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  1. Does everyone know our former QB Ryan Fitzpatrick actually went to one of these schools.
  2. Not going to lie I sort of miss him. Not because what he brought to the team. But a buddy of mine knew him and could get VIP training camp tickets(free food and free booze).
  3. I think it could be argued that Allen is ahead of Big Ben. Big Ben is 38 coming off of an injury.
  4. Hopefully the new Billy Buffalo so we can get the old one back.
  5. It is sounding like he wants $20 million a year.
  6. I think it depends on your age. Most people under 30 really don't remember the Dolphins doing anything. Most younger Bills fans hate the Pats the most. You can't really hate the Jets since they are always a dumpster fire recently.
  7. He's been out of the league since 2016. No one is going to sign him
  8. Why is no one talking about Fromm being called silly billy. His names not even Bill.
  9. Beane has stated that he only called the Vikings after Diggs sent that tweet.
  10. They don't have white it's called bone Haha. It looks like white after it's been washed a few times
  11. Are the Bears that big of a draw? 3 primetime games?
  12. Has to be one of the nicest guys on the teams. Every single time at camp he signs the most autographes and talks to everyone. I hope he's better than before his ACl tear
  13. If I read it correctly. Carson Wentz is not going anywhere in 2020 or 2021. His dead cap is $77 million this year and $60 million next year.
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