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  1. I don’t believe so but I’d imagine Joe Brady would take over the role if we do have to replace Dorsey
  2. Yeah I love Josh but two Super Bowl rings and two mvp’s kinda give ya some leeway.
  3. She’s dating Patrick mahomes dude geez get with it!
  4. I don’t know that’s why I’m freaking out man!
  5. Omg I haven’t seen Taylor swift in at least five minutes and I’m freaking the ***** out!! What’s her reaction on things?
  6. https://www.tiktok.com/@thaddboii/video/7174482219837213995?lang=en
  7. Throw em a sixth or seventh and put him on the practice squad in case of emergency.
  8. Probably realizes he’s not going to win nothing with that noodle arm quarterback. The sooner he gets Tua to retire sooner he can get somebody new in there.
  9. That’s awesome! I was wondering what he was doing on that celebration
  10. I’d bring him in just to have him punch Wilkins in the junk.
  11. Been drinking, gonna quote myself. Helleva game plan by coaches. Dorsey and McDermott get my game balls. I hope Tia is qb for the next ten years because if they had someone who could throw more than thirty yards that offense would be unreal.
  12. Hyde didn’t you know you’re too old and slow? Hella big play
  13. Defense just leaving lineman scattered all over the backfield and Tua hits the ground too. Need more of that!
  14. Phins been lucky on every drive so far. Should have at least two turnovers. We just need to play our game and keep the offense rolling.
  15. Well here we go. Is it gonna be another week of slobbering all over the dolphins offense or is it gonna be a reminder of who runs this division? Gonna be a good one!
  16. I’m getting the same feeling about this game as I did the first time we faced Lamar and the Ravens when he first came on the scene. We ended up shutting him down and set the blueprint for how to beat him. I expect them to get yards but not let them get touchdowns. We need to limit the touchdowns and we need to be effective in the red zone on offense, it’s gonna be a fun game to watch p.
  17. I know people love the idea of Kincaid being Kelce Jr. but I think Shakir needs more reps. Dude still seems like the Beasley replacement Josh needs imo.
  18. Howell is straight up not having a good time today. Nice play Tre day!
  19. Always hold my breath when Josh’s arm gets hit while throwing. That’s a quarter billion dollar elbow
  20. Alright Bernard we get it,you don’t stink and I’ll put some respect on your name!
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