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  1. I also made the move from DTV to YTV but I have serious concerns about whether or not they have the infrastructure and bandwidth in place to handle what's coming once the season starts. Plus I still hate the idea of having to rely on your internet connection (which I'm sure Google and Youtube can blame if there are widespread issues) for this knowing outages and problems that are out of your control can happen.
  2. Bease is going to EAT in Daboll's loaded offense and this move makes me feel much more confident about picking the Giants to make the SB this year in the NFC.
  3. On paper this is a better group than last year but still need to see real results (i.e. actually being able to run block and run the football consistently). Speaking of interior, my bigger concerns is still with Morse avoiding another (potential career ending) concussion and if McGovern will be a real upgrade at LG. As for RG, I'm very excited about Torrance and hoping we finally struck gold like the Chiefs did with Humphrey and he's not forced to sit on the bench behind a lessor player because of this coaching staff's obsession with not playing rookies much. He needs to be full go from day one.
  4. I would honestly keep Basham, if anything get rid of Epenesa. But to be frank this so called depth probably isn't as good as some think, not like we are sitting on a bunch of 8 -10 sack a season guys especially in this scheme.
  5. Isn't Mayfield the starter in TB? But yes he would be another viable option if available...
  6. Regardless of this development, I'm still very uncomfortable with this oline as a whole. With that said, won't be surprised if Beane tries making a power move for another proven veteran since he some chips available to play with (i.e. defensive line depth).
  7. More I ponder this I like this move more than Cook to the Jets. Still think Patriots are going to be a grimy team this year behind Hoodie's trademark stout defense and ST play. If Mac Jones can rebound they will definitely be in the division/WC picture until the end of year.
  8. Neither of these guys are going to do anything if JA17 were to go down for a significant stretch. The name I would still watch to eventually be QB2 in Buffalo is Sam Darnold. Wouldn't rule out bringing back Trubisky as well if he's cut by the Steelers.
  9. I still don't get the Jets hype train, but this was a great signing and will go a long way in terms of keeping pressure off Rogers to be savior everyone is expecting him to be. Bills need to be ready and come out strong on the MNF to slow down the hype in NY.
  10. It's hard to be too excited for this draft given Beane's spotty history outside of 2018/JA17 and you really need at least 2 full seasons to fully understand what we have as a whole. But if they hit on both Kincaid and Torrance in terms of not only being legit NFL starters, but possible probowl/star players it goes a long way to keeping this team relevant in the next few years. Torrance in particular would certainly undo both the Wyatt Teller mistake and passing on Creed Humprhey and he has looked the part so far.
  11. No, because McDermott is 0-4 on the road in the playoffs for a reason. This is why tonight's game is essentially a 'play in' game for the Bills to keep pace with KC and ensure they never have to leave Buffalo until the SB if they get that far. The prospects of facing a dangerous WC team like the chargers then going to CIN (again) and KC in back to back weeks is a near impossible task for any team. Have to play a complete game and bring out whatever tricks they have to pull this one out but still think it's asking a lot against the AFC's hottest team and defending conference champs that came within 2 minutes of winning the SB last year.
  12. If Harbaugh does come back I'd stay far away from the Broncos and Russ Wilson dumpster fire no matter how much money and control they dangle in front of him. Yes Hackett was in over his head, but no matter who the coach is there they won't win with a QB who is finished especially in the same division as the Chiefs and Chargers given their respective QB situations.
  13. Makes sense as this is a massive game. NFL is drooling over the packers late season surge and potential for them to make the tourney and go on a deep playoff run, which I think is exactly what will happen if they beat Lions and get in.
  14. I like poyer and he's a difference maker but you can't pay an aging injury prone player big money. Let him walk in the offseason and test FA market and then sign him back to a cheap deal once he realizes his options are limited.
  15. Just an FYI - but I don't post on twitter. I have an account but it's just a generic one to read content. Whoever is using this filthybeast handle is probably a groupie from this site looking to stir up trouble. My guess would be Teef since he thinks I'm a dolphins fan and have 20 different aliases on every Bills forum apparently.
  16. Agree, it's time to shine on the biggest of stages and prove this team can make a run without Von Miller.
  17. Packers were in a similar boat at one point not long ago and are suddenly peaking at the right time. Not going to be shocked at all when they go into SF/PHI/DAL etc and make a historic run to the SB, in fact many pundits predicted a BUF/GB or KC/GB matchup in the big game and that may still yet come to fruition.
  18. Games like this rarely live up to the hype, and I think there's a better chance that the Bills lose in a blowout or vice versa than actually playing an epic game down to the wire. Still very worried regardless because of how shaky this team has been in recent weeks against lessor teams and letting them hang around by turning the ball over, defensive lapses, etc. All this late vegas line movement is definitely a concern though...
  19. No you are not, and if anything it shows the gap this team has with some of these other in terms of 'perceived talent' vs. 'actual talent'. This is why JA17 should still get serious consideration for MVP especially if he leads the team to victory tonight over a red hot Bengals team and defending conference champion. You game him out of the equation and this is probably a 5 or 6 win team right now and there's a reason why Keenam has looked terrible when he's been in the game with the same players, specifically oline and skill positions. Beane has serious work to do in the offseason to fix all the gaping holes on this roster and not going to likely have many resources outside of the draft to do so.
  20. I don't like it, have had a bad feeling and lots of anxiety about this game the last few days. Really hope the Bills understand what's truly at stake tonight and play their best (and first complete game) of the year because they won't stand much of a chance if they don't.
  21. I think they have especially guys like Garrett Wilson who were chirping loudly about the great Mike White and after looking as bad or worse than Wilson yesterday reality came crashing to earth. Also the Dolphins have at least been competitive the last few weeks including the Bills game and were a few plays away in each game from winning where the Jets have gotten curb stomped by the Jags and Seahawks.
  22. I've never said the Jets were going to be elite and have called them frauds all along which my posting backs up. Yes I bought into the Dolphins hype train this year but they obviously aren't ready quite yet given their current 5 game skid, but again they win Sunday against the Jets at home and their in without needing any other help and then it's a new ball game and nothing matters including their current funk. I think next year the Dolphins will take the next step though and win the division.
  23. How can any rational fan say this when we were trailing by 8 points against them late in the 4th quarter just a few weeks ago? Yes they are not quite the contender that some pundits and fans (like myself) thought, but they are still a damn good team with a talent roster and QB whose top 5 when healthy. Don't care what anybody says but I want no part of them in the playoffs and if anything they might do us a favor and go into KC or CIN and beat them depending on seeding.
  24. Still think this division will be brutal next year. Dolphins are a team on the rise with a roster oozing with talent despite their current funk and still think they beat the jets next week and get into the tourney anyway. Patriots have a lot of cap space next year and will no doubt correct one of their biggest mistakes (not having a real OC for Mac Jones). Jets are the true wild card because they have a lot of young talent as well but coaching seems to be an issue still and the big question mark at QB of course. As for Bills, this is why this year is still so critical to get over the hump and try and win a championship because while I think the team will still be fine next year by default because of JA17, they are likely going to be a worse roster overall because of the pending cap situation.
  25. I'm happy for Daboll and the Giants since I have a lot of friends and family who are big time fans. Goes to show what great coaching can do for what was believed to be one of the worst rosters in the NFL heading into the season. Also can't believe that we chose to let Hodgins go to keep a guy like McKenzie on this roster. He's probably going to be a star next year while 'Lil Dirty' will be out of the league and lucky to be on a practice squad somewhere.
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