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  1. I don't think it's anything along those lines. If anything, I'd think he feels badly about how it all went down. And he wasn't a geography snob at all. He has never had anything bad to say about Buffalo or the Sabres, ever. Also, he's, you know, the GM of another NHL team right now. Also, I don't think we're ever going to know for sure why the Sabres didn't send his agent the contract. That seems weird. I don't think the front office would forget to do something like that, and all I can speculate is that one side had buyer's remorse after the agreement was reached. Edit: now I remember: of the two (Briere and Drury), they wanted Drury so they negotiated a deal with him but then were hoping to sit on it until after the season because otherwise Briere would have been upset (along with half the fan base). And I have to believe Drury also understood and accepted that, plus he had to know that not signing the contract right away would give him options if he played well (and he did).
  2. I don't have any articles to back that up, no. It'll sound stupid, and I hate when people do this so forgive me, but my wife's family and his go way back and so I hear things. His wife, who he met at BU, did want to be back on the East Coast nearer her family. They had a very young family at the time (this is his son). And it's not untrue that he loved the Rangers growing up and always wanted to play for them. But what's also not untrue is that he loved his time in Buffalo, particularly playing for Lindy. I think if he was single at the time, he'd have stayed.
  3. Edmunds leaving is going to change what a whole lot of guys do for our defense, including Milano.
  4. There is no one play. I was born to this. Curtis Brown top shelf where momma hides the cookies! Wait... wrong dude
  5. Little late to make this decision.... who's left? Can we offer Anarumo associate head coach and kill two birds with one stone?
  6. They absolutely would. If receivers can do their insane toe-taps and toe-drags to keep both feet in bounds while not even looking at the sidelines, defenders know exactly where the sideline is too. Guy lost his mind and I for one am perfectly okay with it.
  7. Yes, all of this. This was a perfect storm. Even if they had been in the proper frame of mind to play yesterday's game, I think they still lose because the game plan was such ***** on both sides of the ball. A lesser-talented team would have lost by 40 yesterday. Maybe more. Part of me thinks the coaches were at least subconsciously banking on emotion/adrenaline and the home crowd (and Damar) to get through this game, and then they'd unveil some new stuff to get through KC and the Super Bowl. Didn't work. You play to win the game in front of you, and worry about the next games later.
  8. And since I've seen a few people bring it up... I didn't think bringing Damar into the locker room before the game AND at halftime were the best moves. Every player has a bit of PTSD from that night and every player's trigger is different. Just because you think it's going to be a motivator for the players doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. The team should have had plenty of motivation to win yesterday regardless. This seemed manufactured, especially since the team had already seen Damar around the facility. I'd like to know who thought it was a good idea and ok'd it.
  9. Yeah, except you didn't have an entire fan base depending on you every week to make them feel better about themselves, let alone posting takes on social media every other second about how you do your job.
  10. Somehow I was able to get in to read it, but can’t anymore. Best I can recall, McD latched on to one or two unheralded defensive backs that he really liked and continued to play them long after it was obvious to others that they didn’t have it. And that sounds familiar.
  11. There’s some interesting bread crumbs in there if you care to look. Especially about McD’s propensity to fall in love with certain players and not make changes until it’s too late.
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