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  1. Everyone but Von it looks like I don’t think we see him this week. AJ Klein, who came back from less time and the same defense, didn’t play that first week. Brown has been gone for 2 year and a OC ago.
  2. Yanks played pretty good for a Baseball team
  3. It’s the band wagon curse lol Who has that kind of money? Sheesh.
  4. Plays like Jane. 6 drops on the year (10% drop rate) 5 ints when Allen has targeted him. Has caught 55% of the passes throw his way. Davis will need a big step up to not be considered replacement level.
  5. Dane has been really struggling the last few weeks, that’s for sure. Good news is he’s a fantastic depth guy, not the long term answer at CB. White and Elam are back, we should be good moving forward.
  6. Player development isn’t a straight line. Davis is struggling a little, stick with him and let him figure it out.
  7. Move Bates to C, Q-Berry to RG. That should be fine.
  8. We don’t know what was discussed so labeling it “complaining” is speculative. They talked, things got better.
  9. I think the “TrE NeEdS tO pLaY” crowd needs to realize he is just now coming up on 1 year mark since his injury. ACL is a year minimum and that’s physically, mentally it’s longer.
  10. We have good DTs, we just put a 190 pound NB on the field to defend heavy run formations.
  11. I can’t help but wonder if we run well in the first half because teams don’t care if we run.
  12. Post of the year, thank you. Let’s beat the f’n Browns, eh?
  13. I mean, if Allen doesn’t have 2 Redzone picks we could have had 20 2nd half points. I agree the adjustments seem minimal though.
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