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  1. My wife & I have more money in our bank account than the Patriots have as cap space. And I’m a public school teacher . 😳😳😳
  2. Who made those rules? Proper etiquette is established by what group or entity?
  3. I coached Division 1 Men’s Basketball for many years and the Anthem was played most games several minutes before tip off. We would bring the team into the locker room with 10 minutes on the clock. They would do the Anthem @ the 8 minute mark. We’d come back out with 3-4 minutes left on the clock. It was the home teams decision when to do the Anthem. If the NFL adopted this practice it would take all of the political theater out of the game. I personally stand and put my hand over my heart for the Anthem. Both of my Grandfather’s and my father fought in various wars. Both grandmothers worked in factories making various things for the Armed services. But who am I to decide what others do. It’s there decision. Most vets I’ve talked to about this have told me this is why I fought for this Country so people have freedoms. I personally respect Kapernick for what he did. He sacrificed a lot. To me it’s pretty obvious we should have taken him serious three years ago.
  4. I appreciate a fresh objective prospective from another fan base
  5. I’m trying to figure out where my life would have to be for me to go to a Jets message board and try and trigger posters. I actually feel sorry for you dude. Good luck 😄
  6. The only thing I’ve seen is a friend of a friend report from a guy named Major Bobby. He said a friend in the hospital where they took Ed blew a .03. If that’s true he’ll get a speeding ticket. Why should we think anything different until facts come out. Major Bobby seems like a solid poster. He wouldn’t post anything just to post it. Let’s see what happens I have no reason not to believe Major Bobby’s report.
  7. I feel his body of work speaks for itself as a Buffalo Bill. He is a HOF player. He was involved in a horrible situation in California & Las Vegas was in high profile trials and even went to prison on a serious charge. Best case you can say he made some really bad decisions. Worst case you can say he’s a murderer that got away with a horrific crime. My take is I would keep his name there as part of history. If the Football HOF Decided to remove him then there would be a strong sediment to follow suit.
  8. What did I miss. Did Oliver’s BAC numbers come in? Was he legally intoxicated?
  9. Not sure that stellar group or road graders you speak of will be a tight knit group come the second week of September. I think a huge plus for the Bills this year is the continuity on both sides of the ball. If we struggle with the Jets at home for the home opener there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people this season. 😬
  10. Is that from 63? That’s what it looks like. Clears the cross bar by a couple yards too
  11. Flacco didn’t look much better than Barkley last year. Both sucked
  12. I’m not a Barkley guy. I thought Flacco was a nice low risk high reward replacement for Barkley. I did a quick search of this thread and I thought Flacco just underwent neck surgery a couple of weeks ago. Figured it was a moot point when I saw he was getting neck surgery in May? 😬
  13. I was at game . Crazy day. That was the loudest game I can remember especially after the second touchdown. Place went nuts. As previously stated we were getting smacked earlier in the game so the Broncos took the fans out of the game. The third TD and the roof came off. Great day great memories 😀
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