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  1. Say what you want about the Pegula's as pro sports owners, but this is the biggest difference between Ralph Wilson in that they aren't afraid to truly go big and spend money. Obviously with all these investments there is definitely going to be high expectations attached to it which is why I maintain anything less than a SB appearance this season and certain folks seats will definitely be hot...
  2. Looking at that big season he had in 2019 it definitely looks like an outlier when you look at what he did in Arizona the last few years and every other year of his career previously. But at the very least he's shown he's an effective pass rushing DT and definitely an upgrade over the likes of Vernon Butler. In the end I'll be very surprised if the 2022 team doesn't have one of the higher combined sack counts, if not the highest number of sacks during McD/Frazier's time here.
  3. On one hand you can say this about every HC without a franchise QB at their disposal. But the reality is even without Brady Belichik has shown he's one of the top defensive minds ever to coach in this league especially when you go all the way back to the infamous wide right SB when he was the Giants DC, and during Brady's early years when they won 3 SB's behind the defense and ST asking Brady to essentially be a game manager in most cases.
  4. If Miller ends up with a very low sack count this year it's likely going to be because someone like Groot and/or Oliver explodes given the attention Miller is likely going to get. That's the difference between Miller and guys like Addison & Hughes IMO regardless of the final sack count.
  5. I definitely didn't see this coming but obviously a key move keeping core players intact and likely freeing up some cap space to secure one of the top DB's left on the FA market. Not sure how this story will end for this current group but this is the closet thing to a 'golden era of Bills football' since the 90's teams.
  6. Tua's not Mahomes, but go back and watch home many times Mahomes threw the ball 5 yards to guys like Hill, Kelce, etc for big plays. Even Sammy Watkins has his moments in that offense when he was in KC. And given what McDaniel did with Deebo Samuel in San Fran you better believe Hill is going to be a threat in this the Dolphins offense this year even if Tua doesn't get any better.
  7. Spot on, and anybody that thinks we are getting Von Miller from 5 years ago and he's going to explode for 15+ sacks is probably setting themselves up for a major disappointment. Even if he can just hit 10 sacks this year it's a massive upgrade from what we had in guys like Hughes and Addison especially if he's making plays when they matter in crucial games and the playoffs. This is why for all the talk about the 'big contract' in reality it's just a 2 year deal and highly likely he's back after that which is why we need to maximize the next few years and hope other guys benefit and develop given the attention he's still going to command.
  8. My point is that regardless of personal opinion, McDermott deserves to be in the top 10 conversation because of his body of work alone: - 2 straight division titles - 1 AFCCG appearance - playoffs in 4 of 5 seasons including 3 in a row. - top 10 regular season defenses nearly every year. However where I stop short of believing he's truly a top 5 HC in this league is several things: - Winless on the road in playoffs (0-4) - Questionable situation football awareness (i.e. hail murray/13 seconds in chiefs PO game) - Still a very poor overall record against teams that are .500 or better - I would still put any coach with a SB title over him in these rankings, including guys like Tomlin and Carroll. McDermott has a lot to overcome this season given the lingering stench of the Chiefs debacle and fact that history is not on his side in terms of getting to/winning a SB after 5 years with the same team. But if he accomplishes this it says a lot about who he really is and critics will be silenced for good.
  9. I think this team has all the pieces to be a championship team this year but deep down I still have serious concerns about McDermott and the defense/Frazier when it matters most. Obviously if Von Miller lives up to the hype that concern may be alleviated. Last year I predicted 12-5 and losing in the division round and was one game off the regular season record from hitting the nail on the head. Still waiting for the draft to make a final prediction for 2022 but leaning towards 13-4 type of season and SB appearance.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised Belichik retires after the 2022 season, especially if Mac Jones doesn't take a big step this year. Either way you can't dispute his HOF resume and what he and Brady did together will never be replicated in our lifetimes.
  11. This will no doubt spur some interesting discussion. I'm still very critical of McDermott and skeptical of his long term viablity, but you can't argue that he doesn't belong in the top 10 based on his body of work and having him here at #5 says he's among the NFL's elite head coaches: https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/article/goal-line-stand/nfls-best-coaches-2022?utm_tags=Edge1477
  12. I think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed with how the Diggs situation plays out especially if he 'turns heel' so to speak and holds out or becomes a lockerroom distraction. But you make a valid point about that dreaded 30 mark and even though there are many WR's that can be dominant well into their mid 30's if the same logic applies to Beasely (who some fans couldn't wait to see leave) it's going to apply here as well and why you can't give him a big money extension.
