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  1. I've been digging through some stuff and realized that Floyd has 1 sack in his last 7 games. AJE has also been relatively quiet since his big play in the last Chiefs game but injury is a factor there since he missed time Bottom line.....I think one of these guys needs to show up big time for the Bill to have a chance Sunday. Von Miller doing something would of course be great too.
  2. ^^^^^^^ This Also throw in the 3 Superbowls, 2 championships, and Mahomes only playoff losses against Brady x 2 (one OT) and Burrow (OT). Obviously would love to be dead wrong but I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. Agree but if you look at Mahomes through the years, particularly in the playoffs he's killed teams with his legs as much as JA17 has. He had 2 carries for 40 yards against the Dolphins and with the prospect of the Bills starting a bunch of backups in the back seven you better believe Reid and Mahomes will attack that, not necessarily with designed runs, but Mahomes taking off for smaller runs of 5-7 yards to get tough yards and 1st downs when needed.
  4. I'm not shocked by this, if anything because I think the problems in Dallas run much deeper than coaching and the spotlight should be more on Prescott and the defense failures right now.
  5. Nope the game has passed this guy by. Also what incentive does McD have to hire a real DC again considering the Bills have at minimum already gone as far as they have the last 2 years when they had a DC in place?
  6. Gut feeling has told me for sometime this would be a loss if they should meet again in the playoffs. Unfortunately though I've been trying to fend off the same crippling anxiety I had prior to the 2020 AFCCG, 2021/2022 divisional (nausea, borderline panic attacks, digestive issues, dread, heart palpipations, etc). I would love to be wrong because I do believe this Bills team will go the distance if they solve the Chiefs puzzle, but Mahomes is who he is....a Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers type creature and there's a reason he's only even lost 3 playoff games (Brady x2, Burrow) and 2 of those ended in overtime. One last point, I think for all the Allen/Mahomes story lines...some folks don't realize how historically good this Chiefs defense is this year....a true elite unit across the board, and for me this is the real reason why I feel the Chiefs win (possibly big) because elite defense like this always travel well and this unit is so much better than what we've seen in years past which they seem to be average in the regular season but take it to another level in the postseason like the Patriots/Brady teams of years past.
  7. One thing that I'm very concerned about in this game, especially with all the injuries...who is going to spy Mahomes? No he's not JA17 back there, but he's killed teams over the years with his legs too especially in the playoffs and have to figure that will be a big part of the gameplan this week knowing attention will still go Kelce (and now Rice's) way. He had a few big runs against Miami last week too.
  8. Very true. And another thing to consider with the Chiefs is common games....they won @ JAX/NYJ/NE and the Bills were 0-3 in the same games. They've also been very good on the road this year (7-2 with the only losses @GB with a controversial finish and blowout in Denver when Mahomes was allegedly sick with the flu). This is why I don't feel home field means anything for the Bills now especially with an elite defense and offensive line that KC has and that always travels well in the playoffs.
  9. If you hate the Chiefs now, just wait until you see Taylor Swift and Mahomes wife in the press box if the Bills do lose this game.🤢🤮
  10. There's more than enough anecdotal evidence out there that specific teams have received favorable calls through the years, not just the NFL but all pro sports. Whether it was the Brady/Patriots teams the greater part of 2 decades, or now the current Chiefs ones....the NFL has always wanted a 'villain' role, if anything for ratings because they know so many people will always watch and root against them in hopes they lose. But as others including myself have mentioned, who would the NFL rather see next week against the Ravens or Texans? It's an easy answer when looking at the Chiefs and Mahomes (and of course the Kelce/Taylor Swift crap) as the defending world champs on the brink of a dynasty.
  11. Seems like there is some positive news on the injury front. But still not sure any of these guys will be close to 100% on Sunday if they play. With Bernard...absolute best case is probably a very limited role on passing downs only. Benford they can probably get by without as long as Douglas is back and Johnson is fine to play. Dodson back would be huge as well. Also in a way kind of glad that they are trying to rush Phillips back, he's been too much of a liability out there especially with the dumb penalties against a flag happy referee crew this week.
  12. If he's bitter and petty about the situation who knows. But maybe this was just temporary because of the injury situation and he'll be back if the Bills are able to win.
