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  1. Give Baltimore the 5th we got for Mccarron. Get RG3 in here ASAP . Figure it out for this Sunday and then it’s RG3 time for a few weeks till the kid finishes the last few weeks of the season.
  2. What a wasted effort today. They played so well. Only for Peterman to piss it away. Texans we’re giving us 5 yards on first down tied 13-13 with a minute and a half to play Peterman missed Benjamin so bad McDermott should have run it twice and punt . Hope the D could get us to OT. WTF
  3. Paul Costa

    Patrick Peterson available

    PP would be a huge get but at what price? I think it depends on what happens today and next week. If we can win 1 or both of these games going into playing NE on Monday night @ home just before the trade deadline maybe Beane looks to get the team over the top with a trade? But that’s a big challenge for a team that has lost 3 of there 5 games by more than 2 touchdowns. Although last week was very encouraging even though it was a ugly offensive effort. Just win baby!!!
  4. To me this week’s game will define the direction for the rest of the season. If we win we are 2-3 with a couple of beatable teams next. If we lose this one and our offense continues to struggle we are on target to get a top 5 pick. We as fans obviously have no control over the outcome. I’m hoping we win and we see signs of life from our Offense. I can’t help myself. I still think we got a shot!!
  5. Paul Costa

    Bills First Offensive Play Tomorrow Will Be...

    Shady for -1 Yards. Reinsures ribs and kills my fantasy team 🤮
  6. Paul Costa

    any WR's potential trade targets?

    Very few if any wanted either one of these guys. Especially what they got from other teams. A lot of ignorant statements over the years about both guys. Sammy too.
  7. Need to be much more competitive overall. Two first round picks show growth.
  8. Paul Costa

    Who has most receiving yards versus Minn?

    I’ll say Benjamin with 83 yards. Clay has 111 but not a receiver
  9. Paul Costa

    Refs for this weeks Bills game are.....

  10. Paul Costa

    Inspiration for Allen: Jim Kelly’s First Game

    Totally agree with the attitude here. Gotta be patient. Exciting to get Josh on the field this early. If he’s not ready Nate’s personality is one that can step in and get after it if needed. How jacked would we all be if Josh shows us Sunday that we have a QB for the future. #Daretodream
  11. Paul Costa

    Who will get the most catches Sunday?

    Daboll playing close to the vest would be smart to give Shady 10 touches in the pass game. 7 in space and 3 screens. Plus 15 carries for Shady. Add 5-10 touches for both Ivory & Murphy and that’s a recipe for a win. Mix in some slants and 8-10 long balls 🏈 Bills will walk away with a solid win. And for me a solid night sleep 😴
  12. Paul Costa

    Inspiration for Allen: Jim Kelly’s First Game

    All white uniforms like Jimbo’s first game. Deja vu 🤔I think so