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  1. You easily could have went for a bait-thread title and resisted, props to you! Very good observation too!
  2. Explains what the dude on LSD was doing, just wrong stadium lol
  3. Ouch. I would agree that it’s unnecessary and fine worthy. No need to go for a kill shot, especially when it’s 38-10. Fine incoming, hopefully no suspensions because the argument can be made for targeting.
  4. The Nard-dog affect Same size as Milano and countless other NFL LBers
  5. I fully expect Josh Allen’s camp to push for something similar
  6. His accuracy hasn’t been in question since 2018.
  7. Mario Williams was 6’8’’ 288 Jerry Hughes was 6’2’’ 250 Tremaine Edmunds 6’5 250 Matt Milano 6’0’’ 220 Marcel Dareus 6’3” 331 Kyle Williams 6’0” 301 It’s not the size of the dog in the fight…
  8. Didn’t a Jet player hit him late? Or try to?
  9. I respect the hell out of Miami’s offense.
  10. He definitely is off to a great start, let’s keep this thread going all season. Bills don’t need elite MLB play, just solid. The Nard-Dog has been an awesome surprise so far.
  11. She’s on TBD bitching about Allen and Dorsey.
  12. Who else notices Dodson - Bernard - Milano when the team brought 3 LBers out? I like Dodson as the SAM…
  13. Missed the whole game, just updates from my phone. Holding Jacobs to -2 yards yet only having 3 stuffs is absolutely amazing. Very encouraged by 43 and 47. Happy for Cook, and great bounce back game for 17
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