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  1. If Jones doesn't show much early on and recapture the ability he seemed to show as a rookie it will probably just be a musical chairs situation at QB all year.
  2. Unfortunately it's going to remain a hot topic because despite any positive endorsements from Beane/McD/etc, it's clear as day that he's a borderline JAG type of player and he's been a liability in just about every game against other good QB's and offenses in recent years. And with his contract year approaching this season I think the debate intensifies especially if we continue to see more of the same from him which is expected.
  3. Not a surprise but doesn't mean he won't end up being the starter all season for the Giants and possibly having better production under Daboll. They just aren't locked into paying him big money now.
  4. There's still a lot of big names out there in general and you'll see another wave of FA movement after the draft as teams look to still fill holes. Regarding these specific Bills players: Jerry Hughes (UFA) - will probably not get signed until around training camp and if he's willing to accept a minimum deal with no guarantees to make a teams final roster Mario Addison (UFA) - i think he's in a similar boat as Hughes but actually had better production on paper last year. Cole Beasley (Cut) - covid/political stuff is a red flag but pretty sure he'll end up with a contender soon probably just on a one year deal Daryl Williams (Cut) - still wouldn't be surprised to see him back in Buffalo eventually but probably can get more money elsewhere Emmanuel Sanders (UFA) - I believe he already said he's retiring so probably done unless another contender wants him bad enough.
  5. I get the Hall love after watching more tape on him. But I still think it would be a little short sighted to give up on Singletary after he came on strong last year towards the end of the season (when we coincidentally ended the Zack Moss experiment and stopped wasting snaps on him). So at this point if we do draft another RB I would prefer it to be somewhere in round 4 or later where you can still likely find an impact guy to pair with Singletary this season.
  6. This is probably the first draft during this regime where I really don't have any assumptions or predictions. It's easy to say this team must draft a DB with their 1st round pick but something tells me Beane is going to stick to his draft board and take a player/position that isn't on anybody's radar (i.e. DT or LB) early. What I really don't want to see happen is drafting a RB in the 1st round or trading up in the draft and giving away next years 1st round pick + more, but again all bets are off right now.
  7. I think we are pretty much done in FA other than a stopgap veteran DB sometime between post draft and training camp. If for some reason Edmunds is used in a trade tomorrow then LB also becomes a FA need especially since more cap room would become immediately available.
  8. Again, don't be shocked if he's a former Buffalo Bill after tomorrow night. Makes too much sense especially if there is any real steam behind the rumors that the Bills want to trade up into the top 10. Edmunds may be the perfect asset to help facilitate that type of trade especially since he does have perceived value compared to some of the other names people keep throwing around as trade pieces (epenesa, ford, etc).
  9. Beane and company obviously see the potential for Oliver to explode this year alongside Von Miller. But either way he's been a good player. Not quite elite, but could get there and he's played alongside crap when you consider the overall pass rush the last few years.
  10. I think Hall has the potential to be a stud but still wouldn't draft him or any RB until the 2nd round at the earliest. So if we end up trading down then he would be a realistic target IMO.
  11. I feel this topic has been beat to death but here's my honest answers on the situation: What happened to Tremaine? Nothing really, he's just been a woefully average player that rarely makes any game changing/impact type of plays. Why hasn't he really held up to his first round grade? For the above reasons, there's not really any difference between him and most run of the mill LB's drafted in the mid rounds. Remember Milano was a 5th round pick and is arguably the better player and showed early in his career unlike Edmunds who apparently still gets a pass by some because of how young he is. Can he rebound? What are the chances? Will money motivate him as he finishes up his current contract? Still think he's not a fit for this scheme/defense and his best chances to reach whatever potential he may have is on another team, specifically in a 3-4 scheme. Any insights on what Beane and the Bills brass think about Tremaine and his future in Buffalo? I believe behind closed doors they realize this is his last season in Buffalo assuming he's not traded before or during the 2022 campaign. Could Tremaine be used as trade bait on draft day? Or before? Obviously This draft is fairly deep in LB talent, even on day 3. Should we move on or put our faith in Tremaine? Definitely move on even if Edmunds has a 'career year' knowing it's a contract season. I wouldn't be surprised if we draft his replacement this year either in the top 3 rounds, at the end of the day you can't sign everyone anyway and LB is one of the easier positions to replace in terms of draft/FA.
