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  1. What’s crazy is with Von’s injury keeping him out for large chunk next year watch us use another first on a d lineman
  2. For what it’s worth burrow is running for his life against Baltimore
  3. Can’t argue that. They sure looked like they were playing with extra juice on Monday because they’re sick of being underrated. They probably felt they should have been everyone’s Super Bowl pick in the preseason and not us. I doubted them and figured last year was a fluke. They’re legit and Burrow and those receivers are going to be a problem.
  4. I was talking with my buddy and his wife after Taron got hurt about how as we get older it’s tougher watching these young guys get hurt. Shortly after that Damar goes down and I don’t think any of us said anything for a solid ten minutes after they showed the replay of him hitting the ground. I’ve never cried watching a game before but once they showed his age and the fact he went to Pitt, which my little brother just graduated from last year I got hit like a ton of bricks. Hearing Damar is responsive and surrounded by family has genuinely lifted my spirits. He’s got a long road ahead of him it sounds like but he seems like the type of kid that’ll take that fight head on. Thoughts are with him and his family. Still don’t know how the team is going to mentally prepare for a game this week but it sounds like the news is just what the doctor ordered for everyone. 💪🇺🇸🍻🙏
  5. Agree. I feel like anything I’ve learned from McDermott and the squad is they always deal with adversity well. As long as Hamlin comes out of this relatively ok the team will use this as a rallying cry like they always do. You could see it in coaches eyes last night this hit him hard just like it did the players. Not many professional sports clubs can truly say they are like a family but this teams its 100% legit. Go Bills
  6. That’s why IMO his family being there was probably for the better. I can’t imagine sitting at home watching my son on tv like that not knowing what’s going on. Just a horrible scene all around. Definitely puts it all in perspective. Thoughts are with the Hamlin family.
  7. Well ***** that’s all they have to do? Let’s do this thang! Merry Christmas to all. Hopefully the team gets home safe to spend time with the fam for the holiday. Stay safe out there everyone 🍻🦅🇺🇸❄️🎄
  8. I remember Josh taking himself out of the MVP conversation last year as well. Didn’t seem to affect his playoff performance much at all though from what I remember. Go get that ring Joshy
  9. Why is Josh throwing to McKenzie like he’s not terrible on contested passes. Hell he’s terrible on non congested passes
  10. Went with Pops and my brothers to the game at MetLife last year. Had an awesome time. Most their fan’s left by halftime but the ones that stayed were surprisingly pleasant. Really liked MetLife, first time I’ve sat in the club seats and now I couldn’t do it any other way.
  11. Is this mic on? Well it’s about to be! I’ll take Mclappy all day every day
  12. It feels like since we lost Von Home field advantage in the playoffs is the only difference between this years team and last years. We need it imo. That little extra juice the home crowd brings and a nice snowstorm for the afc championship would be pretty epic for the NFL too. Let’s take care of Chicago first
  13. Lol let’s not get crazy now. That’s a made for TV movie if peterman becomes a quality starter. It would be like that Kurt Warner movie mixed with Simple Jack and of mice and men. Now that I think about it I’d watch the ***** out of that movie. Let’s go Nate Peterman!
  14. It’s a smart move on their part. See how confident he is in that knee in cold weather. He’s had his moments where he looks like the Tre of old and then he’s been burnt pretty bad too. Hopefully in three more games his consistency gets back to normal.
  15. Is that Tremaine playing with a little fire? Hat the hells wrong with him?
  16. Safety getting drafted early next year. We miss Hyde dearly and we most likely lose Poyer if not both next yeat
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