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  1. They are 2-2 and still have room for improvement but it's no secret that both their HC and GM are on a very hot seat this year. It was also a very dumb move to give Murray a big contract extension as he's the most overrated QB in this league after Deshawn Watson.
  2. Fair enough and also why I didn't include Tua in my current top 5 conversation in that other thread. My point is that based on Tua's numbers in his first 4 games (2 of which he didn't play the entire game) he's on pace for an elite season as far as the metrics go. Obviously if he misses extended time beyond the Jets game that changes things. Also not disagreeing with the point about his durability in this league as well based on his history.
  3. I'd still like to see a larger body of work before jumping to conclusions but it's no secret this team has built some quality depth the last few years. I think the real test of the future of safety for this team will be what the position looks like next year without both Hyde and Poyer which still think this the likely outcome all fans should be expecting.
  4. I'm sure it will be the exact opposite knowing this team but things would likely have to go seriously wrong to lose this one. Never under estimate the boost a team gets with a QB change though, luckily TJ Watt still not ready to play though.
  5. Edwards didn't have the previous body of work that Tua does, specifically being a top 5 draft pick.
  6. Seahawks - a lot of folks thought they'd be in contention for the #1 overall pick next year but Geno Smith of all QB's is balling right now and if it keeps up they could definitely be in contention for the playoffs. KC/AFCW - Not nearly as good as advertised so far and KC looks like they are not only going to run away with this division but the best team in the AFC/NFL. Bills and every other team will likely have to go through KC yet again in playoffs. Giants - Still not sure they are legit but give Daboll/Schoen credit for trying their best 2017 Bills impersonation so far. Steelers - take away their fluke OT win in week one and this is a very bad team, might be in the #1 overall pick conversation. AFCE - Bills and Dolphins where I expected, Pats still not toast and Jets look a bit better than expected so far. Overall this might be best division in football Jaguars - Came down to earth again yesterday but this is a team with legit playoff/division title aspirations under Doug Pederson.
  7. I don't think Tomlin had much of a choice as Trubisky has failed miserably in his 2nd chance as an NFL starting QB. And don't think this changes much because the Steelers are pretty bad on both sides of the ball right now.
  8. This is a bit misleading as neither Jones or Taylor have been ruled out for next weeks game.
  9. I'm rooting for Tua because he's a human being, which is more important than football and his career right now. But pre-injury to the Bengals he was on pace for an MVP type of season and hopefully he's able to pick up where he left off assuming he will be able to play again soon.
  10. IMO he especially if you can't name 4 or 5 other QB's you would take over him in the bigger picture. Allen and Mahomes are the only ones I would take over him right now. Not including guys like Brady and Rogers because they are in the twilight of their careers. I'd also add Joe Burrow to that list, ,maybe Herbert but he still has to at least make the playoffs first. And guys like Dak Prescott and Kyler Murray may have got paid but they aren't better IMO, same thing with the ridiculous Watson trade and deal and he's not even top 10 probably.
  11. I'm still not writing off the Patriots especially after nearly winning in GB yesterday behind a 3rd string rookie thrust into action early in the game. This Zappe kid may be yet another late round/UDFA type of find by Belichik. Also important to note they were 1-3 last year too before winning 8 games in a row and emerging as the #1 seed in the AFC down the stretch before they hit the skids late.
  12. Lamar is a top 5 QB in this league but he's not going to have much leverage for a better deal if the Raven's keep blowing big leads because it's on him and the offense to keep the foot on the pedal as much as it is the defense giving up points in bunches.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but both Milano and Edmunds have looked much better behind the best dline this team has had since McD has been here. Daquan Jones is probably the biggest under the radar signing this team made in the offseason and is everything Star L wasn't for this team. Going to be hard to keep him long term though probably if this keeps up.
  14. This really sucks for Tua because he's emerged as one of the league's elite QB this year. Hopefully he'll be good to soon but I still think the Dolphins will be more than fine without him, at least this week against the Jets who they should handle fairly easily. If they were to lose Bills would be able to leapfrog into 1st place with a win against the Steelers which I think has a high probability of happening at this point.
  15. There's probably some truth to that given the circumstances, I also think KC was extra motivated after what happened in the SB a few years ago. But overall the Chiefs now have a very balanced offense led by some ridiculous young studs on their oline which is the right formula for winning games in Dec/Jan/Feb. Just hate that this team isn't going away any time soon and will likely be in the Bills path to a SB as long as Allen is here.
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