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  1. Everyone knows what this team needs to do in the offseason but the big challenge they are going to have is cap space in terms of trying to go after any impactful FA of note. Also does anyone have faith in Beane to be able to adequately address this in the draft given his woeful history with drafting in the trenches? Don't be surprised if this oline is even worse next year especially if Morse is gone which is highly likely given his contract and latest concussion.
  2. I know Bills mafia travels well but would encourage all of them to sit this one out, even if they live in Chicago/Midwest area and are within reasonable driving distance. Stay home and enjoy watching even if stadium is empty like the Covid year. Probably going to be the true definition of an ugly boring game.
  3. I said all along the Jets were frauds and they essentially played their SB against the Bills in the first matchup going 1-5 since that game with the only win coming against the same bad Bears team we are facing tomorrow. Going further they are 2-6 in their last 8 games which includes that Bills SB win. Yes there is some talent there but the media hype around this team has always been ridiculous and no matter who starting QB is wasn't going to change the outcome of any of these games because they have much deeper issues beyond that position and Mike White is still a bum as well, albeit a different kind compared to Wilson. Jags on the other hand are surging and in control of their playoff destiny if they win against the Texans and Titans the next 2 weeks. Going to be a much tougher matchup now for whoever the #5 seed is compared to the Titans which looked like an easy win for whoever ends up in that spot.
  4. Coaching only goes so far when the talent simply isn't there. And even if this team somehow gets to and wins a SB this year, expect oline to be priority #1 in the offseason with what limited resources this team is going to have to address it.
  5. There's a lot of things that concern me with this team but I have a hard time seeing a letdown after 3 straight division wins now against a bad bears team ahead of what looks to be the biggest game of the year on MNF in Cincy. But yes, on the surface this is a classic 'trap game' for sure.
  6. To be honest there's some truth to this post with some of these points. This division is everything (and more) that a lot of pundits felt the AFC West would be this year. And it's still very possible that the current window slams shut after this year which adds to the pressure of getting to and winning a SB right now. Obviously nobody has crystal ball and things could change dramatically between Feb and next fall but have to expect the Dolphins and Jets to improve even further in the offseason. Patriots are a true wildcard because of Belichik's future hanging in the balance. But overall the Bills are in the toughest spot from a cap standpoint and will have a lot of challenges improving the roster and addressing the current holes, let alone preventing a major falloff due to pending FA departures and roster cuts.
  7. Forget being cool, given the amount of money he's getting paid he really should be the clear cut #2 option on this team. No excuse for him not to be used more down the stretch, especially out of 11 personnel groupings.
  8. You very well might be right, but still think Jones has shown more than enough to be the guy heading into year 3 and with more QB's showing that 'Magic Josh Allen 3rd year jump' in Tua and Hurts this year, whoever the coach is in NE next year is likely going to expect that with Jones especially if they upgrade the talent around him which is going to be a big part of that with the Patriots offense as well.
  9. Tua's a good kid and showed he's still among the league's elite QB's despite losing a massive game in bad weather conditions. I want no part of him and the Dolphins again in the playoffs this year and you get the feeling that may end up helping this team in a roundabout way going into a place like KC or CIN and winning.
  10. This. As bad as this oline has played this year it can and will get even worse by putting this guy out there given the circumstances.
  11. I get where you are coming from with the overreactions but most of what you said has a certain degree of truth to it and why there should still be concern heading into the playoffs and not a false sense of confidence about this team right now. For me the biggest issue is still the offensive line play and inconsistency with the defense and those are 2 fatal flaws that can end a playoff run pretty quickly. The good news is that most of the other teams in the AFC field have their similar issues to deal with including the Chiefs and Bengals, but those teams also keep winning so at some point something has to give so to speak when these heavyweight inevitably match up in the playoffs at some point.
  12. While it's great to see the Patriots struggle and lose a game in such an absurd manner, I'm still not writing off Mac Jones after having one of the best rookie seasons ever and showing he can be a big time player in this league. But you do get the sense that we are nearing the end of the Belichik era and any hope Jones does have of taking the next step is contingent on bringing in a fresh perspective to the Patriots organization (i.e. a real NFL OC) that understands how to build an offense that can compete with the leagues best QBs, including the Bills and JA17.
  13. He had a few bad plays against Hill which is going to happen to all good DB's but still think he's not anywhere close to form and probably won't be until next year. Either way having him out there instead of a bunch of rookies and subpar players still matters if this team has any chance of beating the Chiefs or Bengals in the playoffs.
  14. Every team gets questionable calls both in their favor and against them, but if anything the Bills won this game because Josh Allen is a true creature that once again appears to be ready to carry this team on his backs for another playoff run. He looked the freaking abominable snowman out there on those final few drives and was not going to be stopped no matter what. Credit to the Dolphins though, they might not be a SB contender this year after all but that's a damn good team that probably should have won if not for JA17 taking matters into his own hands.
