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  1. Taiwan Jones should be replaced by Antonio Williams. Antonio was a excellent ST player at NC.McKenzie vs the 6th round pick. Sixth round pick to PS if he loses. Gilliam & Sweeny are on Matt Gaetz and Rudy Giulani levels of job security. One of these rookie Tackles can be the third TE ( Lee Smith role). Beane has a lot of training camp guys to turn into 3rd day picks in 2022. Bam Johnson, Bobby Hart & Ryan Bates to name just a few.
  2. I’m in the Steve Nelson camp. Sherman loves our culture & team I’ve seen a couple of times of him speaking glowingly about the Bills. He’d run here to play in Buffalo. He’s smart & experienced but not sure he has the physical abilities anymore. A 4 or 5 million 1 year deal for Sherman would be fine by me.
  3. Steve Nelson would solve all our CB2 issues.
  4. When I was doing mocks I had a CB, 1Tech, and a BPA in the first 3 rounds. If you would have told me we could of had JOK in the first , metifulu ( cuse CB) , and our pick of 1 tech’s I’d be pumped. We didn’t take any of them. How do I see it so different than Beane. This year I realized I have no idea how Beane is thinking. Last year I correctly called Moss & Davis but this year yikes 😬
  5. They play 4 big market teams. Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas & NYG . It’s all about the money 💰💰💰💰
  6. I would dislike a DT first round draft pick. Our third round pick seems like the sweet spot for a 1 technique with good upside and the value is right for that pick
  7. In my world: 30 BPA- DE, WR, RB, DB 62 CB (if not taken in round 1) 93 DT ( LSU, NC ST, OH ST) if a DT is taken in round 3 hopefully the Tex A & M guy or the FLA guy in round 5
  8. Back up or starting 1 technique. And backup or starting CB 2 are most important needs. Not necessarily in that order. Obviously some think DE is a pressing issue. For me once they kept Addison this position was solidified for 2021. We are not drafting a 3 technique
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