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  1. If JA17 didn't explode on the scene the last few years what evidence is there this team would have been where they are? Not saying we'd be a 3 win team but folks are giving too much credit to Beane/McDermott especially when the evidence is there that JA17's development had more to do with his own raw talent and Daboll's influence vs anything McDermott has done.
  2. Feliciano was a waste of space and another bad move in hindsight when you consider it indirectly led to Wyatt Teller being traded because guys like Bobby Johnson thought he was a better player. But he's not completely wrong about this defense. Some folks like myself have cited this scheme/coaching as a major issue for some time despite the misleading yards allowed numbers, especially last year. Yes this defense has looked like world beaters against rookies and backup caliber competition through the years. But face a real NFL QB and/or physical style running team and they are consistently exposed and as soft as it gets (especially the resident whipping by Edmunds who plays as small as possible against said teams in big games). I think Von Miller will certainly help on the pass rush front, but there's zero evidence that it's not going to be more of the same this year and the hot takes out there about this defense taking a big step back (in terms of overall rankings) this year aren't necessarily that bold when you consider the type of QB's we'll be seeing week in and week out.
  3. Not necessarily the best season statistically but still gaudy numbers like Brady used to post year in and year out with marginal talent around him at the skill positions. And what I really mean is he'll be front and center in the MVP discussion again because I do agree that KC is probably going to fall off a bit this year and there's a good chance they don't win the division and finally go the WC route in the playoffs and on the road for the first time in Mahomes career not including the SB.
  4. To his credit most of his deals have been team friendly so to speak despite the frontloaded guaranteed money and even the mega deal we gave a 33 year old pass rusher is not as bad as it seems on the surface. He's definitely misfired on a few (most notably the absurd Star L deal and restructure) but it happens. But make no mistake about it, you can only kick the can down the road so far like Beane and other GM's like Veach in KC are doing. Eventually you have to pay the pipe which makes the current window that is open much more critical to secure at least one SB appearance and win.
  5. Both Beane and McDermott will ultimately be judged on whether or not they win a SB during their time here. But you can really argue that JA17 is sole reason they are still here and why they will be given a certain degree of benefit of the doubt. But I still maintain that given all the money we have committed on right now to JA17 and other big name players recently added/extended, there are no excuses to not reach the pinnacle of success and bring home a championship to Buffalo. If that doesn't happen in the next few years it probably won't with this regime and that's simply the reality of the situation.
  6. For me it's still Mahomes and the Chiefs until proven otherwise. And as much as some folks believe that Mahomes and the Chiefs are going to steeply decline this year deep down I think Mahomes is going to have his best season ever and prove what a generational talent he truly is especially with all the doubts cast after Hill was traded to Miami. Also let's not kid ourselves here, until the Bills beat the Chiefs in a playoff game nothing else truly matters so hopefully they get that matchup again sometime next January.
  7. McDermott and Frazier have been outstanding in developing the DB position but we face a potential murderers row of elite QB's this year on the regular season schedule and into the playoffs. Again, the smart move would be to ensure you have too much DB depth vs too little even if a higher profile signing like Bradberry was never in the works.
  8. The steelers model is based on their current head coach getting his team to 3 SB's and winning 2 of them. He's also never had a losing season there which is absurd when you think about it. So yah if McDermott can come close to matching Tomlin's record and accolades in this league why would you even think about firing him? But the crux of the matter and premise of this thread is based on McDermott's current status (3-4 in the playoffs including 4 road losses) and lack of SB appearances/wins and how much longer the Pegulas can be patient if he fails to deliver again this year.
  9. There's no guarantees a rookie DB is going to play at a high level, or even serviceable for that matter. There's no guarantees that White is back to start the season or plays close to the level he previously has. Just think that for a team that truly has SB aspirations we are putting all our eggs in a very precarious basket by not having an insurance policy.
  10. Well that sucks but wonder if we even tried to sign him. Now it's back to dumpster diving for DB help.
  11. I think he may also be on that list, but again the point is that it's a very small list of teams/coaches that have accomplished this which is why it's not necessarily a good omen for McDermott.
  12. This would be my guess unless he's leaning toward retirement and has already communicated that to any prospective suitors.
  13. For now I say the Bills are still the clear cut #1 but it's questionable by how large of a margin. Where I'm torn is between the Pats/Dolphins in terms of who is #2 and the biggest threat to the divison title. Right now I would lean towards the Dolphins because they've had a great offseason and have a very stacked roster on paper but at the same time Belichik is still lurking and I think Mac Jones is going to take another step next year. As for the Jets, they certainly can surprise but hard to seem them being a real threat for the playoffs this year given the strength of the division and AFC as a whole. They certainly added some big time talent on paper though in the draft and will probably be a tough out week in and week out similar to our season finale matchup last year.
  14. Given the injury in question relevant to the demands of his position I still think White won't be the same player again until 2023. And there is a chance he's never the same player again period but hopefully that won't be the case.
  15. If he was better than 90% of the coaches in the league he'd have a SB ring by now considering there is more than 10% of them currently coaching that have at least one. Nobody is debating that he's not a good coach including myself. The question is whether or not he's good enough to take this team to the next level or just another modern day Marty Schotenheimer. Also history is not on McDermott's side in terms of the history of coaches in this league that have won a SB after more than 5 seasons with a team. Ironically his mentor and nemesis Andy Reid is one of the few that have done this but it took landing a generational talent like Mahomes to finally do it.
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