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  1. I agree that the USC qbs have all been golden boys, but I don’t remember any of them running to cry on mommas shoulder and wearing nail polish. He seems like the biggest diva of them all.
  2. But Edmunds was 15 years old when he was drafted. How old is Coleman?
  3. Let him sit and learn for two years. Penix has all the physical tools to be successful.
  4. I just finished episode 8. I thought it was great. They definitely kept true to the game and exceeded my expectations big time. Highly recommend it.
  5. Released last night. Anyone watching it? Really enjoying the first two episodes so far. If you liked the games I think you’ll enjoy the show.
  6. Sure they can compete with him but you could say that about a lot of guys with the talent at the skill positions they have. IMO they’d be more dangerous with a Kirk Cousins or someone else that can push the ball down field. I think Tua is a top notch human but he has some serious limitations as a quarterback. He’s shown limited arm strength and struggles dearly when his first read isn’t open. That’s not a guy you pay top dollar for.
  7. We love having the oldest active back in the league. Gore, Murray, Tolbert, so which free agent fits that criteria that’s gonna take touches away from Cook?
  8. Wouldn’t you want to kick. That way you know what you need? Or score a defensive td and end it
  9. man I remember thinking the same thing. Thought that he was a stud during the chiefs game in Buffalo which they have the highlights of in the first minute here. That Lee Evans touchdown where the security guard broke his leg happened right in front of us. His deep ball was a thing of beauty and he had the skill set to be something imo.
  10. It’s not that he’s living the kid free life that bothers he just seems like a douche. I’ve watched their podcast a few times and his personality just irks me. Probably me just being a grumpy old man but he just seems to try so hard to be cool and it comes off as fake imo.
  11. I’m a big fan of Jason. Travis on the other hand I can’t stand, and that goes back to before the Swiftie saga. Jason seems like a good dad and his wife seems like a really good person.
  12. Buffalo and Detroit should have been the real Super Bowl. Would of been epic
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