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  1. I don't think Miami wants to go 0-16 this year, so they'll actually try in a few games. This game may be one if them, not saying Miami will pull a W, but I doubt Bills put up 45
  2. Bills will try to dowhat they always try to do, get up by 14 early and then run the ball. I really doubt you see them run the score up
  3. I know we hate them, but that Buffalo Fanatics site called the absolute hell out of this, and the Duke call up
  4. Momma and Poppa Allen made the trip to Nashville according to a Bills backer bar video I saw on Twitter. He's playing IMO EDIT: Just saw this posted above lol
  5. I think Lee Smith did some H- Back for us back in the day, I may be thinking of Ryan Nuefeld though DiMarco is basically used as another TE.
  6. Webb has NOT been activated from the practice squad. If they suspected Allen wouldn't be available, I assume they would have brought him up already. Not sure if Allen starts, but safe to speculate McD and friends are expecting him to suit up.
  7. We need to switch up the throwbacks already, its bee. What, 12 years? I'd LOVE the 90s jerseys... miss those red helmets
  8. Honestly, my hope is Buffalo has some stuff waiting to debut vs NE, and the 3rd quarter issues were related to 2 TD leads, dominant defense and a struggling run game. Agreed 100%. Any given Sunday
  9. 2018 - Allentown. 2017 - Drought Ends 2006 - Bledsoe was washed up but we had McGahee, Lee, Moulds, and a sweet, sweet defense. 2002 - 1st year of DREWWWW. Offense was sick nasty. 2019 - I have high hopes. I'm 31, so I don't have much of a memory of the Flutie and Kelly years.
  10. The INT Baker threw was far worse than the INT Allen threw
  11. By halftime Allen has been on pace to throw for 300+ in every game so far, we have just went into 3rd quarter snooze fests every game so far also. Kid had 180 at half time this week and was near 200 last week. He's also has what, 8 consecutive 200+ yard passing plays? That may be a franchise record. He's on pace for over 4000 yards this year, most since 2002.
  12. PFF is like grading math homework based off handwriting and whether or not the answer looks correct. They don't know assignments, schemes, or plays.
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