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  1. Not a bad game for a banged up Poyer to miss. Put a young quicker guy in there . Whoever McDermott puts in there is the choice. Hopefully it’s Rapp if not Damar or Cam gotta step up.
  2. Their O line is below average. Need to exploit that. Need a great McDermott game plan. I’m guessing we see that..
  3. Can’t lose if you bet against your team. Such a weak mind set. Grow some balls. Bills don’t cover each week obviously. But don’t bet against them. Or if you do shut the F up about it.
  4. If all the sharps are pounding the Jets wouldn’t we see it in the line? It went up to 2 1/2 a couple weeks ago. You would think if all the professionals are pounding one side we would see change? 🤔🤔🤔
  5. This is downright embarrassing as an American 🇺🇸 citizen. You need to publicly apologize to this board for this ignorance. I have zero respect for you & your attitude on this.
  6. I think the missing variable with Kirksay is he’s always played on below average defenses. Plug him into a top 5 defense like ours and he may show out even more. Plus he’s not going to be a three down player. Less is more. I feel he’s going to thrive in this defense with his role.
  7. It’s kind of like crime in NYC. 80% is committed by like 70 people. 30% by the other 10 million people. Get rid of the few repeat offenders and your society will be better for it.
  8. In theory what your premise is makes sense. But Elam miss gets softened by Benford. Ford miss gets softened by a Bates trade. And then you have the cheat code of JA17 who people are dying to play with helps greatly. Think of all the players that took discounts to play in Buffalo 🦬 this year. Have to look at all the variables
  9. The simple fact that the Bills won 13 while only losing 3 games with their 3 losses by a combined 8 points speaks volumes. The Jets won 6 games. The Jets added Aaron Rodgers. Who else ? Davin cook? I’m not an Alan Lazard guy.?He’s a middle of the road 3rd receiver. Mecole Hardman? 🫤 Reggie Cobb? 😒 The Bills improved this year also. No need to show all the improvements here. The Bills have never had a team this good since the Super Bowl years.
  10. That would be a bad look. We probably need to have a 4th QB on the 90 man roster. I’m hoping Barkley can play and his “ elbow injury “ was just a convenient excuse to pull him before he broke a pre season record for most interceptions in a game.
  11. That was my point. If Barkley isn’t playing & Kyle Allen got hurt what then. And then who is backup vs Jets. Seems they know something we don’t. Joe Marino said he doesn’t see Barkley playing because of a elbow injury
  12. In hindsight I guess Barkley can’t be hurt that bad if they didn’t bring anyone else in? It would be insane to go into your last preseason game with only your starter @ backup to play. Amirite 😀
  13. Coach McDermott said JA17 will play Saturday. How much? 1 or 2 series’s probably. Are we going to play our backup Kyle Allen for 3 1/2 quarters? God knows he needs the work but that’s pretty risky with first game 2 weeks away. Barkley is out right?
  14. I think Edwards takes the LG spot if McGovern does miss time. That time table if true really puts him on the PUP bubble. Wouldn’t be the worst thing if true. We have some solid depth there.
  15. Lazard is more of a middle of the road 3rd receiver to me. I thought the Jets way overpaid him to keep AR happy.
  16. Does it? Not sure about that. Does it? Not sure about that. To me he was the second most dangerous receiver they had. Never played with a good QB. Kind of a sneaky big under the radar development to me. Possible big loss in NJ
  17. And they have to sign their 2 DT’s and their DE #15. They’re up against it if they commit to Tua.
  18. Becomes much more likely every day Davin becomes a Bill. He won’t get the contract he wants. He can come to Buffalo 🦬 play with his brother & have his mom come and hang in Buffalo 🦬 for the year. They are a close family and would be a wonderful story. Davin can go get his last contract after our Super Bowl Party 😀
  19. I thought he was beat and the guy dropped it. I’ll watch again
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