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  1. I’d cut all 3. Keep our top 4 RB’s. Hodgins, and Giles-Harris, Lee or Spector. ST will be fine. Add the aforementioned LB’s & a DB to take gunner responsibility’s.
  2. I heard about bar-bill for the last couple of years and had the opportunity to go a couple days ago. Didn’t disappoint. My wife & I went back again today which is way out of our character while on vacation. To me there the best I’ve ever had. Been to Duff’s many times and very good. Anchor bar is good on their best day. Fantastic experience at Bar-bill.
  3. This kid could be a major steal. Cherry 🍒 on top is that he’s the gunner/jammer and we can finally cut Taiwan Jones
  4. SiriusXM is great I listen to the NFL channel daily. Highly recommend
  5. Stephen Carlson ex Brown TE worked out for Bills last week. A WNY native from Jamestown would be a perfect 3rd TE for the Bills. Decent blocker & receiver and 4 phase STer.
  6. JA17 getting National publicity being with other elite NFL players is never a bad thing. JA17 is slowly turning Buffalo 🦬 into America’s Team 🇺🇸.The guy is impossible to dislike. Many have tried. They can root against him, but if your team is not playing Buffalo 🦬 he’s pretty easy to root for. 😄
  7. The NFL only has one choice and that is an indefinite suspension. They need to look to the future and how this case will be a measurement towards other player wrongdoings 🤔
  8. Hard to know what what might do when you do not know them or the intricate details of the situation. 🫤
  9. If not traded or injured all 3 will be on the 53 man roster this year. A big part of the “Trust The Process “ philosophy is development. This is a make or break year for all 3. Injuries have gotten in the way of Ford’s & moss’s development. A weight change slowed down Epenesa. No excuses in 2022. You can see the path for all of them to have solid roles. If they don’t take advantage they will be gone next year.
  10. I look at this totally the opposite way. The ones remaining are woman that are not doing this for a payday their doing it because a law has been broken. They are fighting the good fight in their minds to protect others. Don’t forget two more cases are in the process to get filed this week.? What happens if he continues to act this way after his suspension? Will he be treated like a drug addict getting suspended and then reinstated?
  11. Kumarow plays on most fourth downs he has the best chance to stick.
  12. I will be surprised if they keep all 3 smurfs, Diggs, Gabe, Shakir & Kumarow. That’s 7 WR they usually keep 6.
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