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  1. I don't think he will go back to his 2018 for form. However I do think this year was a perfect year for no fans in the stands. It did help him learn. He will take what he learned this year and be even better next year.
  2. Why do people think he should be in the HOF? He has never even made the pro bowl
  3. Off season is boring with a QB. But I would take this over trying to find one
  4. Who knows he said he would play for candy..
  5. Could this mean that they are switching to white facemasks?
  6. We can have 91 in camp this year with them extending that foreign player thing. How many UDFA do the Bills usually sign?
  7. Everytime the Bills are interested or keen on a player it never seems to happen. Take it with a grain of salt.
  8. The Panthers fans make the same jokes
  9. Don't they need room for the draft picks? Could it just be that?
  10. The Bills need a PR/KR. He showed that he can do that in the Miami game. He also played WR and sort of RB. Remember they are getting Hodgins back. Thats like a free draft pick. Trust the process.
  11. Beane at Bama pro day? Sounds like he is not sold on Allen and is looking at Jones.
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