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  1. Jeez how they gonna fall offsetting penalties there
  2. They sure do. If Detroit had anyone other than Hutchinson KC would be in trouble. Encouraging to see though
  3. I’ll stick with Groot. He becomes a household name this year imo. Big things in store for the D if we can produce pressure without Von.
  4. Pat’s show is still the best for sports interviews imo. Players/ coaches/ gms always seem to let their hair down and show their personality’s in his interviews. Hopefully the move to espn doesn’t ruin the vibe of the show.
  5. What about Jacksonville? Not sure what their cap space is like but he would be a huge addition to that squad imo. Jags are a sleeper team this year, I feel like they make a big jump in Trevor Lawrence keeps progressing. Bosa and Josh Allen is a nasty set of edge rushers
  6. That’ll win her a general election. People are dying for a sensible moderate
  7. Nikki Haley coming out strong. She’s got the record and background to be a strong general election candidate imo. Vivek at least showing some fire and that’s he’s not a robot plus everyone’s attacking him. He can use that to his advantage. Desantis has the personality of a wet towel.
  8. First time in the last few years where I think we’re in for a legit dog fight. Lots of questions for the Jets and Dolphins but the potential definitely seems like it’s there. Stoked to see how it plays out
  9. Yeah that was a rough one. Felt bad for that dude but he handled it like a champ.
  10. Good lord we do this every election in the social media age and it’s extremely dangerous. Both sides apparently are running hitler and you better choose red team or blue team or it’s the end of democracy! How are we even entertaining Trump vs Biden round 2? We’re broken, stick a fork in us because the empire is over. Been a good run.
  11. My bad, I don’t read too good. I thought it was last years top 100.
  12. Because He only played half the season. Same with Micah, great player but when you miss extended time you shouldn’t be on the list imo.
  13. Sorry as much as I love Hyde and Von they shouldn’t be on the list. Milano absolutely should be on there.
  14. I don’t ever see much hate for Tyrod. Good dude, decent qb who didn’t take risks but wouldn’t lose you games with boneheaded plays. He had the physical tools to be great imo but seemed hesitant to take risks to win games. Just my two cents. One of the better qbs we had during the drought
  15. In our new world of artificial intelligence it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. The voice recording of the Wagner group leader is something that could be easily have been fabricated and just be misinformation. the video of the reported missile attack doesn’t look very convincing and the damage looks minimal. It all seems like something to get the Russians panicked and now maybe Ukraine does go for the big counter attack. Going to be interesting. If a full blow civil war happens in Russia who knows how that plays out but i error on the side of caution until we get more info
  16. I know it’s easy to hate on Dak but he does seem to have the support of his teammates 100%. I’ve never heard anyone say Dak jokes around about everything but I have heard them say that about Josh. Different strokes for different folks. Wouldn’t trade Josh for the world but he is quite the goofball but it keeps guys loose.
  17. I really can’t stand Diggs attitude. he’s always about himself. From standing on the field after the kc loss, to blowing up on the sideline multiple times and needing hugs from coach. Plus his social media is a cryptic emotional mess like my teenage nieces. I’m petty, let him sit and fine him for all the money. granted now that Josh has shown his character by knocking up some bartender and hanging out with celebs, maybe this is the end of the run. It’s been fun.
  18. I think Floyd takes the old Lorenzo Alexander role. He will be used all over the place. Olb I thinks the proper listing
  19. My brother would eat leftover dinner from the night before for breakfast the next day growing up. Full out dinners, steak, chicken, pasta in the morning and he swore by it. Same concept said it helped him keep his energy stable throughout the day. I thought it was weird but he was just ahead of the times.
  20. I feel really good about our offseason. I wasn’t expecting huge moves going into it but we have added some nice players. I am worried about who replaces Tremaine in the middle but I hope McDermott calling plays can make up for the loss of experience there. Our secondary is back and deeper than ever. Hopefully the Dline plays well enough so we don’t rush Von back. I would love to see us pound the rock out the gate just to show teams they need to be ready for anything offensively this season. Can’t wait til the opener!
  21. To be fair if most humans had Josh’s physical skills they’d have a hard time not trying to throw lasers downfield. Chicks dig the longball!! I do agree though when Josh is willing to take the easy stuff the offense just flows so nice. I’m hoping Dorsey gets there but Daboll had this offense humming his last two years.
  22. I wouldn’t say major letdown but it would be a bummer. I would like to have him but money is going to be too tight imo. Very rarely do guys walk away from the most guaranteed money which somebody will offer him. I can Detroit or Seattle making a move.
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