  13. The numbers don't lie and still think this was the worst possible draw for a referee crew in a game of this magnitude. And you just know that in addition to all the blatant holding the Chiefs oline does, Mahomes is going to chuck up some wild passes down field and the bills will get flagged for PI for any ticky tack type of contact, and on the opposite end guys like Sneed will rape a WR and never get called.
  14. I don't like it....especially in a game where one big play on ST could be the difference and Chiefs are firing on all 3 cylinders right now. But not sure there was any better options out there.
  15. Now you are just letting hatred blind the facts. Again, who cares about Tua anyway? He's won a single (regular season) game against the Bills.
  16. This is the biggest reason I'm picking the Chiefs this week quite frankly. Because deep down I believe the NFL wants the Chiefs in the AFFCG at a minimum.....they need/want a villain and the chiefs are the new patriots for all intents and purposes. And no way they passing up a Mahomes/Lamar or Mahomes/Stroud matchup. Obviously the Bills can take care of business and play a near flawless game in all 3 phases, but I have no doubt all the calls with favor KC in this one especially if there is any point of the game the Bills can take a 2 score lead.
  17. NFL definitely bringing out the 'big guns' so to speak in this one. Don't be shocked if/when KC gets all the calls either as much I hate to admit it.
  18. MVP candidate, unanimous probowl starter (even over Mahomes), came close to shattering all kinds of records, back to back playoffs, etc Like I've said over and over....he's a damn good QB, he just needs to take the next step at some point which is won't be easy as long as Allen is in the same division.
  19. I never predicted the Bills to lose against the Steelers on this forum or anywhere else, so not sure where that's coming from. In fact I was very confident because just like with the Browns, no way a Steelers team with a 3rd string QB should come into Buffalo and win if this team was a real contender. But as I've said before, when I'm wrong I admit it and own it. And I'm not big on chest thumping or gloating either when I've been right.
  20. That's what surprised me the most....their defense being a no show. I think the Browns biggest mistake (which may also hurt the 49ers and Ravens this week) was sitting Flacco and resting most their key guys against the Bengals in the final week of the season. I know most will say it was the right decision but any momentum they had was instantly killed IMO because of the week off before facing a Texans team that had a massive win on the road against a division rival to secure a playoff spot, and ultimately the division after the Jags choked against the Titans.
  21. Despite what you and some other want to believe...I actually have tons of credibility on predictions, and was one of the few to prediction the Texans not only beating the Browns, but doing it fairly easily which was the case. And trust me, I know I'm not going to be the only one here taking the Chiefs over the Bills this week. Confident that 75% or more of the talking heads and pundits outside of Buffalo probably will too but obviously doesn't mean it's set in stone...just looking at the historical data and facts which obviously matter until proven otherwise.
  22. I still don't understand why the Dolphins are a such a trigger for most Bills fans, especially on this forum. We've dominated them for years and it's about as one sided of a rivalry out there. Unless deep down ya'all fear them because of how talented they are and praying it all don't come together? (like it certainly almost did this year). Either way who really cares at this point. Time to focus on the task at hand....figuring out how to solve the Chiefs puzzle and this group getting to their first super bowl.
  23. Officiating has been suspect all year and don't expect it change anytime soon. But I would also be awfully concerned against the Chiefs because we all know some of this stuff that wasn't called yesterday against the Bills will certainly be the opposite in this one. And their offensive line seems to never get called for holding, and their DB's same thing despite all this 'sticky coverage' crap that Romo likes to call it anyway.
  24. I wouldn't 'go that far, if anything because the Bills and Allen still had way to many drives that stalled out yesterday especially when they could have ended the game much earlier. But Allen wasn't going to be denied yesterday and if that same guy shows up against the Chiefs then myself and anyone else picking against the Bills this week (and there will be many) will be dead wrong.
  25. I think the winner of Bills/Chiefs likely gets to the superbowl (and wins it). For me the Ravens are in the same boat as the Bills in that they obviously need to prove they can win in the playoffs despite the regular season success they've sustained through the years. Massive pressure on Jackson to perform this week who hasn't even been to an AFFCG game yet unlike Allen. But even if they win, certainly they have serious talent but they aren't a champion like the Chiefs which is why I wouldn't fear them, even on the road.
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