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  1. Yeah the boys are doing alright when it comes to their bank accounts. Now Pat’s doing gameday on Saturdays and I think he’s still involved with WWE doing their commentary so he’s pretty good I’d imagine. they have a lot Bills players on for interviews which is cool too. Players really seem much more loose during his show as compared to the normal cookie cutter interviews
  2. If Cook turns it off in the second half of the year look out
  3. Milano gonna be an all pro this season and deservedly so. If Edmonds had half the instincts Milano did he’d be all world.
  4. What happens when you take Peyton Mannings arm, Cam Newton’s legs and Brett Farve’s moxie and fearlessness? You get Josh Allen
  5. I agree but we use to do it with Moss all the time and it was always confusing. Just sub the guy in for a play or two if Motor has a hot hand like today
  6. I think so. We just like subbing out our most effective runner for a whole series at a time. Never understand it
  7. A lot of thought and effort went into my screen name. It was either my current one or tittysprinkles.
  8. Milano has been our best defensive player this season imo. Man’s been on a mission from the jump.
  9. I was told this game was over before the half. Why is this happening?
  10. Agreed. The idea of a CMC, Cook and Moss backfield for the next two years is a perfect set up for our offense. Lord knows we don’t run the ball so add more pass catchers to the mix. Having CMC and Cook on the field at the same time would put so much stress on other teams linebackers that it would be nearly impossible to defend. I’m all for it but the only way I see is giving up a second rounder is if Carolina is eating a large portion of that salary.
  11. It’s my favorite uni. Big fan of the blue pants with white top and white socks too but this one is the cleanest imo.
  12. Well let me tell ya a little something about this place. They always find something to be unhappy about. Hell of a game today though!
  13. Nice way to close out. Would love to see cook really start to be a difference maker
  14. We’re up 31-3 going into the 4th and people want Frazier and the training staff fired. We’re running out of things to B word about people.!
  15. Taron seems fine on the sidelines. Rest him up for next week
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