  12. Good for him but doubt Beane is going to cave in if he's not in the future plans beyond 2022 anyway. You can't make everyone happy and he's under contract for one more year with this team with no leverage other than sitting out during off season workouts and training camp.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if we try and move Epenesa any day now. Because if not I don't see him making this roster unless he really shows something. And even though he was apparently great in offseason workouts and camp last year it obviously didn't translate into the regular season minus the one freak game against the Dolphins in Week 2. So another good offseason actually might not matter. I don't think Lawson is necessarily a lock to make this team either unless he also balls out this summer and proves he can be the same guy he was in 2019 and could be fighting for the same spot on the roster Epenesa is. Of course if we draft a DE anywhere in the top 5 rounds later this month that throws a curveball in the situation as well because anything short of a late round pick is guaranteed to make the roster by default. But going back to Hughes, this all of this is yet another reason why I see zero chance of ending up back in Buffalo and still think his prospects are going to be limited elsewhere unless it's on a vet minimum deal with no guarantees of making roster. His time in this league is simply over IMO.
  14. If he's threatening to hold out without a new contract before the season starts than absolutely it could happen. But the smart move is simply tell him he's free to walk next year and get a big deal elsewhere and man up during a contract year. Because you lose Poyer then all of a sudden this secondary looks like a potential liability on paper with Hyde the only sure thing to start the season. (This is assuming of course we don't sign another veteran DB, would replace Poyer with a rookie and White isnt ready to go or 100% to start the year).
  15. At this point who really cares, he's going to be 45 this season and would be 46 by the time the 2023 kicks off. Yes he's ungodly and arguably the GOAT but at some point there is going to be a steep drop off and he's going to embarrass himself and his ego for insisting on keep playing.
  16. But again isn't this true with just about every NFL head coach? How many SB's has Tomlin been to every since Big Ben began steadily declining the last 5 years? Where was Andy Reid before Mahomes? Do you think McDermott would have nearly the success he's had in Buffalo without Josh Allen? Also still disagree about Belichik being just average considering he took a very poor roster with Cam Newton starting to 7-9 the first year post Brady, and then 10-7 last year with a rookie QB. But as for getting too/winning another SB anytime soon that window is likely slammed shut unless Mac Jones morphs into Brady this year.
  17. Pretty sure he's going to want more money than that since this is likely his last big NFL contract coming up. Despite the Pegulas apparently giving Beane a blank checkbook this offseason, I would be surprised if there are any other in house deals and extensions anytime soon especially after Diggs mega contract. You can't keep everyone and out of the three big names that will be FA next year I predict Knox stays and Poyer/Edmunds are gone.
  18. Rumor has it KC has apparently been trying to get Metcalf as well so that's probably good news if Seattle turned down the Jets #10 overall draft pick because KC has nothing better to offer even with their two late 1st round picks.
  19. Say what you want about the Pegula's as pro sports owners, but this is the biggest difference between Ralph Wilson in that they aren't afraid to truly go big and spend money. Obviously with all these investments there is definitely going to be high expectations attached to it which is why I maintain anything less than a SB appearance this season and certain folks seats will definitely be hot...
  20. Looking at that big season he had in 2019 it definitely looks like an outlier when you look at what he did in Arizona the last few years and every other year of his career previously. But at the very least he's shown he's an effective pass rushing DT and definitely an upgrade over the likes of Vernon Butler. In the end I'll be very surprised if the 2022 team doesn't have one of the higher combined sack counts, if not the highest number of sacks during McD/Frazier's time here.
  21. On one hand you can say this about every HC without a franchise QB at their disposal. But the reality is even without Brady Belichik has shown he's one of the top defensive minds ever to coach in this league especially when you go all the way back to the infamous wide right SB when he was the Giants DC, and during Brady's early years when they won 3 SB's behind the defense and ST asking Brady to essentially be a game manager in most cases.
  22. If Miller ends up with a very low sack count this year it's likely going to be because someone like Groot and/or Oliver explodes given the attention Miller is likely going to get. That's the difference between Miller and guys like Addison & Hughes IMO regardless of the final sack count.
  23. I definitely didn't see this coming but obviously a key move keeping core players intact and likely freeing up some cap space to secure one of the top DB's left on the FA market. Not sure how this story will end for this current group but this is the closet thing to a 'golden era of Bills football' since the 90's teams.
  24. Tua's not Mahomes, but go back and watch home many times Mahomes threw the ball 5 yards to guys like Hill, Kelce, etc for big plays. Even Sammy Watkins has his moments in that offense when he was in KC. And given what McDaniel did with Deebo Samuel in San Fran you better believe Hill is going to be a threat in this the Dolphins offense this year even if Tua doesn't get any better.
  25. Spot on, and anybody that thinks we are getting Von Miller from 5 years ago and he's going to explode for 15+ sacks is probably setting themselves up for a major disappointment. Even if he can just hit 10 sacks this year it's a massive upgrade from what we had in guys like Hughes and Addison especially if he's making plays when they matter in crucial games and the playoffs. This is why for all the talk about the 'big contract' in reality it's just a 2 year deal and highly likely he's back after that which is why we need to maximize the next few years and hope other guys benefit and develop given the attention he's still going to command.
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