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  1. Do people not understand that AJ Green hasn't played a down this year? He is hurt.
  2. This doesn't make any sense and doesn't fit the pattern of Beane. Eli's cap hit is what 15-20M? you are not paying that for a mentor/backup. So then he would have to start and well the Bills aren't about mortgaging the future to win now. Guy is full of it. He just picked teams he thought needed a QB due to injury.
  3. I liked the call going for it on 4th down. You play to win to beat the patriots. The pass interference challenge and the other one were bad. Someone in the booth he relays the information to the coach needs to be yelled at. He didn't lose us the game. Call down.
  4. He isn't ready. Why put him on the roster and then maybe have to dump him due to injuries in other areas for only someone to scoop him up.
  5. Pretty sure if there is content you are watching that should be paid for is illegal. It's called stealing.
  6. Makes you wonder how much credibility Beane and McD lost with this cut. Talk all spring and summer how he is the guy and then this. Not sure why you keep the 36 year old over McCoy. Money or not Bills don't need the cap space. His contract was up this year was it not?
  7. You do not give a Defensive lineman 100M dollar deals. It's not worth it. Ask that dude over at the patriots.
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