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  1. This is culture vs talent. Both programs have both variables. I’m hoping culture trumps talent. 😀
  2. Like the old NFL adage says it’s not who you play but when you play them makes a lot of sense especially this week. Many had the Bills getting cracked this week. They still might but we’re playing Philadelphia at a great time as far as trying to win the game.
  3. With all due respect I kinda disagree. It’s hard for the Eagles to recover after last nights game. Coming off two road beat downs it will be tough to come to OP and beat the 5-1 Bills in a crazy environment.i would be more worried had they went into Dallas and won. The Eagles are reeling and have many injuries. Hoping the Bills can play their first complete game of the season. If they do will be 6-1. There’s a reason the Eagles are 3-4 their not that good.
  4. When I was a child ,I spoke as a child , I thought as a child , and understood as a child. When I became a man I put away those childish things.
  5. Some of you have no sense of humor and take yourself way too seriously. Anybody that takes fantasy football more serious than the Bills wouldn’t be on this forum.( which I don’t) The douchbaggery runs deep here I see. I trust the coaching staff, trainers, and the player to make the best decision for the team. Anybody else’s opinion whether he plays or not is laughable.😬
  6. I have John Brown on every one of my fantasy teams. I have no time for this. Tape it up and let’s go !!
  7. Bills are the underdogs . Can we win absolutely 👏👏👏👏👏
  8. I’ve never seen someone taken off the field because of a possible concussion sprint off the field into the locker room. That was much more than a jog. I actually thought he was cleared because of how he ran into the lock room. I thought he was coming back.
  9. I was actually impressed on how he called each player by name and accurately described their role this year. I’m sure most NFL coaches can break down a team in similar fashion. I’ve seen many coaches call players by number or position more than their government name . He was very complimentary especially of Daboll.
  10. We can’t control who we play. Just continue to beat whoever we play. We’re on to New England tomorrow. Enjoy being 3-0 tonight 😃
  11. It’s like a 73% chance to make the playoffs after starting 3-0. It’s something like a 53% chance starting 2-1. Numbers are close maybe not exact. Let’s win 😃
  12. Disagree 💯 Disagree 💯 part 2 😱
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