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  1. If Bill Belichik were to leave NE and want to coach elsewhere (somewhat realistic based on NE current state of affairs) I would dump McD without thinking twice about it and I think most Bills fans would be lying if the said otherwise. Other current/recent head coaches I would most certainly take based on their resumes if available: Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy, Doug Peterson, Zac Taylor, Mike Vrabel, Mike Tomlin, Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll. Again it's not McD is a bad coach, but the facts (and history) say he's not good enough to take this team to the next level like a large majority of the guys I listed have done at least one time minus Taylor/Vrabel.
  2. You might end up being right, but still don't see it as anything more than marginal and pass rush is/was key to everything. Bigger issue is offense still worse without Beasely and Daboll calling plays. Oline still a major liability as well unless they start to come on strong like end of last year.
  3. It's way to early to speculate on this teams needs outside of the obvious (WR/oline/TE). But given the pending cap situation, I think a lot of difficult decisions will have to be made creating a lot more holes than expected. This is why it was so critical to seize the opportunity this year with the current window for this roster constructed as is to take advantage before we head into the inevitable transition in 2023 and beyond.
  4. Dumpster diving for any legit pass rushing help this time of year is an exercise in futility. There's a reason these guys are on the street and this team doesn't have any money available anyway. Bottom line it's time for Beane's heavy investments in the dline to pay dividends. Oliver is already doing that and it's time for someone from the Groot/Basham/Epenesa bucket to emerge as a true force. I think Groot can do that with some of these other guys like Lawson doing the dirty work in rotation.
  5. Exactly. Yes the lake effect snow is a bigger issue but what large city in the greater midwest/northeast doesn't have inclement weather issues from the Nov - March timeframe? A lot of dolphin fans are just bandwagon idiots anyways, a lot of transplants too that are necessarily born and bred in south florida.
  6. This is a great accomplishment but feels somewhat hollow without a SB appearance and/or win. Maybe that changes this year but this type of stuff doesn't move the needle for me and can easily live with the gritty/close wins like KC does a lot because they've actually climbed that mountain.
  7. Doesn't matter how good you are if you can't stay healthy and this has been a consistent issue with Milano. He's also another guy I see this team having to move on from next year especially if there is any chance of resigning Edmunds.
  8. Who really cares about these type of comments. Yes Buffalo is cold and dismal during the winter months but it doesn't mean it's a complete dump and undesirable place to live overall. After leaving the Buffalo area I've lived in several warm weather states/cites and there are plenty of cons to consider as well.
  9. On one hand this was somewhat expected, but there's no sugar coating the situation and this is basically now the same defense that was unable to stop the Chiefs and Mahomes in the playoffs last year. Sure having White back will help but not being able to generate a consistent pass rush will likely haunt this team once again when it matters most against the AFC's best. Also I've been very critical of Beane, but this isn't his fault. He swung for the fences and it paid dividends early but now this compounds the salary cap hell this team is facing next offseason. Best course of action would be to find a way out of this deal that minimizes the cap impact going forward.
  10. I have always admitting when I'm wrong here. I don't attack other posters or cry to mods either because I don't like what someone else says or accuse them of being fans of other teams just trolling. Fact we are arguing and debating a 7th round bust WR is a good thing we can all agree about especially on a 9-3 team that still has legit SB aspirations. Happy holidays and go bills as well.
  11. Well I can tell you an obvious one, and the only one that matters but I'm sure you know who that is since he's best QB in the NFL and already led them to 2 SB's, a championship, 4 straight AFFCG at home (likely a 5th), etc. RELAX.....we just need to get a SB win and then this type of petty criticism won't matter.
  12. LOL only a few players that Beane actually drafted also got a second contract and some were questionable to begin with (i.e Taron Johnson). Again I don't hate Beane. He's just an average GM hyped up because of the National Lampoons xmas pajamas bit and other social media shenanigans in orchard park. Bring me a SB win and I'll slurp him harder than anyone else on this board though....
  13. Not a hater my man, just a realist. McDuffie looks like a stud, our first round pick is benched and has struggled for the most part. Many pundits also predicted this. Karlaftis is coming along and looks like that lunch pail type of DE on the field whose going to get better and better. Jaylen Watson looks like a 7th round steal and hasn't hit a wall like Benford after a promising start. Leo Chanal has shown a lot more flashes than Bernard who has been a liability thus far on the field. Pacheco is another 7th round pick that has outplayed our 2nd round pick RB so far and shows why never draft RB's before the 4th or 5th round. Like I said not going to hit on every pick but you need to find you some studs and real contributors and Veach is a true 'Big balla' in that regard.
