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  1. Doesn't Stevie just put stuff on his Twitter to mess with Bills Mafia
  2. It sucks but not a killer like years past
  3. It looks the Raiders do not want him. I think he can be got for a 7th rounder. We could steal him right now...
  4. Was anyone actually buying beer inside. You can buy multiple tickets and just go to your car and drink
  5. Anyone know what this post means?
  6. What a waste of a roster spot. We already have a TE on the roster not. Just move over Tyree Jackson to TE.
  7. The poster wrote this is dope not the guy is a dope
  8. Does anyone know if they will have more after training camp?
  9. You cannot park at the college unless you have a certain parking pass. You can park across the street but that will cost 15 to 20 bucks
  10. I think this interview was from a month ago. I think the media can just start writing about it now
  11. Anyone see Josh Allen almost one in hole the 17th
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