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  1. Just give Dorsey time he’ll make you eat those words! Double reverse flea flicker coming your way!
  2. I was on the road traveling during the first half yesterday. How did Tre look back in action? Didn’t see him out there much late in the game
  3. Happy Turkey Day everyone. Here we go boys, lets keep the turkey day butt kicking tradition going.
  4. I think we were banking on Crowder pretty heavily going into the year. It’s a shame he got hurt because I think he’s exactly what this offense is missing right now. Josh needs that safety outlet when things get hairy
  5. Last couple weeks I’ve been telling people to calm down and not panic when we’ve been looking like poop. ***** it, let’s panic!
  6. I don’t like being 0-2 in the division but not too worried. I really hope Josh didn’t do any damage to that arm. He goes down obviously it’s all over.
  7. I mean why can’t he just win us every game, every season? All you want him is to be perfect every game, is that so much too ask?
  8. I like the hurry up offense. Nice finish by Josh there. Let’s get another stop and score before half
  9. I think Hines and Shakir are really gonna take our return game to the next level. Nice not having to just send Hyde out to fair catch it.
  10. It was a big ol Bills fan reunion there last year. I’d expect a little more green there tomorrow
  11. Biggest upgrade with Dorsey’s offense compared to Daboll’s is just how much Diggs is being moved around this year. He’s been lethal from the slot this year more than years past imo. He’s just fun to watch
  12. He definitely does seem to get some calls he shouldn’t. He’s had some pretty blatant flops and has gotten calls for them. I’m not complaining though.
  13. Agreeed and Micah ain’t no young buck either. I see us going safety heavy next offseason.
  14. I think the expectations for Tremaine were so high he’ll never live up to them. But when you watch the differences between him and Milano they are so far apart on impact plays and just instincts in general. At this point I look at Tremaine like I did of Paul Posluszny. Sure, he does give QB’s something to be concerned about running around like the predator in the middle of the field but it just seems like he should just make so many more impact plays with his size and athleticism and he just doesn’t. I’m ok if we keep him or let him walk, we locked up the more important linebacker last year imo.
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