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  1. That's one way of looking at it but a few years from now all of Bills mafia is going to realize we kept the wrong GM/HC, actually come Feb if my prediction holds true. Also all the talk that Daboll is part of the 'McD coaching tree' is silly, he's obviously from the Belichik coaching tree if anything.
  2. What exactly do you want me to post? Private messages and confidential emails???
  3. Probably the same results because coaching matters in the equation and Zac Taylor >>>>>>> McD. But given how special Joe Burrow is it's truly hard to know, remember this guy has been a star since high school unlike JA17 and even Mahomes for that matter.
  4. Belichik and the Patriots didn't it for years and is one of the major reasons why they dominated the AFCE (and entire league) the greater part of 20 years. Remember our old friend Lawyer Milloy? I like Hyde and Poyer and they've been great players for this team. This is not up for debate. But I think all the warning signs are there if you trust the local media pundits in regards to both of them looking a step slower in camp/preseason.
  5. Hyde essentially missed all of last season and is on the wrong side of 30. And now alas we are hearing about a back injury (which is obviously not a minor problem for anyone that has had back issues) If it was up to me I would have moved on. Also there's a reason his running mate didn't get much interest on the FA market either.
  6. Of course not and not to minimize that great performance but they caught a break playing a fading Patriots team at the right time. Again, JA17 can take the next step in the playoffs at some point but won't be with the current regime.
  7. I was tempted to also pick them to go on a run for a perfect 17-0 season but Tua's health still a question mark. Regardless still a ridiculous stacked roster and I like that goofy mofo McDaniel to lead the Dolphins to the #1 seed this year and AFFCG appearance before ultimately losing to Bengals who go on to win SB.
  8. 5-2 career playoff record 3-1 career road playoff record in AFC (including @ KC and @ BUF) 1 SB appearance and led until late in 4th quarter Again no one is bashing JA17 but at the end of the day if you polled 32 NFL GM's, pretty much all of them would take Burrow over JA17 based on current body of work. And 31 out of 32 would certainly take Mahomes.
  9. Ugghhhhh who didn't see this coming? The truly great NFL GM's in this league know when to move on from aging veterans and it was a massive mistake bringing back all these guys, especially at their current contracts. This is why I predict that Rapp will supplant Hyde or Poyer as starter sooner than later so I guess give Beane credit for that contingency plan.
  10. JA17 is still a very special talent but unfortunately he doesn't seem to have the 'it' factor in the postseason like Mahomes/Burrow, outside of the '13 seconds' debacle when he played the game of his career only to be let down by horrendous coaching. Hopefully his next coach will truly bring out the best in him and elevate him to aforementioned QB's levels.
  11. I'm not either. I was really torn between my heart and gut feeling but can't go against natural instinct anymore and hold on to delusions that this team is a SB contender anymore. The sad thing is that in hindsight they never were and there's a reason why they have been bounced out of the divisional round 2 years in a row by superior teams. Best case is if this team does crash and burn this year Terry Pegula gets real angry and impulsive and dumps both McD/Beane for a wartime regime especially with the bad taste in his mouth for millions of out of pocket overrages for the new stadium.
  12. Bengals would be stupid not to. Burrow is a truly special talent and I still see him as '1B' to Mahomes. I think Bengals win their first SB this year too which will reignite the best QB in the NFL debate and still wouldn't be surprised if he eventually surpasses Mahomes in terms of championships in the coming years.
  13. Because they are superstars that want to get paid and going leverage that in hopes their teams see what a glaring hole they have on the roster without them in the lineup. 49ers obviously in more trouble than Chiefs because they don't have an elite franchise QB.
  14. I've felt for some time this iteration of the Bills needs their 'Bruce Smith'. Von Miller seemed to play that role to a certain degree last year, but what is really lacking is a disruptive force up front in their prime. (i.e. Chris Jones and why he's so important to the Chiefs and their recent SB wins.)
  15. If the Jets can pound the ball at will against this dline the game will be over quickly and Rogers won't even be a factor. Dalvin Cook killed this team last year but not sure what Breece Hall snap count will be out of the gate.
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