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  1. Still makes no sense they rushed to dump Culley unless they had a specific person in mind to replace him with. If it was Flores or someone else obviously they already said no thanks.
  2. I think realistically they are the only team that can beat KC that is left because they have a similar formula the Bucs used last year against Mahomes. And as good as Creed Humphrey and the rest of KC's new look oline has played this year Aaron Donald is the type of player that will truly expose the situation especially with Miller on the outside to compliment. Ed Oliver is not Aaron Donald but he's as close as we are going to get to him and that's why Beane must make a power move to land an elite pass rusher on the edge to exploit the situation.
  3. 31 years later this is still the closet this franchise has ever come to winning a championship. Last week sucks and so did the music city miracle crap but nothing truly compares to that game especially after making it to the SB again 3 straight years after and pretty much being out of the game by early in the 2nd half. In some ways we probably shouldn't take the last few years for granted because you really don't know how close this team will ever come again. Nothing in the NFL world is guaranteed these days except what is happening in KC ironically.
  4. I think if you look at McDermott's postseason record, if anything homefield matters because the defense has played much better in home playoff games vs the road. And while I agree against the Chiefs you really don't know until the day comes where they come to Buffalo for a postseason game, the fact remains is Mahomes has never had to leave the comfortable confinese of Arrowhead for a conference playoff game. And it's a major factor in why they are on the verge of potentially reaching a 3rd straight SB. The bigger issue is still consistency and not essentially taking Oct/Nov off and only only playing well at the beginning and end of the season. That's still the real reason this team is home right now IMO.
  5. I don't like any of the teams left but just like last year hoping the Chiefs don't win it all. In fact it's still somewhat gut wrenching to admit how much I was rooting for the Bucs and Brady in the SB last year but luckily they made it real easy because of that being a lopsided game that was over pretty much at halftime.
  6. I don't see any issues with this selection. Yes the Pats spent big in FA including some questionable contracts, but they did find the best QB in the draft at present which a big part of their success this year, if not the reason they were able to get back in the division and playoff mix so quickly after one down year post Brady. The only other team that should probably have been in the running is the Rams for all the big time trades they made but perhaps the selection committee felt that wasn't fair since all they do is throw around 1st round picks for big name players which 31 other teams easily do if they wanted to sell out in the short term for longer term failure/rebuild.
  7. Home field matters in the playoffs and one of the biggest reasons that Mahomes has so much success so far in his career is that he's never played a road playoff game other than the 2 SB's which he has split so far. If you look at the Patriots and Brady's success going back to their first run of SB's in the early 2000's, a majority of the time they were either a top 2 seed in the AFC and/or hosted the championship game in Foxboro. This is why the message for 2022 must be clear, play consistent football over a 17 game season and position yourself to ensure you never have to leave Orchard Park in Jan/Feb 2023 unless it's for the SB.
  8. There are always going to be questions about Allen until he plays at a consistent level for a full season which really only happened once in 2020. That's why most NFL executives, scouts, etc will always say Mahomes is the best because he rarely has a bad statistical game, at least prior to this season that was the case. As for Burrow, if he gets the Bengals to the SB this year and somehow wins it he'll be the guy that the NFL world fawns over going forward and rightfully so for a a 2nd year player who missed half his rookie season and led such a dramatic turnaround for a franchise that has been horrible in recent years and expected to be last place in their division this year.
  9. I think any trade that would involve giving up a 1st round pick has to be geared towards a proven veteran pass rusher.
  10. In hindsight we know these rankings were meaningless though especially against legit NFL QB's and offenses. I just think that at some point you need a fresh perspective and there's zero evidence to suggest that Frazier and his scheme will ever be able to beat Mahomes or any of the other leagues elite QB's in a game that matters (no week 5 in KC didn't matter as nice as it was to win that game).
  11. In hindsight I agree with this but at the same time you miss the conversion and KC likely scores a TD on a short field and the entire trajectory of the game changes. Either way McDermott is going to be under the microscope in what promises to be the longest offseason in recent memory. Just simply no excuse to lose this game and the stench is going to be hard to get off.
  12. Very interesting that Poles chose not to bring Eric Bienamy with him from KC. Chiefs would have got even more draft picks too if that happened.
  13. I would be willing that if he's not hired as a HC (and I don't see that happening especially after the Chiefs game which sucks because we would have got extr draft picks) you'll see something more to the tune of Frazier agreeing to step down and 'mutually part ways'. Also if I'm the Pegulas I have already made the demand by now anyway.
  14. About two year too late but congrats on a fantastic career. Another game the Bills can look in the mirror and realize how it inadvertently cost them home field against the Chiefs in the playoffs.
