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  1. That makes him assistant to the regional manager
  2. I’d like to see us get one more top quality pass rusher in free agency first, but heck ya I think we should trade back at least once for a pick or two more this year. Then Load up on secondary and offensive line with those picks.
  3. Does it matter if Frazier was a head coach before? Or would we still get those picks?
  4. Anyone who craps on Allen can pound sand. We have Zero run game, going against the most high powered offense the league has ever seen. With a defense that got absolutely shredded all game. He would have put up a otherworldly performance for us to win tonight,
  5. Well it’s been a helleva year folks. I’ll hold out hope for one more miracle but man this hurts. Running back and pass rusher, biggest priorities.
  6. Just trying to stay positive but we need to hold them to field goals. Hope for a turnover. We started moving the ball at the end of the half. Time for Allen to put on the Superman cape and take over.
  7. He has the best game of is career week17 and hasn’t been seen since
  8. Touchdown would be huge. Take their time and not give Mahomes time to score before half. We cannot afford to let them double dip points.
  9. I don’t know why I’m so calm right now. Very strange. Feeling good about tonight!
  10. No doubt about it. Playoffs definitely played out for some awesome games to finish out the year.
  11. I really don’t mind, either team is a great story and a tough matchup. Packers, lots of history, two smallest markets, great fan bases. Bucs, chance to put the dagger in the last 25 years by taking out the guy who was responsible for so many beat downs during the drought. I just want to see us in the big dance!
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