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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Stay strong brother
  2. Have faith 🙏brother everyone is with you
  3. We have 4.5M in dead money left on his one year contract. At what point would it make sense to resign him and not have to eat that dead cap?
  4. Mahomes acted like a B word full stop 🛑. He’s in a tough spot tomorrow if Taron & TB play. Be objective
  5. They kicked me off their website for telling them that Mahomes has 10 TD’s & 8 picks on the road. I see I’ve been suspended for life. Reason: none given 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 love it!! They are the hillbillies that they are. I’m going to trust Joe Brady with the game plan . He’s had the answers so far. He beat them the last time. Believe 😃
  6. Injuries & less rest are important. We will see early if those two variables matter. The offense owes the defense one. Love ❤️ to see JA17 go off for like 38 points and leave KC in the dust. 38-24
  7. I’d want Rapp back. Elam would be 3rd CB. If no Rapp either Damar or Cam are the third Safety. That’s not good
  8. I feel NY should have stepped in and overturn the officials call for the second time in the first quarter . It was a bad look and this crew which has had a really bad year. Cheffers just came out and whistled past the graveyard 🙄with the bills losing a challenge & have no more for the game. Terrible crew
  9. And now this week we have Hockli’s crew coming in. Remember the Philly game this year. All the PI’s against the Bills not called. The horse collar right in front of the head official and he called grounding. Then the other phantom grounding penalty. The Brown fumble in OT could have went either way but with all the other blown calls I’m anticipating a total ***** show. Pretty sure this is the same crew that didn’t call PI on the packers at the end of the game vs chiefs. This could get really ugly with Mahomes running around like a Man Baby begging for a penalty on every play. It’s best to prepare for these things so you don’t throw something somewhere when the ***** show starts.
  10. Exactly my point. Call was wrong. Would love to hear Carl Cheffers explanation
  11. And Carl Cheffers offering no explanation after the review needs to be addressed. I saw a view I didn’t see last night today to show Benford’s injury on the play. Clearly shows Benford knocking the ball out and the Pittsburgh Tight End waving at the ball as it bounced WY from him. Clear mistake on the original call by refs & an incorrect call after reviewing the video. Have to believe they didn’t want to have two overturned plays by the home team in the first quarter. Would love to hear Carl Cheffers post game presser.
  12. This is the major point. They didn’t call obvious turnovers. Bills should not have had to challenge the First fumble. Really bad look on officials to blow 2 calls on overturns in the first quarter. So they just played dumb on the second one and that should have also been overturned. Zero accountability zero explanation.
  13. Agree 💯. But there was no evidence of that. They did.
  14. That was Romo’s take. They never showed an angle that showed this as fact. The official said the ball was fumbled out of bounds. It was not, a clear recovery. The helmet point was not what was called on the field nor did they use it to explain the call.
  15. A simple explanation of why they called it the way they did was necessary. Romo suggested it may have touched the Pittsburgh helmet. I didn’t see it touch the video was inconclusive of that as fact. If they would have had an angle showing that then I agree the ball would be dead. But you’re missing the bigger point. Carl Cheffers said the ball was fumbled by the Pittsburgh player out of bounds. That was untrue. It never went out of bounds. Bills shouldn’t have lost the challenge. The officials were wrong on that call. A very big game changing call. After they missed the Pickens call which was an easy call on the field that they got wrong.
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