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  1. I’ll talk smack about his game plans and game day management all day. In terms of quality of human I don’t think anyone can doubt he’s one of the best. You could tell that from the moment he got on the mic at his opening press conference. That’s why I sincerely hope he evolves and brings home a championship.
  2. Lol https://www.svbsecurities.com/team/joseph-gentile/
  3. Isn’t that what teams are going to do now anyway? Hire as many as you can in hopes other teams poach them away and you get the picks.
  4. SPT SCORES STEVIE JOHNSON Wide Receiver CAREER STATS REC 381 YDS 4,764 TD 34 AVG 12.5 Allen Robinson Career rec 528 yars 6,748 avg 12.8 td 43 What? Stevie was so “creative”because he was aloud to run around until he got open. He was so creative he was out the league two years after we got rid of him. good dude and decent player
  5. He’s reminds me of Stevie Johnson. Had good numbers on a terrible Bears team because he was the only option.
  6. I know I’m in the minority, but I feel like in the first round, If we can add an elite talent at any position other than a quarterback, we should pull the trigger. I’ll take another first on a corner or dline if it’s someone who’s going to contribute.
  7. The only way Dorsey would commit to running the ball is if he had a stud in the backfield. Send a 3 and 5 to Tenn and trade back in the first if possible imo
  8. Do we know for sure Micah is coming back? Between his cap hit and neck injury is there a chance he’s cut? I hate to think about no Poyer or Hyde but that Hyde injury reminds me of Aaron Williams injury years back. Neck injuries can change everything
  9. McDermott is frustrating and all but it would kill me to have him pull an Andy Reid and go on and coach in multiple Super Bowls after we ran him out of town.
  10. Nice write up. I can see Oliver getting traded imo. He’s the only one that has potential trade value on the dline that can free up decent money by moving. Epenesa I can see getting traded for a late round pick as well. We are stuck we Millers contract so hopefully he’s back to 100% by mid year. I think we’re going to see a very new defense next year which is why I thought it would make sense to bring in a new coordinator. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big names traded from the defense.
  11. Belichick never hesitated to trade guys for maximum value. Chandler Jones was one that comes to mind. Great player, they weren’t going to be able to pay him so they dealt him for a first. Our staff seems so loyal to guys that’ll they hold on to them instead of letting young guys get reps and getting something in return. also Brady always had a top tier slot guy and good tight ends his whole career. Welker, Edelman, Amandola, Troy Brown etc.
  12. I broke down and bought madden a few weeks back, it’s still dog**** fyi. Anywho my first Franchise, Brady played til he was 49 with the Raiders and won 8 rings. ***** him in real life and in the matrix. Now he can get back to licking the back of his kids neck or whatever the ***** he does on instagram. ✌️
  13. The Covid pandemic drives Pfizer's 2022 revenue to a record $100 billion https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/01/31/the-covid-pandemic-drives-pfizers-2022-revenue-to-a-record-100-billion.html
  14. It really has become a position that your ego gets checked at the door. With the emphasis on protecting qbs most backups act as an extension of the coaching staff and moral support for the starter. Except for Love in GB there aren’t many backup qbs that are being groomed to take over the spot
  15. He’s one of dem der water bugs Gailey always wanted. It would have been a lot too give up but I think at the price we would of paid to acquire him plus the salary the staff would be kinda forced to utilize him. I know our line sucks but there’s a reason we’ve been linked to so many scat backs the last few years. Josh having a stud to dump it off too when nothings open downfield is lethal. It works in Madden so it’s gotta work inreal life too right?
  16. My god it so simple but it solves everything. Good idea, I don’t understand how it’s not already a thing.
  17. Morse has been solid imo but I reallyI thought he was going to retire two concussions ago. I hope we draft or sign Mitch’s replacement and he goes and lives his best life outside of football for his family’s sake. On a side note I met Eric Wood in the parking lot at MetLife last season. I was pretty inebriated but i remember him being super nice to the family and myself, shame what the injures did to his career.
  18. Some type of heartbreak I suppose. 🤷‍♂️
  19. He gets blown up by running backs often. Milano brings the heat when he blitz’s. Tremaine plays patty cakes. If we could put Milano instincts and play style in Tremaines body you’d have the perfect linebacker
  20. Yuuuupppp. It’s all about the clicks and we fall for it every time
  21. Haven’t had one on the defensive side of the ball besides Poyer maybe for five years. This team folds when another team stands up and punches us in the mouth. It’s a reflection of McDermott and Frazier
  22. Call me crazy but I could see Pegula firing Beane and keeping McDermott. Sean was here before Brandon and Beane hasn’t been all that great with the picks he’s used on the defensive side of the ball. We went all in with the Von contract and that is gonna hurt us next year. Beane and Frazier out. Dorsey stays imo especially if we lose Joe Brady. McDermott is too close and has done too much for Terry to can him, for better or for worse.
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