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  1. Agree, but when your arm goes it goes badly and Brady is also on the brink of embarrassing himself which is why I thought he probably was done after and surprised he unretired so quickly. Won't be surprised if Brady looks a lot like 2020 Brees this year.
  2. We lost to both TEN and PIT last year despite neither of them having great QB play, especially the latter which was at home. Ravens are being overlooked IMO and will be right back in the championship picture if LJ is healthy and they don't lose half their roster to IR again. Miami obviously looking to break out this year and finally beat the Bills again. The more I think about it I will not be shocked if the Bills get off to a bad/slow start this year similar to Chiefs last year before the schedule eases up and they put together a dominant run.
  3. Agree, but we aren't going 17-0 next year and it's still a bit silly to think we will actually be favored against the Chiefs in KC unless Mahomes is hurt or they are complete garbage this year.
  4. Brees is toast and embarrassed himself playing a year or two longer than he should have just like Big Ben.
  5. Ingram is a solid pick up for the Fish. Their defense is looking pretty loaded with talent but until they can stop JA17 from doing his thing doesn't really matter.
  6. Man these first few moths are going to be brutal. And I could definitely see the Bills getting off to a slow start like the Chiefs did last year before putting everything together and playing their best football in the 2nd half of the season when the schedule softens up a bit, at least on paper anyway.
  7. It's great the Bills are getting all this love but I wouldn't put much stock in these point spreads. It's like reading into political polls months before an election and that's the same deal here with these lines, many things can and will change between now and the start of the regular season.
  8. I still wouldn't be surprised if Hughes is cut after training camp and this contract seems to be structured in a way that allows that in terms of the Texans not being on the hook for a ton of money.
  9. People said that last year and he won a SB despite trailing in both the SB and NFC Championship games late in the 4th quarter. Also made monster plays after the Bucs and Brady made a big comeback in the divisional game in Tampa. To say this will be a huge test for the Bills is an understatement especially how their season ended in another infamous playoff debacle similar to wide right and music city miracle.
  10. The final score was very misleading in that game considering how close it was into the 4th quarter. And the previous year in Miami we easily could have lost that one if not for Allen and his first 400+ yard game which was another come from behind in the 2nd half affair. Again the point is that everyone is gunning for the Bills in the division now just like many teams tried (and mostly failed) against the Pats and Brady for the greater part of 20 years.
  11. On one hand the Bills will get a chance to make a statement right out the gate against the defending SB champions who many felt the Bills would have beat in the SB. But at the same time the home team and defending champion in recent years has always come out strong and defended their dirt so to speak and there are some very bad matchups for the Bills in this game (i.e. Aaron Donald against our interior oline, Rams WR's against a secondary that likely won't have White).
  12. I don't care so much about us trying to raid the Panthers roster again as much as what we may have offered. And if it was anything in the 1st/2nd round arena that probably would have been a huge mistake given McCaffrery's inability to stay healthy and on the field. But a conditional mid round type of pick that could go higher if he stays on the field would have made sense and perhaps that's all beane dangled out there.
  13. Like I've said all along, eventually the Bills will lose to them again. And it's seems like our current rivalry with them mirrors the Patriots dominance over the Bills prior to 2020 in that they always play us close one game with chances to win and get blown out in the other. If Tua takes another step this year (even marginal) the Dolphins will be division/championship contenders. If he has a 2020 Josh Allen type of breakout season then all bets are obviously off.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a very good GM in Pittsburgh but at the same time wouldn't bank on it. But if he has full autonomy to make his own decisions there vs Buffalo where there were many other hands in the cookie jar so to speak he might actually surprise folks and he was seen an a rising star years ago in the same Steelers organization when Buffalo brought him alongside Nix in the first place.
  15. I think you hit the nail on the head with Peterman here....he's more of a 'student of the game', first in practice/last to leave type of player which is why McDermott loved him and gave him every opportunity to start again after the Chargers debacle his rookie year and despite drafting Allen with a premium 1st round pick. Also likely same reason Gruden was infatuated with him during his time on the Raiders as well because he really believed he could fit their offense and even add another element with his legs if Carr were to get hurt. There were even some Raiders fans that wanted Carr benched at one point for Peterman which is kind of crazy in hindsight because I think Carr is a top 5 - 10 QB in this league. So while it may be unlikely at this point that Peterman ever sees the field as a legit NFL starter, he probably will have a long career as a backup and/or transition to a QB coach at some point sooner than later.
  16. Peterman has looked great at times with the Raiders in preseason the last few years, albeit against mostly backup level competition. Would be interesting to see what he does in live action again if he ever gets a chance to start again. Either way good for him for finding a way to hang around this league so long.
  17. I don't think Tua is nearly as bad as some make him out to be, but he's probably under the most pressure of any NFL starting QB this year to perform and take his game to the next level. If he does that the Dolphins very well may be the Bills biggest threat to the division title, they certainly have been within striking distance the last few years.
  18. There's a reason why Beane drafted him in the 2nd round despite taking Groot just a round earlier. Guy was a serious force in college and truly BPA when we picked. Personally I'll be very disappointed if Groot and/or Basham don't show something and have a big impact this year especially with all the attention Oliver and Miller will command. Add to the fact they were both high draft picks and we'll essentially be starting over at DE once again soon since Miller is obviously just stopgap these next few years
  19. I just don't see him in that class despite near decade long tenure here. Solid player but has always been more of a #2 DE hence the reason why he's never matched the production he did in 13/14 alongside Mario Williams (and Marcel Dareus at his Bills peak for that matter).
  20. Hope you're right. I'd just rather be safe than sorry by adding some sort of veteran insurance because it's not just about stopping Mahomes anymore given how ridiculously loaded the AFC is as a whole. Need to now stop Carr/Wilson/Burrow/Jackson/Watson/Herbert/etc. A true murderers row on paper compared to the garbage the Bills faced last year at the QB position.
  21. Looks like he's returning home to join the Texans and play with Addison as well based on some reports on Twitter.
  22. ACL's are typically a full year which would mean White isn't available until 2nd half of 2022 season. Also given the nature of his position and how critical movement, I still think the reality of the situation is we won't see the same version of White until 2023 even if he's able to return this year and play and a respectable level. So again, on paper DB is still a glaring need for this team right now even after the draft.
  23. Honestly not sure of the rules, it just seems weird that the NFL would want to showcase JA17 and the Bills so much early in the season instead of spreading things out more like the last few years of Bills primetime appearances.
  24. People probably thought the same thing about Aikman but that's worked out well for both parties. Love him or hate him though Brady's passion and intensity for the game will probably make him a good analyst unless he slobbers profusely over the Patriots when calling their games.
  25. Everyone will of course say that Elam is the better player and who the Bills wanted all along, but obviously the Chiefs moved up and took who they felt was clearly the better player in McDuffie. Time will tell ow things pan out but I still think it's a dangerous proposition for the Bills either way to not have a fallback plan and sign a veteran DB ASAP before the market truly dries up.
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