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  1. Remember when the mayor of Buffalo gave TO the key to the city? I do. We’re going to be fine. Defense needs a stop here
  2. I don’t think we see Tre back until after the bye at the earliest.
  3. I don’t know what that word means but I’m assuming you mean this place blows after a loss which is correct. We’re on to Baltimore. I’m going to avoid this place til Friday as much as I can.
  4. Ball has the touch down in the end zone for it to be a touchback
  5. Reminds me of the old snickers commercial with the guy who had the concussion running around the sidelines saying he’s Batman.
  6. Figured it would be a dogfight. All these injuries it’s gonna come down to whoever screws up less. Feed Diggs and let’s finish strong boys.
  7. Tua has been comfortable so far. Need to get to him. They will pick us apart if we don’t get to him quick.
  8. I don’t feel good about this game but I didn’t feel good about last weeks game around this time so take that for what it’s worth.. Hoping the young secondary holds their own. Need Von and the gang to make life easier for the d. Also think we should be bringing some blitzes off the edge and get Tua panicked. LFG!
  9. Although the coaching was a mess his first two years, you can’t deny they’ve surrounded him with weapons. In the little I’ve seen him play other then our games he seems like he could be a very good/ above average qb imo. Not overly elite at anything but very solid which will allow them to win games. Seems like their coaching staff believes in him and if they get their defense together they’re going to be our biggest competitor in the East the next few years. I think with all the injuries to our D he could have a good game tomorrow. Those receivers plus Geseki are going to be a handful.
  10. Feeling pretty good about tonight. I’d really like to see Cook show some promise after the fumble last week. I think tonight’s xfactor will be Singletary. No big runs from Henry and don’t let Tennehill beat us with the play-action. Their receivers don’t scare me and that defense doesn’t seem as tough as it once was. Should be a tough game but I think we take it by 7-10 points.
  11. Didn’t see this posted anywhere please feel free to merge it if so. Nice breakdown from Kurt Warner, going over the film of Josh’s third down conversions from the game Thursday Captain Clutch
  12. Throw in cam newtons running and Brett farve’s mindset too and I think he’s got it right.
  13. I know I tend to be pessimistic, but there’s gonna be a lot of families ruined because of online sports gambling. Not saying yours is, but I know a lot of people who have issues controlling themselves when it comes to gambling. I know people who don’t even like sports, who gamble on games now which is crazy to me.
  14. Bravo gentlemen. Great way to start the season, let’s clean up some of the sloppy stuff. But I couldn’t be happier with the start we had the night. Gonna be a long wait till next Monday
  15. I know a lot of people don’t like spending money on running backs, but I would love to have him back at the right price.
  16. What’s crazy is it to be like 47 to 10 right now. We played like dog ***** that first half, not because LA is any good but we kept beating ourselves. Buckle up boys were in for ***** something special
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