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  1. Jordan Poyer signed with the Buffalo Bills because they offered him the best contract at the time. He has played much better than expected. I personally love him on our team. But the Bills don’t owe him anything. He got paid. He should make more in his next contract and I hope it’s in Buffalo. He is a great fit for our system. Brandon Beane will decide how much we can give him in two years. Both the Bills and the Poyer’s would be smart to find common ground for a healthy extension. ✅
  2. Patriots will have to play the same schedule minus Titans & Steelers. But they add Texans & Ravens. It’s not who you play but when you play them. Many things will happen before the 2020 season 😀
  3. I’d rather play the Patriots than the Chiefs in the playoffs this year in a second round playoff game. 😬 let’s get there first obviously 🙄
  4. Disagree they gave up on him. Definitely not a good fit for him once Lamar became starting QB. Smoke landed in a great spot!! Thank Jesus 🙏
  5. Would the Panthers be interested in Coach McDermott? Would he be interested in going back there? I don’t think so and hope not. But........
  6. I would but the PROCESS won’t. They traded him for a reason 🧐
  7. No. He’s played well. We will have a opportunity to resign him and give him what he deserves. If not we get a comp pick correct?
  8. Run John Murphy out there. He’s on the Bills pay roll totally legal😬
  9. Pat’s are 3 1/2 point favorites vs. the Chiefs
  10. This is culture vs talent. Both programs have both variables. I’m hoping culture trumps talent. 😀
  11. Like the old NFL adage says it’s not who you play but when you play them makes a lot of sense especially this week. Many had the Bills getting cracked this week. They still might but we’re playing Philadelphia at a great time as far as trying to win the game.
  12. With all due respect I kinda disagree. It’s hard for the Eagles to recover after last nights game. Coming off two road beat downs it will be tough to come to OP and beat the 5-1 Bills in a crazy environment.i would be more worried had they went into Dallas and won. The Eagles are reeling and have many injuries. Hoping the Bills can play their first complete game of the season. If they do will be 6-1. There’s a reason the Eagles are 3-4 their not that good.
  13. When I was a child ,I spoke as a child , I thought as a child , and understood as a child. When I became a man I put away those childish things.
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