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  1. Fubo TV. Just sign up for a free trial. Don't forget to cancel though. The Bills do have it on their app for some prime time games
  2. Crazy I've seen the same start to some movies I've watched on the internet
  3. With the coaching they have in place it feels like they can draft players who are freaks of nature. Then they can mold them to great football players
  4. What a day for the team and all the awards
  5. This is why they need to build a dome in Buffalo so these things won't happen in KC
  6. Jones is out. That helps soften the blow with Millano
  7. So I think they found the guy to cut so they can activate Stevenson
  8. Poyer is fine. He was hopping off the field after the win
  9. How many tickets are usually sold to Canadians? With the border not open i think that could be a reason
  10. Mcafee with the Mannings is awesome
  11. Still can't believe the bills traded up to get Sammy
  12. I wanted Phillips in the draft. I've heard his name once. I forgot Miami drafted him
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