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  1. I have to say, before it gets too crazy: Regardless of what happened next, this season made a lot of people proud to be part of this family, and this may be my most beloved roster of all time. I wouldn’t be upset if everyone was brought back next year.
  2. It will be very interesting to see who they bring back, esp with a very tight cap. Lawson and Klein should be high on that list. Phillips needs to drop weight to stay healthy IMO. Brown and Bease I really doubt are back, unless they have a sting postseason.
  3. No no, I meant since they are getting paid in college, maybe they’ll take cheaper pro deals. Probably not, but it’s a good thought
  4. Although, the kids in college may be the reason why we no longer see the mega deals…
  5. Marlow is an issue at SS, that’s for sure.
  6. He was elite at that last year, what the heck happened? He’s been a 50-50 WR his whole career
  7. So if everyone who “should win” tomorrow, does in fact win, we are likely looking at Miami or Pittsburgh in the wildcard if my thoughts are correct.
  8. Yesterday was the first time I cared about this game, now I’m in “LFG” mode. I almost feel bad for the Pats.
  9. I think for emotion and momentum purposes they need to go all speed ahead. If the team rallies around 3, this could be a launching point of a historic run.
  10. Only shame is it gives KC the one seed unless they lose to LA.
  11. It went from Buffalo vs Everyone to Buffalo IS Everyone
  12. There is a one week break before the SB, no?
  13. Damar is the only thing that matters, I support whatever the team decides to do.
  14. No we know what you meant, I don’t see any way this game is resumed that is fair to Buff/Cinci
  15. End it in a tie, but as far as my thinking goes this season is over until we get an update on DH. Then the Bills would have a day or two for NE preparations.
  16. So much luck goes into picks, Allen, Mahommes, and Burrow all throw plenty. They also throw tons of TDs. I say as long as you keep the picks to less than half the TDs, it’s fine
  17. Another thing to keep in mind with Boogie: Bills had him drop 15-20 pounds this summer. As we saw with 57, that adjustment takes time.
  18. I also think getting that first round bye will help, the win streak pressure is 100% mental.
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