  14. 4/10 from Beane. I'll say this, if he can navigate this team out of the salary cap nightmare they are in next year and still keep this team in the SB conversation in 2023 than maybe he really is a genius. Because that's what's going to need to happen to have any chance of signing quality FA's and not just relying on the draft for help. This is essentially what KC did this year when they were supposed to be 'in transition' and a WC team at best needing to let guys like Hill and Matheiu go, but Veach's masterful drafting has kept them ahead of the curve especially with 2nd year studs like Bolton and Humprhey blossoming into all pro type players. This is what I keep hoping to see from Beane's picks only to be underwhelmed and disappointed.
  15. Again Beane didn't draft White, Dawkins or Edmunds. If you want to credit McD for that great but that's always been a very misleading claim validated by Doug Whaley who did draft them and did all the legwork.
  16. I've done it over and over and just get flamed for it. Would also like to see this deep dive data again since I'm not stubborn and close minded. But like I said take away JA17 and the 2017 haul in White/Dawkins/Milano (because he wasn't here and it wasn't his draft), where are the superstars and good to great players he's drafted? (again not FA players). I'm willing to give him Ed Oliver even though he's a late bloomer. Wyatt Teller counts even though he pretty much admitted he didn't think he was that type of player and why he was traded. But when you look at the rest of this roster and the core players they are mostly FA signings and trades (Miller/Poyer/Hyde/Morse/etc). Most posters on this board could make those type of moves if given the money and resources of an NFL front office. Again boils down to drafting and fact say Beane hasn't been very good at that outside of a few key guys like JA17. Maybe he gets better some day but the body of work in 5 full drafts from 2018-2022 tell me otherwise.
  17. I'm grateful for what this regime has done but anything short of a SB win at this point and it's time to move on. Should they accomplish that in the next few years (because they won't be here beyond that if they don't contrary to belief otherwise) I'll slurp me some of the good stuff like some other posters here choose to. At the end of the day though we need focus on the bigger picture beyond a wasted 7th round WR draft pick. And getting back on topic it's puzzling he's now gone unless it's to make room for another certain player at that position.
  18. You have to hit on draft picks consistently or you'll find yourself in a bad salary cap situation like this team coincidentally is next year because of all the big money FA contracts we've handed out to FA's to compensate for said bad drafts. This is just the reality of the situation and why a team like KC is position so well for the near and long term because Veach continues to crush each draft and hit on both high and low draft picks. No Beane is not terrible, but he's really just average even with striking gold on JA17 and the real reason this team is where they are now.
  19. Excellent post and point, for the Bengals organization this was not their superbowl and just another game on a 17 game schedule against a team they know they can beat. No stupid dancing in practice and shenanigans on social media afterwords. Bengals really starting to concern me and quietly positioning themselves for the top seed in the AFC and another SB run. They've also had a ton of injuries and still not playing to their full potential despite going 8-2 in their last 10 after an 0-2 hole. Reminds me a lot of the 1993 Cowboys in some ways.
  20. Why do I get the feeling this diva is going to make a social media post or video announcing his decision to take his talents to "x" team whoever that is to create a media frenzy and attention. Or he rolls into Buffalo with Bills gear greeting Von Miller, only to turn heel, body slam him through a table and reveal a Cowboys shirt underneath after ripping the Bills shirt off with Jerry Jones lurking in the background like an old school WWE manager.
  21. McD is better than 2/3 of the coaches in this league, but question still remains if's a true war time coach that can take this team to a SB, let alone win one. And as of now that answer is no because of his inability to win a road playoff game. If for some reason that changes this year so be it but history is not on his side.
  22. As I said, he's whiffed on draft picks at the position (like oline) vs FA signings. At some point though you do have to draft quality players at various positions and not just rely on FA help or you aren't very good at your job. If Davis pans out it's a different story but still TBD whether or not he's more than just a #3 type of WR that can make big plays occassionally.
  23. If you are talking about competing with the likes of Diggs and Davis, then of course not. But if this guy isn't good enough to beat out a guy like McKenzie for playing time or a roster spot then yes it was a waste. Also trying to figure out what happened to shakir after a promising start. Either way WR is one of the weakest unit's overall on this team and if something happens to Diggs or Davis it would be pretty ugly.
  24. Still think the jets are a fraud team. Solid young roster that has overachieved thus far but Mike White ain't that guy and the media needs to stop making this a thing, which they will after this week hopefully. I like this team to finally make a statement again here. Bills 38 Jets 16
  25. I hope a certain owner also has impulsive rage towards his GM and HC should a certain team lose to KC in the playoffs again for the 3rd straight year.
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