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  1. I would just like to add before this thread gets locked I did buy a 22 white ford bronco the day before he croaked…does that mean anything probably not but we can’t be sure
  2. As a gators fan I was banging the table for him in the first and then to get him in the second?!? I was floored
  3. I don’t think Franklin is a “dirt bag” I think they’re worried about him not living football so if he gets that big second contract he checks out, almost like Dareus
  4. FWIW alot of the draft guys I trust like Coleman so im okay with it!
  5. Hand up I’m one of the ones that said we couldn’t trade him due to cap reasons…feed me my crow
  6. Hope nothing but the best for tre!! also thanks for going to the nfc
  7. There are ways to do it other than the hip drop but the refs judgment will be awful per usual and will ruin the outcome of some games I’m sure
  8. Just make it flag football officially at this point
  9. As a gator fan, I will volunteer to be the one to talk about Ricky pearsalls attractiveness anytime a white receiver is brought up
  10. I hope Reid gives him #69...
  11. After we kept a KOS for a whole season with Rex I wouldn’t be shocked
  12. how is there no consistency, since McD took over they have kept their own (dion, tre, josh, milano, taron,ed oliver, dawson, bass). while also adding vets cole beasley was 29, john brown was 28, feliciano 27, daryl williams 28 daquan 30. all who have heavily contributed or had career years, as far as AJE vs Floyd youre acting as if AJ had 3 sacks and signed some huuuge deal. AJ had 6.5 sacks compared to 10, aj also had 7 TFLs to Floyds 9. AJ played 200 less snaps and is 6 years older so something tells me if this was the chiefs you would be parading around telling anybody in earshot what a masterful decision it was by reid/veach yes Von has been somewhat disappointing, great pre acl/awful since but I commend BB for swinging for the fences and as far as Douglas goes he was by far our best boundary CB not every FA signing is a home run. shocker. *edit* also by your logic the pats shouldnt have traded for moss because they just drafted a WR in the second round the year before. they didnt win the SB when he was there either, what a inconsistent move. because you know everything is as black and white as that right?
  13. using AJ in what is basically a "they have to stop paying old vets" argument is just bad. this is AJs first big contract and its not even that expensive for a young DE whos gotten better each year. also what made it clear we didnt have a SB roster... for some reason i remembered you as a decent non bills fan poster, I guess its the other chiefs fan on here who actually made decent points
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