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  1. That’s crazy, teams need to have 85% vaccinations to have no restrictions, right? I wonder if the clubs will have the option to play short staffed?
  2. This could get ugly, I get Cole’s point (although it is rather easy to point out the flaws in his logic). At the end of the day, Twitter is 100% the last place to do what he’s been doing. At least make a burner account.
  3. He shot his mouth off again today. If you want to make a stand, take it up with the PA, don’t whine on Twitter
  4. We need to keep Ken Dorsey no matter what. His track record is very strong, he’s a great coach.
  5. He always came across as a racist POS to me
  6. I’d LOVE an Aaron Schoble jersey. Time for us all to create a jersey exchange network? 💡
  7. I thought Donte Whitner and Ko Simpson would be our starting duo for decades!
  8. We have a 3rd Ertz thread of 20+, a thread about Josh Allen’s dog, and the daily ‘someone said something mean about this team’ thread. Yet we are patronizing a new poster who posted something thoughtful and interesting. Makes sense.
  9. Here’s a fun question to chew on Allen breaks every Jim Kelly record but doesn’t go to 4 SBs. Who’s the franchise goat?
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