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  1. Paul Costa

    Jonathan Hankins - Yes or No

    I’ve been saying we need to sign Navarro Bowman for 2 months. A no brainer. Edmonds will still be on the field all the time. Milano average and Lorax is 35 . I think Robinson will emerge to overtake Milano if we don’t make a big splash signing.
  2. Paul Costa

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    Giving him a lot of cash 💵 coming off a major injury 🤨
  3. I think he’s replacing a LB in Big Nickel packages. But maybe your right?
  4. Paul Costa

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    Time will tell. He missed a big opportunity last week on that 3rd and 22 bomb Allen threw to him. Should have been caught. He did get behind the defense twice . I rooting for everyone in Red, White & Blue tomorrow night ✅
  5. I liked Johnson. He was solid but not spectacular. I am a trusting the process type of guy so whatever
  6. Paul Costa

    Astro notes from final day @ SJF

  7. Paul Costa

    Harrison Phillips Dedicated His 1st Sack to Pancho Billa

  8. Paul Costa

    My Current 53

    If Shady plays 16 games it’s hard to rationalize keeping 3 guys behind him. Ivory barring injury is in. It’s Cadet Vs Murphy for the third back in my opinion. For you Murphy bandwagon jumpers don’t forget he was on the roster when they signed Ivory to a 2.5 Million totally guaranteed contract. TTP 🤭
  9. Paul Costa

    [Vague Title] I was wrong about...

    It’s a classic sports story. The ball boy grows up and makes the team. The college walk on gets a break and finds a way to lead the team. We all love the fairytale!! In reality it rarely happens😞😪
  10. Agree 💯the only downside is that I’m a High School teacher and I have to go back to the grind.🤨 actually I like that too 🤗
  11. Ivory’s contract is totally guaranteed. $2.5 Million I think. He’s going nowhere. He’s also having a solid camp.
  12. Paul Costa

    Astro-Notes: Bills’ Practice 8-7-18

    Thanks 🙏
  13. Paul Costa

    Joe B: 53 Man Roster Projection - Updated

    I don’t think they will cut Holmes. RZ target, ST ace and a cap hit of 1.8 Million.