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  1. Bills were outplayed today. Lucky to come out with the W. But feels great.
  2. The replay was installed specifically for plays like that to take the officials calls out of their hands. It is a hard job. But that was 100 % a fumble. The official didn’t know what to do
  3. The Bills Offense and the Texans offense are really different. Starting with the O line. Ours is much better. They don’t have Diggs. They traded that guy away. Our overall receiver room with Beasley is much stronger. Let’s call the RB’s & TE’s a push. The other thing the Texans don’t have is a good defense or special teams. All three phases of the Bills work together. To compare Watson & Allen is a small part of this game.
  4. Boring guy. No personality. A little disappointed. But he has to be better than Rex right? Boy was I wrong. Didn’t take me long to Trust The Process. Hope he’s the Bills coach for the next 30 years 😀🦬🇺🇸
  5. Just for ***** & giggles replace Singletary with Stills. 🧐🧐🧐
  6. Agree 💯when we lost on that Hail Mary play I turned to my wife (disappointed) and said this will be the best thing or the worst thing for this franchise in a really long time. I think now it was the best thing that happened to this team in 2020. This team will use that loss to bring us to the Super Bowl.
  7. I thought the Patriots did the same thing to us and we ran the ball down their throats. Patriots are a win trick pony this year. Hopefully we can get a early lead and take them out of their game plan.
  8. I remember saying to my wife after the Arizona game that the way we lost this might be the best thing that happened to this team. The NFL is so fragile and the games are so close and we have come back from that game with 3 wins by at least 2 scores. Seems like the team is playing with purpose. All 3 facets are playing at a high level.
  9. He’ll play on Monday Night vs the Patriots. 20-25 plays. 20-25 more vs Dolphins. 💯 % in playoffs.😀
  10. Yeah I met him a year before he died. He went to the High School that I teach at. Mountain of a man. A real gentle giant. Just before my time as a Bills fan. Don’t remember him. Very well respected in town. A true legend in the community
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