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  1. Austin 100 %. He’s been there since may. Fun to think about Beasley, or smoke, or manny. Austin is reality
  2. Yep. Ray Lewis just raked the ball out as they held him up. But point is we played them tough there. Last couple times not so much.
  3. It’s very possible that we lose tomorrow. Tough game. Schedule opens up nicely after the bye. Hoping we’re 4-2 coming out and beat the piss out of that arrogant Rodgers and Green Bay on National TV. Then get on a nice little run
  4. I remember going to a game there when Fitz was playing and the Ravens were really good. We lost 38-35 in OT. Played out of their minds offensively that day. Rookie TE fumbled in OT and Ravens kicked a FG to win it.
  5. 40% chance of rain ☔️ in the Charm City on Sunday. Looks like the storm ⛈ has moved slightly.
  6. I think bills will mix it up. Elam can play some press coverage with a safety over the top. Zone up the other side. They will have a solid plan. Tua won’t have any time. He had all day to throw to wide open receivers last week. It’s crazy how Tua is good in everyone’s opinion after last weeks 4th quarter. Everyone forgot about his previous 7 quarters of Meh 🫤
  7. Was hoping to see a CB called up from PS for Miami too. Howard is wounded and will take a beating vs. Diggs and company even if he plays. In our 7 game winning streak vs the fish we’ve scored in the 30’s in 6 of 7 games. I Expect us to be around 30 going into the 4th quarter.
  8. People need to realize our rookie CB’s are playing solid already. There really isn’t a drop off with Dane out to me. Hyde obviously a big loss
  9. Most of our team is either from Miami, live currently in Miami or Arizona or train in Miami or Arizona. Heat will not be more of an issue for the Bills than the Dolphins.
  10. Maybe some rain in the morning. Perfect evening for Buffalo Bills 🦬 Football. What a great opportunity to show the World 🌎 what Bills Mafia is all about 😃
  11. They lost to the New Jersey Giants at home. A game they should have won. Going to be a tough one to recover from. The NJG are predicted to win 5 games this year. They now come to Buffalo coming off extra rest. Buffalo 🦬 will be Hungry & Humble.
  12. We’re you hammered? Might be the reason your experience was different 😆
  13. I think the Bills come out on fire 🔥. Rams push back but Buffalo 🦬 wins by two scores. JA17 in victory formation at the end
  14. I’m rooting for the Patriots. I rarely root for the Patriots. I’d like the Dolphins to lose to the Patriots & Ravens and come in 0-2 to play the 2-0 Bills week 3. A ton of pressure on Tua & a new coaching staff. Bills go to 3-0 😉
  15. The easy thing to do would be to cut him. The hard thing is to stand by him with all of this turmoil. The accusations sound absolutely horrible. And who ever did this too this girl should go to prison. But I will say there are many unanswered questions. Did he know she was 17. Most underage girls at adult events do not publicize them being underage. The name of her HS is also the name of a local college. If she said I go to Fordham. She’s not lying but she Actually goes to Fordam Prep. ( fordham prep is an all boys school) but you get the idea. Her accusation says he demanded her to preform oral sex on him outside. What 17 year old girl just says OK? And then that she was taken upstairs to his bedroom where she was gang raped. I’m not doubting the sexual assault didn’t happen. I’m sure it did and God willing all participants will go to prison for a very long time. I’m curious about her overall memory being so accurate. A 17 year old girl is drunk before she comes to the party. When she gets there she says they force her to drink more and slip a roofie like drug in her drink. She says she passes out at some point. I reckon her memory wasn’t as sharp as her sober mind would have been. That being said has she been told what she now says happened. I’ve drank too much before and people have told me things I didn’t remember happening. I’ve never to my knowledge taken a roofie but that would even make your memory worse. I have a suspicion that MA’s version of these events are much different. I personally commend the Bills for standing by him and at least letting his version of the story to come out. Again it would be easy to cut him.
  16. Did he know she was 17? Did she tell him she was 18 or in College? Does that change your point? I’ve seen conflicting information. I’m guessing Brandon Beene knows more about it than we do.
  17. Do you have 52 players? Morris for Sweeney. Add either Bobby Hart or cam Lewis , or Giles Harris for 53rd player
  18. I remember this when I had season tickets years ago to be true. But they were never right behind the head coach they were by the camera guy usually closest to mid field on Bills side.
  19. Giles-Harris going to take Smith’s spot to start season. Hopefully he clears waivers and can continue to develop on our PS. I like Spector. Can take Red Dirt’s spot next year. Save a couple million
  20. I think they will bring in Steven Carlson former Browns TE to replace him. Jamestown NY native. Great ST player, excellent blocker, solid pass catcher.
  21. I’d cut all 3. Keep our top 4 RB’s. Hodgins, and Giles-Harris, Lee or Spector. ST will be fine. Add the aforementioned LB’s & a DB to take gunner responsibility’s.
  22. I heard about bar-bill for the last couple of years and had the opportunity to go a couple days ago. Didn’t disappoint. My wife & I went back again today which is way out of our character while on vacation. To me there the best I’ve ever had. Been to Duff’s many times and very good. Anchor bar is good on their best day. Fantastic experience at Bar-bill.
  23. This kid could be a major steal. Cherry 🍒 on top is that he’s the gunner/jammer and we can finally cut Taiwan Jones
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