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  1. Something to keep in mind: Knox, Diggs, Singletary, Cook and even McKenzie all posted above a 70% of targets caught this year. We’ve seen the dominant force he can be, I hope he puts it all together this summer.
  2. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT, if variables you straight up over looked in that little math equation. Agreed, that 41% thing is laughable. Gabe struggled with tight coverage this years, often DBs could be more physical than him. He CAN improve on this year, that also needs to be said too, but his issues were present last year as well.
  3. There is absolutely something that can be done, Gabe has all the physical tools in the world. His issues seem mental to me. If Gabe can get 10% more completions and shave off a few drops, he’ll get a second contract. He needs to put in the work this summer and get his head on right.
  4. Let’s hope it clicks. He’ll be on the roster and the inside track at winning the #2, but I imagine we will see another vet WR.
  5. The person who needs to find out why it didn’t happen is Gabe Davis.
  6. I think I’m all in on Tyler Huntley, he’s looked good in spot duty and is a great athlete as well.
  7. Give me a Wish-Josh Allen. Big, athletic, big arm, needs accuracy work.
  8. Allen asking for Brown and Bease is not a good sign for Davis and McKenzie. Davis is cheap, but they must bring another guy to provide legitimate competition for that role.
  9. Defense Groot - Draft (his backup, draft) Oliver - Draft Davis - FA Miller - FA (his backup, draft) White - Draft Elam - Draft Johnson - Draft Hyde - FA Poyer - FA Milano - Draft Edmunds - Draft 7 of 11 we’re drafted
  10. Let’s see: Allen - Draft Singletary/Cook - draft Gilliam - Draft (UDFA) Knox - Draft Diggs - Trade Davis - Draft Dawkins - Draft Bates - Trade (for nothing) Morse - FA Staffold - FA Brown - Draft 7 if our 11 are drafts, only one is a first rounder.
  11. I don’t see it happening, even with the cap space. Bills drafted Cook pretty high and are paying Hynes over 4 million dollars next year.
  12. What I’m trying to say is enjoy this ride we are on.
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