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  1. Probably, but I still think McD and Beane are to blame for latching on to players like this for so long when Wallace has already proven what a liability he is especially against any WR that's better than average.
  2. It seems a lot of folks are making a big deal about Tannenhill's comments when what he said is no different than many other players have said in similar situations. Also I don't agree he sucks, he's definitely turned his career around with the Titans and I would certainly consider him in the '2nd tier' of NFL starters behind the truly elite franchise guys like Brady/Mahomes/Rogers/etc. And he must be doing something right against the Bills since we have not beat the Titans since he's been the starter there. With that said, obviously he knows he needs to perform at a high level this year to keep his job especially if Willis shows something in camp/practice.
  3. I would counter with: Steelers have never had a sub .500 season in all the years Tomlin has been at the help and everyone knows that Big Ben retired a year or two late and no way Trubisky/Pickett will be a downgrade from what they had at QB last year. As long as Lamar is healthy the Ravens will be not just in the AFCN title picture, but SB contender picture. Browns already have a viable SB contending roster without Watson, if he does play they should be much better since they at least have a QB that can throw the ball to a WR. But again, I do believe the Bengals are extremely legit and can also come out of the AFCN again despite these other teams current status.
  4. Not saying it will happen but it just seems like his skill set is overly redundant especially with adding Shakir as a 5th round pick who is pretty much a lock to make the team based on that alone. And after being benched last year, and then with Daboll out the door seemed like a foregone conclusion that McKenzie was long gone from Buffalo. In the end though McKenzie always finds a way to stick around on this roster like Wallace did on the defensive side until this year.
  5. It's my understanding that you need to have amazon prime service (which I believe is at least $100+ per year) to watch these TNF games going forward and they aren't being shown on any other network. So yes anyone can pony up the cash for this I guess. Personally I'm a DTV and Amazon Prime paying customer so it doesn't impact me, but not everyone is going to be keen on paying extra money for streaming games on Amazon if they don't currently use that service and already paying enough on their monthly cable/satellite bills.
  6. A lot of fans and NFL media thinks they were a fluke so that's definitely motivation. Same thing was send about Allen and the Bills after the 2020 Covid season as well. Personally I don't see the Bengals as a one hit wonder because they have a stud QB who was a #1 overall draft pick who quite frankly wasn't even the main catalyst during the playoff run. I think their path for repeat success will be much more difficult this year though since they won't be able to sneak up on anybody and their division is right up there with the AFCW as one of the most brutal in the NFL.
  7. Agree - seems silly that the NFL would agree to exclusivity to a streaming service when millions of people still use traditional cable/dish service and will be left in the cold. What concerns me is the idea that NFL Sunday ticket may also go that route after years of being available on DTV, albeit typically as a premium service unless you play the year game with them in terms of haggling for a discount or threaten to cancel service.
  8. Bills are a hot primetime ticket so neither of these expected games against the Rams and Lions surprise me. I also expect to see 3 more combined SNF/MNF games on the schedule with lots of intriguing options (Bengals/Chiefs/Titans/Packers/Pats/Ravens/etc)
  9. boettger will likely be on PUP/IR most of the year and I don't think Kromer is going to fix Ford and make him look even serviceable at this point. He simply looks like a bust that we likely move on from this summer. Obviously still a lot of time to address the situation, even into the regular season/trade deadline but we somewhat lucked out last year when Boettger/Bates performed well above expectations and stabilized the line towards the end of the year.
  10. Overall point was that McD/Frazier run a similar scheme and philosophy as our old friend Jauron. (i.e Tampa2 roots, bend but don't break, tweener type utility players). I've just personally been a fan of more physical defenses with players that fit a traditional size prototype on defense. Especially when you look at what Cincy was able to do last year against the Chiefs and Rams offenses in the playoffs vs how our unit has performed in similar high stakes PO games under this regime. But again, if Bernard ends up being a real difference maker and not just another 'system guy' out there so be it. Just feel there was better options on the board too that we may regret down the road especially if depth at other crucial positions is an issue again this year.
  11. It would be big mistake for Beane to not bring in another veteran IOL and DB between now and the start of the season. Not necessarily looking for flashy names but some sort of proven commodity that can step in should the injury bug hit hard.
