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  1. Statistically he'd be the #3 WR here, let that sink in. He's probably NE bound
  2. I love them too. Red on White looks great also!
  3. This is correct, but I wouldn't be shocked if Hughes was cut (if no paycut)
  4. This message board is so much fun when the team loses. Shame the season is over at 6-3.
  5. He talked some crap about Buffalo after he left if I'm not mistaken
  6. Derek Anderson on Twitter told a very handsome fan that the playcalling had been fine, it's all about growing. So there may be some truth to what Wood is saying. Anderson is NOT on the OBD payroll, he also said players who fans claim suck are very poorly informed by the boardcasters. He didn't go into more info than that, so not sure who he was referring too.
  7. Love Fitzy, good for him. He'll be in the Hall of Awesome
  8. Not all big plays show up on the stat sheet. I'd consider great blocks to be good indivual plays. Did we forget about last years OL?
  9. Zo, Hyde, Poyer, White, Milano, Edmunds, Smoke, Beasley, Dawkins, Morse, JF.
  10. He's been doing it for a few years. He's pretty good vs the run, though.
  11. Really? Hughes hasnt been the same player since Mario Williams left. He needs to take a GIANT paycut this year.
  12. Perhaps Stanford? You know they like Thompson and Mo Alexander Waived and put on the practice squad makes sense, suppose there is a small chance on it being Lee Smith.
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