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  1. My brother would eat leftover dinner from the night before for breakfast the next day growing up. Full out dinners, steak, chicken, pasta in the morning and he swore by it. Same concept said it helped him keep his energy stable throughout the day. I thought it was weird but he was just ahead of the times.
  2. I feel really good about our offseason. I wasn’t expecting huge moves going into it but we have added some nice players. I am worried about who replaces Tremaine in the middle but I hope McDermott calling plays can make up for the loss of experience there. Our secondary is back and deeper than ever. Hopefully the Dline plays well enough so we don’t rush Von back. I would love to see us pound the rock out the gate just to show teams they need to be ready for anything offensively this season. Can’t wait til the opener!
  3. To be fair if most humans had Josh’s physical skills they’d have a hard time not trying to throw lasers downfield. Chicks dig the longball!! I do agree though when Josh is willing to take the easy stuff the offense just flows so nice. I’m hoping Dorsey gets there but Daboll had this offense humming his last two years.
  4. I wouldn’t say major letdown but it would be a bummer. I would like to have him but money is going to be too tight imo. Very rarely do guys walk away from the most guaranteed money which somebody will offer him. I can Detroit or Seattle making a move.
  5. It seems low imo but I do feel this is a make or break year for McDermott. Top notch human being but he has repeatedly cost us winnable games. Terrible time outs and challenges, bad clock management and losing games we shouldn’t. I wish nothing more than for him to get us to the promise land but we have to seriously consider if he’s the guy if we flop out of the playoffs again. This teams not getting any younger.
  6. Week 8 is my guess. He’s older than Tre by quite a few years and he didn’t return until a full year. Last thing we need to do is rush back our 34 year old pass rusher before he’s ready. Playoffs are a given as long as Josh is healthy. Von and the gang being healthy is the difference if we get to the big dance or not.
  7. That’s great all the little countries are supplying some weapons and all but we’re ahead of the big boys in Europe that are right next door to the conflict. Why are we the ones footing the majority of the weapons and equipment? Latvia Estonia Lithuania Norway Poland Netherlands Czech Republic United Kingdom Bulgaria United States Finland Denmark Sweden Croatia Canada Portugal Slovakia EU institutions Germany Austria Luxembourg Note: Data source includes Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, EU member states, and members of the Group of Seven (G7). Source: Antezza et al., Ukraine Support Tracker, Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
  8. https://www.cfr.org/article/how-much-aid-has-us-sent-ukraine-here-are-six-charts you know the big guy is getting his cut but my goodness this is disproportionate the amount we’ve spent compared to everyone else.
  9. They’ve said that though for the last five maddens. I’ll believe it when I see it. They want nothing more than people to play ultimate because that what gets them to spend money. I see what kids spend hundreds on fortnight and ea would love to have their model. watch them go to a free to play online version only, with micro transactions for legends and all Star players and different uniform options.
  10. I think he’s got the talent. If he makes the jump and Tre returns to form, we have the best secondary in football imo. Very excited to see him and Benford battle for that position.
  11. Lol ain’t that the truth. It’s kinda wild looking back at those days. Good times but I’m sure there was some damage done.
  12. I agree the kids are softer these days but honestly I put a lot of that on parents more so than the kids. I think young boys in particular don’t have much concern for their own physical well-being growing up. Again I don’t have kids of my own so it’s just my opinion from the outside looking in. I know my friends coddle their kids so much so the kids are a reflection of that imo.
  13. Good article. I saw somewhere that for the first time that youth football in the states has less than a million kids playing total. That number used to be close to triple that. I don’t have kids but I’d have a hard time letting them play any earlier than high school level even though I played myself. I feel the game is much safer than when I played but knowing how fragile the brain is it’s tough to justify young kids playing tackle football. I know a lot more flag football and 7 on 7 clubs are becoming more popular but I do feel the overall quality of the game will drop especially when it comes to offensive line play and tackling. Finding new pipelines will be crucial especially with how much the league wants to expand overseas
  14. I seem to find myself saying at least once a game, he’s just special. Running and throwing he combines the best of both elements. I’ve conceded that he’s not going to change his playing style and I’m ok with it. I don’t see him playing past 35 with the abuse his body takes. I just think you limit his potential if you tske away his running on both designed plays and on scrambles.
  15. Well no I would not think they could afford or would want Ertz at this point. It does seem like McDermott has wanted two strong tightends for the last few years between Ertz and bringing in OJ Howard they seem to have a plan there.
  16. I’m hoping Rousseau comes out like a madman week 1. The whole Dline for that matter, I’d feel pretty good if we can get after rodgers and not have to rush Von back til he’s a 100 percent.
  17. I’m not big on anime but the lions one got a sensible chuckle out of me. Well done
  18. Agreed and if I remember correctly they avoided having a team in Vegas for the very reason that it could compromise the game. Yet here we are with non stop advertising for sports books. It’s sad, I’m watching good friends blow money they don’t have on this. At least when they had to go to the off track wagering or bookie, it limited how often they would gamble. Now they’ll gamble on literally anything all the time, it’s pretty wild to watch.
  19. I’d like to see Jerome Bettis in todays game in a modern weight training program and diet.
  20. that’s no good, we’re better than that. What’s Beane even doing out there?
  21. I didn’t see any updates but are we bringing on any new coaches to make up for McDermott’s clapping now that he’s calling plays? I feel like we’re gonna need at least two people to make up for the loss of sheer power and enthusiasm he brings to his claps.
  22. 100%. If we had Von and a healthy Jordan Phillips on that line come playoffs I feel like it’s a different outcome. I really like the off-season we had, especially offensively. I feel more comfortable with McDermott having to make up for deficits on the defense than I do with Dorsey not having all the weapons at his disposal. I think if the D can stay a top ten unit which is entirely possible and the offense gets just a little bit more diverse with their game plans then we’re right back in the Super Bowl mix.
  23. I don’t like the idea of moving Ed in general especially to the ravens. Strong chance we meet them again the playoffs and I don’t want an extra motivated Oliver on the other side. Let big Ed ride out the year and take the comp pick if he can’t be resigned imo. now Ed to Arizona for Hopkins maybe that’s a deal I might consider. i do think the staff feels comfortable with what they have at backer for better or worse.
  24. I still think we’ve never replaced that Lorenzo Alexander role from year one of McDermott. That guy who could line up off the ball or his hand in the dirt. He was very strong against the run, a solid blitzer and good enough in coverage that you didn’t know what he was doing pre snap. I’m excited to see what the plan is for these young backers.
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