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  1. Patriots were the better team last night and should have won if not for rare miscue of running into the kicker and some other questionable calls and non calls. And now they are going to be angry and refocused heading into a big matchup against the Bills next week so this team better be ready because a slow start in this one could spell disaster.
  2. On one hand it's great news if he's not done for the year, but on the other he's likely going to miss the next 3 games which are all against the division and likely going to determine whether or not this team will be in the mix for the division title in the final few weeks or just playing for a WC spot.
  3. If it went from 16 to 20 games I think you'd be on to something but adding one more game is nothing in the terms of the grand scheme of things especially for both good and bad teams alike that can sit guys and play backups in the final weeks once they know their fate is sealed.
  4. I don't discount the sheer number of key injuries this team has suffered this year but when you look around the league so has just about everyone else including all the major division/SB favorite teams. The Chiefs if anything have been pretty lucky on the injury front until losing a few of their WR's recently but they will all likely be back this week or shortly after. Bottom line it's truly next man up and this is where real depth is tested.
  5. Agree but it doesn't inspire confidence knowing the gauntlet on deck including 5 of 6 games against teams currently in the playoff picture. This includes 4 division games in which we already have an 0-2 hole. Philly is a good team and likely on their way to the playoffs. But I think their hot start is/was smoke and mirrors like the Cardinals last year and they are destined for a similar fate in terms of being one and done in the playoffs.
  6. I've never hyped up the Jets and believe they are a pretender despite their 'SB win' against the Bills with a horrendous QB that was just benched. They do have some serious talent on that roster and have overachieved this year because of coaching though. The Dolphins, yes they are the division favorites this year IMO and a legit SB contender along with a handful of other teams in the AFC right now including the Bills. My point though with the Bills is the excuses are tiresome especially the idea that every team is giving them their best shot just because of the national media hype and SB favorite annointment. With that said, they are still 8-3 and at least for the moment still in that conversation. Just don't feel it's going to last much longer with 5 of 6 games left against teams currently in the playoff picture. I still see a major fade down the stretch and a WC birth at best based on barely getting by 2 non playoff teams.
  7. I'm still not a fan of McD in terms of the bigger picture and his long term viability here, but you have to give him a certain degree of credit for holding everything together these last few weeks and pulling out wins against 2 teams they probably should have beaten more soundly if they were a real contender. Bigger question is how this team responds now against much better competition starting next week in NE where they have to avoid going 0-3 in the division to keep any faint hopes of a 3rd straight division title alive.
  8. Nobody is questioning his talent and ability, he's just wildly inconsistent which has what has plagued this offense this year in general with just about everyone outside of JA17 and Diggs. If he can follow Knox's trajectory and truly move past the drops and inconsistency he'd be one of the more dangerous weapons in this league but until then you have to hold your breath every time the ball is thrown his way.
  9. Who exactly has turned on Allen? While it's fair to question how good he really is in the top 10 QB discussion, you can't blame him for the slop around him that our alleged genius GM assembled on this roster. Nor can you blame the hideous coaching and play calling at times. I've said this before though, if you take JA17 out of the equation not only is this a bottom 5 NFL team/roster, but we'd already be on a new head coach and GM a long time ago. And should this team fail to meet lofty expectations this year which is looking more and more likely as the season goes on that's why you can't be afraid to make sweeping changes knowing the current window is only going to be open for so long, if not slammed shut in the next few years.
  10. It almost seemed like Romo was intentionally trolling at times especially with the ridiculous comment about Dane Jackson being a budding superstar. The sad thing is Frazier and McD might actually believe that because there's no reason he should still be on the field at this point and is the worst player on this defense.
  11. This + the idea that every team is apparently treating their game against us as their SB and giving us their best shot. That would make zero sense considering the Bills are not the defending SB champs nor have they ever climbed that mountain. This is why I have hated all this media and fan driven SB hype from day one and it's played right into other (real) contenders hands like KC, who does have a recent SB title yet they have no trouble winning and staying focused an entire season despite teams gunning for them as well.
  12. I'm all for more strategic blitzing especially on 3rd and long plays where the pass rush with just the front four never seems to get home when they need to and why all these absurd highlight reel plays against this defense keep happening. And if White ever comes back maybe we'll see more of it but not going to hold my breath with this coaching staff.
