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  1. These are the kinds of threads that we make fun of when we see them on Finheaven. "The Bills are better than us." "No they're not, just because they beat us every time it matters doesn't mean they're better." Don't be that guy.
  2. I saw Armando come up through the Orioles' system in Rochester. He might have been 180 in middle school.
  3. They're about to lose Christian Wilkins too, unless they franchise him for huge money or he takes a discount in order to keep grabbing Josh's junk twice a year.
  4. The whiners are mad because it goes against Tyler Dunne's their narrative. They've been told everyone who works for McDermott runs for the door the first chance they get. Now Babich gets interviews with three different teams and says you know what? I kinda like it here.
  5. You guys think this is bad, though, just wait until Kermit gets that gig.
  6. I've seen 45 SBs in a row (XII, Dallas-Denver was my first) and I've hatewatched just about all of those. It gets me through it. I think the only times I've ever been truly happy at the end of a SB is when the Pats lost.
  7. And Lamar is, which is the biggest joke.
  8. Whenever I've heard Brady speak post-retirement he's come off as trying too hard to be cool and funny. He's neither, really.
  9. Wait, you're suggesting that a team should pay the Patriots to take Mac Jones off their hands? Shouldn't it be the other way around? That B word is getting cut.
  10. And then when they ask "how is my kid supposed to get better if she never plays" and you suggest that they put in extra time outside of practice developing skills and getting stronger/faster, they get offended. I'm so happy to be done with that scene. Parents are a piece of work.
  11. Right now I'm just trying to take some pleasure from the fact that Pats fans are getting all worked up because they see Mahomes coming for Brady's mantle already.
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