  15. As I've mentioned before, it's truly an arms race in the AFC going forward as every new HC being hired right now in the conference has to have a legit plan on how they are going to catch teams like the Bills and Chiefs. In the AFCW in particular it's shaping up to be brutal next year if the Chargers take the next step. They've already proven they can beat the Chiefs similar to the Bills despite falling short of the playoffs. Raiders did it last year but have been on the receiving end of too many losses which is why they also need to retool to get better. Broncos are the true wildcard though because if they do land Aaron Rogers as everyone is already speculating because of the Hackett hire that's a team IMO that has a SB caliber roster already. Luckily for the bills as of right now there is no real evidence any of the 3 division opponents are truly ready to compete unless Tua and/or Jones take big steps next year for the Dolphins and Patriots respectively.
  16. I mentioned in a threat the other day that the Bills should have a keen eye on what Denver and Oakland do in regards to the HC hiring and offseason strategy relevant to building a team to compete with the Chiefs and this is the first domino to fall. Many Bills fans will obviously remember Hackett in Buffalo for his ho hum offense under Marrone but he's considered an up and coming guy in the mold of Zac Taylor and Sean McVay and this is the exact type of move I expected in Denver especially after going with a defensive type of guy in Fangio last time. If they land Aaron Rogers or another legit veteran QB they will be a contender next year for sure with the talent already on that roster.
  17. Intitial early thoughts: - Very favorable home schedule, no excuse for this team not go 7-1 or 8-0 at home next year to try and secure home field advantage in playoffs - Road schedule brutal on paper with toughest games being BAL/NE/CIN/LAR/KC. At minimum bills will need to win two of those games to be in homefield race against KC and others assuming they are good at home. - I see many primetime game candidates (CLE/TEN/NE x 2/BAL/CIN/LAR/KC, possibly even thanksgiving again in Detroit).
  18. I've started to think that as well in recent years. I used to believe in the 'defense wins championships' mantra but it's simply a different league now which is why the patriots evolved over time as well in that their first string of titles in the early 2000's were on the backs of the defense with Brady simply being great in clutch moments, to a team that was all about offense in Brady later on during the last string of titles in the mid/late 2010's. Even Brady's title with TB last year was an outlier considering it was in fact the defense that won that game against the Chiefs. But I think with the rise of a true superpower like the Chiefs, first and foremost you need to think offensively which is why the Bills should also continue to build the oline and add Allen another weapon. Then compliment your defense with one key difference maker like the Chiefs have in Chris Jones who was still a problem for the Bills last week, albeit much less of one compared to last year.
  19. Obviously improving their own team is first priority, but I can guarantee they will have some degree of interest in what these teams do and what the philosophy behind it says. The Chiefs are the gold standard for the entire league and it's simply an arms race league wide to keep up, but more so in the the AFC West and conference as a whole.
  20. While my gut feeling tells me that we are on the verge of watching the rise of the next dynasty in the NFL/pro sports, I'm still not sure it's going to be that easy for the Chiefs. Not this year anyway. Bengals have the offense to keep pace and they already beat the Chiefs in the regular season, more recently than the Bills to boot. The 49ers and Rams both have a real defense and stars that can wreck a game get to Mahomes and create multiple turnovers, Rams also have an offense that can score 30+ on the Chiefs defense.
  21. Reason I say this is the obvious chess match at play here. Just like the Bills, these organizations understand they have to build a team that can compete with and beat the Chiefs in the coming years. And for both the stakes are infinitely higher since the Chiefs are a divisional opponent they will see twice a year. So it's not surprising that neither have pulled the trigger yet and doing their due diligence on the next leader of their team. Will it be fresh faces or retreads. Defensive or offensive minded. Miami is also in a similar situation knowing they have to deal with Allen and the Bills twice a year and have lost 6 straight to them. And overall it's somewhat surprising the first domino has not fallen yet with so many jobs open right now.
  22. Going forward playing with Allen will certainly be attractive. But again, if you are a veteran looking to sign for less with team for a chance at a ring and both the Chiefs and Bills come knocking it's pretty obviously what the choice is going to be especially if this is the beginning of KC's dynasty.
  23. He was inconsistent but at least he didn't cost this team a playoff game like bojorquez did (who some fans here still think is a good punter). Either way this should be the least of Beane's worries in the offseason and he still needs to figure out how to assemble a defense that can not let Mahomes and KC rack up 500+ yards in a playoff game.
  24. If he's back next year it's obviously not going to be under his current contract/cap hit. And I'm still not sold on the idea that McKenzie is some sort of cheaper, drop in replacement because of one great game in 3+ years in Buffalo. Still think he will follow Daboll wherever he goes anyway.
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