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  1. They already are pretty loaded even without Bradberry. AFC West is truly going to be fun to watch this year and it certainly decreases the chances of the Chiefs securing home field in the playoffs again, let alone even winning the division.
  2. Yes it would be wild. Makes you wonder how many more primetime slots would be open for the Bills down the stretch though since most NFL darlings only get about 5 total primetime games each year.
  3. Unfortunately there's probably a better chance of Ford being cut/traded before opening day than magically becoming a good player in year 4 under a new position coach. Beane obviously has given him the benefit of the doubt because he liked him enough to trade up in the 2nd round but at some point you have to acknowledge the obvious.
  4. If the Bills were truly playing the season opener TNF in LA wouldn't that have leaked by now by more official sources? I'm not saying OP is wrong, but just seems like the NFL would want to start the hype train ASAP. Personally though I think it would be weird to have the defending SB champs open against a non conference team unless it was a SB rematch which this is not.
  5. I'm not sure what some fans don't get about this. He was a valuable contributor here through the years including a great run during Marrone years in 2013 - 2014, but it's not like he's a HOF player or anywhere in the same class as Bruce Smith or Mario Williams were. And speaking of the latter, you can argue the only reason Hughes even did good those two years was because of him on the other side. I'll still be really surprised if he's even makes a teams final roster this year because I really do think he's finished period and we even hung on to him a year too long.
  6. Definitely not any national media, but I assume at least half this forum? 😂
  7. Elam is a rookie and no idea what he's going to look like this year or in the long term. White isn't likely going to be ready at the start of the season and even when he plays may not be the same player right away (or ever which is something a lot of fans seem to be discounting here). But I would agree that there is no point of trying to pursue him to a long term contact if anything because we won't have the money. We might not even be able to sign him to a one year deal depending on what he's looking for or wants out of a new team.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me but still think the 2017 overall has been the best during this current regime. Obviously landing Allen a year later is why this franchise is where we are today which is 100% on Beane, but overall Beane hasn't put together a draft quite like 2017 yet in terms of the collective impact the aforementioned playoffs have had.
  9. I'm sure he's going to be on a different team soon and get a chance to start games again this year. Cleveland is pretty stupid (and desperate) to make the Watson trade before unloading mayfield though.
  10. Saw this story over the weekend and was surprised to hear about it, mostly the fact that dareus has any desire/motivation to actually still play in NFL now that he's on the wrong side of the 30. But good for him either way.
  11. I get all that, just would have preferred we looked at a different team with a better recent track record but it's still ultimately beane ultimately calling the shots anyway regardless of this addition.
  12. Would love to see him come to Buffalo but it really depends on if he's looking for a huge payday/multi year deal right out of the gate. If so that will take a lot of interested contenders like the Bills and Chiefs out of the equation pretty quick. But if he's willing to sign for a one year team friendly deal to compete for a SB then we'll have a shot.
  13. Would be interested to see what Whaley does if he gets a second chance as an NFL GM. I'm not defending him by any means, but he wasn't surrounded by the best folks in Buffalo in terms of Nix, Brandon, previous scouting department, etc. Also let's not forget he was here during McD's first draft so you have to give him some credit for White, Milano and Dawkins who remain key pieces of this current team and culture. And considering Pittsburgh's track record they wouldn't be giving him a very hard look if they weren't impressed by whatever he's pitching to them during the interview process.
  14. Sure hope so but we obviously aren't going 17-0 this year in the regular season....at least I think.
  15. The Titans were ravaged by injuries the last two times we played them and we still lost. In fact they had like half their team on the Covid list in 2020 when we had the worst game of that season by far. Still think they are just a bad match up overall for the Bills similar to the Colts.
  16. As a chiefs fan you would certianly know better, but personally I would have taken Karlaftis on the Bills if we already didn't have a logjam of young players there. And he has that blue collar 'lunchpail' trait that this team seems to have liked in the past with DE's. But DB was obviously the bigger need for this team right now anyway.
