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  1. Nice post!! I agree with your optimism for the near future. The right pieces are in place to move in the right direction. If your in your 50’s or older you can remember when this happened in the late 80’s into the early 90’s. It’s starting to feel like the Organization is moving that way again. Time will tell, but many of us see it coming into plain sight👀
  2. Phil Simms May be higher on Josh Allen than any media person 💪
  3. Caught the interview on my way home from work. They have brought in a bunch of guys that are easy to root for. Man am I glad we didn’t bring in a douchbag like AB. Love this guys attitude of gratitude mentality!!! Good things are going to happen for him. Glad he’s on our team 😄
  4. Fisher said on moving the chains this week he can play and has played special teams . He’d be a great role model for our young TE room 🤔
  5. First minute of this highlight video looks great.
  6. I would bet there will be at least 3 or 4 guys that will be added to our 53 that aren’t currently on the roster. Punter, LB, Safety, and DE quickly come to mind, off the top of my head.
  7. I think there’s a 90% chance of us up grading the WR room prior to the season 🧐
  8. Oliver is a smidge undersized. Buts he’s crazy quick for the position. Less is more with him. His snaps will be quality snaps. He will be defining the game from the inside. Kyle was slightly above average the last couple of years. He made pro bowls the last two years more out of respect for the man than his actual body of work. Go back and watch him even 3 or 4 years ago and you see a big difference. I didn’t reply to piss on Kyle. I replied to say that I think Oliver is going to make this defense a lot better, especially Star @ Jerry. And he doesn’t have to be in there every play. My guess would be 60-65%.
  9. According to Joe Marino ( locked on Bills pod) the Bills are very high on DK Metcalf. Hope he’s there @ 40. If not I’ll take Irv Smith JR.
  10. How high do you have to be to do that to your body 🥺
  11. He’s innocent 😇 I thought? What could you see on a Video tape if he did nothing wrong? Sounds like the deep state is at message parlors too 😳😳😳😂
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