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  1. There's been a big difference lately from combine 40 times to proday 40s, combine usually being slower
  2. He checked in at combine weighing 223, Bills have him listed at 205. If he did drop 18ish poundd, he may be a legit 4.5 guy
  3. I'm catching some weird looks, but seriously. Newton had a shot to dive on a fumble in the Super Bowl and decided not to. Don't think for a second that choice didn't cost him years worth of credibility and respect from his teammates.
  4. Statically. He's 10x the gamer and leader Newton is.
  5. I like winner who signs 2nd deal with team. He's already been a difference maker though.
  6. Allen had 33 or 34 drops this past year, with the top teams being in the mid-20s. Completion percentage isn't a direct reflextion of accuracy. I'm excited to see what the kid does in year 3.
  7. They earned it with great primetime ratings and a QB who's very must watch TV. The "can't complete a pass" crowd is getting old.
  8. From IG posts, I can safely say not McKenzie, Diggs, Barkley, or Milano.
  9. Agreed, significantly better was a strech on my end. Hope Hughes has a big year!
  10. Aaron Schobel was significantly better than Jerry Hughes
  11. 2016 was emotionally defeating, after all the big talk and hot air from Rex Ryan, after being close to making the playoffs. That's been the only year where I felt burnout. I watched every game and supported the team, but that year I probably talked, thought, and watched the least amount of football in my life. No social media, no message boards. Then they hired McD
  12. The scouting reports made it seem like he didn't have a strong leg, perhaps in these videos the trajectory is low and they'd be blocked easy?
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