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  1. If I can’t refer to him as Sam ‘The Hitman’ Hartman then I don’t want him. A Bills backup QB needs to do 3 things: Be besties with Josh, start his car in the winter, have a cool nickname and folklore.
  2. If the Bills made that trade for that return, then they deserve to lose the franchise. At least this thread helped highlight posters to add to the ignore list lol
  3. His contract, isn’t there a team option that makes it a 1 year deal?
  4. Technically, isn’t the pronunciation/translation (or something) of the first name Jesus actually “Yeshua” or basically Joshua?
  5. Diggs will sign with KC next year if he controls that opt out clause.
  6. Agreed, with variables. Teams with better talent development (Bills) may be more likely to hit on the prospect than teams without it a strong development system. That’s why even the stats about where WRs have been drafted and how successful needs to be taken with heavy variables in mind. A 2nd round pick or third round WR drafted with an elite QB could have a better career than a first rounder who went to a crap team.
  7. Absolutely, I will say the quality of performers has gone through the roof as well. I think they are being given more in-ring creative freedom and it shows. I grew up a wrestling fan, but stoped watching around 2003 for a while. In 2011 or 2012 I got back into it, but man the product was just plain bad. I was more into the behind the scenes and production aspect. Selling to TKO, AEW competition, McMahon getting forced out (twice), and honestly the Roman Reigns Bloodline Saga saved WWE and probably main stream pro wrestling.
  8. He’s the Chief Creative Officer, Shane and Steph are no longer with the company (although Steph is expected back). The TKO board and the CEO really run WWE, but they give Trips freedom who gives the writers and performers freedom. Funny enough, The Rock is a board member. There is still lots of talking, but it’s way more entertaining and it seems they are opening the show lately with really strong promo’s rather than matches. The whole presentation of the shows are just different now, hard to explain but I’m finding less boring periods to skip through. Storylines have been revamped and have much more depth and are intertwining with each other. I think this Era will go down as better than the Attitude Era.
  9. “Always get distracted by side crap” 4 Episodes in, I really enjoy it.
  10. Loved it, I will say since Trips officially took over it’s been great to watch.
  11. Honestly I think McAconkey fits the offense well, and can play a few different WR spots. Like any WR drafted, he’s probably “target number 5 or 6” but should get plenty of action. How about LG Keaton Bills 👌🏻
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