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  1. There's probably some truth to that given the circumstances, I also think KC was extra motivated after what happened in the SB a few years ago. But overall the Chiefs now have a very balanced offense led by some ridiculous young studs on their oline which is the right formula for winning games in Dec/Jan/Feb. Just hate that this team isn't going away any time soon and will likely be in the Bills path to a SB as long as Allen is here.
  2. There's no logical reason at this point that Moss should still be active and getting carries. Give Singletary 80% of all the offensive snaps and let Cook get the rest. And if they still don't trust Cook or want to him to play much than cut Moss and bring someone else up from the PS which should have been done anyway with Blackshear before he was poached.
  3. If this defensive line and front seven as a whole keeps playing like they are I'm not sure White even makes that much of a difference quite frankly especially if it takes him into next year to return to form.
  4. After watching the Chiefs last night I still think they are the best team in the league/AFC and not by a slim margin either. Biggest reason I say this is they rarely piss all over themselves like the Bills and they have the best offensive line in the league which is going to be the difference in the playoffs again against the Bills or anybody else sadly especially when you still have which most believe is the best QB in the NFL behind it. Also speaking of QB, it's pretty mind blowing what Mahomes continues to do against top rated defenses which the Bucs were entering last nights game. They man handled the Bucs front seven and ran all over them (another area they have a massive advantage compared to the Bills) which rendered their pass defense useless as a result.
  5. All of a sudden the Bills WR situation has went from bad to worse especially since Davis is not healthy yet either. Going to find out a lot about these young guys pretty quick, including James Cook who is going to have to step up and play a bigger role in this offense soon.
  6. I'm a big McD critic but I give him a lot of credit for the job he did yesterday and putting the 'can't win close games' narrative to rest, at least temporarily. Still think the Ravens are going to win their division and are a legit SB contender which makes this a big time win for tie breaker purposes as well.
  7. Come on man this is silly. The overall body of work is all that matters and again we can nitpick every HC, QB, skill position player, etc in the same way around the league and find less than desirable numbers to fit an agenda. All I'm saying is the evidence is there that Tua has emerged as one of the leagues elite players at the QB position. And quite frankly this isn't a surprise considering his numbers in his first 2 NFL seasons were better than JA17 and many other of the top QB's in the league if you go back far enough.
  8. Well if Jackson is truly back this week I guess this doesn't matter much.
  9. Go visit PFF, Football outsiders ,etc if you want to see the metrics on Tua. Or check out his stats yourself on NFL.com, ESPN, etc.
  10. Couldn't you say the same thing about Mahomes/Allen/etc? Rarely do elite QB's play a great 4 quarters, week after week. I get that I'm not going to convince some folks that Tua/Miami are a great team even though the evidence is right in front of the homers if they paid attention last week. Either way I still see Miami as the division favorite right now until proven otherwise. If Tua is out for an extended period of time that obviously changes though.
  11. It's not ideal but I had this team at 3-3 after the first 6 before getting hotter down the stretch. Just think it's asking a lot playing back to back road games against SB contenders but then again if the Bills truly fancy themselves one they should be able to split here.
  12. Disagree, Tua is right up there as one of the league's elite QB's and and all the reliable metric sources confirm this. Division rival or not it will be really unfortunate if his season is derailed because of how Miami handled his injury situation the last few weeks.
  13. Still not sure this is the right move unless he's close to 100% and last week that definitely wasn't the case.
  14. I know some fans are looking to minimize anything related to the Dolphins, but the Bengals are a contender even if they still have work to do like a lot of other similar teams. That defense is solid and if their oline can improve even marginally they'll be very hard to beat. It says a lot though they were able to get to the SB last year and almost won it with an average at best oline. Also beating one of the league's best teams means something even if there's an asterisk since Tua left the game early.
  15. Bengal quietly getting back on track and looking like the team that came within a few minutes of winning a championship last year. Makes this weeks game that much more important for both the Bills and Ravens, especially the latter who going to be battling the Bengals for the division title likely up until the final weeks of the season.
  16. I certainly hope not. Kid is off to a great start and emerged as one of the league's elite QB's in his 3rd year similar to JA17. If I were the Bills I'd tread very lightly with JA17 going forward as well considering all the injuries in this league including to all 3 starting QB's on the division rival teams. No more designed run crap and certainly need the oline to step up big time going forward!
  17. I'll never understand the Saffold signing. Some fans thought this was a great move because of his name but there's a reason why the Titans were quick to dump him and that's because he's about done in this league. Almost wondering if not letting Bates go to the Vikings was a mistake too. Granted it's early, but aside from Dawkins and Morse there are still way too many question marks right now and even Spencer Brown looks to be headed down that dreaded Bills sophmore slump. You can argue we've faced 3 great defensive lines so far to start the year but you still need to perform and time is going to run out soon if this oline can't get it together.
  18. I had the Bills ultimately starting 3-3 this year mostly because of the schedule, so if they lose to the Ravens and Chiefs as I suspect will be the case they will have a lot of work to do down the stretch to not only stay in contention for the division, but wildcard picture in general. I think after this week the national media will finally jump off the bandwagon though which might be a blessing in disguise anyway as the hype vehicle was always unwarranted given how (and why) their season ended last year.
  19. Would be shocked if he isn't active and on the field this week especially since I don't see Jackson or Poyer being rushed back into the lineup. Big time challenge though trying to slow down Lamar and what he can do both on the ground and through the air.
  20. This is why I feel this way, big emotional loss and too many injuries. Did a great job containing Tua and high powered Miami offense but can't see that 2 weeks in a row away from Buffalo against an offense that might be even better than the dolphins. Bills will still likely be fine in grand scheme of things and I had them at 2-2 after the first four if anything because of the schedule.
  21. Sounds like Jones might not be out long which is good news for the Patriots staying in contention this season. They probably weren't going to win in GB this week with him anyway but will be interesting to see if he's back next week.
  22. I've said all along that the Dolphins would be up for this game and find a way to beat the Bills at some point. Whether or not it was their SB game similar to the Bills/Chiefs regular season one last year remains to be seen but you almost get the sense that there was a changing of the guard and power shift in the AFC East last week. Bills under tremendous pressure now to keep pace and bounce back with a brutal schedule still to come including games @ BAL and @ KC in the next 3 weeks.
  23. I'm not sure I believe in all the Philly hype. They look like a good team but in some ways remind me of the Cardinals last year when they raced out to a ridiculous hot start as well before collapsing in 2nd half and could see that happening here once teams catch up to them a bit. Regarding the Dolphins, if they find a way to win in Cincy on a short week it's hard to see them losing many games the rest of the way. They aren't going undefeated either but still not sure I see more than 3 losses on their schedule which puts pressure on the Bills to keep pace so the rematch in December isn't meaningless in terms of still having a chance to win the division for 3rd straight year.
  24. Gut feeling tells me this is going to be a blowout loss and sticking with that especially since I still see Ravens and SB contender and LJ is also playing on another level right now: Ravens 33 Bills 16
  25. Tua showed a lot of grit coming back in the 2nd half and leading the dolphins to a come from behind win in the 4th quarter. Will be interesting to see what he looks like tomorrow against the Bengals in a very tough matchup on short week.
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