  13. This has been my argument here the last few years in terms of why I hate this defensive scheme and not fooled by the top 5 overall rankings each year. Too many times in recent years this defense has let both subpar and elite NFL starting QB's rip them to shreds even when mostly healthy. And it's at the point where opposing teams and coaching staffs are begging for multiple 3rd/4th and long plays against this unit because they seem to be easier to convert than a 3rd/4th and short play.
  14. How is this possible though because I thought he was put on season ending IR?
  15. This smells like a desperation move by the Jets knowing they are facing an uphill battle the rest of the season with some very tough games left on the road against Bills/Vikings/Dolphins/Seahawks. Even with marginal improvement with QB play I have a hard time seeing them going 1-3 at best in these games. But at the end of the day it's still pretty depressing we lost to this team with Wilson playing QB and will likely be the game that haunts this team down the road if they were to finish a game behind KC in the final standings.
  16. Yeah there's a reason why he still hasn't signed anywhere and it really doesn't make sense at this point unless it's for a dirt cheap, low risk contract and sounds like OBJ is looking for the exact opposite of that.
  17. If the Davis we saw in the playoffs against the Chiefs can ever truly become that player full time this offense would be unstoppable. But unfortunately he's been one of most inconsistent players on this team and you really don't know what you expect from him on a week to week basis anymore. Perhaps he turned the corner against the Browns but it remains to be seen.
  18. Hamlin is becoming what I thought Jaquan Johnson was going to be for this team. But either way it's assuring to know we have an NFL caliber starter since I still believe there's a good chance both Hyde and Poyer are not on this team next year.
  19. And again and again quite frankly. Because as teams start to key in on Diggs someone else is going to have to shine for this passing attack to truly be dangerous again and still don't trust Davis despite a solid outing against the Browns.
  20. Which is why lighting won't strike twice in terms of Mahomes making a fatal mistake like he did against the Bills when everyone thought he would easily drive them down the field for the win. Also the biggest difference is Mahomes rarely plays a bad game and even when he does they find a way to win games they shouldn't where the Bills never come out on the winning end of those type of games (i.e. vikings/jets). Getting tiresome watching the Chiefs quite frankly but better get used to it for the next 10 - 15+ years.
  21. So the proverbial million dollar question is when is this staff going to utilize him in the offense and take advantage of his speed? There were several plays during the Cowboys/Vikings game when they unleashed Tony Pollard down the sideline (including one for a long TD) when I said to myself why can't we ever do this?
  22. I won't be surprised if the 49ers find themselves in the SB again this year and finally win it. Jimmy G is never going to be star, but that coaching staff is among the best in the league in terms of pure X and O gameplanning and scheming which is why it's no surprise Miami has made a quick turnaround with Mike McDaniel coming on board from that staff.
  23. This is a perfect summary but unlike last year it's not even a given that this team rebounds and wins the division, let alone make the playoffs this year. Best case secure #2 seed again shades of 2020 to at least avoid the inevitable until the AFCCG but worse case could be a very quick one and done as a WC or not even making it in altogether because of how ridiculously strong the conference is this year. I will say this though, should the season end for the 3rd straight year at the hands of KC, you really have to wonder what the Pegulas mindset is going to be knowing the current window is only open for so long. Do you stand pat with Beane and McDermott hoping to get lucky in terms of the Chiefs ever suffering tons of injuries or every having a semblance of a down year? Or do you realize the obvious that they have taken this franchise as far as it will ever go under their watch and it's time to thank them graciously for the contributions but move on.
  24. So what solution are you proposing? That the Bills play all their home games in Sep/Oct, and all the road ones in Nov/Dec?? For years people complained about this team getting screwed by the schedule makers (i.e. no prime time games and playing multiple teams coming off a bye) but now that those issues have been resolved it's crying about playing division teams at home late in the year when they are supposed to have a marked advantage? Really perplexed by this.
  25. Vikings are a good team but probably quite 8-2 type of good. Yesterday's manhandling at home by Dallas was long overdue though especially after their improbable wins on the road the last few weeks against the Bills and commanders. I do think they lose again this week against the Patriots at home on Thanksgiving unfortunately because these are the type of games Belichik shines in but something would have to go terribly wrong for them to not easily win that division and even if they completely implode from here on out not sure any other team in the NFCN could catch them.
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