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  1. As I mentioned in another post, Ford/Feliciano/Bottger are pretty much the same bad player but I would stick with Boettger at least for the Patriots game because of what a liability Feliciano has been especially against teams with a strong interior dline but believe whatever you like.
  2. I guess one thing you can give Beane credit for is the hype around some of his late round picks given how many of them have been poached by other teams the last few months. Would be pretty wild to see Fromm starting games for the Giants by the end of the year.
  3. You might be right but either way he's playing out the string in Buffalo, as are possibly a lot of other players on this roster if this team fizzles out or doesn't go far in the playoffs if they get there.
  4. I think it's not so much bills fans fear losing as much as they are realistic in terms of this teams current status and going against a proven commodity like Belichik who had one down season in transition post Brady. And even some of the media that were all over the Bills up until the last few weeks are realizing what's brewing right now in NE and jumping firmly on that bandwagon for good reason.
  5. The jet sweep stuff is predicable and played out and activating him again this week and putting him on the field would be an invitation for disaster going against the Pats defense. I don't see this coaching staff going back to McKenzie as the return man either this week even though Stevenson did absolutely nothing in his first NFL game. Either way McKenzie isn't part of the future plans here and will be gone in the offseason, so it's time to see what some of these younger guys and one of the few roster moves I agree with.
  6. Between Ford/Boetger/Feliciano it's pretty much a flip of a coin and guard is going to be the clear cut #1 offseason need at this point. Something tells me the coaching staff will go back to Feliciano by default since was the starter but I would be very cautious doing that especially since he's been out a while and this is the worst possible team for him to come back and play against given how ridiculous the pats front seven has played in recent weeks and really the main reason they are on a tear outside of Jones play on the offensive side.
  7. Doyle has been a complete waste of roster space this year but this isn't a good sign since he's another olineman and you wonder who else he's been around in the last week. In fact with the dust from the holidays settling around the league I won't be surprised if there is spike players heading to the covid list soon, not just the Bills but most other teams.
  8. Regardless what happens with the coaching staff after this season, I think you have to move on from Eric Washington as the DL coach and not stay loyal over the Carolina connection because sacks numbers overall have dropped the past 2 years since he's been here and it makes zero sense given the amount of money and draft picks tied to the position.
  9. McKenzie offers nothing at this point and he was benched for a reason. I would like to see what Stevenson has to offer in the passing game and imagine he'll be part of the game plan going forward.
  10. Obviously great news on the surface, but still have no idea to what degree these guys were affected by Covid and how it may impact their play on the field. So definitely would pump the brakes and quite honestly not sure any of them move the needle in terms of this teams chances against the Pats and how the rest of the season pans out. Regarding Feliciano though, at this point I definitely wouldn't put him back in the lineup and would stick with Dawkins - Boetgger- Morse - Williams - Brown. At the very least wait until after the Patriots game because he's such a liability on the field especially against good interior Dline which the Pats have.
  11. How is this bad luck in Orchard Park in December? Are most of the fans on this board not from Buffalo or understand this is extremly normal circumstances that the Bills have played in during their entire franchise existence?? Again if this team and QB can't play in these type of conditions than the Pegulas need to clean house immediately because there was a major disconnect somewhere in terms of how you build an NFL team that has play football during the winter in the northeast US.
  12. Everybody was quick to pile on Belichik last year and claim he was only succesful because of Brady, but the reality of the situation is that even in a 'transition' type of year the Pats were 7-9 with terrible QB play, tons of guys hurt/covid opt out and that speaks volumes about how good of a coaching staff the Patriots truly have. Also I would argue about McD being in that next tier of coaches beyond Belichik/Reid/etc. I wanted to believe that after last season but it's hard to look past the glaring issues this team has week after week even during a win in terms of penalties, turnovers, game plans, lack of adjustment, etc. Belichink is a wartime coach that is going to exploit these things in a major way which is why I have a hard time believe this game is even going to be close let alone the Bills having any real shot of winning.
  13. He essentially playing at the same level and throwing to a bunch of nobodies outside of the TE position. No Jones doesn't have the arm or mobility that Allen does but neither does Brady and many other great HOF type QB's that have played in this league. All things considered it's mind blowing that the Pats are scoring on 50% of their drives with a rookie QB who people insist is a game manager just 'dinking and dunking' on the field.
  14. Not sure if you are a Pats or Bills fan but these type of comments will of course get resistance here because nobody wants to question that a $250M QB is essentially playing at the same level as a rookie QB who costs a fraction of what Allen does. Also another good point that overall Allen has better talent on offense compared to the Patriots. It's just amazing what Jones is doing right now all things considered. I think a harsh reality is coming soon that last year was indeed a fluke for both Allen and this team's overall success and the Pats are about to seize control of the division again for the foreseable future but the good news is that it will expedite moving on from Beane and McDermott who I still believe will never take this team to a championship anyway.
  15. That's exactly my point, and again even with that type of game from the Cowboys and Prescott the pats had tons of chances to win that game up until the very end in overtime.
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