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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/12/01/patriots-add-trent-brown-to-injury-report-with-illness/
  2. I like Klein being back and playing some base 4-3 vs. Patriots, Jets, & Bears. Taron Johnson is having a quietly underwhelming season. A few plays off on run downs should keep him fresh for the stretch drive. The less equals more analogy
  3. Klein was very good at run blitzing. Good things happened when he blitzed on early downs. Send him tomorrow
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Bills = great ratings
  5. Do you people realize that who you root for or against doesn’t change the outcome of the game? 😝🫢🤔
  6. They can lose Sunday night to the LAC. LAC getting some guys back this weekend. Big game for them if they have any shot at playoffs
  7. So much speculation. No one knows the severity of the injury. The media is guessing and are trying to make themselves relevant. How bout this guess. JA17 went out to practice yesterday to test his arm since he hurt it Sunday. He had a sleeve to start. But they took it off because there was no pain. When he went to run off the field he picked up the sleeve on his way out. No one really knows what’s about to happen tomorrow but the Bills . Unless it’s coming from them , and it won’t it’s meaningless to me
  8. That wasn’t the spirit of the information. Most know sprains are tears. Ian Rapport made it sound more than just a sprain. My point is he has no idea.
  9. Agree there’s a ton of media speculation. One of the National media guys said he heard there’s a tiny tear in JA17 elbow. Where did he get that? And everyone took it as fact. I didn’t. Seeing him at the end of practice today shows this is nothing like his rookie year. If Josh was accurate and felt no pain why would they hold him out. I think he’s playing Sunday. Absolute worse case is sitting out one game to let his elbow get back to 100 %.
  10. My buddy from Jamestown is working with Harrison to raise awareness for special needs people and raise money for Harrison’s foundation. I’d you have $10 bucks to spare what a great cause for a great guy.
  11. The Patriots were a 3 point favorite yesterday in the Meadowlands. What does that say about the NE /Buffalo games.
  12. If Bills don’t make a move today, KH to Bills becomes much more likely
  13. My guess is trade is announced Tuesday as Browns play Bengals on Monday night. If Chubb or obviously Hunt stay healthy deal gets done ✅
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