  13. If you are an UFA not sure you can say goodbye since both sides have technically moved on. I appreciate what he has meant to this team through the years and he certainly had a great stretch during the Marrone era. But there's a reason why Hughes hasn't been signed yet by another team and may only find himself a veteran type of minimum deal in the coming months closer to camp. And unless he's willing to do that with another contender looking strictly for a depth/rotation guy his NFL career may very well be over.
  14. Honestly surprised he still lives in the area since he's been out of the league for so long. But another disappointing player on a very long list that came through here during the drought years.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up back with Brady on the Bucs especially since Brady got his way and forced Arians to 'retire'. Because not sure any other franchise wants any part of his antics at this point.
  16. He definitely had a substandard stretch but again let's not forget JA17 was terrible most of 2018/2019 where Mahomes was the league MVP in essentially his rookie season (2018 first year starter after sitting behind Alex Smith as a rookie in 2017). Not sure why JA17 was so inconsistent at times last year other than oline play but if he plays anywhere close to the level he did in the playoffs for the balance of the 2022 regular season this team should easily lock up the #1 seed in the AFC.
  17. Even though there are ways to circumvent the salary cap like the Saints did for years and the Bills are now doing, at some point you have to let certain players go and I definitely don't see both Hyde and Poyer here beyond 2022 which is why it's imperative to try and win a championship this season why we still have them.
  18. That's really the only hole in his game left. If JA17 can be consistent over a 17 game regular season there's really no more arguments in comparing him to Mahomes. Everyone has a down game here and there but Mahomes has rarely had those outside of the SB loss to the Bucs a few years ago which is probably still his worst NFL game in his career.
  19. It's a very misleading contract given Wagner's age, likely structured very similar to Von Miller's deal with the Bills (a 2 year deal vs 5 years in reality) If we would have traded Edmunds we could have easily made this deal for Wagner if not slightly better.
  20. Wishful thinking since everyone is looking for the next Tyreek Hill type of player, but there's honestly a better chance at this point of Stevenson not even making the team this summer vs making the roster and contributing. Still pretty sure we are going to add another WR at some point in the draft and/or FA which also diminishes the chances of Stevenson being on the final roster.
  21. Again, this is also why I woudn't be shocked if Diggs is moved. He's been great for this team but looking strictly at the production on paper, the Vikings landed the better, younger, and most importantly cheaper player with the pick we sent them for Diggs.
  22. Tua is not the same type of player as JA17, but these type of comparisons do hold some weight and exactly why Miami is going all in with him in year three adding a dynamic weapon like Hill just like the Bills did with Diggs in his 3rd (and breakout) season. All the ingredients are there for the dolphins to take another step in 2022 and win 11+ games which puts even more pressure on McDermott and this team to be consistent from opening day until the end of the season to ensure they win a 3rd consecutive division title (and guarantee themselves a playoff spot). Definitely can't take the middle of season off again and go through another 3-5 type of stretch.
  23. Won't be a popular opinion, but personally I would move Diggs before Knox. There's no way there is going to be room to keep him long term with given the current WR market that is only going to keep climbing higher. And no matter what people think and read into his social media, Diggs is not taking a 'hometown' discount for this team. He knows he's worth big time money and guarantee those demands have already been made by him and his agent to Beane the minute the Adams and Hill deals and contracts were done.
  24. I still wouldn't rule it out given the amount of cap space it would free up and the fact we aren't likely paying him upwards of $15M - $20M a year going forward. It makes too much sense to move him now instead of keeping him for a lame duck season even if he were to put together his best NFL season in a contract year (which would make him even more expensive anyway).
  25. For fans that insist Bease production was starting to slip this would be a valid reason as to why. But it's not all that shocking since he is such a small dude taking a beating amongst beasts out there. Same reason guys like Edelmen were constantly banged up and on the patriots injury report seemingly every week. Still think we are going to miss him this year and hope Dorsey figures out a way to compensate for it.
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