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  1. Need to have faith in McDermott and his staff on this one. They will have a solid game plan and have team focused on the task at hand going into our bye week. Shouldn’t be too hard to remind them of what happened last year and the Titans reaction. And oh by the way another National audience. 48🦬 23 👩‍🌾
  2. Top 10. Him & Phillips together would have been something. GR would have had a comparable season to his first he would have had a lot of buzz. Impossible to say for sure obviously 🙄
  3. “To be the man you have to beat the man”. Rick Flair now what? I guess we’re the man. 👏 We really did need to Trust The Process.
  4. Josh & the offense get all the headlines but this D is well coached & well prepared each week. They totally frustrated Mahomes most of the night. Well done 👏👏👏
  5. No they were RPO’s Bills are pretty good at running those too. Do you get bonus points for running a RB between the tackles? Jones wasn’t scrambling that’s the point 😮
  6. The Giants ran for 170 last week. What’s your point. 4 first round picks on the line and below average LB’s. They got gashed
  7. “Everyone has a game plan until the get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson Taylor’s confidence will last until he gets swallowed up by this front 7. He’s going to be running for his life. And he’s actually quite good at alluding pressure. He is a very solid backup. Anyone saying he’s better than Fitzpatrick is saying Rivera is too stupid to realize that. I give Ron Rivera more credit than that. He didn’t bring Cam in because he knew Taylor is much better.
  8. Tyrod is definitely out now for week 4. I think 9 1/2 point line is way too high vs WFT even with a backup. But Bills have to be 3-1 now going into the KC game. Any upset was taken away with the starting QB getting hurt. Right? 😧
  9. Very little if any difference. Thank Jesus the Dolphins took Tua and not Herbert
  10. Looks like we will be playing backup QB’s in weeks 3 and 4. It has to be an advantage? Both have played pretty well in relief. I worry about having a small sample size of tape on these guys may hurt our preparation
  11. They only play 17 games any win on the road is a good win. I totally disagree. Win by one or a Billion. Counts the same. Just need a win 😊
  12. 🦬 37 🐬 23 Bills score a late TD to ice an exciting back and forth game!! “We’re back baby!!” George Constanza
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