  17. Should be a good early season litmus test for both teams and glad we finally have them back in Buffalo. Just like with the Chiefs, the Titans are quietly one of the Bills biggest conference rivals given that we've pretty much played them every season since 2018. Titans have had the Bills number the last few years though so hopefully that can change now.
  18. Unless I missed the news somewhere, this must be a preemptive move by Beane to replace someone that Schoen and the Giants are going to poach for their front office since they recently dumped some long time scouting folks after the draft. But I also share the concern that this might not even be a great hire looking at the Texans and what a dumpster fire the entire organization is right now.
  19. Hughes is somewhat of an outlier though and outside of his two peak years under Marrone where he got 10 sack each season, he's never had a double digit sack year and still think he's a bit overrated overall by some Bills fans. As for some of our other younger guys on the dline I think Oliver has definitely made the right type of progress even if he never ends up being a truly elite player in this league. Both Groot and Basham flashed last year and are expected to contribute in 2022. I think the only guy that's truly a bust is Epenesa and I don't see him on the final roster at the start of the season unless he can prove he's not just a practice warrior like he seemed to be last year but fizzled once the regular season began.
  20. I agree with this and hopes it's the case. Because as I said many times leading up to the playoff rematch last year, the early season win in KC last year was a red herring and meant nothing in the grand scheme of things if anything because of the Chiefs doing their best impression of the Patriots struggling early and figuring things out before being near invincible in the 2nd half of the season every year. And the Chiefs were pretty much that type of team starting 3-4 and finishing 9-1 in their last 10 games. So for me I would like to see the Bills/Chiefs somewhere in the week 10 - 17 range when we have a pretty good idea exactly who both teams are in 2022.
  21. It's probably a case of Tomlin trusting McDermott's judgement since they know eachother well. At the end of the day though Wallace is what he is and that's a woefully average NFL starter on his best days. The pressure packages are more the point, they are a blitz heavy team that trust guys more in man to man matchups vs zone overall. And just think it's a recipe for disaster when Wallace is matched up against even the most average NFL starting WR's, let alone the elite ones.
  22. As much as I hate to admit it, the Chiefs and Ravens organizations are still the class of the NFL with Veach and DeCosta respectively leading their front offices and killing it on the regular. The Chiefs in particular probably had the best draft overall on paper and I think both McDuffie and Karlaftis are going to end up being perrenial probowl type of players. Karlaftis in particular could be a big time steal and projects similarly to Jared Allen who chiefs drafted way back when, but looks like an even better prospect since Allen was a mere 4th round pick. Overall though, you still need to way a good 3 years down the road to know who truly nailed this draft and who didn't but the aforementioned teams are always going to get benefit of the doubt given their track records and SB trophies in the last decade.
  23. I won't be surprised if he struggles big time in Pittsburgh since they run a much more aggressive 3-4 scheme and don't rely on the zone/bend but don't break stuff. Tomlin won't keep him on the field long if that's the case. He's going to be facing much better QB's twice a year in the that division alone too between Burrow/Jackson/Watson. Either way not the Bills problem anymore.
  24. My stance on Edmunds is probably well know but here's the problem I see with Edmunds magically breaking out in year 5.....there would be zero chance of resigning him because of what he'll command as an UFA coming off a contract year. And if we do resign him to big money there's also a chance he regresses back to 2018 - 2021 Edmunds which would not be a good thing either. I still think this is his last season in Buffalo either way but who really knows especially since we just drafted a guy that is more of a Milano clone which means we could choose to move on from him and keep Edmunds.
  25. Most pundits and experts said this was draft was top heavy in the first round with not many true 1st round prospects compared to recent years so this seems to be in line with that and most those names went in the top 20. Also if the Elam rankings are true that gives validity to the idea we didn't need to move ahead of the Cowboys unless Bean knew another team was specifically trying to trade with them (or BAL) to also get Elam.
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