  15. He's turned his career around for sure. A lot of people laughed at the contract the Jaguars gave him but he's been a big time, go to weapon for Laurence this year and a big reason the Jags may very win the AFCS and make the playoffs when that looked like a pipe dream just a few weeks ago. Whaley's last draft in Buffalo was certainly one of the best in franchise history.
  16. Agree but deep down still feel that the Bills will be looking back at the Vikings/Jets games and know that's what cost them the #1 seed in the end. Because even with just 2 losses right now we'd still have a cushion for the Bengals game and it wouldn't matter what happens in that one.
  17. On one hand you can look at the Chiefs barely beating the likes of the Texans and Broncos in recent weeks and assume they are frauds or a one and done team come playoff time. But as I've pointed out before historically they have always seemed to play up and down to their level of competition and turn the proverbial switch on so to speak in the playoffs and I get the sense that's whats going to happen again. Pats did this a lot of years too with Brady and still finished seasons on 8 game type win streaks en route to championships and still feel this season ends with KC and Mahomes raising the Lombardi trophy.
  18. It's a safe bet Wilson is a legit NFL WR, possibly even a star. What I meant was more in term of his development along with the rest of the Jets skill players who weren't being properly evaluated this year because of poor QB play. Unfortunately this was a problem the Bills had to deal with the greater part of 17 years prior to JA17, either having decent talent on the roster everywhere but QB. Or not being able to evaluate players because QB play was so bad. Getting back to the jets though, it's why I still think Mike White is a red herring either way. Even if he comes back next week and continues to put up numbers and play fairly well, they are still likely going to swing for the fences in FA or trade for a veteran (i.e. Aaron Rogers if available) because they likely believe they have enough talent on the roster to compete for the division and beyond next year. They were certainly in the conversation up until the last few weeks.
  19. Forgot about that game but still don't agree about him being any good because so far his body of work reads exactly like Fitzpatrick. (i.e. puts up stat padding type of numbers but doesn't win most games and/or make plays when it matters). I'm sure the Jets will plan on starting him next year with a full offseason of work, regardless of whether Wilson sucks and/or they draft another QB but confident his career in this league as a starter will be short lived. I'd definitely take him as a backup though.
  20. It was pretty obvious that after getting swept by the patriots and losing on a kick return in the final second Saleh benching Wilson was more of a a classic knee jerk reaction knowing the remaining schedule was absolutely brutal and wanted to keep team competitive and properly evaluate some of the young players on offense like Garrett Wilson. In fact if the Jets lose this week against the Lions which is expected, there's a good chance they don't win another game the rest of the way with another red hot Jags team on deck on TNF (short week) and then finishing up on the road against the Seahawks and Dolphins. Either way I've said all along they are frauds and not a playoff team this year. They overachieved early with culminating in their SB win against the Bills with Wilson starting that game anyway.
  21. He hasn't had a reception since the 2020 season when he last played here. There's a reason he was available on the street right now and why multiple teams have cut him the last few years. So in this case being 'fairly productive recently' doesn't jive and still think he's going to be released any day now and won't even be called up again.
  22. I'm still more concerned about Tua/Hill/Waddle going off against this pass defense in a 'get right' type of game after 2 very poor outings, but yes the dolphins rejuvenated pass rush adds another 'nightmare' element to this game especially with how bad this offensive line has been this year and is seemingly getting worse as the season goes on. And with weather likely playing a factor, what could ultimately tilt this game is turnovers which the Dolphins defense will be set up to do in this one especially if we are pinned deep in our own territory and Allen holds on to the ball to long and/or forces something.
  23. Because if another WR we chose to dump in the favor of keeping a worthless bum like McKenzie on the roster at all costs produces elsewhere it puts Beane and this coaching staff under a bigger microscope.
  24. Still think this whole Mike White thing is silly. Yes he's shown some grit and toughness but at the end of the day it's about winning games in this league and he's something like 1-6 as a starter, with that only win coming against a terrible Bears team with a depleted roster a few weeks back. His ceiling in this league is likely a poor mans Ryan Fitzpatrick which isn't saying much and it shows the desperation of the Jets organization they put him back in the game against the Bills and were trying to force him in the lineup this week. Also don't matter who starts this week anyway because Lions have the look of a grimy team that is going to win out and make a serious run in the playoffs which also makes the Bills win against them on Thanksgiving much better in hindsight considering they just squeak by and pulled it out in the final minutes.
  25. Saw the Browns signed him to their PS. Will be hilarious if he ends up producing there with the rapist throwing the football his way.
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