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  1. They need to see how he looks first, and he’d need to improve his tackling. Benford, Johnson, Jackson all could get looks at Safety this summer. Personally I think Taron Johnson would be an elite one.
  2. Pro football reference has him at 97 yards allowed, which is still very good. Link
  3. No, he isn’t expected to be cleared until Nov/Dec I think
  4. This is literally the first time he’s ever missed a game.
  5. I wonder if trying to get back in the game did more damage to it.
  6. He’s not overpriced and ultimately disappointing!
  7. I low key think he could wind up playing FS for us also.
  8. Our CB play has been great, our LBers have been phenomenal in coverage also which helped. Believe it or not, Taron Johnson has the worst passing stats of anyone so far.
  9. The advanced passing statistics for 4 and 3 were both very bad, I wouldn’t be shocked if Rhodes was brought in to replace Hyde.
  10. Like what? Elite pass rusher? We got it. Elite CB? Check Elite Safety? Double check. Elite WR with a rock solid #2? Boom bam. Above average OL? We have 3. Young, high potential starting OL? We have 2. We are 2-1, relax. To FS? Yes I agree.
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