  12. I agree with the theory that had the Bills won the Chiefs game they may not have added Miller or had a busy offseason and tried the 'run it back' stuff again for a 2nd straight year. But I don't necessarily agree that the way last season ended is going to propel this team to new heights for a number of reasons: 1) McDermott is still the head coach and will be facing tremendous pressure to produce and lead this team to another AFCE division title and top seed in the AFC overall with the talent on hand. No matter your opinion on McDermott (and yes he's the best coach since Levy), he failed when it matter most last year and has a bad history when it comes to facing the better teams/HC's in this league. So until that changes it's not unreasonable to expect more of the same failures. 2) Aside from coaching, injuries can derail a championship contender's hopes and dreams real quick (See BAL last year and SF in 2020). 3) Division and AFC are going to be vastly improved this year. While I don't see a scenario that the Bills miss the playoffs altogether this year (barring injuries mentioned above), there's just no guarantees they are going to get any further than last year and there's always teams that do much better than expected (see CIN last year) and others that fail to live up to the hype and expectations. In the end we are at a true crossroads with this organization in 2022 that it's really championship or bust. And if this team doesn't get to a SB or win it this year the current window may start to erode slowly (or very quickly) like what is expected to happen in KC this year given their roster turnover and strength of division around them.
  13. They could surprise this year and be better than expected but probably zero chance of being a playoff team given how loaded the AFC is as a whole.
  14. If the defensive line finally produce a real pass rush (not just pressures but actually finishes) then there's no argument this defense will be much better in 2022 regardless of the overall yards numbers which were always misleading last year despite finishing #1 overall. I still worry about the secondary overall though and feel a lot of fans aren't understanding that White is likely not going to play until midseason and may not have the same impact again until 2023 given the nature of his injury and historical data that show you typically need at least one full season to regain form.
  15. KC has made a lot of under the radar 'buy low' type of moves this offseason that could pay huge dividends and keep them atop the AFC throne unfortunately. A lot of pundits feel they had the best draft in the entire NFL too. Still think it's going to be much tougher task for them to win their division and/or make it to a 5th straight AFCCG this year though given the insane arms race in the AFCW this offseason.
  16. Obvious predictions: Moss, Ford, Epensa, Hauck Surprises: McKenzie Phillips/Lawson (if they underwhelm and fail to recapture 2019 magic) Matakevich Taiwan Jones
  17. I still wonder if 'little dirty' even makes the team now since a certain player we just drafted can at minimum likely do everything McKenzie can.
  18. You can already see Schoen following the Beane/McDermott blueprint based on their first draft and now predictable moves like this. A lot more pressure though with a franchise like NYG who haven't been to or won a SB since 2011 and not done much playoff wise since then either for that matter.
  19. He must be getting big money to play there or surprised he wouldn't have signed with a contender for a lessor deal but shows where his priority is obviously at either way.
  20. This is the only pick I truly hated this year for reasons likely beat to death already including another potential Creed Humphrey situation by not taking the obvious guy who was off the board right after our pick. Also hate the Dick Jauron type fascination with smallish tweener type of players like this whose only real contribution may be on ST. When is this team going to learn that these type of guys are the reason physical teams like the Titans, Colts, etc continue to have our way with us? Also what is different with this guy that says he's going to be able to hold up in pass defense against the leagues elite QB's like Mahomes that continue to beat the Bills when it matters. Obviously if this guy ends up being a legit NFL starter down the road so be it but on the surface it leaves a lot to be desired.
  21. With guys taken at this stage of the draft you can't really argue it was a good or bad pick and best case we find another Dane Jackson type of player here. Also if this guy looks good in camp he's going to have to make the active roster or he'll just get poached off the practice squad like Wildgoose and some of the other late round guys we took last year.
  22. In hindsight might be the best pick of this draft and another Gabe Davis type of find. I'm sure it's been discussed but I think this pick may seal McKenzies fate with the team and he gets cut this summer and still not sure why he was resigned in the first place as both sides should have realized it was time to move on.
  23. At first I rolled my eyes with this pick but if he ends up being a stud punter and fixing a problem that has plagued this team in recent years than it will probably be perceived as a steal down the road. If anything was actually surprised he wasn't the first punter drafted and Baltimore chose the PSU kid instead earlier.
  24. Great pick and likely means the end of the Zack Moss experiment for sure so hopefully Beane fleece a team for a late round pick in a trade instead of cutting him outright.
  25. I agree with this list for the most part, especially guys like Carroll and Belichik that know the end is in sight regardless of how their 2022 seasons pan out. Also I still think that anything short of a SB appearance (W or L) for our very own Bills would put McD's future in doubt no matter what fans want to believe. Especially if this team were to not make the playoffs or get bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs, the expectations for this franchise have not been this high since the early 90's and it's simply not about just getting to the playoffs anymore.
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