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  1. I predict Addison doesn’t make the final 53
  2. While he’s very light (176) he has loads of potential. He was projected to go in round 5.
  3. I said Klein, what a story that would be. I think Groot or Boogie have the best bet
  4. Edmunds in the passing game can stand with any of the top LBs in the NFL. He was an absolute beast the last 6 weeks, and in 2/3 playoff games. This notion that ‘he sucks in coverage’ needs to go away. He had a rough stretch in the beginning of the season while he was injured, but that doesn’t erase 2019 or the 2nd half of the season.
  5. On the goal line vs San Fran, Allen may have got pegged for the fumble but it was on Moss.
  6. 3 headed rushing attack spearheaded by a pissed off, driven Motor Singletary who is tuned up and out to shut every doubter up. Moss is an elite pass blocking RB with soft hands. There might be 3 running backs in the NFL faster than Brieda And we throw it 70% of the time
  7. They have 3 already. Mongo has looked GOOD at center, Ike has taken some snaps there. The heir apparent at center might be Ryan Bates. Someone sat down with him this summer and he talked about how winning the center job this year is his goal.
  8. It’s cool, I’m sure we can find another 6’5” 250 pound freak with 4.57 speed. How dare he get injured! How dare play through it!!
  9. I think Stevenson takes 5, his college number. Boobie was 9 in college, but said he’ll have a different number in the pros. 96 is my guess. Brown would look cool in 72 or 79.
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