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  1. During the Bill Belichick regime in New England, resting starters has been a non-issue. The almighty hooded one does not do it. And his teams, perhaps not so coincidentally, rarely lose in the first round of the playoffs. In 2007, with home-field advantage locked up but a perfect season one win away, Belichick played his starters throughout. The Patriots won the season finale, securing the NFL's first 16-0 record, and ran the table to get to Super Bowl XLI. Last year, the Ravens were still in contention for the No. 1 seed so the Patriots didn't have the option to rest starters. "I think that's a conversation that you can have, and the fans can have, but it's not really part of our approach to the game," Belichick told Boston.com. "I don't think it's a good one to have. I don't really understand it either. You're going to pick out one guy that is important and say somebody else isn't? I don't think that's a good way to manage your football team."
  2. Well considering McD has gotten more wins and playoff appearance than anyone since Marv he can do what he wants. I am sure he has done his due diligence. If he plays and someone gets hurt he will get killed in the media. If he rests people and they lay a huge egg in the Playoffs he will get killed in the media. His only hope is that that no one gets hurt and they win. Professional athletes are creatures of habit. This isn't a bye week i have no idea why people keep saying that. You still have to play the game. The entire team doesn't have off. Chemistry is important and when you have people on difference schedules it can throw you off. The best option is to go about your business like any other week and play the game. Josh needs the experiences anyway so lets go. Get that 11th win.
  3. All i know is that at the beginning of the year 90 percent of Josh's INT"s came from him rolling right going backwards and trying to arm it up the field. He has stopped doing that. In my opinion that was a habit and he managed to break it which speaks to his mental fortitude. I personally don't care that he hasn't thrown a 300 yard game yet. All he does is win.
  4. Man the Doug Marrone hangover lasts decades i guess.
  5. It has nothing to do with it. The Bills didn't have any marquee players and have been bad for decades. What is so hard to figure out? The NFL also doesn't seem to understand how far the Bills fan base goes. It was the highest viewed game in like 27 years on Thanksgiving. I honestly think the viewership had more to do with the Cowboys, the comments Jerry Jones said, Jason garrett fighting for his job, etc...... than the Bills. What they got was a good old butt whooping Bills style. Alot of players got alot of attention yesterday. Josh, Devin, Ed, etc..... The Bills will have alot more next year for sure.
  6. I could care what Sullivan says. Every week he goes on a rant when asking a question to McD but never asks an actual question.
  7. Isiah Mckensie should not be actived. He is used for like 1-2 trick plays a game. Seems pointless. Duke should be the starting WR opposite John.
  8. What an idiot. Tyrod was in the league for like 4 years. Allen has been in the league for 1.5 part of which he was injured. he is a disgrace.
  9. I honestly think the Bills coaches need to let Josh be Josh. let him be a gun slinger.
  10. interesting comment. Bills have been very active trading wise since him and Beane came to down. I don't remember Doug doing a ton of trades.
  11. They have heavy fines because they only have a certain amount of footballs per game and you cannot have every player throwing them into the stands.
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