are similar, but Duke is nowhere near the same talent as Boldin was.
  12. Ah, yup. Could have been game over. Damn. Crazy how one play would have made everyone feel and perceive this team and offense SO differently!
  13. Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings.. I'll change my answer...Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the whole wide world. I vote one million percent!
  14. Didn't feel too conservative. Lots of throws, just poor offensive execution. The ball to Duke Williams in the endzone could have sealed the game.
  15. That ball to Duke in the end zone was a beauty... wish it had been caught. Don't recall if they still scored a TD on that drive.
  16. See... turns out it would have been better to miss the playoffs!
  17. It's ironic that nothing in Alanis Morisette's "Isn't it Ironic" is actually ironic. Just like this post.
  18. You're worried about one Adam Gase led team and another that just had fire sale and dumped all of their talented players?
  19. After this Houston loss, and giving the benefit of the doubt following losses to Baltimore and NE (PLUS 2- pitiful drives against the Jets), it's so hard for me NOT to attribute a large portion of his perceived improvements to the easy schedule. I think the offense as a whole was exposed during the final stretch of the year. It all comes down to when Allen is able to 'mask' at least the deficiencies of the offense with his play... which he is currently not able to do so.
  20. If he actually said something like that, then you are definitely misinterpreting what he meant.
  21. The offense didn't show up beyond a couple gimmick plays and one other drive. The refs are 0% to blame for this loss. Hopefully some more experience next year plus a couple free agent additions makes the necessary offensive improvements for this team to compete. They don't even need to be great but do need to be at least a top 20 offense...
  22. I feel like half of the misses were against Jets kickers... It would be interesting if there were a way to track speed of pass rush or something else to correlate with missed kicks.
  23. The Bills are at a caliber where they can realistically beat any team that lacks a top 5 defense. Allen is 1-year away from removing that as a limitation of the team. If we can avoid Baltimore, NE, and San Fran, then we have a legitimate chance to win.
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